AlbumSaver Vs PhotoStick – Which Is Best for 2023?

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Both devices, AlbumSaver and PhotoStick, come with huge storage capacity. You can save all your images and videos on both of these drives. But they don't operate in the same way. These differences make them unique. Which one is more suitable in 2021 in the clash of AlbumSaver Vs. PhotoStick?

AlbumSaver doesn't use any software, while PhotoStick operates using The PhotoStick app. Your albumSaver can scan a digital version of the actual images, but PhotoStick can't do it. It will create thumbnails, but the AlbumSaver is unable to do it. PhotoSticks secure your files from virus attacks and drive crashes.

These drives will protect your memorable moments. They do the same work. You'll fail to recognize them if you don't have proper guidelines.

AlbumSaver and PhotoStick: Comparison Chart

Despite having similarities, a slight difference separates them. Here are the dissimilarities between AlbumSaver and PhotoStick.

Our Choice
8 GB – For 3,500 photos & videos 64 GB – For 30,000 photos & videos 128 GB – For 60,000 photos & videos
8GB – For 4,000 photos & video 64GB – For 35,000 photos & videos 128GB – For 70,000 photos & videos
Level of easiness
Level of easiness
Very easy to use
Complex than PhotoStick
Supported Files
Supported Files
Images and Videos
Safe to use
Little risky to use
The PhotoStick app
Prairie IT
Helpline Response
Helpline Response
2-3 days
Refund Policy
Refund Policy
60-Day Money-Return Guarantee
30-Day Money-Return Guarantee
Auto Identification
Auto Identification
Can create thumbnails
Official website & other online platforms
Only on the official website

You can save your images and videos both in AlbumSaver and PhotoStick. But these devices operate differently and have different features. Here are a few of them to help you out.AlbumSaver Vs PhotoStick: How Do They Differ?

AlbumSaver Vs PhotoStick


AlbumSaver doesn't use any app or software to scan files. It is not available like PhotoSticks.


The price of an AlbumSaver is higher than a PhotoStick. It scans all the files and removes the duplicates. So, you'll always have the original file.


PhotoStick uses “The PhotoStick” software to scan your photographs. It is faster, easy to use, and more reliable.


Even if you store 60000 photos, the quality of your files stays the same. Plus, a PhotoStick is more available and cheaper than an AlbumSaver.

1. AlbumSaver

AlbumSaver and PhotoStick are memory drives. You can only save photos and videos in them. But do you know what an AlbumSaver is and its features?

What Is It – AlbumSaver?

AlbumSaver will protect your files and videos without duplicating them. You can create a digital copy of a physical photo. It can save up to 70000 photographs. So, it's perfect for official use. AlbumSaver will store your files for a lifetime.

What Is It - AlbumSaver

How To Use It – AlbumSaver?

You don't have to be a computer engineer to use an AlbumSaver. The steps are the same for every operating system. Follow these steps to use an AlbumSaver:

Step 01: Plugin Into Your Computer USB Port

Once you've uncovered the AlbumSaver, plug it into your PC, laptop, or MacBook USB port. It doesn't require any internet connection to operate.

Step 02: Check Notifications And Store Files

After plugging in, it'll search for photos and videos on your computer. Once the AlbumSaver has found every file on your PC, you'll see ‘save to the AlbumSaver' on your screen.

A big green SAVE icon will pop up on your computer screen. Just click on the icon to transfer all of your files to the AlbumSaver.

Step 03: Disconnect The AlbumSaver

You'll see the ‘Download Complete' window. This means that your files have been transferred to your AlbumSaver. Now you can disconnect it from your computer.

Features Of AlbumSaver

AlbumSaver stands out because it has some of the best and most remarkable features. Ultra speed, security, and massive storage capacity are just a few. The list goes on.

