Amaranth Vase Review: The Secret Key to Long-Lasting Blooms?

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Coming back from work and breathing in the aroma of fresh flowers is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. But seeing them wilt within a day or two is something I always found disheartening. After all, no matter how much I love flowers, I can't justify spending more on daily bouquets.

That’s why the Amaranth vase caught my attention the moment I heard about it. Its unique twist-n-turn design lets you seamlessly change the water and trim the flower stems as frequently as needed without removing the entire bunch.

And thus, it promises to keep the wilt-speeding bacteria in check to keep your flowers fresh for weeks. But does it actually work? Keep reading my Amaranth vase review to find out.

What Is Amaranth Vase?: A Brief Overview

The Amaranth vase may look like just about any other vase in every household. But besides its aesthetically pleasing outlook, it’s an innovation to extend your favorite bouquet’s normal vase life.

What Is Amaranth Vase

Unlike traditional ones, like those glass or ceramic vases, the Amaranth vase is built with high-grade, eco-friendly, resistant plastic and a blend of marble powder. So, you can guess that durability aside, the vase is elegant, per se.

Amaranth Vase Review

Now if you look at its structure, there are two parts connected by a twist-lock mechanism. The bottom part is for retaining the water, while the top gridded part holds the stems in place.

And that’s what allows the vase to uniquely tend to your flowers—letting you change the water and trim the stems without disrupting the original arrangement.

Does the Amaranth Vase Really Work? How?

The functionality of how the Amaranth Vase works is very basic, no matter how we tend to overlook it. But it’s easy to understand once you know why your flowers wilt so fast.

If you’re a flower fanatic like me, you may have tried apple cider vinegar, bleach mix, or similar pH-reducing hacks. And as I can tell, none of these worked. After all, the wilting petals have less to do with pH and more to do with bacterial growth under the stem.

Does the Amaranth Vase Really Work

As you keep your flowers in a vase, the stem bottoms are always submerged in water, paving the way for bacteria to congest that part. That’s how those germ specks impair daily water absorption, resulting in drooping, wilting flower petals.

And the Amaranth vase uses this very idea to counter those bacterial growth. Unlike conventional vases, you can detach its bottom to let out the stale water, clean the base, and refill it a new.

Does the Amaranth Vase Really Work 2

Even if there are blockages at the stem bottoms, simply trimming them instantly clears out all the impurities that could otherwise ruin your flowers’ freshness. Yes, you could do that with regular vases, but would it allow as tidy an approach as the Amaranth vase? Possibly not.

My Experience with the Amaranth Vase

As excited as I always am when trying a new product, like everyone, I cannot deny that little bit of skepticism. However, after a month’s use, I can now confirm how significantly the Amaranth vase contributed to the longevity of my fresh blooms.

First, let me tell you what my regular care routine was like. I always used traditional glass vases in an effort to change the water once every two days. But this did too little to make my flowers last beyond four days at most. Then the cleaning and rearranging were so very time-consuming.

But thanks to the Amaranth vase, that flower curation routine has now been cut down to half. With the gridded top and twist-lock design, changing the water is no longer a hassle.

My Experience with the Amaranth Vase

After all, it eliminated the need to hold the flowers with one hand or rearrange them afterward. And talk about trimming—that never even crossed my mind because of the potential messes and inconveniences.

My Experience with the Amaranth Vase 2

Amaranth vase really helped me optimize my flower-care routine while doubling my flowers' longevity. Now I can change and trim every four days and spend half as much as I used to on a new bouquet of flowers.

Key Features of the Amaranth Vase

Not only does the elegance of the Amaranth vase’s timeless modern design elevate your interior decor, but it also packs a bundle of thoughtful features. See how they enhance your life with your blooms.

Intuitive Design

Although the idea may seem simple, the unique twist-lock mechanism and the gridded top of the Amaranth vase is a complete game changer. It rids off all the mess you’d otherwise make by permitting a streamlined route to dispose of the old, dirty water in such a short time.


Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

Made from premium, eco-friendly resistant plastic and marble, the Amaranth vase enhances your space with its clean, modern lines while ensuring robustness. I found the gorgeous marble hue exuding a soft, serene presence—a complement to any decor or color scheme.

Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

Non-Slip, Stable Base

It’s easy to get worried about your fragile glass vases tipping over when you have children and pets at home. But not when you have an Amaranth vase. The added weight to its base, thanks to the marble inclusion in its build, keeps it stable in your home’s most high-traffic areas.

Non-Slip, Stable Base

Versatility for All Blooms

The more I tried to overlook the gridded top, the more it surprised me. Its unique pattern suits just about all stem sizes, accommodating flowers of all varieties. Be it daisies or roses, tulips or orchids, you can hold them all with grace in your Amaranth vase.

Versatility for All Blooms

What I Liked about the Amaranth Vase: The Benefits

Being able to take in the aroma of fresh and lasting blooms everyday is undoubtedly what I loved most about using the Amaranth vase. But the goodness of this innovation barely stops there. Have a look at the host of benefits it brings along.

