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Since I suffer from breathing shortness sometimes, and the AirPhysio has been making a buzz around, I decided to test it out. I had to test if it was a scam or if the claims it made were legit before I recommended it to others.

Well, with 3 months gone under the hood with the AirPhysio, I can tell you this: This is by far the best healthcare device I've purchased this year.

In this AirPhysio reviews, I'll share how this little beast keeps my congested throat clean without any drugs. Not to mention, its smart and outstanding design helps me use it more efficiently. Let’s dive with the AirPhysio insights and see if you should also get one, or not!

My Quick Overview of AirPhysio

If I have to review AirPhysio in simple words, I’d say: this thing helped me breathe better, from the very first try! I felt the machine working the first time I used it as it was cutting through the phlegm. It made its way through the air and gave me an instant relief that I had spontaneous breathing freely.

My Quick Overview of AirPhysio

It’s like melting butter using a piece of fire because I was having a hard time breathing before using it. I could breathe much easier without any suffocation the first time I tested it. And the best thing is, it didn’t use any sort of drugs or chemicals whatsoever except for clever engineering, to my surprise.

AirPhysio Review – My Honest Opinion

Using the AirPhysio for a few months helped me understand how this thing works. Before I share AirPhysio reviews with you, I also had to study this piece of fine engineering deeply. After a long research, I’ll share my honest opinion of the AirPhysio. Hope this review helps you decide if you should get it or not.

What is AirPhysio?

AirPhysio is the most effective breathing assistant device that doesn’t use drugs. It’s a small device with a shape close to an inhaler, but with a different engineering and mechanism. You don’t have to use any kind of drug or spray anything. Yet, the machine can remove congestions, loosen phlegm, and help you breathe way healthier than ever.

What is AirPhysio

And since it doesn’t need chemicals or anything unnatural, there will be no side effects whatsoever. This miracle device essentially works as a natural treatment for breathing issues and to achieve maximum lung capacity. It improved my breathing conditions which other breathing devices couldn’t.

How Does AirPhysio Work?

The AirPhysio works like an OPEP device that helps to clear up the lungs without drugs. Using it is super easy and the outcome is highly effective with clever natural compression technology. Here’s how it works:

Creating a positive pressure

As you breathe into AirPhysio, it creates positive air pressure in your lung canal where the mucus is present. It doesn’t need much pressure (moving the ball is enough) to create the pressure. When you have created enough pressure in the lung, it also creates an inner pressure on the walls of your airways.

Shaking the stubborn cough

After the AirPhysio makes pressure, it creates a vibration in the airways. This pressure is capable of trembling the cough and mucus stuck to the respiratory walls. As you keep on putting pressure, the ultimate result comes out to be an enormous one. It shakes all the mucus and clears up the way to help you get rid of them.

Getting rid of the mucus

When you have all the stuck mucus and cough cleared up, they’re now free to move within the airways. At the same time, when you have an inner pressure created by the AirPhysio from the lung, they come loose. The pressure pushes the cough out and helps it to run into your mouth. All you have to do is cough the contaminated mucus out naturally.

What’s Inside AirPhysio?

After I got my hands on the AirPhysio device, the first thing I did was check it inside out. And here is what I discovered inside this simple, yet effective device:

What’s Inside AirPhysio

The first thing is the body itself which does the external job altogether. It has two ends: one goes into your mouth, another holds the lid with the ball bearing inside. After that, the lid keeps the steel ball secure as well as a cone underneath the ball where it sits. And the cone that holds onto the ball sits on a secure holder that takes the cone in only one way.

How to use the AirPhysio?

Using the AirPhysio has a straightforward way with a simple process and yet effective results.

  • First, you have to take a sit, relax, and keep your back straight and your lungs in their natural positions.
  • Take a deep breath, and hold that way for a few seconds, uncap the AirPhysio and put the diamond shaped end in your mouth.
  • Exhale into the AirPhysio while keeping the cap part facing towards the ceiling or sky, the steel ball facing up.
  • Here, all you need to do is, push the steel ball up from the cone inside slightly which will put positive pressure on the airway walls.

How Often do You Use the AirPhysio?

The usual target with the AirPhysio is using it 10 times a day with options to tweak the time. You can either use it 1-2 minutes for 5 times straight. If you feel short of breath, take one step at a time, you can start by exhaling for a minute at a time.

How often do you use the AirPhysio

If you want to use the AirPhysio with the air filter it comes with, put the filter in between. The diamond shape end will match only one way, not another, and the rounded shape will go into your mouth. The filter will help you keep the AirPhysio clean in prior.

How to Clean the AirPhysio?