Features Of AlbumSaver

  • Storage Space: You can save up to 70000 photos in an AlbumSaver. Not to mention that you can also keep your videos in this vast memory space. This means your device will have more free space.
  • Compatible: AlbumSaver works smoothly in both Windows and Mac operating systems. You don't have to change the configuration of your computer. Just connect it to your PC, and it'll transfer your files.
  • Creates Digital Copy: Creating digital copies is a fantastic feature of AlbumSaver. You just have to connect your AlbumSaver to your PC, scan the image & save it on your computer. Even if you lose the actual photo, you can print it using a digital copy.
  • Organized Folders: You don't have to organize your files using an AlbumSaver. When you connect it to your computer's USB, it'll download all the files. Then it'll organize them. So, there's no chance of losing important files.
  • No Duplication Of Files: Unlike other flash drives, AlbumSaver doesn't duplicate a file. It cleans the junk files to free up space. Your computer will be faster and help you transfer files quickly.
  • Secures Digital Photos: A computer crash can ruin all of your files and photos. If you store them in the AlbumSaver, it'll keep them safe for a lifetime. You can retain the original file at any time.
  • Handy: You don't need any software or an app to use the device. Not even an internet connection is required. Take it out of the box and connect it to your computer. You can use it anywhere, anytime.

Benefits Of AlbumSaver

With some unique features, AlbumSaver offers some fantastic benefits. Here are the exciting perks of using an AlbumSaver.

  • Very elementary to use.
  • Transfers images faster than most drives.
  • Save up to 70000 images.
  • Scan your data and sort them alphabetically.
  • Can scan a digital version of an actual photograph.
  • Light device and hardly takes any space.
  • Offers massive storage.
  • Doesn't allow duplication of files. You'll always have the authentic version of your files.
  • Adapt to any operating system like Windows and Mac.
  • One of the best security systems as it'll save your files from virus attacks and disk crashes.
  • Compatible with any type of USB port.
  • You can send and print images with it.

Storage Capacity – AlbumSaver

AlbumSaver offers three options for your PC and smartphone. On its official website, you'll find 8 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. A summary of these variations will help you to find the best one.

  • AlbumSaver 8 GB: This drive can store up to 4000 images and videos. It is enough for personal use. You can collect one from its official website for $ 31.99.
  • AlbumSaver 64 GB: The 64 GB version is perfect if you're a photography enthusiast. You can keep 35000 photos in it. You can store all of your photos and find the best of them. It'll cost you $44.99 from its official site.
  • AlbumSaver 128 GB: AlbumSaver 128 GB is best for official use. It can store 70000 photos, including videos. With an 80% discount and free shipping, you can buy one for 69.99 bucks.

Where To Buy – AlbumSaver?

AlbumSaver is sold online only. You'll find it on the official website. The number of stores is also limited. This makes the device very rare.

It is also available on Amazon besides its official website. An AlbumSaver comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. PhotoStick

If you are going to use a PhotoStick to save your memories, you need to learn about it. Here are a few things about PhotoSticke, such as features and the operation manual:

PhotoStick: What Is It?

Photo stick always maintains the quality of your files. It is best for both PC and smartphones. You will have maximum security for your files. It'll organize your photos alphabetically. Several variations of PhotoStick are available in the market.

PhotoStick - What Is It

PhotoStick: How To Use It

You can use PhotoStick on android, windows, and iOS systems. But you've to follow different procedures for different devices.

For Android

  • Step 01: Get the PhotoStick app
  • Step 02: Launch the app by plugging it into your smartphone.
  • Step 03: When you see three options, select ‘Backup files now'
  • Step 04: You can select files manually or auto-select them
  • Step 05: It's ready for use

For iPhone

  • Step 01: Get the app from the app store
  • Step 02: Install it
  • Step 03: Connect your PhotoStick to your iPhone
  • Step 04: Turn on notifications
  • Step 05: Give access to files
  • Step 06: Click on ‘Select To Backup'
  • Step 07: The backup of your files will start
  • Step 08: Remove the PhotoStick once the backup is done

For Windows

  • Step 01: Connect the PhotoStick to your PC
  • Step 02: A file browsing tab will pop up on your computer screen
  • Step 03: Click on ‘This PC/My Computer' in case you don't see one
  • Step 04: Click ThePhotoStick.exe in the PhotoStick file
  • Step 05: Install and start the app
  • Step 06: Now back up all your files

For MacBook

  • Step 01: Plugin the PhotoStick
  • Step 02: You'll see a shortcut. Use ‘Finder' in case you don't see one.
  • Step 03: Install the program using the ‘ThePhotoStickMac' shortcut
  • Step 04: Start the program

PhotoStick: Features

PhotoStick has some cool features. These features help to transfer files faster with security. Here is a summary of these features.

