Bondic Review 2023: Does the UV Glue Really Work?

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Whenever I tried to fix some plastic stuff with super glue or any other adhesive, I was always annoyed with the outcome, it wasn't half decent! The hassle of applying them and the mess they create always irritated me as hell, not to mention their poor storage characteristics.

Annoyed with the hassle and mess of traditional adhesives, I was looking for a better alternative. Then I came to know about Bondic, which suddenly got popular among those who are DIY freaks like me! I was wondering what it would be like, so I ordered one and tried it out!

As I was experimenting with all different types of plastics, I began to realize that the product is not some regular adhesive. This product is so much different than traditional glue, and it is more effective, unique, convenient, and simple. So, I decided to pen down my honest thoughts on Bondic, along with the things that I liked, the things that I did not like, and how it performed for me.

My Quick Overview of Bondic

Bondic delivered an incredible outcome when I tried it out on some plastic stuff. It was really amazing! When I was using ordinary adhesives like regular glue or liquid glue, they would not stick at all. Bondic, on the other hand, worked beyond my expectations. It is easy to apply, highly customizable & most importantly, easy to remove when you want to! If you have a lot of plastic stuff to repair, then this is the right product for you!

Bondic Review – My Honest Opinion

My first impression of this product was that it has a very unique, compact, and simple design. The formula is not like any other strong adhesive, which makes it really special. Here's my take on Bondic, including what it is & how to use it-

What is Bondic?

Bondic is a liquid plastic welding tool, which can be used for fixing & filling any type of plastic object. It's like superglue, but it works differently than any standard glues! Bondic is not just another adhesive; this product is actually more customizable in nature.

What is Bondic

This adhesive is basically made of a special kind of thermoplastic, which turns into a strong solid material once it's exposed to UV light. You can even use this adhesive for any project that you have in mind!

The full ingredient list of Bondic isn't revealed by the company, but the primary component of this product is said to be BPA-free. The ingredient is not harmful to the human body, and you can use it safely without any problems.

Bondic works really well when it is exposed to ultraviolet light. It hardens to form a waterproof bond when cooled by the built-in LED UV light source. This product can be used in multiple ways for fixing plastic stuff around your house or workplace, and that's what makes it so unique & convenient.

How To Use Bondic?

As I was saying, Bondic is like the easiest adhesive to use, the application process is totally mess-free and won't take much time to dry. It can be used for repairing any type of plastic product, and you'll not need to visit a mechanic or workshop!

How To Use Bondic

You just have to squeeze out the desired amount of Bondic from the tube, then use an applicator (something like a toothpick) and apply it to the product that needs to be fixed. Make sure you're in a well-lighted place before applying Bondic as you will need to expose this adhesive to UV light in order to make it harden.

How To Use Bondic

After using the applicator for spreading Bondic around the area, turn on your LED UV light source (you probably get what I'm talking about if you've seen those “UV flashlight” ads), hold it over the Bondic for a few seconds, and let it dry. Make sure you keep the UV light source perpendicular to the Bondic, not parallel or at an angle!

After a few seconds, check if the adhesive has dried out. If it has, you are done! So you can see, you don't even have to spend much time on Bondic. Just a few seconds are enough for it to dry up, and you are good to go!

This adhesive solution is pretty much universal, which means that it can be used on both small & large plastic products without a problem. It bonds within a few minutes after being exposed to ultraviolet light, probably that is why it was named Bondic!

Characteristics Of Bondic

Bondic doesn't have any conventional formula like other adhesives, which means it's got some special characteristics. For example, this adhesive has an adjustable working time! This means you can control the amount of time required for Bondic to get dried up by using a special UV light source.

Characteristics Of Bondic

You can keep it on for more than three minutes after applying Bondic & then check if it's hardened yet, and if not just leave it on till the desired hardness! No big deal, right? I tried this with different types of plastic products and this feature worked fine every time.

Bondic never dries out like other adhesives; let me tell you one thing- all its components are reusable! You can use any leftover Bondic on some other object or project, making it even more worth the money.

Benefits Of Using Bondic Over Standard Adhesives

Bondic has got some major benefits over conventional adhesives; I'm listing them below-

  • Hassle-free application process! You know how messy adhesives are; they cause a mess when you try to apply them on different surfaces.  But with this adhesive, there's no mess at all, and you don't even need to wear rubber gloves or protective clothes

Benefits Of Using Bondic Over Standard Adhesives

  • Usually, rough surfaces or broken surfaces are pretty hard to glue together. You can also use this adhesive on smooth surfaces or any plain surface.
  • Bondic provides customizable long lasting bonds! Conventional adhesives do not allow you to customize the bond strength & type, but this adhesive allows you to attach different types of materials together without using any tool like a heat gun, etc. It works on almost every type of plastic material, which makes it unique in nature! You can use this adhesive to achieve permanent bonds,
  • No wait time is required for drying! You know how long conventional adhesives take to dry; sometimes they can take minutes or hours depending on their size & quantity. But Bondic dries up pretty quickly (in seconds), which means you don't have to wait for too long before using this adhesive again.
  • Bondic doesn't leave any strong residue! You'll not have to spend much time cleaning up after using this adhesive because it has hardly any sticky residue. So, your clothes & body will be absolutely fine after using Bondic.
  • Bondic is very easy to use! You don't need any external tools for applying this adhesive, and it dries up pretty quickly. A few seconds are enough for this product to harden, which means you can use it both on small & large plastic products within minutes or even less than that.