In order to use your AirPhysio without growing bacteria inside, you must keep it clean all the time. For that, you have to disassemble the AirPhysio using the proper way first. The AirPhysio device has a child resistant cap; start your disassembly with that.

How to disassemble AirPhysio

Take a pointy object like a pen or so, and push the notches on the sides of the cap to unlock the lid. Put the pen away, and rotate the lid anticlockwise to unlock it from its place. Then, gently pull off the lid, and you’ll have the internals open to you. Take the ball away, then the cone where the ball sits by tapping the AirPhysio upside down.

Clean the AirPhysio parts

Take a bowl of detergent water, and put all the disassembled parts of the AirPhysio into the water. Gently steer the parts within the water to remove all the dust, debris, and possible mucus build up. Remove the AirPhysio parts and put things in a water bowl of distilled water. Apply 20% alcohol to the clean water to kill germs and bacteria before you wipe them with a clean microfiber cloth.

How to assemble the AirPhysio

Once you have the AirPhysio all cleaned up, air dry all the parts, and it’s time to put things together. First, put the cone inside the AirPhysio, and it will go only one way, not another. Now, gently put the ball bearing inside the cone and put the lid on top. After putting the lid on, twist it clockwise until it snaps into the notches and makes a click.

What Features Does AirPhysio Offer?

The AirPhysio is a revolutionary wellness product that has been a loyal companion of mine for the last few months. Here are the features and benefits I’ve seen so far of this amazing breathing assistant device:

What features does AirPhysio offer

Fast and portable solution

I’ve been using it for months now, and I can tell that the AirPhysio is a fast and portable solution. It can be a loyal companion to a ton of problems for you as well! It takes only a few minutes off the day to keep my lungs clear and easy to breathe using the AirPhysio.

No more recurring costs

Before I started using AirPhysio, I used to pay a hefty amount every month. Now that I have a handy solution with a single investment, things got much easier. I don’t have to pay an extra penny to the doctor or the therapist, but I'm not getting clogs inside my air canal.

Child resistant cap

AirPhysio comes with a child resistant cap or lid that keeps the steel ball safe from falling off. It has a twisted design to stay firm in its place, which you have to rotate anticlockwise to open up. Not only that, there are two notches on either side that you need to push in for extra security.

Refill or battery free

Since the AirPhysio has no medical drugs or needs any refilling components, it’s completely hassle free. On top of that, there’s no active power consumption in it, which means you don’t have to use any batteries. It’s a standalone device that needs no recurring costs or power ups.

Easy to clean and use

As I mentioned how easy it is to use the AirPhysio, it’s similarly easier to clean as well. You have to use it only for 10 minutes or so a day to get the best benefits off of it. And it takes only about 5 to 10 minutes to clean, sterilize, and to put things back together again.

How Do OPEP Devices Work?

The way OPEP, or Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure, devices work is: It uses the natural positive pressure on your lung canals and pushes all the build up mucus upwards. When you blow into the OPEP device, you have to push your lungs to their fullest to push the ball up.

How Do OPEP Devices Work

This way, your lungs will push the cavities of your airways loose off the mucus. As the mucus climbs up with the push, you can ultimately cough them away. The OPEP device helps you clear up the lung canals and breathe healthier and achieve healthy lungs.

AirPhysio is a patented, award-winning device that comes with FDA-approved research for alleviating respiratory diseases without additional cost. You can use this breath training device for shortness of breath, pulmonary disease, improving lung capacity and lung function by clearing mucus from airways.

AirPhysio Benefits: What Does Science Say?

Although the AirPhysio is not anything like drugs or any other medications, it’s well researched and backed by science. The OPEP therapy method that AirPhysio uses is an effective way to make use of it for great results. Here are what science has to say about the AirPhysio:

AirPhysio Benefits What Does Science Say

OPEP therapy

The AirPhysio uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure therapy, a scientifically proven way to clear up lung airways. It’s one of the best Airway clearance techniques (ACTs) that helped me achieve the healthy breathing I always wanted for a long time. This lung expansion device is really effective for excess mucus clearance, although I never thought it was possible.

Drug and chemical free solution

Using AirPhysio can be a real easy and medically safe option to go with if you have airways congestion. If you have symptoms of Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Atelectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, COPD – Emphysema, etc., you can use the AirPhysio. It also works for many other respiratory conditions that may cause clogs or flu.

What to Expect After Using AirPhysio?

The way AirPhysio works is different from person to person because people have different situations going on inside the canal. If you have slightly deep cough congestions inside the canal, chances are, you’ll see improvement from the first use.

