Active Skin Repair Review: Miracle Mist for Skin Healing?

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As a lifelong hiker, I've had my fair share of scrapes, cuts, insect bites, and minor burns along the way. That’s why first-aid kits, bandages, and ointments typically make it to my essentials list. Yet, I always wanted something more natural and fast-acting to aid my adventurous spirit.

Active Skin Repair was an excellent addition in that regard. It's a hypoallergenic, clinically-tested wound healer that's as easy as point and spray. The core ingredient– hypochlorous acid

accelerates natural healing, keeping you away from chemicals or antibiotics.But does it really deliver as promised? Is the Active Skin Repair safe to use? Let’s find that out through this Active Skin Repair review, where I share my experience, the benefits you can expect, pricing, and more.

What Is Active Skin Repair Spray? – A Brief Overview

Just as the name suggests, Active Skin Repair Spray is a first-aid product aiming to tackle numerous skin issues head-on. Described as a medical-grade wound repair solution, it uses HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid), something our bodies naturally produce through white blood cells.

What Is Active Skin Repair Spray - A Brief Overview

The all-natural healing spray is designed to serve as your go-to solution for treating minor wounds, skin irritations, cuts, rashes, sunburns, normal burns, insect bites, and many more traumas of that sort. But besides that, you can use it every day as part of your skincare routine.

What sets it apart from traditional first-aid kits and ointments is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, drugs, antibiotics, or harmful preservatives. Instead, it takes a uniquely natural, non-toxic approach to tend to your wounds rapidly and effectively.

How Does the Active Skin Repair Spray Work?

As mentioned, the Active Skin Repair Spray mainly uses the magic of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). The naturally occurring compound delivers that much-needed restorative punch when our skin suffers damage through wounds, cuts, bruises, etc.

How Does the Active Skin Repair Spray Work


Once you spray it on, HOCl starts working instantly by actively targeting the damaged cells around your wound and accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanism. Essentially, it mimics the same molecules that our white blood cells already produce to fight off bacteria and infection.

How Does the Active Skin Repair Spray Work 01

The reason why it helps faster recovery than most first-aid products is because it treats both the symptoms and the underlying cause. As it reduces inflammation and promotes cell repair, hypochlorous acid fundamentally aids our body’s concept of wound management, possibly shortening its duration.

How Does the Active Skin Repair Spray Work 02

That’s also how it spares your skin the discomfort and the potential scars by eliminating the possibility of harmful chemical presence around your wounds.

What Skin Problems Does Active Skin Repair Solve?

Active Skin Repair has a long list of impressive offerings when it comes to treating skin ailments. Here are a few of the many conditions it can treat:

Minor cuts and scrapes: Speeds up healing time

  • UV & sun damage: Relieves the burning sensation and soothes your skin after sun exposure
  • Insect bites/stings: Battles itching and inflammation
  • Common skin irritations: Reduces redness and inflammation related to skin irritations
  • Dermatitis: Relieves discomfort by restoring harmony in infected areas
  • Post-workout chafing: Soothes friction-caused pain during movements
  • Rashes: Minimizes severity and provides relief
  • Dry skin: Supports the natural repair mechanism and aids in maintaining a healthy moisture balance
  • Acne: Calms breakout-related redness and swelling and prevent further skin damage
  • Blemishes: Helps fade out blemishes and evens out the skin tone
  • Skin allergies: Reduces flare-ups and symptoms associated with various skin allergies
  • Post-procedure recovery: Promotes a speedy recovery following skin procedures like laser treatments or cosmetic surgeries
  • Cold sores: Helps in healing and soothing cold sores

What Skin Problems Does Active Skin Repair Solve

Does Active Skin Repair Really Work? [My First-Hand Experience]

My first encounter with the Active Skin Repair spray was during a hiking mishap where I suffered a slight graze on my knee, climbing up a heel. And it was my friend Mark who happened to have a bottle of this magical spray with him.

First Try

Instinctually, when Mark handed me the bottle, I didn’t quite believe it would work. But as I didn’t have that many options at that point, I just agreed to try it.

Does Active Skin Repair Really Work My First Hand Experience 1

And soon after applying it, I felt an immediate comfort, something noticeably different than the traditional sting from applying antiseptic solutions.

From there, it took just a few minutes for my skin to feel far less sensitive. And to my surprise, neither did it turn redder nor swelled up—something that typically happens with such injuries.

