Moksha Beam Review: Your Ultimate Straw of Serenity?

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As someone battling the relentless grip of stress and anxiety day in and day out, I'm always on the lookout for something that can give me instant respite. I tried so many medications and breathing aids, but nothing ever seemed to work as quickly as I needed.

Then, I found something truly different – the Moksha Beam, a necklace with a tiny bamboo straw-like metal whistle, but without the sound. As strange as it may sound, this mute whistle promises to help you take deeper, meditative breaths to relax your nervous system instantly.

The idea intrigued me to the core. So, after trying it for over three months, here’s my Beam review, detailing what benefits you can expect, its features, price, and more.

What Is the Moksha Beam? – A Brief Overview

Although a wearable necklace, the Moksha Beam, just as the name suggests, is more than your ordinary piece of jewelry. Its design was inspired by those ancient bamboo flutes believed to release an aura of calm to help you breathe better.

Moksha Beam Review

As you blow through this little silent metal whistle, the deep breath puts you in control of your breathing and calms your nerve system. This essentially places you in something like an instant state of meditative relaxation.

More practically, the quick breathing exercise you do with this deep breathing aid helps you maintain your composure without any medication. And the best thing is this whole idea is backed by science, which I’m going to explain shortly.

How Does the Moksha Beam Work?

If you’ve suffered from persistent anxiety attacks like me, chances are you’ve also tried some conventional solutions. For instance, I tried those prescription pills my doctor suggested and even attempted some intricate breathing techniques they taught in yoga class.

How Does the Moksha Beam Work

Yet, while they seem to work, what I don’t like is the effort and time they take to work. Also, pills are never without side effects. However, with the Moksha Beam, there’s virtually no complication of such kind since it solely focuses on regulating your breathing, giving you instant relief.

When you slowly exhale into this tiny whistle, what you actually do is mimic those breathing exercises done in deep meditations. But that emulation does enough to stimulate your vagus nerve, which is your body’s rest and digest response manager.

How Does the Moksha Beam Work 2

Then, all this stimulation does is prompt your body to slow down the heart rate, which, in turn, induces a calming effect almost instantly. So, when a tad anxious, what you only need is to take a deep breath and exhale slowly through your Beam.

The Science Behind Moksha Beam’s Deep Breathing

Did you know how our breaths become shorter and faster when stressed? This “shallow breathing” is exactly what worsens our stresses and anxieties further.

After all, it restricts the airflow intake, causing an oxygen buildup in the bloodstream, which then triggers the body’s stress response by escalating your heart rate. But breathing in a deep, controlled breath and exhaling it slowly through Beam does exactly the reverse.

The Science Behind Moksha Beam’s Deep Breathing

It tells your brain to calm down and relax, which in fact, sends the message to your entire body. As a result, your heart rate decreases, and so does the blood pressure, relaxing your muscles and melting away the anxieties.

The Science Behind Moksha Beam’s Deep Breathing 2

Science names this form of controlled deep-breathing exercise resonance breathing or rhythmic breathing. If you level out resonance breathing to about six breaths per minute, it can put your body into a state of optimum relaxation, instantly steering you clear of anxiety.

The Science Behind Moksha Beam’s Deep Breathing 3

Couldn’t I Just Use Any Straw Instead of the Moksha Beam?

Well, I thought the same myself. But then, after researching a bit, I discovered that any regular stray just won’t do it. This is mainly due to the size, shape, and airflow control that needs meticulous maintenance, something that only Beam can provide.

Put simply, while you may breathe through any straw, not all can control and maintain the ‘ideal’ airflow state needed to give you that calming effect. Beam can since significant engineering went into developing its ideal air-passing structure.

Couldn’t I Just Use Any Straw Instead of the Moksha Beam

The Moksha Beam is designed to control your exhale time systematically–extending it to about ten or more seconds. And it guides you through the entire breathing process with the precision you can't get with a randomly-sized straw.

Trying the Moksha Beam: Does It Really Work?

Well, to answer that question, I cannot stress enough how impressive the Moksha Beam results have been over the past three months. Wearing it is just as easy as any necklace, and using it is much more straightforward.

Trying the Moksha Beam Does It Really Work

First Impression

The immediate calming impact has to be what surprised me the most, especially since I didn’t truly believe in it at first. Sure, it’s not that all my stress and anxiety dried out entirely, but that extra layer of control and reprieve felt so soothing right from the first try.

