Culprit Underwear Review 2024: The Champion Underwear?

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I'm always sensitive about my undergarments, most of them feel itchy, uncomfortable & super sweaty that disgusts me. Every time I come back from work or gym, they look really gross & I feel like never wearing them again!

That's when I came to know about Culprit Underwears through an Instagram ad, the name of which sounded really funny but the ad was pretty convincing. So, I ended up buying a few pairs of the Culprit Boxer Briefs.

I wore them for the first time at work, and instantly I knew I found the perfect & most comfortable pair of underwear for my body. I was so impressed with the product that I felt it was my duty to post its review on my blog. So, here goes my review on Culprit Underwears-

Culprit Underwears: A Brief Overview

The Culprit Underwear is something that can give you the utmost comfort without feeling itchy or gross. It's perfect for those hot summer days as it absorbs sweat like a champ. Culprit Underwears has different styles and designs to choose from, their briefs are my favorite!

The super-stylish underwear was fully breathable, it's made of 95% natural micro modal and it felt very soft against my skin. People who frequently suffer from Jock Itch should totally buy this product. Overall, Culprit Underwears are the best undergarments I have ever worn.

If you're wondering where to find this amazing pair of underwear, check out the Culprit Store to see available products.

Culprit Underwear Review: The Champion Underwear

Using the Culprit Boxer Briefs for over a month made me fall in love with Culprit Underwears. The quality is super nice, they are extremely comfortable & most importantly, the designs look really sexy on me. Except for a few negligible downsides, these undies were everything I was looking for. Here's my honest experience with Culprit Underwears-

What Is Culprit Underwears?

Culprit Underwear is a brand that specializes in making quality and stylish men's underwear. Culprit believes in creating trendy, breathable, and super comfortable underwear for its customers to provide them with an unmatched level of comfort.

What Is Culprit Underwears

Culprit has been around since 2012, they offer different styles & designs when it comes to boxer briefs or trunks. Their products are made of 95% micro modal fabric, which is derived from beech trees. Culprit Underwears are made from the best materials to ensure that you get a superior level of comfort and style when you wear them.

The best part of the Culprit Underwears is their versatility, Culprit underwears are perfect for sports, gym & even casual wear. Also, Culprit Underwears are available in different styles, and the designs are super sexy. Culprit Underwears can also be worn on a daily basis since they do not cause any itchiness or discomfort like other competitor brands in the market.

This underwear is also appropriate for Jock Itch, it maintains a dry crotch and doesn't let the fungus grow. Culprit Underwears can be worn for a long time and it remains as good as new, the fabric doesn't shrink or lose its shape even after many washes like other underwear brands in the market.

What Is Culprit Underwears Made Of?

Each Culprit Underwear boxer brief is produced from 95 percent natural, micro modal fabric derived sustainably from beech trees. The micro modal has a rayon base with cellulose drawn from environmentally friendly beech trees at first. The cellulose then gets processed into viscose which is then spun into modal.

What Is Culprit Underwears Made Of

You might be wondering why they're not using cotton for their products. Well, Micro modal fabric provides greater softness, more water-absorbent properties, longer durability, better fitting, and superior longevity than any other fiber on the market.

Who's This For?

Culprit Underwears can be worn by men & women of all ages. Culprit Underwear is the perfect choice for those who want to look stylish and trendy without compromising their comfort level. Culprit offers a wide range of styles, designs & colors that will make you fall in love with this brand instantly!

Here's where you can wear this underwear-

At Work

Culprit Underwears is perfect for the workplace. It's breathable and it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or sweaty even on a hot day! Culprit underwears are also ideal to wear on your office days because they're designed in such an adorable way that they can pass as formal undergarments-perfect for every occasion without any hassles!

At The Gym

If you want something that will provide complete comfort while working out, Culprit Boxer Briefs is definitely what you need. Culprit provides excellent support & enhances the flexibility of muscles so your body won't fatigue easily after hours at the gym.

At The Gym

You might think this underwear cannot deliver anything extraordinary but trust me; these undies do more than you can think of when it comes to working out. Culprit Underwears also enhances blood circulation in the body, they keep your muscles relaxed and prevent them from cramping-this is what makes Culprit Undies one of the best underwear brands for athletes & gym lovers!

Casual Wear

If you're planning on wearing something comfortable yet stylish then Culprit Underwear will be an ideal choice for you. Culprit offers a wide range of casual underwear that are perfect to wear every day with anything.

Casual Wear

Whether it's shorts or jeans, Culprit underwear will match your looks without a doubt! Culprit provides comfort along with style so if fashion is your priority then Culprit is your go-to brand.

Why Is It Better Than Other Brands?

I personally think Culprit Underwear is way better than other brands, that's because it suited me really well. But other than that, Culprit has better features than other brands, and that's what made it superior.

Here are some key points that I think Culprit offers more than any other underwear brand-

Better Material

As I mentioned earlier, Culprit underwear is made of 95% micro modal fabric which is better than other brands because Culprit Underwear has more stretch, breathability & softness. Also, it provides better moisture-wicking which keeps the area dry and prevents sweat from accumulating in that region.

Superior Style

Culprit underwear is designed with flexibility in mind so you can be sure to have nothing but comfort while wearing Culprit Underwears! Culprit offers a wide range of styles for both men & women which makes this brand superior over its competitors when it comes to style. Culprit designs are unique; they're stylish yet comfortable enough to make anyone fall in love instantly!

