Clearview Glasses Review (2024): Lifesaver Accessory for Driving at Night?

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I often cut through the dark conditions driving my favorite convertible. However, a simple issue that always had me bothered is the beams coming from the cars in the opposite lane. I wanted something that doesn’t interrupt my style or comfort, yet provides me with a solution to that issue.

And thankfully, I somehow came to know about the ClearView glasses. And in this ClearView glasses review, I’m sharing my experience of using these glasses after using them for over 6 months.

In a nutshell, it didn’t only give me an insightful night, but also solved a ton of other issues I didn’t even ask for. To put that in perspective, let’s dive deep and review the ClearView glasses and understand how it does.

My Quick Overview of ClearView

As I said, the ClearView had relieved me from other issues besides the glare from headlights from the oncoming traffic. While driving through urban busy roads, it’s impossible to avoid the sudden neon lights, street bulbs, or even traffic lights.

My Quick Overview of ClearView

Not just that, when the weather is bad, it gets even worse to see clearly where the ClearView solved everything! I've been using this eyewear for months now, and I’m super satisfied with its quality, ease of use, and durability.

ClearView Glasses Review- My Honest Opinion

Since I’ve been using ClearView eyewear for well over half a year now, I can share every detail about it. Let me share the ClearView glasses review and explain these revolutionary night glasses from the perspective of a gadget enthusiast.

ClearView glasses review- My Honest Opinion

What is ClearView?

ClearView is specially formulated eyewear that feels, weighs, and looks like any other ordinary eyewear, but with some twists. It comes with a specially treated amber coating on top of the anti-reflective lenses that enhances your night vision.What is ClearView

This coating cuts down the glares you get in the night from the streetlights, headlights, and others. On top of that, it enhances the colors you see through the glasses. Besides, the heavy rim construction helps it stay put under pressure and last for years.

How Does ClearView Work?

So, the science behind the ClearView glasses is simple, with  a very interesting way of working. It has a special Amber coating that filters every light you see. As our eyes see light, these glasses are everyday must-haves to have better vision at night with yellow lens tint.

How Does ClearView Work

While filtering the lights, this coating stops or softens the sharp glaring lights in the night. Besides, the glasses are specially treated to withstand any harsh weather where the windshield is getting foggy conditions. You’re still going to see through the rough situation just fine.

How to use ClearView Night Driving Glasses?

Using the ClearView night driving glasses is super simple, since the manufacturer has made it that way. You can use these glasses just the way you would put on any other regular sunglasses. That enables you to not only drive a lot safer, but also be a ton more confident. That’s the result of the photochromic lenses with anti-glare technology and wider field of vision.

How to use ClearView Night Driving Glasses

No worries about durability, the heavy construction from aircraft grade aluminum will keep it shining for years. Whether you’re a pro driver, an athlete, or an elderly, the ClearView glasses do the job just fine. Besides, the anti-blue ray layers block blue lights, which is pretty useful if you use screens that don’t have UV protection.

Who Needs ClearView Glasses?

Talking of which, the ClearView glasses have a wide range of use case abilities to fit into daily life. Here are a few types of people who might find ClearView pair of glasses a very useful gadget to improve eye conditions:

Who Needs ClearView Glasses

Professional drivers

The professional drivers are the people who can benefit from the ClearView glasses. If you’re in the profession of driving, be sure to get these glasses that help you pass through steep lights. You can keep yourself safe while driving at night, where high light glare blocks your eyesight.

Professional drivers

Heavy screen users

If you work behind the desk all day, having a screen in front of you all the time, getting the ClearView is your best bet. It blocks out every blue light coming off the screen that might harm you in the long run. With it, you can keep your eyes safe and keep on using screens for hours.

Regular people

Now, for the regular people who love fashionable eyewear and need it to be highly functional, this one is it. You can wear them, go to any place, and match with any outfit because of their fashionable design. Besides, when you’re wearing them, they’ll give you a quick stand out.