Who's This Product For?

Bondic will be great for everyone; here are some people who'll benefit from using this product-

People Who're Into DIY Projects

Bondic is an absolute savior of those who loves doing their own DIY projects & experiments. It has got special characteristics that'll help them attach different materials without any mess, plus they don't have to wait long before reusing the adhesive again.

People Who Have Little Experience With Adhesives

Bondic is user-friendly & very easy to use, which means even a little novice can apply this adhesive without any major problems. So if you have been struggling to use conventional adhesives or really don't know how they work, Bondic will be a cool choice for you!

Mechanic & Repairmen

The electricians, plumbers, carpenters & other people in the repair industry can use Bondic for their respective jobs with great ease. This adhesive is very fast-drying & works on all kinds of plastic material; so its uses are limitless!

People Who Have Kids

My 3-year-old son frequently breaks his plastic toys; I can fix them with Bondic without causing any mess or making him feel uncomfortable. And don't worry, Bondic is totally BPA-free, so parents like me will find this product very useful for their kids as well!

People Who Work With Plastic Crafts & Projects

Bondic is a lifesaver for people who work with plastic craft materials or products. It can fix almost anything made of plastic, and the repairing process doesn't involve any special tool! So you can be a professional craftsman & use this adhesive for your everyday jobs as well.

Who It's Not For?

Though Bondic is a great product, it's not suited for everyone. So here are some people who will find this product unusable-

People Who Need Adhesives For Long-Term Use

This is not meant to be an industrial adhesive; you won't find its uses in industries or other similar places because it's not suitably strong enough for long-term use.

People Who Work With Metal Or Ceramic Products

An adhesive is not the best choice for repairing products made of metal or ceramic; Bondic can't make a strong bond between these materials, so there are better options for them (like mechanical tools).

People Who Can't Tolerate Acetone Smell

Bondic has a strong acetone smell, so people who can't bear it or are allergic to it should stay away from this product.

Pros & Cons of Using Bondic

After using this product several times, here are some pros & cons that I found out-

  • Easy to use
  • Works on almost every plastic product out there & requires no special tool or skills for its application.
  • Dries up within minutes, which means you don't have to wait too long before using the repaired product again.
  • This product can be used as a filler material as well.
  • Very high tensile strength; you can use it to make almost anything stick to another plastic object.
  • Doesn't provide a long term solution
  • Doesn't work on ceramic or metal products
  • Can't be used for industrial purposes

What Can You Fix With Bondic?

Here are the most common objects that you'll probably repair with this adhesive-

Plastic Toys & Games

If your kid has broken his toy car, don't worry about it anymore! Just apply some Bondic on both the broken parts to make them stick together again, and voila! Your kid's favorite toy is almost good as new!

Plastic Toys & Games

Electronic Items

If you're creative and like to make things by yourself (for example, Christmas decorations!), you can use Bondic to create lovely & colorful pieces for your home. I also fixed a couple of electronic devices with this product; it was really cool!

Plastic Tools & Equipment

From screwdrivers & saws to spades, shovels & hoes; you can fix all kinds of plastic tools using Bondic. This adhesive is great for fixing any broken plastic material!

Replacement Parts

If your product is just missing a part or two (for example, the mirror cover in my car), use Bondic to repair that item instead of buying an expensive replacement piece. It's very cheap, easy to apply, and provides long-term results as well.

Plastic Crafts & Projects

You can use Bondic to stick almost anything made of plastic together, even if it's a toy or a model. Your children will be really happy to receive such nice handmade gifts from you!

bondic review

How To Use Bondic As A Filler?

Bondic works pretty amazingly as a filler! I used it as a filler material for one of my craft projects and it worked really well! The process is almost similar to applying the product as adhesive, the only difference is that you just need to spread Bondic over the area that needs filling.

How To Use Bondic As A Filler

Here's a quick tip- use a knife to remove excess Bondic after you've applied it on the surface. That way the surface will be smooth, and the filler won't come out from the gap.

How Much Use Will I Get From a Single Container?

A Bondic kit comes with a small tube of resin & a mini LED light which, apparently, is enough for roughly 10-15 repairs. If you need to fix something bigger or have more complex requirements, be sure to buy another Bondic kit.

