GOpure Pod Review: Your Perfect Water Filter Companion

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I was on a trail walk in the Grand Canyon last month. There was no option but to drink tap water. I switched to bottled water a few years back because of the smell, bad taste, and the potential germs and microorganisms present in the tap water. However,on my way back I realized I ran out of water.

No matter how purified the tap water might be, the smell and the mineral taste remain, especially in cold water. A few days ago, I came across this revolutionary product called GOpure Pod. It's almost as if it dropped to end all my water troubles.

So I thought, why not share the experience with you all?

What is a GOpure Pod?

GOpure Pod is a small water purifier that helps you get rid of any impurities in water in minutes.

What is a GOpure Pod

You might be thinking that tap waters are already safe and that putting them through your home filtration system would be enough. But you might be wrong.

There are bacteria, viruses, and even industrial wastes which are so small that a standard filtration system cannot detect.

Toxic chemicals and heavy metals like lead and trace silver can neither be neutralized by boiling nor captured through traditional water purifiers.

A Study shows that globally around 3.6 billion people are suffering in some way or the other from contaminated water with lack of safe sanitation and access to clean drinking water. That is like half the population of the world.

The CDC has found that over 7.2 million people in the USA suffer from water contamination and water borne diseases which is an alarming number by any means.

You are consuming pathogens and impure chemicals that have been linked to cancer, hormone disruptions, infertility, and other forms of disease unknowingly.

This is where GOpure Pod comes in. It brings a patented technology of micro-pored mineralized material that can capture contaminants like impure chemicals and trace silver that would otherwise pass through a traditional purifier.

These micro-pores are several times smaller than a standard water purifier, making them effective at catching every kind of pathogen.

If you add up the surface area of each of the millions of individual pores, it would add up to about 6 football fields.

It's crazy the level of engineering feat that has been achieved in such a small dimension.

The mineralized core is safely stored in a ceramic pod with large openings. It helps to keep the core safe as well as ensure the water is properly purified.

How Does GOpure Pod Work?

GOpure Pod works using a combination of patented technology. I did some research and found that there is this new Puribloc GOpure Technology that GOpure developed for the outer shell of the pod.

The shell is made from reinforced ceramic which in itself is a non-reacting, non-contaminating material.  It makes the pod easier to store and use whenever and wherever necessary.

How Does GOpure Pod Work

The inside core is made from a mineralized substance that can catch all the microorganisms and metals that otherwise pass through the traditional filtration system. Just drop the pod in the water container and it will start its magic right away.

The main working principle of the GOpure Pod lies in this mineralized material. There are millions of tiny pores in the mineralized substances that can catch microbes and pathogens which are otherwise not possible to filter out through a traditional filter.

There are also micro metals and germs which cannot be removed even after boiling. The mineralized core with its revolutionary technology can catch all these microbes and provides absolutely clean and purified water which is safe to drink anytime.

GOpure Pod Review: Key Features

My experience with GOpure Pod has been nothing short of sensational. I went on another hike after getting the pod and got the same crisp and delicious taste no matter where I refilled the water from.

In my use, I noticed several key features of GOpure Pod.

Fast and Effective

The process of purification is fast, effective, and reliable. It takes about 2 minutes to completely transform the tap water.

The result is a clean and pure taste. What's impressive is that the pod works with any amount of water.

Even if you have a large pitcher of water, it will still give you the same output albeit taking a few more minutes.


One of the key features of the GOpure Pod is that they are easily portable. It comes with its own carrying case that will easily fit anywhere. Like it can even fit in your clenched fist.

If you do not want the hassle of having to carry it around at all, no worries either. Just drop the pod in your water bottle and forget about it. It will ensure you’re getting clean and crisp water everytime you take a sip.


GOpure Pods ensures a continued and constant filtration process in your water as long as you keep it in the bottle or a pitcher. The revolutionary mineralized core is on the constant hunt for alien microbes and pathogens in your water.

Rest assured that the filtration system is always in effect regardless of when you’re drinking.