What to Expect After Using AirPhysio

However, if you have a cough and mucus inside your air intake canal firmly, things may not go as fast. You may have to wait for a few uses to start coughing thick mucus when the AirPhysio comes into play. Some have even thicker mucus inside, they need to wait as long as 7 days for results.

Regardless of how stubborn, thick, or heavy mucus you may have inside, the AirPhysio will work for sure. The only possible thing that might bother you is a little longer than the person next to you. Sometimes, you may not even notice a major mucus extraction, but it’s working even if you have less issues.

How much does AirPhysio cost?

When I got the AirPhysio for myself, I got the pack of 3 because I put one in my office, another one at home. I had the last piece as a backup in case I somehow lose or damage one while handling roughly.

The price is still there, but with a little twist to it till date (as of reviewing it). The manufacturer has it on sale at a staggering 50% discount, which is great. Don’t forget to check its latest availability.

AirPhysio Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

I checked almost all the user reviews about AirPhysio online before I got it for myself. Here are some of them:

  1. The AirPhysio is an excellent mucus removal device that has been a great tool for me to have good lung expansion. My family (kids, husband, and dad) loves it, especially my son and husband, who have difficulties breathing. – Natalie

  2. Making the purchase of AirPhysio was the best decision I’ve ever made so far. It’s been over a decade of paying money to the hospital and doctors, doing simple congestion removal. Now the AirPhysio has become the best natural solution to Emphysema. -Nick

  3. I never thought it would be this powerful and effective solution to my long-suffered cough issue. Ever since I’ve got the AirPhysio in my hands, it’s been a month of clearing in both thinking, and breathing. Cannot thank you enough. -Evan

Where Can I Buy AirPhysio?

The manufacturer is a clever one that sells the AirPhysio itself using its online portal. You can easily purchase it from the official website that can ensure the maximum quality and originality. There’s even more in it, and that’s the current 50% discount that the manufacturer offers. If you want the AirPhysio, now is the best time to crack the deal before the sale goes out:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about the AirPhysio regarding a feature or about it in particular? Here are some common ones that I got from my friends pretty often for the last few days:

Does the AirPhysio device really work?

The AirPhysio uses a scientifically proven therapy called OPEP method to put positive air resistance on the lung airways. It simply tumbles the stuck mucus on the walls of the canal and clears it up.

Does AirPhysio need any refilling?

No, the AirPhysio doesn’t need any kind of refilling or batteries to run or function. You simply exhale into the intake of the AirPhysio, push the steel ball up, and it’ll do the rest.

How many times do I have to use AirPhysio a day?

You have to use the AirPhysio at least 10 times a day, 1 to 2 minutes per session. As you start off with it, you may not be able to push hard enough; be persistent, you’ll surely get there with it.

Does Walmart sell AirPhysio?

Yes, Walmart does sell the AirPhysio, but they don’t often have it in stock because the manufacturer itself sells it online. Plus, the manufacturer currently has it on sale at 50% off!

Who makes AirPhysio?

The manufacturer is an Australia-based company that has been around for years, making clever devices. You can check their official online store to check some of their customer base.

How hard do I push the steel ball in AirPhysio?

For the Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure therapy properly, moving the ball from its place a little is what you need. There’s no need to push it high off the cone.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The Australia-based company that manufactures that both makes and sells the AirPhysio is available on the official website. They have been in the business for long enough to manufacture and distribute high quality products. If you’re looking for recognition, the AirPhysio is even TGA registered with the Australian government. Not to mention, it's FDA approved as a class two medical device for clearing up lung congestions.

Support Team Contacts

If you come into any issue of any kind while using the AirPhysio, the Australian manufacturer has an international support team standing by. You can contact them and ask for any kind of help regarding the device.

You can either visit the AirPhysio office at this address:

  • Unit 3, 6-8 Amber Road, Tweed Heads South NSW 2486

Or contact them over phone at these numbers:

  • 1300 723 110
  • +61 7 3535 0640

And if you prefer emails to phone or walking to stores, use this mail address:

AirPhysio review – Final Words

There you go, now you have the complete AirPhysio review that I hope helped you decide why you need it. Since AirPhysio is an FDA certified class-two medical device, it can vastly help you remove internal mucus and congestions related to pneumonia.

You can use the AirPhysio to clear up the airways that help you breathe and keep the lungs pumping. With moderate cough inside the airways, you should cough out the mucus in a week of usage. However, keep in mind that you must keep it clean, and better if you use it with the air filter it comes with.


Our AirPhysio Review

Order AirPhysio OPEP device
Features 10
Value for money 9
Ease of use 9
  • Assists mucus mobilization
  • Reduces chances of atelectasis by induced cough
  • Promotes overall lung health
  • Relatively expensive

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