ClearView Features & Benefits

Driving in the night can be a lot more fun if you have the ClearView glasses on you because it’s the best of its kind. ClearView eyewear offers a ton of useful features and other benefits. Here are the most beneficial aspects you’ll get from the ClearView:

ClearView Features & Benefits

Block the blue lights

The ClearView glasses block harmful blue lights to give you a safer sight, especially at night. It will cut the lights that are bad for the human eye and reflect them back from the glasses. The anti-reflective coating does that job and makes it perform better at night.

Glare free night driving

Glare free night driving is a dream of drivers, that the ClearView glasses handle pretty well. The cutting edge technology applied to these glasses is their specialty, for sure. So, if you’re in search of trusted eyewear that keeps you free of glares, get the ClearView glasses.

Glare free night driving

Heavy duty construction

What makes anything last for a really long time is how well it’s built. The ClearView glasses come with a heavy aircraft grade aluminum rim that can withstand quite a lot of pressure. With the 2x extra scratch resistant coating, you can keep on using the glasses for years without issues.

Heavy duty construction

Adaptive light condition

The best part about the ClearView glasses is their adaptive behavior to different types of light conditions. When you’re going through a range of light sources from neon signs to headlights, the glasses will perform well in any situation. It’s because of the amber coating on the glasses.

Adaptive light condition

Passive night vision capability

A passive night vision capability to see better in low light conditions is the ClearView glasses’ specialty. They’ll provide you reduced eye fatigue with the special engineering these glasses come with. The yellow color tinted special coating will brighten up low light conditions in poor visibility.

Vivid color and better contrast

Since these glasses come with UV protective glasses, they’ll give you much sharper images while driving. The ClearView glasses provide a clear view at night with highly accurate picture quality for reduced eye strain. Plus, you’ll get better color and contrast with the special glasses.

Vivid color and better contrast

Pros & Cons of ClearView

Getting the ClearView glasses can be a good decision, but you should know how this glass is holding up.

Pros & Cons of ClearView

  • Provides clear night sight
  • Keeps the UV lights out
  • Defuses overly bright light
  • Save eyes with extra protection
  • Brightens up the yellow filter
  • Adjustable hinges for any face size
  • Offers clear views in harsh weather
  • Airbag nose pad for long time wearing
  • The only disadvantage I’ve seen is availability. Since the manufacturer ships it themselves, and there’s a huge demand for it, the glasses go out of stock often.

Why You Need the ClearView Glasses

Before you get the ClearView glasses, let me tell you the reasons why you may need them in the first place:

Why You Need the ClearView Glasses

To see better in the dark

The ClearView night glasses are great for cutting through the darkness of night and   more clearly. Well, it’s not a night vision glass, but works as a good light enhancer for sure. As you ride on the road, having too many dark spots, it can help you see beyond the regular eye limit.

Keeping the eyes safe

Sudden changes in light can disturb the eyes and, eventually, drive them towards a bad situation. Using ClearView glasses can prevent those issues and keep your eyes a lot safer. It’ll keep you safe from the harsh glaze from powerful headlight beams and other light sources.

To clear up blurry weather

If you’re driving through rough weather where fog or snow is blurring the sight forward, the ClearView can help. It will make it a lot easier for you to see forward with a much clearer picture. Since it has a yellow shade with a clean sight forward, driving in a harsh night will be safer.

Cut the harsh night lights

When you’re driving in the night, harsh night lights can vastly impact your driving experience. In that case, if you use ClearView Goggles, you can drive worry free. The glasses will keep it much safer to see through the lights and see the desired pictures, beyond with vivid details.

Safety Tips For Night Time Driving

Driving at night can be both an enjoyable experience and a pretty risky job. With so many possibilities of cars coming from the opposite direction, you need to know some driving tips. Here are some subtle tips that can keep you safe from collisions and accidents:

Safety Tips For Night Time Driving

  • Take it slow: Driving in the night isn’t the same as driving in the night. Take it slow and be patient about reaching your destination faster than you should.
  • Handle the turns wisely: Whenever you’re taking a turn while driving in the night, you should take it real slow. You never know what comes next at the turn.
  • Use the lights properly: When you’re using modern car headlights, be wise. Never cause a problem for the others, which may eventually be harmful for you.
  • Drowsiness or drunk: Feeling like you need a nap or have been drunk? Do yourself a favor and don’t drive with drowsiness, or after consuming alcohol.