Elevated Aesthetics

It may not be posh or antique, but you can’t simply overlook the beauty of the Amaranth vase’s diamond pattern. The combination of resistant plastic and marble takes the elegant vase's aesthetics notches up, making it an attractive addition to any home decor.

Elevated Aesthetics

Ease of Use

From changing water to trimming off the ends, maintaining fresh flowers has never been easier for me. Thanks to the combination of the twist-lock design and the bottom water outlet, that dreaded mess I used to create is now a thing of the past. Besides, the cleaning time is twice as short now.

Ease of Use

Enhanced Vase-Life of Flowers

With the maintenance job being this easy, enjoying the prolonged lifespan of my favorite blooms is such a delight these days. Little did I think I’d get to cherish the beauties for a whole week without worrying much about them dying out—even those most delicate ones.

Saves You Money

Do I even need to elaborate on this one at all? Since the day the Amarnath vase became a part of my household, I spent less than half as much on bouquets as I did before. It’s like doubling the delight for a discounted price, which makes it even more special.

Reduced Preparation Time

Isn’t it annoying when you’ve just organized your blooms in your vase, but the variations in the stems won’t let them stay put?

Well, this shouldn’t be an issue when you have an Amaranth vase, as the gridded design keeps them neatly tidied up, no matter how mindlessly you did the job. Doubled up with the easy twist-n-turn operation, anyone can care for flowers now.

Unmatched Durability

Honestly, I’ve never seen a flower vase as durable as this one. My slightest doubt about its plastic-marble build (marketed as shatterproof) slipped away when it didn’t break after I dropped it accidentally. Hopefully, that means I can cut my flower vase budget as well.

Stunning Color Options

As well as displaying a beautiful marble effect, these exciting vases are available in various trendy colors to suit any home decor. I’ve got myself white, rose pink, and mint green. But you can also pick from classic blue, black, or vintage gray.

Stunning Color Options

What I Felt Could Improve: The Drawbacks

I sure have no doubt in all the goodness the Amaranth vase is jampacked with. Yet, using it for a while did reveal two areas I think it can improve.

Only Two Sizes Available

You can get your Amaranth vase in either of its two available sizes. The small one is about 7.5 inches tall, whereas the large one is 10. No doubt, they both suit most home settings, easily fitting 12-18 roses or such.

However, I was slightly disappointed when I couldn’t find a larger one that would fit into my larger hall room and wow my guests at special events. The same can be said for a tiny option. After all, I’d love to have a few lobelia or forget-me-nots on my desk at work.

Too-Wide Twisting Area

The dividing area where you twist the vase to detach the two parts feels too broad. So, if you're someone with small hands like mine, you might find it a bit challenging to handle during the twisting process. A slimmer version for more comfortable use across various hand sizes would be nice.

How Do You Use the Amaranth Vase?

Just as I’ve mentioned before, I love how easy it is to use the vase, thanks to its clever design. Here’s a three-step method you can follow to use this smart vase.

Step 1: Twist to Drain

As I’ve told you already, placing and organizing your blooms into the vase is super simple due to the gridded design. Now, to change the stale water, you only need to twist where the top part is separated from the bottom. Undoing it reveals the bottom hole, making it easy to drain the water.

Twist to Drain

Step 2: Trim and Clean

Once you’ve drained the old water, check for clogged stem bottoms. If they need a trim, do that without hesitation. And if you think the separated parts need cleaning too, you can rinse them with plain water and a soft brush.

Trim and Clean

Step 3: Reassemble and Refill

Then, all you’ve left to do is twist the parts of your vase back into place and do some fresher water refilling as needed. And your flowers are ready to bloom with full vigor.

Reassemble and Refill

The great thing about the Amaranth vase is that it doesn’t require any hard and fast maintenance routine. A simple rinse with plain or warm, soapy water should suffice for a thorough cleaning. More so, its acrylic construction prevents stains from sticking to it.

Who Needs the Amaranth Vase?

As a lifelong lover of flowers and someone always seeking ways to keep blooms fresh and vibrant for longer, I can attest that Amaranth is a game-changer. It’s perfect for anyone like me who adores flowers and looking to cut down on bouquet costs.

But beyond that, the Amaranth vase is ideal for:

  • Those looking for a simple, no-fuss way to admire floral beauty or display stunning arrangements effortlessly and with class.
  • Interior enthusiasts seek to add a touch of understated elegance to their houses.
  • Flower shop owners look to attract customers with their various unique, artistic floral arrangements, but at a lower maintenance cost.
  • Event planners in search of solid yet graceful centerpieces.
  • And let’s not forget how gorgeous a gift the Amaranth vase can make, especially when coupled with vibrant flowers.

User Reviews of the Amaranth Vase: What Do the Customers Have to Say?

