Duo Cover Review: The Kitchen Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Like most people, I can rarely escape reheating leftovers. After all, what else to do when your kids are too full to finish that delightful lasagna last night? Microwaves sure help in such dilemmas, but those dried-out, chewy foods that come out never quite appeal to me.

Thankfully, though, things changed ever since Duo Cover entered my life. It’s a game-changing microwave cover that delivers healthier, better-tasting food with its unique MoistureLock technology, besides its regular job of preventing spills and splatters.

Not only that, it doubles up as your oven mitt, saves your counter space, and more. Let’s explore it all through my Duo Cover review, where I share its unique features, benefits, exclusive offers, and more.

What Is Duo Cover? – A Brief Overview

The Duo Cover is a microwave food cover that goes beyond its primary job of keeping your microwave from spills, splatters, and messes. It’s like a 5-in-1 kitchen tool meant to steam your food, ensure even heating, keep it warm for longer, and protect your fingers from burns.

What really sets the Duo Cover apart from all is its unique MoistureLock technology. You just pour a spoon of water on its top receptacle, and it locks the moisture in your food after steaming it perfectly. This keeps your food from getting dry, stale, or tough, enhancing the taste.

What Is Duo Cover - A Brief Overview

From the looks, you may liken it to an upside-down beehive when placed over the food, mainly because of the parted tapering on the sideways. But there’s no way to dismiss it as simply an unusual design. After all, this beehive shape is what makes the design smart and ergonomic.

What Is Duo Cover - A Brief Overview 01

Not only does it allow more coverage for any dish size to fit inside, but it also collapses into a flat disc to save space when not in use. Besides, its silicone build is entirely free of plastic and BPA to keep the harm away from your food.

What Does the Duo Cover Do? How Does It Work?

Like I’ve said, the Duo Cover is more than an ordinary microwave cover. It’s pretty much like your full-fledged cooking assistant that takes your microwaving to another level. Let’s go over how each of its five functionalities works.

Covers Your Food, Prevents Splatters

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? You’re using a microwave cover for food to keep the mess at bay. And that’s exactly what the Duo Cover does. As simple as it is, you cover your food with it during microwaving, and it keeps the food splatters in check, significantly reducing the cleanup job afterward.

Moreover, since the silicone-made cover allows bigger coverage through its unique tapered design, it keeps your large, hot dishes well covered. But on top of that, it comes with a hermetic seal.

Covers Your Food, Prevents Splatters

It simply acts like an airtight seal lid that locks onto your plate, making sure not a single drop of sauce escapes even during food explosions.

Besides, the hermetic seal eliminates those mess-ups of unwieldy plastic wraps or aluminum foils that never quite fit right.

Uses MoistureLock to Steam Your Food and Cook it Evenly

Moving on to its main feature and possibly what you came to read about – the Duo Cover’s MoistureLock technology. For me, it's a unique twist to steaming my food, something I didn’t know I was craving for so many years.

Unlike your typical microwave cover, the Duo Cover has no slot, small vents, or passages for evaporation. And that’s what the MoistureLock technology is all about. It locks and redistributes the steam within the entire food, evenly heating it and keeping the texture intact.

Uses MoistureLock to Steam Your Food and Cook it Evenly

But more interestingly, it has a steam knob, a tiny water receptacle at the top to make the steaming more effective. You just pour a spoonful of water, twist the knob to secure it, and let the microwave do the magic steaming.

With the MoistureLock technology, the steam from the water circulates within the cover to ensure your food stays much more moist and tastes great.  And again, thanks to its unique beehive design, the hot steam gets evenly distributed within the cover, preventing any drying.

Helps Keep Your Food Warmer for Much Longer

Did it ever happen to you when you’ve just microwaved your food and put it on the table, only to get cold because no one came down to join the dinner?

Well, it happened to me all the time before I started using the Duo Cover. After all, one of the five of its major features is that it keeps your food warm for much longer. Just keep your food covered with it after taking it out of the microwave, and it’ll do a fantastic job as an insulator.

Helps Keep Your Food Warmer for Much Longer

The high-grade silicone lid naturally restricts the heat’s escape, and in my experience, it’s as good as keeping the food warm for up to 30 minutes after microwaving. So, even if you’re family or guests are late to join, you can be sure of serving them perfectly hot dishes.

Acts as Oven Mitts to Protect Your Hands from Burns

Getting your fingers singed while removing hot dishes out of the microwave is no fun, is it? But that’s what I often ended up with in a rush, especially during those hectic minutes before my children left for school in a hurry.