An All-Time Companion

As the days went by, I was turning more and more into this silent whistle without even thinking otherwise. I’ve been using it in almost every high-stress situation I have to go through regularly, just as a mere response to the stress’ grip.

An All-Time Companion

The Breathing Coach

And then it doubled up as some sort of a physical anchor since the mobile app came along. Using the Beam and the app kept reminding me about the oxygen buildups in my bloodstream to tackle those anxious moments before I’d even fall into shallow breathing patterns.

The Breathing Coach

Restful Sleep

Beam doesn’t claim to be a sleeping aid, but that didn’t stop it from helping me fall asleep much faster. Not only did the controlled breathing improve my sleep quality significantly, but it also eased those sudden awakening shocks during the night. And I now wake up more rested every morning.

By far, Beam’s immediate effect has been the best thing for me since I couldn’t trust those antidepressants during sudden panic attacks. And over the days, my heart rate stayed low, my muscles felt lighter, and my lungs felt like they’d got more spacious, thanks to the rhythmic breathing.

Key Features of the Moksha Beam

This ordinary-looking jewelry may not be as large as your pinky finger, but it packs a whole collection of features that can impress anyone.

Small, Portable, Wearable

As small as it may be, Beam weighs even less than an AAA battery. And however worried you are about losing it, rest assured it won’t. This is because it comes with a stunning-looking necklace that you can wear around your neck and carry it everywhere you go.

Small, Portable, Wearable

No-Drug, All-Natural

It’s quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? Beam relies on mere deep breathing practices to relieve anxiety and stress, which are all-natural and involve no drugs or toxins. You barely have to worry about side effects.

No-Drug, All-Natural

Silent and Discreet

Despite the small size, metallic build, and whistle-like appearance, the Moksha Beam is no whistle after all. It doesn’t make any sound, which could distract you or grab the attention of others around you. Meaning your stress-relief practices are always discreet wherever you are.

Silent and Discreet

Complimentary Mobile App

Although using Beam is a no-brainer, it still offers a supportive mobile app to give you insights about your breathing. It’s got tons of valuable breathing exercises you can practice for greater relaxation while keeping track of your progress.

The app has quite been a breathing coach for me, easing my path toward a stress-free life.

The Breathing Coach

How to Use the Moksha Beam Breathing Aid

With only breathing involved, using Beam couldn’t be any simpler. Whenever you start feeling stressed or hit by anxiety, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Take your Beam and lightly hold it between your lips, just as you would a straw.
  2. Now inhale deeply with your nose. Be as calm as possible while breathing to the count of four or as long as you normally can.
  3. Then exhale slowly and gently, blowing the air out through Beam. Ideally, you should exhale for ten seconds for better results.
  4. Repeat this cycle as many times as needed until your anxiety subsides.

In my experience, I got the best results when I repeated this process at least six times per minute.

How to Use the Moksha Beam Breathing Aid

What Problems Does It Solve? – The Extraordinary Benefits of Beam

Moksha Beam does more than just relieve stress. Regardless of age group, its transforming benefits can change anyone’s life for the better. Let’s take a look at what you can expect it to do.

What Problems Does It Solve

Anxiety Relief

This is what Beam is for. As you blow through it slowly, Beam’s structured breathing exercise helps your nervous system calm down by sending direct, natural signals. It moderates your breath to help curb your anxiety-driven hyperventilation for immediate relief.

Enhanced Focus

If you’re a struggler like me, you know how badly anxiety attacks impact our focus. That’s why going through Beam’s controlled, rhythmic breathing is so helpful since it grounds your mental state immediately and clears the brain fog.

When those regulated, deep breaths circulate through your neural system, they channel your focus and sharpen your cognitive performance.

Better Sleep

There’s no way for me to explain how much Beam has helped me wind down and ease the restlessness before bedtime. It slows down the heart rate not only to help you sleep better but also to help you wake up more refreshed. And thus, your mood lifts, and your productivity increases.

Reduced Blood Pressure

As I mentioned, the breathing pattern that Beam promotes dates back thousands of years. As Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Herbert Benson revealed in 1970, regulated breathing can significantly reduce blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health.