Before purchasing the Amaranth vase, I went through various online reviews to get a sense of what other users thought of the product. And honestly, I was amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response of the happy customers. Take a look at a few of those below.

“Whoever thought a vase could make such a great difference? I gifted one to my mom, and it made my day when she raved about how long her flower arrangements lasted. This vase is rustic and modern all at once, a definitive hit at our home.”

Susan Bumstead, Minnesota

“The Amaranth vase has been a massive revelation since I introduced it to my small flower shop. Looks aside, it helps save a lot of time during busy hours. It’s so durable and easy to use, and I just can’t think of my shop without it.”

Linda Sipple, Ohio

“I’ve never been that much of a flower enthusiast like everyone else, but that might have changed since my sister gifted me this vase. It’s super elegant, convenient, and, best of all, doesn’t require any maintenance. Never thought floral care would be this easy and rewarding.”

Tom Rennart, New York

“Got one for arranging the table for our wedding reception. It wasn’t just about the aesthetics (which was sublime, by the way) but also how stress-free the whole flower arrangement got due to its thought-through, cool design. Incredibly happy with my purchase!”

Rachel Coldren, Florida

Amaranth Vase Cost and Moneyback Guarantee

Amaranth Vase comes in three different packages, each with its own price tag. Even better – the currently-running limited-time offer can save you money. So, choose the package that best fits your needs and budget, and take advantage of special pricing while still available.

  • A single vase costs you $49.99.
  • Alternatively, you can buy two to get one free for $119.98.
  • Or, you can save big and buy three to get two free for $179.97.

What’s more? All these packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free nationwide shipping. If you want to learn more about the specific details of each offer, you can visit the company’s offer page for more information.

Where to Purchase an Amaranth Vase?

Although available on most major online platforms, like Amazon and eBay, the wisest thing to do is buy your Amaranth vase directly from the company’s official website.

This is because it’s the only place where you can get the best deals (the ones I mentioned above) with guaranteed authenticity and quick 3-day shipping. Besides, getting in touch with their customer support is much easier when you purchase from their site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have further queries regarding the Amaranth Vase? Here, I’ve answered a few common questions that may help you out.

How often should I change the water in the Amaranth vase?

I’d recommend changing the water every other day to keep the flowers fresh longer. After all, this is what the product is so innovatively designed for—enabling you to change and maintain your flowers with as little fuss as possible. Typically, I change mine once every four days.

Why has my Amaranth vase become harder to turn?

Possibly, the rubber O-ring on your vase’s twisting part has lost its lubricant. You may try cleaning the threads with warm water or applying some lubricant in small amounts to fix this. If these won’t work, however, contact the company’s customer service for help.

Is the Amaranth vase dishwasher safe?

No. As per the product’s instruction manual, the vase isn’t dishwasher safe. Although there’s no questioning its premium toughness, washing it in high temperatures or a rigorous setting can scratch up its plastic-marble body. You can simply hand wash it with plain or lukewarm soapy water.

Is the Amaranth vase safe around children and pets?

It should be. I own a cat, and she’s yet to stumble upon the vase. It was actually me who dropped it once, and thankfully, it didn't shatter. The vase’s plastic-marble combo makes it sturdy and weighty enough, and I believe it will withstand occasional knocks.

Who are the manufacturers of the Amaranth Vase?

The Amaranth Vase company is an American startup based in Texas. As their flagship product, this vase showcases their passion for combining aesthetics and ease of use. And the countless positive reviews online sure add up to the great value it provides.

Is there a warranty on the Amaranth Vase?

Yes, there is. Besides the 30-day money-back guarantee, the Amaranth vase also offers a lifetime warranty. This showcases how confident the company is in its product’s durability. However, this warranty is only applicable for purchases made through their official website.

Amaranth Vase Support Team

I must admit, the customer support team of the Amaranth Vase is, so far, the quickest and most professional I’ve dealt with.

In my earlier days of using the product, I emailed them once to ask about some maintenance tips, and it took them no longer than three hours to respond.

If you want to contact them for some reason, you can do so using the Contact Us page on their website. Or, you can email them directly as I did at [email protected].

Final Verdict: Would I Recommend the Amaranth Vase?

Coming to the inevitable end question – would I recommend the Amaranth vase? As a delighted customer, I’ll say – Absolutely! The vase’s practical design, coupled with its aesthetic appeal, make it one of my favorite buys this year.

Making a personal statement with flowers has never been more peaceful or easy, thanks to this innovative vase. The robust construction, versatile uses, ongoing deals, and lifetime warranty make this product worth every penny spent.

No matter what your style is, whether you like to keep fresh flowers around or want a statement piece for your interior, this vase could sure take your decor to a whole new level.


Amaranth Vase Review

Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 10
Safety 10
  • Amaranth Vase is so pretty
  • It doesn't break or chip
  • This vase makes flower care so easy
  • Comes in some beautiful colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Only available in two sizes

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