But since the Duo Cover also doubles as an oven mitt, those scenarios have long been changed. After all, I don’t need to remember mitts anymore, nor do I need to fumble with cloth mitts. And it’s all thanks to the heat-resistant silicone in its build that exceptionally keeps my fingers safe.

Acts as Oven Mitts to Protect Your Hands from Burns

So, how do you use it as a mitt? You just lift it right out of the microwave by grabbing its slightly protruding, easy-grip handles. They just help enough to support your finger as you grab the ends and feel cool, smooth, and nimble in your hands.

This is because the handles cool down almost immediately after it's out of the microwave. Remember those steaming foxholes fogging up the microwave window as the dish cooks? Duo cover uses those vapors to cool its own handles in a genuine manifestation that nothing goes wasted.

Saves Space with the Collapsible Design and Magnetic Top

Just when you think the Duo Cover couldn’t be any more versatile, it springs another surprise. When not in use, its classic beehive structure can be collapsed into a flat disc or plate, saving a significant amount of space in your perpetually cluttered kitchens.

Saves Space with the Collapsible Design and Magnetic Top

And the collapsing is as simple as it gets. You just push down gently on the top until the tapered sideways sneak into the layers one by one. And once it turns into that flat plate, you can place it anywhere conveniently. Then, when you’re ready to use it again, just push the center; it’ll pop out.

Saves Space with the Collapsible Design and Magnetic Top 01

What’s more? It even has a microwave-safe magnet on its top, which allows you to store it right inside the microwave itself by simply attaching it to the roof. So you don't even have to waste your kitchen space or spend time searching for the cover while cooking. Now, isn’t that incredible?

How Does Duo Cover Deliver Better-Tasting Food and Leftovers?

Now, some may wonder what a microwave cover would have anything to do with the taste of your food. Well, it’s all about science in its simplest form. Remember the MoistureLock technology and the hermetic seal we talked about?

How Does Duo Cover Deliver Better-Tasting Food and Leftovers

They don’t just lock in the heat and moisture but all the delightful flavors, too. When you microwave food without a cover, the heat is direct and intense. And that’s often responsible for drying up your recipe, disturbing the even-heating process, or reducing the inherent aroma of your recipe.

How Does Duo Cover Deliver Better-Tasting Food and Leftovers 01

But when you use the Duo Cover, its airtight seal and MoistureLock technology work together to secure all the heat and moisture, distributing them evenly all around. And the steam from the poured water keeps the food leftovers moist to enhance the taste and texture even further.

Now, you may be wondering – won’t my regular microwave cover for food do the same even-heating thing?

Well, it may or may not, but the microwave’s effect on its plastic build can significantly alter the food's flavor, even risking your health. But the Duo Cover efficiently solves this issue with its food-grade, BPA-free silicone, which has no chemical aftereffects.

More Notable Features and Benefits of the Duo Cover

Besides its 5-in-1 roles, which already get a big thumbs up in my book, the Duo Cover has a few more subtle qualities that make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s have a closer look.

Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

Besides keeping your food from harmful plastic toxins, the Duo Cover’s high-end, food grade silicone offers long-term durability. Believe it or not, silicone is nearly indestructible when it comes to everyday wear and tear.

Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

And it doesn’t scrape or chip like a plastic cover would, something I always dreaded with my plastic-made microwave cover for food. It also doesn't warp under high heat like many of the cheaper alternatives.

Compatible with Most Dishwasher Brands

While it perfectly does the job of keeping your microwave clean from the grime, it’s equally thorough with its own cleaning. Quite simply put, it’s dishwasher safe. Just place it on the top dish rack in your dishwasher, and it’ll come out spotless and unscathed, just like that.

Compatible with Most Dishwasher Brands

And you don’t have to worry that it will wear out or get stained from the dish soap or dishwasher because it’s tough enough and scratch-resistant. Just be sure to wipe it down with your dish towel when wet, and it’ll keep serving just fine.

BPA-Free, FDA-Approved Food-Safe Silicone

Did you know plastic emits toxic chemicals like BPA when heated in a microwave? That's a big worry because these chemicals pose severe health risks with regular consumption. But you can rest easy when you start using the Duo Cover.

Constructed with food-safe, BPA-free, and FDA-approved silicone, it ensures that no plastic toxins or harmful chemicals ever get to foul your food. More so, it doesn’t leave any unwelcome odor on your food like plastic does. This is another sound reason I value it so highly.