Also, Mark was telling me how the spray helped his skin against the scarring from these sorts of injuries, cuts, and abrasions. Specifically, he mentioned that it left his skin looking almost naturally toned.

The Follow-Up

And I soon had to agree with what he said. Because when I checked again a couple of days later — surprisingly, the healing process seemed to be progressing much faster than expected.

The grazed area no longer felt tender or sensitive when in contact with water as it usually would. In fact, there was hardly any scarring or discoloration, which signaled that skin repair was well underway.

The Follow-Up

More so, there was neither itchiness nor discomforting inflammation. It was a huge relief since my previous first-aid kits always irritated my mildly sensitive skin. But the best part—it took less than a week for the wound to heal completely, leaving barely any visible marks.

Battle with Bug Bites

As a camping enthusiast, I've become quite prone to catching bug bites on nearly every outdoor trip. As it had already proven effective — not just on me but also on Mark's acne outbreak, which we had witnessed earlier— I decided to give it a go for these itchy insect bites as well.

And it didn’t take me long to realize that this was the solution I had longed for. After all, it relieved the itchy rash symptoms in no time, leaving my skin relaxed and calm while I enjoyed the warm crackle of the campfire.

Effects on Allergic Rashes

Well, this isn’t quite ‘my’ experience, but something I observed during an outing and thought it worth sharing. Amy, a fellow trekker in our camping group, broke out in her allergic rash, paving the way for me to test Active Skin Repair on this particular issue right away.

Effects on Allergic Rashes

Sure enough, shortly after using it, she noticed a distinct reduction in the itching and irritation. And seeing no adverse reaction, she sprayed it all over the rashes and saw considerable improvements throughout the trip. Not to mention how she thanked me profusely later on!

Post Workout Chafing

Being a regular at our local running club, I couldn't quite escape some intense post-workout chafing, especially around my thighs and underarms.

However, after applying the repair spray post-workout, there was less friction-generated discomfort. Most remarkably, the area wouldn't quite go back to being sore even after resuming workouts in less than 24 hours.

Impact on Sunburns

Sunburns have always been a hassle for me – the inflammation, the heat, and not to mention the later peeling of my skin were really bothersome features of my seaside vacations.

Therefore, impressed by the initial results, I decided to use the Active Skin Repair Spray on my sunburnt skin during my next beach trip, especially as the company claims it also works on sunburns.

And to my surprise, the sting of the sunburn began disappearing soon after I sprayed the liquid mist. With just one application, the heat slowly tapered off, and so did the redness.

But what truly amazed me, though, was the complete absence of the dreadful peeling. It felt like my skin had repaired itself on its own without the peels having any chance to show, something I experienced for the first time in years.

Why Is It Better Than The Competition? – The Benefits of Active Skin Repair Spray

There are several reasons why I hold the Active Skin Repair Spray in such high regard and prefer using it over other first-aid solutions. Let me share a few of those.

Non-Toxic and Natural Approach

The Active Spray’s natural, non-toxic approach is undoubtedly the first thing that attracted me the most. After all, it didn’t cause my skin to respond negatively, unlike some common branded products I have used over the years.

Since the active ingredient in its formula is something our bodies naturally produce instead of toxic chemicals, it suits all skin types just fine. This makes it particularly ideal for those with sensitive skin like mine.

Multipurpose Property

Active Skin Repair spray isn't limited to just one type of skin issue. Be it cuts, burns, rashes, sunburns, insect bites, allergies, and even post-workout chafing, the versatile product offers relief and promotes repair for a vast array of skin problems.

Multipurpose Property

And isn’t it great to have a single rescue solution in your first aid kit instead of juggling numerous remedies, each targeting a different type of skin injury?

Further Prevention of Damage and Infection

Now, this is some perk that astoundingly stood out for me. After all, you don’t come across that many skin healers that both repair and prevent further skin damage and potential infections.

Further Prevention of Damage and Infection

Just like the HOCl molecules residing in our body, it works effectively against bacteria and microbes, ensuring that the injuries stay clean and minimizing the chances of getting infected.

Quicker, More Noticeable Results

Well, perhaps the product’s most noteworthy aspect is the quick and effective outcomes. In my encounters with the spray, the results were not just surprisingly prompt but genuinely transformative.