One Size Fits All

Worried about the size of your bottle or the amount of water you’re trying to purify? Well you’ve nothing to worry about as the GOpure Pod is one size fits all.

It just comes in one size. Just drop the pod in the water and let it do its magic. For a normal pet bottle, the time is 2 minutes. For anything larger, just do the math and let it sit.

Patented Technology

The pod has been designed using Puribloc GOpure Technology which uses advanced ceramic technology to develop the outer shell of the core.

The core itself is made of mineralized material with the filtering surface having millions of micropores.

Together the GOpure Pod makes for an effective filtration solution that can fit bottles or glasses of any size.

Replaces 2000 Bottles of Water

Study shows that a single pod can last 6 months of continued use. In its lifecycle, a pod can filter around 264 gallons of water which is equivalent to 2000 water bottles.

That’s a whole lot of saving on your pocket and the environment considering the plastic epidemic we are in. Reusable water bottles can be the new trend with GOpure Pods.

Guaranteed Pure and Delicious Water

It always brings the same clean and delicious taste. Almost as if my brain has been wired like bottled water.

I can now rest assured that no matter where I go or what water I use, it will still give me the same clean and crisp taste with intact trace minerals. Who knew water could be this tasty?

What Benefits Of Using The GOpure Pod?

There are a lot of benefits of using the GOpure Pod. It has been meticulously designed to be the perfect filter in a portable form.

Here’s a few of them:

  • Cleans out microscopic pathogens that can’t be filtered through the traditional filters
  • The GOpure pods are proven to filter 99.7% of E. Coli, 97% of Chlorine, 99.3% of Lead, 99.3% of Iron, 99.3% of other metals and 92% of VOCs
  • It's easy and convenient to carry whenever and wherever you want to
  • Starts working in minutes (2 minutes for a standard bottle)
  • Can be reused over and over for 6 months or up to 264 gallons of water
  • Can convert any type of tap water into same clear, clean, crisp and delicious taste

What Benefits Of Using The GOpure pod

Every time you drink water, you can be assured that you are getting the highest standard. Plus it's the perfect portable tool for outdoor use as well.

How To Use The GOpure Pod?

GOpure Pod works just like its technology, almost magically. Here’s how you use the pod.

Step 1: Get some tap water

First get yourself some tap water. It doesn’t have to be pre-filtered or boiled. Just get it as it is. It also applies to anywhere in the world, not just the USA or other developed countries.

Step 2: Drop the pod in the water

Let it sit for 2 minutes for optimal performance. You can give the bottle or glass or pitcher an occasional swirl. It will speed up the process.

Step 3: Savor your new water

Enjoy your delicious, pure, and crisp water as it is. You can leave the pod in the water until you finish.

You can repeat this process for up to 6 months on any amount of water.If you sign up for GOpure Pod, a new pod will be automatically shipped to you every 6 months.

Who Should Use GOpure Pod?

Simply put, GOpure Pod is for anyone who drinks water. And if you give it a second thought, that’s everyone. Yes, GOpure Pod is the perfect product for anyone who wants a clean and delicious glass of water every time.

You can go to the gym, just pop a pod in your gym bottle. Outdoor hiking? Take a pod with you. Whether it's an office, restaurant, hang out, or whatever, this small pod will ensure you will never have to think twice before drinking any water.

So yeah, if you are stringent like me about water, get a GOpure Pod. I can guarantee you, this will be the best few bucks you’ll ever spend.

Does GOpure Pod Really Work?

Yes, absolutely. GOpure Pod is a certified and patented water-purifying technology. It does exactly what it says it will and some more.

At the core of the GOpure Pods technology is a system that has purified the natural water for 20 million years, the diatomaceous earth. This is what makes up the mineralized core of the GOpure Pods.

Independent study conducted at the Portable Water and Hygiene Laboratory at Gottingen University in Germany showed that GOpure Pods could purify 97% of the inorganics, 93% of VOC, 99% antibacterials and metals.