I bought my Bondic Starter Pack about 3 months ago, and it's still going well! The adhesive hasn't dried up yet after using it so many times, so I think it's safe to say that you can store Bondic for a long time if used in a proper manner.

Does It Work Around Water?

Yes! This product doesn't lose its adhesive properties when exposed to water or moisture, which means you can also work around liquids while repairing your products with this adhesive. The repaired stuff is even safe to be put into the dishwasher.

Although Bondic claims to be water-resistant, I think it's always best to keep your repaired products away from direct exposure to water. Bondic doesn't provide a long-term adhesive result, so you should be better safe than sorry.

What Comes in the Starter Kit?

The starter kit comes with 3 parts-

What Comes in the Starter Kit

  1. Bondic liquid adhesive bottle which holds the amount you need for repairing small plastic items & objects
  2. Kind of pen that works as an applicator to provide easy access to Bondic adhesive
  3. Applicator tip remover tool: This special tool is used for cleaning the inside of your applicator tip after every time you use it. It's important because dried-up adhesive clogs your applicators & stops them from working properly, later on, so always make sure you clean the applicators after every use.

What Can You Do if Bondic Spills?

One of the best parts about Bondic is, it won't make a mess if it spills! Even if you spill any Bondic accidentally, all you have to do is clean the area with regular soap & water. The adhesive doesn't stick much to surfaces so it's easy to get rid of!

Can I Use Bondic on My Dishware?

Yes, you can! Bondic is safe to use on all kinds of plastic surfaces. So if you accidentally broke your favorite piece of Tupperware or anything else made of plastic; don't worry because Bondic will definitely come to the rescue. Bondic claims their product is absolutely BPA-free, so I guess there's no harm in using it to repair your dishwares.

Customers Reviews on Bondic

Just like me, most of the customers seem to be pretty excited about this new invention too! Many customers have already tried out this product and they are genuinely impressed. These Bondic reviews below better describe the quality of this product—

Customers Reviews on Bondic Customers Reviews on Bondic Customers Reviews on Bondic Customers Reviews on Bondic

Where Can I Buy Bondic?

You can easily buy Bondic at local stores near you or you can also buy the product from the Official Bondic Store. The official Bondic store offers exciting discounts on their product, with free shipping all over the USA on certain packages. Plus, Bondic provides an excellent after-sales service on their official website.

Some of our favorite Bondic packages are-

Where Can I Buy Bondic Where Can I Buy Bondic

If you're still not sure where to buy this product, then don't forget to contact the support team for an easier lead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Being some sort of a sensation among DIYers, people are quite curious about Bondic adhesive. Many of you have asked several questions about this product, so we are answering them below-

Is Bondic stronger than super glue?

Bondic works as an efficient adhesive to create stronger bond surfaces together, but it doesn't provide the long-term fixation that superglue provides.

Does UV glue really work?

UV glues are easier to handle since they only dry up when exposed to UV light, but some of them don't give a long-lasting outcome. As per Bondic, I found my repaired stuff still working even after using it for 3 months.

Does Bondic work as advertised?

Bondic performed pretty great on most of my plastic tools and toys. However, they are not as strong as certain adhesives like epoxy, so you shouldn't be using it if you aim for a long-term solution.

Can Bondic be used on teeth?

Interestingly, Bondic was first invented by a dental surgeon named Dr. Offerman to treat certain dental purposes like filling up cavities, fixing chipped teeth or bonding teeth to the mouth. It is frequently used by registered dentists. So we can say Bondic can be used on teeth, but only under expert supervision.

How long does Bondic take to cure?

Bondic cures only under the influence of UV rays, which take only 3-4 seconds to harden. You can control the drying time by deciding when you'll apply the UV rays.

Is Bondic a good product?

After using Bondic for a little over 3 months, I must say I'm pretty impressed with its overall performance, packaging, and storage feature. I would recommend this adhesive to everyone who is looking for some easy solution to everything.

Who Is The Supplier Of Bondic?

Bondic is a product of Freight Boy, which is based in Canada but has a branch in the US too. They manufacture, promote & supply this product all over the US & Canada, it's internationally available too!

Support Team Contacts

Bondic has a dedicated support team that is always there for you in case you need any help. Contact their support team if you feel anything wrong with their product, though I didn't have to contact them since mine is working perfectly.

Bondic Review- Final Verdict

I think Bondic is a great product, definitely worth the money I spent on it. I've used this adhesive around my home and office, and also gifted it to my friends & family members who work with plastic products on a daily basis. So if you're looking for an adhesive that can fix almost anything made of plastic without any additional tools or efforts, Bondic is your go-to solution! Happy Repairing!


Our Bondic Review

Buy Now
Features 9
Value for money 8
Ease of use 9
  • Easy to use
  • Dries up within minutes
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Doesn't provide a long term solution
  • Doesn't work on ceramic or metal products
  • Can't be used for industrial purposes

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