FIXD Review (Update 2024): Best Car Diagnostic Scanner?

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Car scanning tools have always been a mystery to me, especially since I am not a car expert. Still, I wanted to try a car diagnostic tool for early detection of my car problems, and solve that before it's too serious.

For test purposes, I borrowed a few different car scanning tools from my friends, and I found out most of the car diagnostic tools are not user-friendly. They are not intuitive, and you can't even find the right buttons to press during different scenarios of car problems.

The most frustrating part was when my friend's expensive tool didn't work even on my car, which made me confused if the car scanners tools really work. But that was until I tried the FIXD OBDII Bluetooth Car Scanner & Code Reader Tool, which really exceeded my expectations. So here I am, reviewing the FIXD car diagnostic tool for you.

FIXD OBDII Bluetooth Car Scanner & Code Reader Tool: A Quick Overview

The FIXD OBDII Bluetooth Car Scanner & Code Reader Tool is a user-friendly car scanner tool that works on both Android and iOS devices. FIXD scan tools are already preloaded with all the error code, which means you don't need to be an expert in order to use it! I tried using this device on different cars (including my friend's), and they all worked like a charm.

It's really easy to use – you don't need to know how a car works in order to use the FIXD scanner. If you are looking for a quick and easy way of checking what's wrong with your car, then I'd highly recommend the FIXD OBDII Bluetooth Car Scanner & Code Reader Tool as it is definitely worth your money. Check out their official website to give this tool a try!

FIXD Review: My Honest Opinion

After trying out some “famous” car scanner tools, I finally settled on FIXD & using it for almost 6 months now. During these 6 months, I noticed many different car problems with my cars that I never knew before, and FIXD helped me solve all of them. On the other hand, I noticed some drawbacks of using this car diagnostic tool (even though I'm not a car expert) which kind of bothered me.

Here goes my 6 months of experience with this car tool including a few extra details I learned about this tool which will give you a better idea of this tool-

What Is FIXD For Cars?

FIXD is an advanced system including both software & hardware components that provide information or any type of vehicle history when connected. This information includes the existing engine issues in your car & the reason behind it.

What Is FIXD For Cars

This car diagnostic system collects the information of the car through its hardware component & presents it through the software component. The software component is actually an app that is available for both Android & iOS & the hardware component is a device that connects to the hybrid vehicles through the OBD-II port.

The FIXD car diagnostic tool can detect an array of major issue & moderate issue and help to solve them. It can detect & read various vehicle engine lights such as Check engine lights, maintenance lights, TPMS lights, or ABS lights. This tool is capable of clearing these lights too!

The FIXD car diagnostic tool is also capable of displaying the car function features, such as the temperature of the engine oil, O2 sensor, etc. This tool gives you accurate information on when your car needs servicing.

How Does FIXD Work?

The mechanism of FIXD is pretty simple, the hardware unit connects to the OBDII port of the car & collects the information with multiple built-in sensors. Then, the hardware unit sends the information to your smartphone through Bluetooth which you can easily access by opening the app.

The hardware unit gets its power from the car, so you won't need to charge the device anymore. The sensors are automatically functioned by the hardware unit, you won't need to turn it on or off to access the data.

Who's This For?

Since it's a car scanning tool, this tool is appropriate for any person who owns a car. Even if you don't fix your cars yourself, you should still have this tool to know when your car needs service. Below, we are listing out the people who should have this car scanning tool—

Auto Mechanics

A car diagnostic tool is a must have thing for every auto mechanic, it makes the troubleshooting way easier & faster. The process is pretty instant, so the car mechanics can solve the problem without doing any extra work.

Car Owners

FIXD is a necessary tool for every car owner as well. Even though you're not a car expert, you can easily detect the problems with your app. You can check the app every day and find out if the car has any problems.

People Who Have Car Business

FIXD is also appropriate for the people who use vehicles for work or business because FIXD acts as a multi-vehicle control, and helps you to manage your vehicles & send routine maintenance reminders automatically. It can send information on the location of your vehicle, whether the car is running or not, even the battery level through reminder email.