Especially when it came to accelerated skin healing, reducing the appearance of scars, and significant improvements in allergic reactions, sunburn, and post-workout chafing. The fact that it provided relief within mere moments of application really sets Active Skin Repair apart.

No Stinging, Discomfort, or Messy Residue

No way I can leave out mentioning how the Active Spray spared me the strings from applying first aid. After all, even my gravest cuts or inflamed sunburned portions turned out to be near painless because of it.

No Stinging, Discomfort, or Messy Residue

Besides, it left no messy residue, nor did it leave my skin feeling oily or sticky afterward. It was easy to absorb on application, leaving my skin with a soft, smooth touch instead.

Easy to Incorporate in Routine

Did I tell you the use of the spray isn’t limited to just outdoor activities or accidents? Yes, you can incorporate it into your daily routine at home, too.

Since it has no proven side effects, you can apply it post-showers, pre-bedtime, or simply as a soothing mist throughout the day. Doing the latter can, indeed, keep the skin healthy and launch a protective barrier against everyday germs.

For me, the product isn’t just handier; it essentially replaced a range of other skin treatments, which I would have otherwise stocked up in my healthcare drawer.


Maybe what pleases me even more is how cost-effective it turned out in the long run. I’ll admit that this spray seemed a bit more expensive than typical ointments at first.

But when you consider the wide range of issues it efficiently handles, its longevity, and not further needing to purchase separate products for different skin issues, you'd find it quite reasonable in pricing.

Limitations of the Active Skin Repair Spray

No matter how impressive a product it is, it would be misleading to claim that the Active Skin Repair Spray is a flawless remedy for all. It has its some limitations you may want to consider.

Not Intended for Severe or Chronic Skin Conditions

It may work wonders on all skin types, but treating severe skin conditions isn’t what Active Skin Repair’s Spray is intended for. You must consult medical professionals when you’re severely injured, have deeper cuts, severe burns, or have chronic allergic reactions that don’t heal through quick remedies.

Not a Substitute for Basic First Aid

The Active Skin Repair Spray isn’t a substitute for basic first-aids. This includes washing wounds, using bleeding control if needed, or seeking immediate medical attention in cases of severely damaged skin. It may quicken the healing, but it’s not the only vital step in wound treatment.

How to Use the Active Skin Repair Spray?

As for using the spray, the process couldn’t be any simpler. Just find a safe area to sit and relax and follow these three steps.

Step 1: Clean the Area and Spray

To allow Active Skin Repair to work most efficiently, it’s best to clean the wounded area as well as possible beforehand. Once cleaned, spritz the spray in generous amounts over the affected area.

Step 2: Re-Apply If Necessary

Since the gentle molecules of the repair spray are free from harsh chemicals, you can apply it as much as needed until you are satisfied. Then, just leave it to dry naturally. Don’t rub the area.

Step 3: Feel the Instant Relief

Now, just wait a few moments for the relief to kick in. If you want to quicken the healing process further, repeat the application procedure several times a day every day.

Active Skin Repair Review: What Are Customers Saying About It?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Active Skin Repair and its effectiveness on the market. From what I could gather after scrolling through countless online reviews, users found the product up to the task as promised. Here, I share a few clips from satisfied users.

“Never in my life have I come across a product so dynamic and effective. From minor cuts and burns to nasty insect bites, Active Skin Repair was a massive lifesaver during my recent camping outing!” – Rosalin Drey, California

“I’ve had persistent issues with post-workout chafing and severe sunburn. Active Skin Repair provided instant relief and substantially sped up my healing process. It’s a staple in my gym bag now.” – Lee Mason, Florida

“One spritz a day, and my allergic reaction significantly improved. Quick, soothing, and pleasantly scent-free. How come I've never found products like this before?” – Karen Lane, New York

“Desperate to help heal my equestrian's knee injury, I stumbled upon the Active Skin Repair spray. Its promising outcome left me in awe. Within a few days, there was visible improvement and reduced scarring. It's an absolute winner!” – Fred Taylor, Illinois

“As a mom of two sporty boys, bruises and small injuries are part of everyday life. But ever since I’ve discovered Active Skin Repair Spray, these incidents have become less of a worry. It’s versatile, non-stinging, and speeds healing. A total game-changer. I highly recommend it to every parent out there.” – Rebecca Lewis, Texas

“I used this spray after a chemical burn while experimenting in my lab. It soothingly treated the irritable skin without worsening it further. Even relieved the itching quickly. Active Skin Repair is essentially a silent hero in my science laboratory now.” – Dr. Henry Adams, Boston

Active Skin Repair Spray: Cost and Refund Policy

Whether you want to try it out or stock it up in your skincare drawer, you'll definitely find your perfect Active Skin Repair package from the three below.

