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Do you always lose your phone and keys and spend so much time trying to find them?Well, then isn’t it annoying to find these while you are very busy with your work?

If you are facing this problem, I have a perfect solution for you, the XY Find It. It is the best item tracking device. And this will make your life a lot easier than before.

Now, it is the time for relaxation not for tension about losing items and accessories. In this XY Find It review, you will get to know all about this device and its amazing features that will be very beneficial for you.

So, go through this article to know the details about this XY Find It. 

Quick Summary – XY Find It Review

Keeping track of your items is very important or you will always lose your valuables. XY Find It is the best bluetooth item finder device for you.

It comes in many beautiful colors and there are many benefits of using this device. The features and usability of this device will ease your tension about losing your objects all the time.

The device is very easy to use and maintain. So, why don’t make your life simpler than before? Buy it now and enjoy all the benefits of it.

What is XY Find It?

XY Find It is a Bluetooth tracking device. It helps you to keep track of your things like your purse, phone, bag, etc.What is XY Find It

It works so fantastically because it is very small in size. And the structure is nice and stylish that matches every object. This device makes a loud sound which is noticeable even in a crowded place.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of XY Find It?

Maybe you are wondering why I would use XY Find It? What are the features of this? Will it be beneficial to me?

Now, let’s get the answers to throw out your doubts. And know about its features and benefits so that you can understand why it is an excellent device and why you should have it.

Quick Summary

High range coverage

XY Find It is a great device for you when it comes to tracing your objects and things. It usually covers an average of 300 feet which is comparatively better than any other Bluetooth tracking device.

Usable for various products

It doesn’t matter what things you want to keep track of. This device usually helps you to track your phone, purse, bag, etc within the range. It is very useful and you can use it to track any objects you want.

No subscription cost

Many devices that are to run with an app charge an extra package or subscription. But this device is very cost-effective. Because you just have to buy the device and the app is free to download from the app stores.

Long-lasting battery

This device’s battery can go up to 5 years, which is an incredible feature of it. And you can also change the battery when needed. That’s how you can use this device for a long period.

Feasible size

The size of the device is like a coin. So, it is very effective. That’s because you can use it with your small accessories also. In fact, this device will help you to find your smallest items that you can’t notice while searching with your eyes.

Simple usability

Many products have complex settings before using or while using. But this XY Find It has the easiest setting. Its setup is one of the trouble-free tasks you have ever done.

Louder sound

This Bluetooth item finder is louder than any other tracking device. The sound is 4 times louder than the general tracking device available online. What’s more, the sound quality is enough for the user even if he is in a crowded place.

KeepNear feature

The KeepNear feature is one of the best features of this device. It is very efficient because it also helps you to find your phone.

By tapping two times, it signals the phone and makes a sound. It even gives you the alarm when you are going apart from the device.

Pros & Cons About XY Find It

All devices have their own advantages and disadvantages that you can understand after using them. The XY Find It is not different from other devices.

I have found so many advantages and some disadvantages after using it.  Now, let’s go look at some pros and cons of this device before buying so that you can can make your decision.

  • Covers up to 300 feet area
  • Supports both android and iOS
  • Louder sound than other devices
  • Around 5 years of battery service
  • Usability of the device is very easy
  • Water-resistant structure
  • Usable with every object
  • Removable battery service
  • Double-tap feature to find the phone
  • No vibration mode

How Does XY Find It Work?

After installing the app and attaching the device with your items, it is very easy to find if you misplace your things.

If the item is in the range, you can simply press the ‘find it’ button. The device will make a loud sound that is louder than any other Bluetooth device.


It also works the other way. You can find your phone clicking twice on the device. This will make a sound on your phone.

The phone also sends notification tones when you are going far from the item. By this, you will never forget your things in a hurry, because this device will notify you.

How Can You Use This?

Setting up XY Find It on your phone may be the simplest task ever. You don’t need any technical knowledge to know how you can use it.

So, let’s go learn the installation and setting up process of this XY Find It device. I am going to discuss it in points so that you can easily do it.

Step 1: In the beginning, you need to attach the device with the items you lose all the time.