PhotoStick - Features

  • Auto Identification: Photo stick automatically identifies your files, hidden photos, and videos. You don't have to search them manually. On top of that, you don't need to select file types if you are using a PhotoStick.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the fantastic features of PhotoSticks. This device can adapt to any operating system. You can use it on your PC, MacBook, Android, and iOS.
  • No Duplication: You'll only have the original copy of your files in a PhotoStick. Photo stick reduces the chance of file duplications. It doesn't make a clone of files and stops the transfer of duplicate files.
  • One-Click File Transfer: There's no need to sign in when using a PhotoStick. Connect your PhotoStick to your computer, and it'll start to transfer files on its own. While transferring files, you can use your PC for other work.
  • Different Models: Photo sticks have different models for personal use to official use. It has a wide range of products depending on storage. You can collect any PhotoStick ranging from 8 GB to 512 GB.
  • Affordable: Photo sticks are comparatively cheaper than other drives. The most miniature version, the 8 GB PhotoStick, is quite affordable. Its price varies depending on the storage capacity.
  • Supported Media: Photo stick supports various types of media files. You can transfer image files like JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, PDD, and video formats like MOV, AVI, and WMV. It can even collect data from burned CDs.

PhotoStick: Benefits

The device might have a simple structure, but the benefits are enormous. This list will give you a clear visual of the perks of using a PhotoStick.

  • It has an automatic scanning system
  • Photo stick transfers your files faster than other drives
  • The device is preferred for any type of operating system
  • It'll back up your files every week
  • Photo stick backups only the original file. So, there's no chance of file manipulation
  • You'll have more organized folders in the PhotoStick
  • It is a very compact device. It doesn't take up much space in your room.
  • You can back up any type of media using a PhotoStick
  • It is cheaper than other storage devices
  • The PhotoStick company offers a refund if you receive a broken or damaged product
  • Photo stick uses The PhotoStick app to provide more security and faster transportation files.

PhotoStick: Storage Capacity

Photo stick offers up to 512 GB of storage capacity. 8 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB are the other variations of the PhotoStick. Take a quick look at the PhotoStick review.

  • 8 GB PhotoStick: You won't need any internet connection to use it. The device can store 3500 photos maximum. It is available on Amazon for $20.
  • Wansenda 256 GB PhotoStick: Wansenda is the most popular brand among PhotoSticks. It is compatible with PC & smartphones. You can save up to 60000 images in this 256 GB drive. It'll cost you $48 with a year warranty.
  • Elefull 256 GB: You can transfer files at 90 MB/s using this drive. It's a perfect match for Microsoft windows. Use a USB 3.0 to transfer files faster. Elefull 256 GB will cost $19.
  • PhotoStick Omni: The PhotoStick Omni is an all-in-one drive. Windows, OS, and iOS-operated devices are compatible with this drive. You can buy one from Amazon for a price of $80.

PhotoStick: Where To Buy?

PhotoSticks are available on many online platforms. The company sells them on its official website. They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can even buy them from computer accessories shops. But try to buy it from the official store. They are more trusted and sell authentic products.

Final Verdict: AlbumSaver Vs. PhotoStick – Which Is Better?

Photo stick is way better than an AlbumSaver. Your photographs and videos will be safe from virus attacks and crashes. Its manufacturers are authentic and reliable. PhotoSticks sort out your files faster than an AlbumSaver.

The debate on AlbumSaver Vs. PhotoStick will provide you with a clear idea about the AlbumSaver and PhotoStick. We recommend you PhotoStick over AlbumSaver. Even if you have any doubts, do further research before buying one. Cherish your memories in safer storage!



Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 9
Ease of use 10
Flexible 10
  • It is elementary to use
  • The process takes moments to transfer your files
  • You can store every type of data
  • Drives have versatile security systems
  • You’ll need an OTG to connect a flash drive to your smartphone
  • Flash drives have only one port
  • Files are easily corrupted by virus

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