If your stress levels raise your blood pressure, using Beam’s breathing exercise more often can help it bring under control for long-term benefits.

Enhanced Physical Performance

Ever wondered how those football or soccer players have so much stamina throughout the entire game? This is because their exercises include breathing patterns that never let them run out of oxygen.

And guess what? Exercising your breathing regularly with Bream can have nearly the same effect. This is because Beam’s airflow regulation greatly improves your oxygen flow throughout the body. This can directly boost your stamina, focus, and energy levels.

Better Emotional Regulation

If you struggle to manage your emotions like me, I can tell you there’s nothing quite like Beam that can help you instantly with this. Those deep, focused breathing can put you in a state of mindfulness, giving you control over your emotional reactions to stress, anger, or disappointment.

Improved Digestion

Whether you believe it or not, when your stress levels are high, they can wreak havoc in your digestive system. That’s why Beam’s deep, measured breathing can significantly improve your digestion and metabolism. And relaxation leads to a healthier body, as well as a well-functioning system.

Saves You Money

While seeking professional help for therapeutic remedies is good, they’re quite expensive. But using the Moksha Beam can save you lots of those pricey therapy sessions as well as costly prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs.

Limitations of the Moksha Beam

Despite the immense benefits of the Moksha Beam, let’s not forget that it’s not some magical panacea. While it can deliver remarkable benefits to some, it simply won’t do much in several cases. Such as:

  • Severe psychological disorders that require extensive medications and professional assistance
  • Chronic lung diseases like COPD or asthma
  • Acute symptoms of stress-related disorders
  • Severe neurological diseases requiring immediate medical attention
  • Constant irregular heartbeat or similar cardiovascular issues

Who Should Use Beam?

Likewise, although not a one-size-fits-all solution, Beam can indeed be a game-changer for a broad range of users. Practicing Beam’s slow and controlled rhythmic breathing can help many to break free of their stress cycle. It’s the best choice for:

  • Workplace professionals battling day-to-day stress and anxiety
  • Students looking to improve focus and cognitive performance and tackle test-related stress
  • People struggling with their sleep patterns
  • Anyone looking to mend their overall emotional response
  • Fitness enthusiasts looking to enhance their stamina and physical performance
  • People dealing with high blood pressure or hypertension

Beam Reviews: What Are the Customers Saying About It?

Before deciding on Beam, I did some length of extensive research. While doing so, I found tons of customer reviews across different online platforms.

And reading so many stories of people changing their lives with Beam convinced me a lot to finally give it a try. Here, I share a few of those.

“I am not usually the type to endorse a product, but the Moksha Beam fundamentally changed my life. It’s something I wake up looking forward to each day. It's more than just a stress reliever – it's a performance enhancer, emotionally and mentally.”

– Matt, 32, Entrepreneur

“The regular breathing routine that I built through Beam helped me focus on productivity while avoiding negative emotions. It surprisingly helped with my digestion issues too. A pocket-sized panacea, indeed!”

– Jenna, 26, College Student

“My sleep habits were pretty messed up due to incessant work pressure. But after I incorporated daily practice with Beam, my sleep cycle started improving dramatically. I wake up feeling a lot more refreshed these days.”

– Amanda, 42, Working Mom

“I had serious doubts about the whole reduced-blood-pressure thing, and then my doctor told me he'd seen patients boom in health due to consistent, controlled breathing. I've been using Beam for three months now, and I kid you not, my blood pressure levels have greatly improved!”

– Robert, 64, Retiree

“Beam has invigorated my training regime incredibly. The stamina and the sheer energy I feel during my exercises are staggering. With a tool this handy that is so cost-effective, I regret not finding Beam earlier!”

– Laura, 29, Fitness Trainer

“Before Beam, I frequently had to resort to professional therapy for my stress-induced emotional issues. While it helped, it was so expensive. But Beam has not only helped lower my stress but has also cut costs substantially on those therapy sessions and medications. I’d recommend it to anyone needing a less expensive yet effective coping mechanism.”

– Mark, 35, Entrepreneur

Where Can I Buy the Moksha Beam?

Currently, purchasing the Moksha Beam is only possible from their official website. So, hard luck if you’re looking to buy it from Amazon, eBay, or any other online retail shop. The company did this to ensure no one gets duped by a cheap knock-off of their product.