Step 2: Open your phone and download the app from the play store or apple store.

Step 3: You need to turn on the Bluetooth and the location of your phone.

Step 4: Now open the app and register an account in your name.

Step 5:  You will find a plus icon in the app. Click the icon to add an item.

Step 6: Select the perfect XY option from the menu.

Step 7: Press the button twice in the XY Find It device.

Step 8: Once you find it, you can name the device.

Step 9: To find the item, you just need to click on ‘find it’ in the app. The tracker will make a loud sound so that you can find it.

Good job, you have learned how easily you can use this device. So, don’t be tense about losing your valuables. Just buy and use XY Find It to save the time that you waste while finding stuff.

Why Should I Buy It?

This device provides so many cool features that will blow your mind. XY Find It not only helps to find the device also its KeepNear feature will alarm you when you go away from your things.

If you always forget where you kept your phone or keys, or maybe you wanna watch where you parked your car, then this bluetooth item tracker will be the best option.

Why should I buy it

It is also better for travelers who frequently change their location. So, if anyone forgets any important things while moving in a hurry, it will sound loud and for this feature, travelers will find it immediately.

To be honest, this device is very effective, because it will reduce your tension about losing things and avoid wasting time to find your valuables.

Is It a Scam?

When you buy something, there is always a question in your mind: is it really really worth it? Many think it is one of the best gadgets you can have nowadays.

As there are many devices like this. You can get confused about the quality of this.

But it is better to know the real users’ experience before buying something so that you don’t feel upset later. I also had doubts while I was purchasing for the first time.

So, I checked many reviews to clear my doubts. Here are some reviews that helped me when I was hesitating to buy this device for myself. I hope this will also encourage you to get one too.

Is it a scam

Specification Of XY Find It

Its technical details make it stand out from all other bluetooth trackers. This device provides a large range of about 300 feet and gives a loud sound that is 4 times greater than other devices.

The device has a “KeepNear” property that helps when the user goes far from the device. And it will also be able to find the phone by pressing the button on the device.

It has a long-lasting battery that is about 5 years and is changeable when needed.

Where Can I Buy XY Find It?

There are many websites where you can find it and buy it. But they will not always provide genuine or authentic products. I have purchased mine from this website.

They not only provide great customer service, but they also give the best offers available online.

The available pricing options are given below:

  • Buy 1 at $39.99
  • Buy 2 and get 1 50% Off at $99.98 + Free shipping
  • Buy 4 and get 2 Free at $159.96 + Free shipping
  • Buy 6 and get 4 Free at $239.94 + Free shipping

You can use this device as soon as you get it in your hand. There is no subscription or hidden cost like other apps as the app is free. And you will save so much money if you buy more. You can give them to your family and friends also.

Frequently Asked Questions

After learning so much about XY Find It, you may have some questions. Here are some common questions along with answers for you to look at before buying this device for yourself.

How can I connect it?

To connect it, you just have to turn on bluetooth and open the app on your phone. After that, the device will automatically connect to the device.

What is the purpose of xy find it?

If you frequently lose your items and always spend too much time finding them, then this item finder is the best device for you. You can simply connect it and use it to find your missing items.

How much area does it cover?

XY Find It covers an average of 300 feet. The items you are looking for must be in this area so that you can find them easily.

Why does my device beep continuously?

It happens when your battery is not connected properly. So, to solve this problem, you need to check the battery and change it if needed.

What are the items I can use it with?

You can easily track any items with this device. The most common objects people use it with are a purse, phone, laptop, keys, bags, etc.

When do I need to change the battery?

This device provides excellent battery service that is around 5 years. You can also change the battery if you need to replace it with a new one.


It is very annoying when you are busy but you can’t find your keys or phone in time. Now, you can easily avoid this frustrating situation by getting XY Find It.

As XY Find It is feasible with every item and can be used in every situation, it is an excellent device indeed. So, it doesn’t matter how forgetful you are, this device will always make your life hassle-free and easy.

I hope this XY Find It review will help you to know whether you should buy this or not and how you can use it.


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