Flexible and Adaptive Design

The Duo Cover’s unique design features don't just stop at being collapsible. It manages to fit most standard-sized microwave ovens and dishes. I tried it on my oversized glass bowl, and it still fits like a glove.

Flexible and Adaptive Design

And this is all possible due to the pliability of its silicone build. It extends comfortably to fit your large-size food containers, making it adaptively reusable for various needs. Whether a small spaghetti bowl or a large dinner plate, the material conforms easily to most shapes or sizes.

Enhances Microwave Efficiency

No matter how surprising it may sound, the Duo Cover improves your microwave's efficiency, too. But how so?

Well, the key lies in maintaining a unified heat distribution throughout the warming process. Since the Duo Cover retains more heat and uses steam to disperse it evenly, it reduces the chances of food getting over-cooked or under-cooked.

Ultimately, you'll use less energy, lowering your electricity bill and environmental footprint.


Ever wondered how many paper towels go into cooking your favorite microwave meals? While they come in handy for various purposes, they’re also quite wasteful.


And guess what? The Duo Cover can cut down on that wastefulness by reducing the need for disposable paper towels or aluminum foils. After all, not only does it keep away the splatters, but it also works as a sustainable alternative that lasts.

One Potential Drawback

Well, despite all its awesomeness, the Duo Cover has one small disadvantage – size. After all, it’s neither a one-size-fits-all microwave food cover nor does it come with a range of sizes.

And that means it won’t do you much good if your microwave is too small to fit its large size. My husband discovered this when he struggled to fit the Duo Cover in his smaller office microwave.

While it stretches well to cover smaller or larger dishes, its minimum state might still be a bit too broad for tiny microwave models. So, be sure to measure your microwave's inside dimensions and compare it with the Duo Cover’s, which is 11 inches in diameter.

How to Use the Duo Cover?

Covering your food with the Duo Cover couldn’t be any simpler. Just place it on your dish like any other food cover, and put it into the microwave. And when using the MoistureLock feature, just do as follows.

Using the Steam Knob

The central steam knob at the top works as a tiny receptacle where you can pour a small amount of water. So, when you want to bring that original flavor back to your dry leftovers, all you have to do is add a spoonful of plain water before putting the dish into the microwave.

Using It As Your Oven Mitt

As mentioned earlier, the Duo Cover has two tiny handles on its sides to keep your fingers steady when taking the dish out of the microwave. And they also have tiny bumps on them, so you don’t slip it in a hurry.

Here’s the simple way to use it as a mitt- Once your food is ready, take hold of the Duo Cover by the two handles. Then, press inward to grab the dish inside with the silicone wall and bring it out.

Safety Tip

If the water did not steam entirely before taking out the dish, you must drain it first to avoid any hot spill-out that could scald your hands. Just remove the cover gently without holding the dish, dispose of the water, place it back on the dish, and take it out.

Duo Cover Review: What Are the Customers Saying About It?

Before I ordered my first Duo Cover, I did my extensive research, read many customer reviews, and compared various opinions, just as you are now. And guess what? There were largely positive responses.

So here, I share a glimpse of what many other customers had to say.

“Never in my life did I think a simple microwave cover for food would make all the difference that it does. Believe me, I never thought those three-day-old pizza leftovers could be revived to taste like fresh-baked once more until I started using Duo Cover. It's like magic.”  – Sarah Williams, Brooklyn.

“My wife and I have been microwaving our meals for years, and through all different sorts of splatter guards and whatnot, never did we ever find such a fantastic product like this. It keeps the splatters off the oven and just as advertised, comes out admirably clean from the dishwasher every time over.”  – Brad Jones, Portland. 

“Being a health-conscious person, microwaving with plastics was always worrying me a lot. I was looking for an alternative, and that’s when I found the Duo Cover. It doesn’t have any plastic odor, nor does it zap out the taste of my food. Life is so much easier now that I have this in my microwave kitchen's toolbox.” – Lisa Smith, Atlanta.

“Whoa! Now, I can cook a variety of dishes without worrying about wasteful paper towels or aluminum foils. Besides, this one-time investment has saved me money on replacing covers. Indeed, a win-win.”  – James Conner, Chicago.

“Who knew reheating steak could be mess-free and it could taste just as well? The Duo Cover has changed my idea of leftover meals altogether. Now, my microwave's top remains sleek, and my meals taste just wonderful. Big credit to the steam knob – it brings back the juicy and tender texture to perfection.”  – Jennifer Erasmus, New Orleans.