However, not being able to buy it from your preferred shop isn’t something to worry about, as they’re currently giving huge discounts on their website. Let’s take a look.

Beam Costs and Refund Policy

Beam necklaces are currently available in three attractive packages, each of which varies in price. Also, you have three stunning colors to choose from – Space Grey, Polished Silver, and Rose Gold.

  • A single unit of Beam costs $39.99.
  • Or, you can buy two Beams to get one free at $79.98, saving $39.99.
  • And best yet, you can buy three to get two free for just $119.97 and save a massive $79.98.

And apart from the discounted price, all three options come with a no-ask, no-fuss 30-day money-back guarantee, and nationwide free shipment.

You can learn further about these offers from Moksha’s official offer page. And for further questions regarding their refund or return policy, you can mail them to [email protected]. The return address is as follows:

Moksha Necklace 13197 Condit Ranch Road, Frisco, Texas, TX 75035

Beam Costs and Refund Policy

Who Are the Providers of the Product? – The Backstory of Beam

The Moksha Beam is a product of Moksha, an American company based in Frisco, Texas. As interesting as it may sound, its inventors are two childhood friends – Yash and Jaymin.

In 2019, two buddies encountered a group of monks playing flutes as they hiked through the countryside. The monks’ impressive concentration levels and inner calm struck them as awe-inspiring.

So, when they learned that the secret was in their breathing rhythm, the two friends worked together with Moksha’s skilled scientific researchers to invent something that could regulate breathing to help reduce stress and enhance focus. And that’s how the Moksha Beam was born.

Till now, they’ve sold over 1.5 million units of Beam worldwide, with hundreds of rave reviews to its name, proving its effectiveness.

Who Are the Providers of the Product

How Good Is Beam’s Support Team?

After-sales service is undoubtedly a priority among many consumers, including me, and I must admit that Beam surely didn’t disappoint me with that either.

I contacted them for some use case-related queries and was pleased to receive a response from their support in under 24 hours. But what satisfied me more was their gentle, professional approach to helping me.

If you want to reach out to them, the easiest way is to mail them at [email protected] or call 214-531-3350 (Monday to Friday, 9-5 PM).

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got further queries regarding the Moksha Beam? Here, I’ve answered a few common questions that might help.

How often do I need to use Beam to start seeing results?

It only takes a few gentle breaths to relax your mind with Beam. So, I’d recommend keeping it by your side and using it whenever those anxiety attacks kick in. Besides, regular use should help you adapt quicker and enjoy rhythmic breathing much better.

How small is Beam in size?

From what I found on their website, the Beam whistle is 2 inches (5 cm) long, and its opening has a diameter of 0.24 inches (0.8 cm). The chain has a length of 24 inches (61 cm), long enough for anyone to wear around their neck comfortably.

What material is Beam made of? Does it tarnish?

The manufacturers claim that both the Beam whistle and the necklace are made of 316-grade stainless steel with PVD coating. The material is known to be hypoallergenic and tarnish-free. And from my experience so far, this that’s exactly what I found it to be. Mine’s yet to have a scratch mark.

Is Beam safe for children?

Yes, it is. And that’s what made Beam all the more likable for me, as I was looking for something fun for my child to practice controlled breathing. Besides, the hypoallergenic build material is also safe for all ages. Still, I’d suggest supervising younger Beam users to avoid accidents.

Conclusion: Is Beam Worth Your Money?

Now, that’s what you might be thinking after going through all these details about the Moksha Beam. Well, from my perspective, it’s worth every penny if you struggle consistently to manage your stress and anxiety.

Like me, millions of customers reported significant improvement in their stress levels, focus, and overall well-being after using Beam’s ancient breathing technique repeatedly for some weeks. And the brilliant design, unlike many stress-relief gadgets, can even uplift your fashion quotient.

And let’s not forget the 30-day money-back guarantee, which I find pretty comforting. If, for some reason, Beam doesn’t work for you, there’s that risk-free return option. So, on the whole, why wouldn’t you give it a try?


Moksha Beam Review

Buy Now
Small, Portable, Wearable 10
Value for money 9
Ease of use 10
Flexible 10
Safety 10
  • Natural
  • High-quality
  • Fashionable
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Multiple colors
  • Free-shipping if within USA
  • Only available from the official website

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