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Do you always forget to visit your eye-doctor? Or, are you lazy enough to not waste your time on your eyes? Whatever the case, your eyes need your attention more than this.

You should visit your optometrist once in a while if you have a bad vision. But if that’s inconvenient for you to do, there is a solution. Modern technology has a handy and amazing gift for you.

With EyeQue, a Personal Vision Tracker, now you can monitor your eye-health at home. And it gives an accurate instruction to order the glass you need online.

Continue reading this Eyeque review to know more about Eyeque.

Quick Summary

It is quite difficult to make time for visiting an ophthalmologist during our busy days. Also, it is an expensive choice for many of us.

With EyeQue, you can now check your vision and eye-health anytime, anywhere. This product will even give you proper Eyeglass Numbers to buy your desired glass with the power matched perfectly.

If you like to do things on your own like me, then get your personal vision tracking kit, EyeQue today. And keep your eye health in check.

What is EyeQue?

EyeQue is a MIT-patented Class-1 Medical Device that is also FDA Registered. It is actually a Personal Vision Tracker with which you will be able to check on your eyes more often.

It is equipped with a technology that empowers you to correct your lens power, near or far-sightedness problems. You can check your eye using this kit several times to get an accurate result. That is not possible with an eye doctor.What is EyeQue

After the test, it will provide you with the absolute eyeglass numbers. And there is a “Try On” test eyeglass with the kit, with that verifying your results can be done.

Features and Benefits

There are so many reasons for you to use this gadget. EyeQue offers some remarkable features and benefits for general people like us. I am mentioning the useful aspects of Eyeque below.

Money Saving and User Friendly

If you have this kit at your home, then it will surely save your valuable money every time you use it. While visiting an optometrist costs nearly $100 sometimes, with Eyeque it can be done as many times as you want to at approximately $50.

Money Saving and User Friendly

Efficient and Accurate

It will give you accurate results after every test. And you can check the results by testing your eyesight three or more times. You may be already aware that you can check your vision only one time at one visit to your eye doctor.

So, it is wastage of both your time and energy. It is also advised by the opthalmologists to check the vision at least three times before setting the power to your glass.

Convenient to Use

Everyone can use this vision tracker. And it is truly handy. After you see the tutorial, you will be able to check your eye on your own accurately. They also offer a Try On eye glass to confirm your results. So, there’s no way that you will fail to do this alone.

Accessible for Anyone

This gadget involves a mobile app that keeps all the records of your tests. Anytime you can check or compare these results with your previous prescription or whatever.

You can even send the specifications to your Eye Doctor and then he will give you a prescription according to the results if needed.

Saves Your Precious Time

Getting an appointment and then waiting for hours in front of an optometrist’s chamber is really time consuming. It is also sometimes difficult for us to make time during our busy days.

Now, you can do all these at home anytime you are free. You can also check your family member’s eyesight while saving money and time both.

Prescription is not needed

You don’t need a prescription anymore to buy an eyeglass. Because EyeQue will provide you the EyeGlass numbers that you need to order a glass online with perfect accuracy.

Take care of your vision more often with the Personal Vision Tracker. Get yours right now and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about EyeQue.

Pros and Cons

As everything has pros and cons, Eyeque also has its own. I am stating what I like and what I don’t like about this kit here.

  • 100% accurate and effective result.
  • Saves all the information in the app.
  • Ordering EyeGlasses online is simple.
  • The process only takes 8-10 minutes.
  • There is no need to have a prescription.
  • The Eyecup is comfortable and convenient.
  • Tracking your vision now is possible.
  • Fits to any Android or Apple mobile.
  • You still need to visit your Doctor if you have any physical problem with your eyes.
  • It is mandatory to have an annual subscription.

How Does Eyeque Work?

As you already know that this is a self administered test, Eyeque will not provide you with a prescription. The app will provide an EyeGlass number with which you can buy your glass.

Do not even think that EyeQue will replace the necessity of your ophthalmologist. That’s because if you face other problems like glaucoma or cataract, you should definitely go to your doctor.

Now, let me explain how the mechanism behind this vision checker works in simple terms. This technology is MIT-patented and owned by EyeQue solely.