Additionally users would be safeguarded from PFAS, arsenic, lead and microplastics. There really is nothing quite like the GOpure Pods that can do so much in a portable package.

There is a global plastic waste crisis and much of that is fueled by one-time-use plastic bottles. GOpure Pods can save up to 2000 plastic water bottles with each pod used.

Does GOpure Pod Really Work

The pods not only safeguard your health with pure and tasty water, but it also helps conserve our environment and the ocean.

GOpure Pod Refund Policy

Let’s just say you didn’t like the GOpure Pods as much as I did. You don’t have to worry about your money.

GOpure Pods has a comprehensive 60 day money back guarantee policy. If you don’t like the product, simply return it hassle free, no questions asked.

What Does the Customer Say About GOpure Pod?

Well, you have heard a lot of raving from my end. But I am not the only one fascinated by the GOpure Pods.

Here are a few verified user reviews from satisfied customers.

I've been buying these filters for several years. I love being able to drop it into any bottle and not hassle with it. I do leave it and rinse it off every time I refill/clean my jug. I find these last for a solid 6 months. – Marie J.

I LOVE this product. I have had such an amazing experience. I use this for my home, work, and when I go hiking! Arizona is so HOT and knowing I'm drinking Healthy water is a good feeling. – Vinnishea

I love that it's so compact and that I'm able to take it anywhere and on the go. Every now and then, we always find ourselves without clean water when we're traveling. I love being able to just pop this little pod into tap water and purify it so it's clean and drinkable. So convenient! – Victoria

Where can I Purchase It?

It's difficult to find GOpure Pods stocked in marketplaces due to their high demand. Whenever they are stocked, it runs out in a matter of days.

But you’ve nothing to worry about. Just follow this link to order your GOpure Pod online.

GOpure has also made a sweet deal for my readers. You can get an amazing deal of buy 2 get 1 free or buy 3 get 2 free.

This will help you save a whopping 30% on the purchase. So what are you waiting for? Head over and get yourself your GOpure Pods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I’ve told you everything there is about the GOpure Pods, let’s look at some of the common queries regarding the same.

Can I use the Pods even after 6 months?

The mineralized material of the pod is good enough to filter up to 264 gallons of water. That equates to about 2000 bottles of water. GOpure has done some intensive testing to come to the conclusion that 264 gallons is the limit for optimum filtration. And considering the average water consumption habit, it roughly amounts to 6 months.

How can I get replacements?

You can sign up with GOpure Pods to receive bi-yearly shipments. GOpure Pods can keep track of your purchases and send you a brand new pod once the old one has finished its lifecycle.

Can I simply leave it in my water bottle?

You can leave it in your water bottle if you want. There is no harm in leaving it on water. It will continue to filter out as you add new water to the bottle.

You can take it out when you are moving without the bottle or replacing the bottle. Other than that, there’s no issue in leaving it on the bottle as is.

Is there any offer on the purchase?

Yes, GoPure Pod currently has a deal for my readers. You can buy 2 get 1 free or buy 3 get 2 free. Head over to this link to claim your offer!

Who makes the GOpure pod?

GOpure Pods is a startup based in Connecticut founded by serial entrepreneur Kent Atherton. For any kind of queries regarding GOpure Pods, you can contact the following addresses.


  • GOpure Pod
  • 64 Wall Street
  • Suite 402
  • Norwalk, CT 06850


Bottom Line

GOpure pods are the perfect solution that you need for your waters. I know there are thousands of people like me who are tired of tap water and its weird taste.

GOpure Pod is a blessing for people like me as we can drink water anywhere anytime without compromising on safety and taste.

There is also the environmental aspect where using GOpure pods is actually beneficial as it saves the usage of tons of water bottles. Give GOpure Pods a try as I did. Trust me, it will change your life for the better.


GOpure Pod Review

Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 10
Flexible 9
Safety 10
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Fast-acting – the Pod takes just two minutes to fully activate inside water
  • Each pod can purify up to 2000 water bottles (264 gallons)
  • It’s maintenance-free
  • Has a life span of 6 months
  • It’s expensive

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