“Honestly, the best money I have ever spent on kitchenware. Not only does the Duo Cover save energy, but it has made my meals moisture and more flavorful. It has even cut down waste from paper towels and aluminum foil. Additionally, it makes a great oven mitt, which is a huge plus.” – Brenda Stone, Denver.

Duo Cover: Cost and Refund Policy

Whether you just want to give it a try or you’re looking for a huge microwave cooking overhaul, the Duo Cover has the perfect package for you at affordable prices. Have a look.

  • Only a single unit of Duo Cover costs $29.99.
  • But if you buy two, you’ll get the third one for free. That’s three Duo Covers at just $69.98, saving you $34.99.
  • And if you want to go big and buy three, you’ll get two for free at $104.97, saving you a whopping $69.98.

What’s more? Each package is delivered across the country without any cost of shipping. Besides, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company says you can return it for a full refund if there’s shipping damage or manufacturing defects. You can learn more from here.

Where Can I Buy My Duo Cover from?

As of now, the Duo Cover is only available on its official website. This is because the product is still new and has yet to expand its market presence. However, there’s nothing to worry about being unable to buy from your favorite retailer.

After all, buying the Duo Cover from its own site gives you the 30-day guarantee and the free shipping you might not get elsewhere. Besides, knowing you’re not wasting money on some sub-standard variant gives you peace of mind.

Who Are the Providers of the Duo Cover?

The Duo Cover is a product of Two Pillars, an American Company based in San Francisco. Renowned for its cutting-edge kitchenware designs and innovative solutions, Two Pillars has been a major player in the industry for some years.

Alia Lau, the inventor of the Duo Cover, has years of experience in the industry as an electromechanical engineer. She says she began developing safe, efficient, and clean microwave options in response to her own concerns regarding plastic containers in the microwave.

After several prototypes, she finally came up with the Duo Cover that meets every requirement she set out to satisfy: health concerns, functionality, and easy cleaning.

Does the Duo Cover Have a Support Team?

Sure it does. Two Pillars, the parent company of Duo Cover, has a friendly support team dedicated to assisting with any queries you may have about the product.

From queries regarding product use to refund issues, they're just an e-mail away. You can reach out to them on weekdays during working hours. From my experience, they have been both efficient and helpful.

So, if you have any concerns, all you have to do is email at [email protected]. Or, you can reach them directly at 475 7th Ave San Francisco, California, US 94118.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got further queries regarding the Duo Cover? Here, I’ve answered a few common questions people ask that might help. 

Does the Duo Cover work with all microwave models?

It should work with most models, if not all. At least, it did work with mine. However, since its diameter is about 11 inches, it won’t fit well if your microwave’s width is smaller than that. But design and functionality-wise, it just works perfectly with any model. 

Is the magnet attachment in the Duo Cover safe?

Yes, it's absolutely safe. While they are indeed magnets, they are heat-resistant, microwave-friendly magnets, which means they can withstand high temperatures without degrading. Rest assured that the magnet won’t interfere with your microwave or food.

Can I use the Duo Cover for cooking other than with a microwave?

Sadly, you can’t. As splendid as its functionality and design are, it's best suited only for microwaves, not stoves. But you can use it to keep your food warm for a while after cooking or heating it, regardless of the method you use.

How long does the product shipment take?

I received mine within just a day and a half. But you can expect to get yours anywhere between two to five days, based on your location in the country. And if you’re outside the USA, it may take a bit longer, like 7-21 days. That’s what I learned from the company website.

Conclusion: Is the Duo Cover Worth the Money?

Well, if you ask me, absolutely! I’ve been using the Duo Cover for about four months now, and it has genuinely transformed my microwave usage. No more second guesses about potential health hazards or efforts to clean hard-to-wash microwavable bowls. This one cover takes care of all that.

So, I can safely say I've gotten value for my money from my personal use. And when you consider the discounts applied when you buy in bulk/ multiple pieces, that perceived value shoots up even higher. It’s like getting an absolute steal.

Also, don’t forget the 30-day money-back guarantee offer on the table. If you’re not satisfied with the Duo Cover, which I heavily doubt, it’s risk-free to return. So, what’s stopping you from getting one right away?


Duo Cover Review

Buy Now
Features Rate 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 10
Safety 10
  • Super simple, but functional idea
  • Keeps your microwave clean
  • Cool magnetic storage capability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Trusted company
  • It will take a while to ship

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