How does Eyeque Work

When you attach the eyecup to one of your eyes, the first thing you will see are the red and green lights that have a distance of 2.5 mm between them. Then the lights should be moved in a way that they overlap with each other to form a yellow light.

Completing the 9 steps flawlessly is a must for an accurate result. But it is not anything to worry about; you can practice as much as you want, before having the final result.

The nine steps are important because it involves spherical, cylindrical and axial calculations of refractive error of your vision. After you are done with one eye test, you should repeat the same procedure with your other eye.

And this device measures how you see the lights, the picture on your smartphone that is attached to Eyeque and the movements of your retina. That’s how they calculate a number for your eyeglass.

How does Eyeque Work 2

But before ordering your desired eyeglass, you have to do one more check. This is for the exact measurement of the distance within your pupils. The test is called PD Check, PD stands for Pupillary Distance.

This is done by wearing the white glass they provide in the package. Just follow the instructions given and it will be done.

How Do You Use It?

You have to follow the steps guided by the Smartphone app of EyeQue. I am describing the steps below for your easy understanding.

How do you use it

Step 1: After opening the package, take the Eyeque device from it and open the EyeQue App on your mobile. Press “Start Now” on the app and the power button on your Eyeque.

Step 2: Then select the “Scan” option on the app and your device will be connected.

Step 3: Attach the Eyeque to your smartphone securely with the rubber band provided. Keep the volume high on the mobile.

Step 4: Place the whole device to a reading distance and bring it to touch your right eye steadily. Keep your left eye fixed to something in front of you. Then you will see the green and red lights.

Step 5: Now it is your turn to overlap the lights to get a yellow one. After it’s already yellow, there will be more green and red lights in different angles.

Step 6: Complete all the nine steps for the right eye, and then move to the left one. You should practice operating this before doing the Official Test.

Step 7: Perform the official test three times in a row. Then the app will give you the EyeGlass Numbers and you can have your glass then online.

Once you master the entire process, it won’t take more than 10 minutes to complete the tests for both of your eyes. It seems hard at the first try but if you keep on trying it really gets easy and simple.

Why Do You Need Eyeque?

If you have to wear eyeglasses everyday as a daily routine, then I think you already know why Eyeque is a necessity for you. For people like us it is mandatory to check our vision once in a while.

But visiting an eye doctor is both time-consuming and costly. Moreover, with one visit you can check your vision only one time. But if you have your own device at home, you can do the test as many times as you want.

And it is such a device that everyone can use and operate. So, with one device you can check everyone’s eyesight in your family. It is economical in every way possible.


With the device you will also get some other essential parts. They are a USB charger, a Try On white eyeglass, a cleaning cloth, a rubber strap and a guidebook.

The eyecup is comfortable to wear as it is made of rubber. There is a USB port for charging on the device, a power button and a lens & sicky side that will attach to the screen of the smartphone.

Is It A Scam?

I was also confused at first. It sounded unreal as everyone described it as the perfect device. So I did my research and it convinced me that I should give it a try.

I am attaching some of the reviews that I have found useful.

Is it a scam

Is it a scam 2

Purchasing The Eyeque

I got mine from a trusted website and the customer service they offer is very reliable. It is available at many online sites but make sure you order from an authentic one.

The price and offer available at this moment are-

  • One Eyeque costs $49.99
  • Two Eyeque cost $37.49 each
  • Three Eyeque cost $33.33 each

Frequently Asked Questions

I am answering the questions you might ask in this EyeQue review. Read on to clear the confusions you have at the moment.

Is Eyeque approved by the FDA?

Eyeque is registered by the FDA. As it is a class 1 medical device, it does not require to be approved.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is totally safe to use and it does not have any side effects.

Is it easy and comfortable to use?

It gets easy after practicing one or two times. And it is certainly comfortable to use.

What if I am not satisfied with it?

In that case you can return the package within 30 days as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I attach the device to a tablet or laptop?

No, the device is not that big and it fits smartphones only.


EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is a device that works faultlessly. With the help of this gadget, your life will become more relaxed. You will also save some of your valuable money.

It doesn’t rule out the necessity of visiting an Ophthalmologist once in a while though. But it will help you check your eye vision more often and adjust the power of your glass accurately without going to an optometrist.

Hope this Eyeque review can make a better change in your life!


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