  • A single bottle will cost you $24.99.
  • But if you buy two, you’ll get one free. That’s three bottles at $65.98, saving you $32.99.
  • And if you decide to stock it up, you can buy three to get two free. Meaning five bottles at $98.97, saving you a whopping $65.98.

Not only that, the company also offers nationwide free shipping on all orders, with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, you can return it, no questions asked, and receive a full refund. You can learn more from their official offer page.

Where Can I Buy Active Skin Repair Spray from?

Since it became a massive hit with users, the Active Skin Repair Spray is now widely available at most reputable online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Yet, I’d still recommend buying yours from the company’s official website. Not only is it the only place to avail of those exciting deals, but it also ensures the product you’re getting is genuine and not a cheap imitation.

Who Makes the Active Skin Repair Spray?

The Active Skin Repair Spray is a product of BLDG Active, an American company based in Walnut, California. Being in the field of active skincare solutions for quite some time now, the company is committed to providing innovative and nature-inspired products.

Justin Gardner, BLDG Active’s CEO and Founder, is a hardcore outdoor enthusiast with a history of skin injuries. According to him, the high number of sprays, creams, and ointments he had to use to treat various skin issues was too frustrating for him as a wound care professional.

So, after learning about HOCl, Justin saw a chance to merge his career with his passion and make a real impact. And indeed, the impact was phenomenal!

The Active Skin Repair Spray now stands as a top-rated choice by millions of consumers for wound care and skin repair.

How Good Is the Support Team?

From my experience, I found BLDG Active’s support team to be exceptionally knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly. I had a few queries concerning the skin spray usage and got a reply within an hour of sending my email.

The reply mail was no short of detailed instructions and helpful tips. They patiently explained how the product works, the best way to apply it, and reassurance for any concerns that I had. If you, too, have any questions or you want a refund, reach out to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got further queries regarding the Active Skin Repair Spray? Here, I’ve answered a few commonly asked questions that might help.

Is Active Skin Repair Spray safe to use around the face?

Absolutely! The Active Skin Repair Spray is designed to be safe and gentle. And since it only contains natural ingredients, you can use it around your eyes, mouth, and the rest of your face without worries. This makes it especially handy for dealing with facial wounds or allergic irritations.

Is this safe to use on children's skin?

Yes, indeed. In fact, this gentle, non-toxic skincare solution is intended for use on children’s skin besides adults’. Moreover, unlike most first-aid products in the market, it doesn't sting or burn when applied, making it the ideal painless solution for children.

How often should I apply the Active Skin Repair Spray?

Ideally, you should use the spray 3-5 times per day or as often as you need. Since the product has no proven side effects, you can also use it in as many amounts as you feel the affected area requires. And I’d suggest you clean the area before applying to increase the effectiveness.

Why have I never heard of HOCl?

Neither had I until I discovered this spray. From what I found, HOCl has been around for a while and has been used by healthcare professionals for centuries. It's just not common in over-the-counter products because of stability limitations. It turns out BLDG Active has found a way to stabilize it without compromising its healing strengths.

Conclusion: Is Active Skin Repair Spray Worth the Money?

Well, from my own experience and the raving reviews I've seen, the answer is a resounding yes. The Active Skin Repair Spray has transformed my skincare routine. Its versatility and practicality make it a crucial part of my daily essentials.

Plus, considering its numerous benefits, I'd say it provides excellent value for money. Between the painless application, the natural formulation that’s safe for children, and the effectiveness on a broad range of skin irritations, this spray is indeed a game-changer.

Not to mention the money I've saved by reducing the number of different products I use for wound care. And with the 90-day money-back guarantee well in place, what's there to lose? Just give it a shot and see what happens.


Active Skin Repair Review

Buy Now
Features Rate 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 10
Flexible 10
Safety 9
  • Medical-grade skin repair in a fine mist spray
  • Treats minor wounds and skin damage
  • Safe for use on skin affected by Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Non-sensitizing (no sting)
  • Helps support natural healing
  • Not intended for severe wounds

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