ClearView Customer Reviews

When I decided to get the ClearView goggles, I had to check some user reviews out to be sure. After reading a few, I was pretty sure about getting it. Here are a few of them:

  • ClearView has changed the way I see things at night. I use it to keep the harsh lights out of my eyes while I’m driving through the busy city lights. Dany
  • I needed a proper eye protector badly because I had no other way to avoid the bad weather after moving into the new city. Thankfully, I found out about ClearView glasses that eventually helped me escape the harsh nights -Benedict
  • I work behind the desk almost all day and get eye fatigue every time, regardless of my efforts to keep the screen neutral. After a long search, I found the ClearView glasses that didn’t only help me see my screen more clearly, but also have a great night sight. -Joe

Where Can I Purchase The ClearView?

Getting the ClearView glasses is a super easy task because the manufacturer doesn’t bother with middlemen. The manufacturer, Hyper Sls Ltd has its own official online portal to sell its ClearView glasses at cost. You can go to their official website, decide your quantity, and order them yourself from the manufacturer at wholesale price.

Now, let me give you another piece of good news that I noticed lately. The company that makes the ClearView glasses, has it on sale, at a whopping 50% discount! If you’re up for the ClearView glasses, this is the time you can get one! I wish I had this offer back when I bought it so that I would buy two, instead of one.

However, since it has a vast demand in general, the 50 present discount will raise the supply for sure. So, if you want it, don’t forget to check its current availability on the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions about ClearView

Are you looking for a specific question about the ClearView glasses, or need to know about a thing it does? Here I’m answering some common questions to help you make it easier to grasp:

Are ClearView glasses any good?

Yes, the ClearView glasses are by far the most impressive eyewear I’ve ever owned because of its smart features. It looks like a regular sunglass with a yellow tint to it, but does more than that.

How do ClearView glasses work?

The ClearView glasses work with two different technologies that are applied to the glasses. There's a yellow amber coating on the glass to enhance the picture along with a protective layer.

What are the best night vision driving glasses?

If you want the best regular night vision driving glasses without night vision optics, get the ClearView glasses without any doubt. These glasses have advanced tech to brighten the dark.

Do I need prescription glasses for night driving?

No, you don’t need prescription glasses for night driving because night driving glasses enhance the dark without putting power. ClearView glasses are the best example of such high-end glass.

How can I buy the ClearView Glasses?

ClearView glasses are available on sale at a good 50% sale from the official website of its manufacturer. Check the current availability to be sure the glasses are still available.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

ClearView glasses are a piece of the latest technology that a capable manufacturer, called Hyper SLS Ltd, has made. It’s an internationally recognized gadget and tech product manufacturer that has been innovating for years.

Based in Hong Kong, this company operates worldwide to supply tech products with their own ecommerce platform. So, you can get the ClearView glasses delivered directly from the manufacturer. And the good news is, they’re selling the glasses at 50% less than the regular price.

Support Team Contacts

Have you been dealing with problems regarding your current ClearView glasses or want to know about them in detail? Hyper Sls Ltd, has an international customer care that serves 24/7 to offer support to their customers. I got a lot of help from these guys, and since they also have a point in Europe, things got easier for me.

International Office:

  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 7/F, The Grande Building
  • 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, HongKong.

Europe Office:

  • Novads OU
  • Narva mnt 7, 5th Floor, room 556
  • Tallinn, Estonia, 10117

ClearView Review – Final Thought

Now that you have the full ClearView glasses review under the hood, I hope it helped you understand how these glasses do. You can soothe the harsh lighting in front of you while night driving with these glasses on, without any extra effort.

That’s pretty amazing, let alone their extra features that offer greater flexibility in use. Plus, these glasses are engineered to adapt to any light conditions to use them in any weather situation. Whether it's night driving or day time, the stylish and robust glasses will also help you stand out in the crowd.


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