Superior Style

Culprit's seamless design is also one of the main reasons why I prefer Culprit over my old underwear-it feels like you're not wearing anything at all which means more freedom; less hassle during your daily activities! Furthermore, Culprit offers a lot of colors so you can always find what suits your personality or style best.

Better Fit And Comfort Level

If you want something that will provide maximum fit like second skin then Culprit Underwear is perfect for you. Culprit Underwears are designed with the most modern technology which provides a superior fit and comfort level than any other brand on the market! Culprit Undies has better elasticity, plush waistband & seamless design that makes this brand unique from others at its price range.

Comfortable & Soft Waistband

Culprit provides incredible comfort to its customers because they make their waistbands extremely soft, plushy, and ultra-comfortable! Culprit Underwear has an elastic band that makes this brand superior to other brands in the market when it comes to fitment.

Comfortable & Soft Waistband

Pros & Cons Of Culprit Underwear

My one month experience of Culprit undies was mostly positive, still, there are some negative aspects that I found out during this time. Here are some pros & cons that I figured out about this underwear-

  • Flexible & durable fabric
  • Feels soft against my skin
  • Stylish design
  • Good fitting & comfort level
  • Perfect for casual wear & sports activities
  • Breathable & wicks away sweat
  • Prevents itching
  • Seamless design sometimes causes chafing in the inner thighs especially when running. Culprit should work on this problem!
  • The pouch is a little too large for me

Customer Reviews On Culprit Underwear

Just like me, many people tried out this underwear and loved it. Culprit Underwear is getting a lot of positive reviews on its website & people are saying good things on other platforms too! Here are some Culprit Underwear reviews-

Customer Reviews On Culprit Underwear

Customer Reviews On Culprit Underwear 2

What Sizes Are Culprit Underwears Available In?

Culprit underwears are available in different styles for both men & women. For men, they sell Boxer Briefs in many designs & colors. On the other hand, Culprit has LadyBoxers, Booty Shorts, Thongs & Bralettes available in different designs & colors for women.

Culprit Underwear has an inclusive size chart for almost every person size, you can find your appropriate size & purchase it right away! Have a look at the size chart of Culprit Undergarments Here.

What Sizes Are Culprit Underwears Available In?

Where Can I Buy Culprit Underwear?

Culprit Underwear is available on Culprit's website, so you can buy Culprit Undies directly from the source. Culprit also has retail stores across many cities so you can check out their store locator to find one near your location!

Culprit's products are also available on some other websites like Amazon. Culprit Underwear is not as popular as LYF/Jockey so it may be a little bit difficult to find Culprit in local stores but you can always buy Culprit Undies online where you can find cheaper deals than retails stores!

Here are some of exciting deals on Culprit Underwears-

Where Can I Buy Culprit Underwear

Where Can I Buy Culprit Underwear

Where Can I Buy Culprit Underwear

Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving so many positive reviews online, Culprit is slowly getting popular & people are getting curious about them. Many people asked a lot of questions about this magic underwear on different platforms, so I'm answering some of them to clear up the confusion-

How many different sizes do Culprit offer?

Culprit offers 8 different sizes for all of their products ranging from XS to 4XL. They support all body types & shapes, so you can shop from them without any hesitation.

What is Culprit Underwear's warranty policy?

Culprit offers a 100 days return & exchange policy, you can contact their customer service or read the Warranty section on the Culprit website to find more details.

Are Culprit Undies available in local stores?

Culprit undies are available at a few local stores in some regions, you can check Culprit's store locator to find the nearest Culprit retail stores.

How long does shipping take?

Culprit Underwear ships orders in less than a week, depending on your location & Culprit's warehouse availability.

Is Culprit underwear made in the USA?

Yes, Culprit Underwears are made in their California factory following all the USA labor laws. Each product goes through a strict quality control process, and it's Culprit's priority to deliver a high-quality product.

What are Culprit underwear's washing instructions?

Culprit Underwear recommends you to hand wash Culprit underwear with cold water & mild detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

The Culprit Underwears are manufactured by Culprit Underwear Store, which is based in California, USA. Culprit Underwear Store also runs Culprit retail stores across many cities in the USA. You can contact them through their website.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product

Support Team Contacts

Culprit has a dedicated support team for their online store, you can easily reach them through their website or support email. They have a 100 days money-back guarantee, so I guess you'll get excellent customer service from them (Didn't try that myself though).

Culprit Underwear: Final Verdict

This particular underwear brand has saved me from all the bad days. Culprit Underwear is a great brand, probably one of the best underwear brands you can buy right now! I really liked the material & the modal fabric is a huge plus.

I'm also really happy that Culprit Underwear has come up with a size chart for every single person to find their ideal Culprit Undies! Say goodbye to sweaty & itchy underwear because Culprit's got your back now. Check out the Culprit Store & pick your favorite one today!

That's the end of our Culprit review, I hope you really liked reading this post. Send me an email if you want to see the review on a particular product. Happy shopping!


Our Culprit Underwear Review

Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 9
Stylish 10
  • Flexible & durable fabric
  • Stylish design
  • Good fitting & comfort level
  • Perfect for casual wear & sports activities
  • Prevents itching
  • The pouch is a little too large for me

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