How To Use FIXD OBII Bluetooth Car Scanner

The FIXD OBII Bluetooth Car Scanner is pretty easy to use, all you need to do is to plug in the hardware device to OBII port & use the app! Here's a step by step tutorial on how you can use the FIXD car diagnostic tool-

STEP 1: Connecting FIXD Hardware Unit

FIXD comes with the main hardware unit with built-in sensors that will collect all the information required. There are no buttons on this device, so you won't need to press any button or turn it on or off to access the data. Find the OBDII port in your car & connect the hardware unit to it.

STEP 2: FIXD App Installation Process

This process is a little bit different depending on your operating system (Android or iOS). If you're using an Android phone, then follow these steps-

  • Open Google Play Store & search for the FIXD app
  • The app should work now! As simple as that!

If you're using an iPhone, make sure you have Bluetooth turned ON before installing the iOS app to avoid any compatibility or connectivity issues.

STEP 3: FIXD Connecting Process

To make the FIXD hardware unit's data visible to your phone, you need to do a short connecting process. Here's what you need to do-

  1. Open the app on your smartphone & select “FIXD” from the list of items on the home screen.
  2. Select “New Vehicle” if it asks for a pairing code or just skip this step if FIXD automatically pairs with your device automatically.
  3. When your device or vehicle displays on the app, select it & choose “Start Scan”.

STEP 4: FIXD Data Viewing Process

Now you're all set to use the FIXD car diagnostic tool! Now feel free to browse through the data. It's completely up to you what information you want to see at first. There are few things that I recommend-

  • Select “Light Status” from the list of options. This way, you can know about all the error lights in your car.
  • A screen similar will pop up with every error light appearing on its own tab. Just tap one of them & get detailed info about why this particular light is ON or OFF & how much time it will take for normalizing this issue.

FIXD Data Viewing Process

  • Some of the FIXD reviews on the internet say that you can also choose “Vehicle Stats” & “Alerts & Reminders”. But I think this is not needed because it's not useful for everyone. If you really want, go ahead and feel free to use it!

Pros & Cons Of Using FIXD

After using FIXD for almost 6 months, I have figured out some things that you should know about the FIXD car scanning tool-

  • Inexpensive price
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Save time on mechanic
  • Easy to use & understand
  • Great customer support team of FIXD
  • App stores all the data details so you can access them any time of your choice.
  • The hardware unit is not waterproof, so you might need to be more careful while using it.
  • It doesn't work great with older model cars.

Why It's Better Than Other Car Diagnostic Tools?

It's true that there are a lot of car diagnostic tools in the market, some of them have really good reviews too. As I was saying, I tried out multiple car diagnostic tools before settling on this great device. Because this device is way ahead of the others in some aspects, here's a list of FIXD pros that makes it better than others-

Why It's Better Than Other Car Diagnostic Tools

Easy To Install

The FIXD OBDII Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Tool is unbelievably easy to install. There are no technical skills required to get the hardware unit working. All you have to do is attach it & connect it with your smartphone or tablet that has a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Easy To Operate

There's only one button on the FIXD hardware unit, so using this car diagnostic tool is pretty straightforward. Just plug in the unit and press “ON” for a few seconds. Then open up the app on your smartphone & start browsing through all the information! It can't be any easier than this!

Save Time On Mechanic Fares & Cost Of Repair

When you understand your car better, it becomes easier for you to diagnose vehicle issues on your own. And when you're able to do that, then there's no need to pay a mechanic or repair shop to fix those issues. In fact, you won't have to spend much on automobile repairs at all!

Great Customer Support Team Of FIXD

The customer support team of FIXD is one of the greatest reasons why this device has become popular among car owners. It's constantly improving its services & wants its customers to be happy with it. Just visit their official website for any queries or concerns and they will try their best to solve your problem ASAP!

App Stores All The Data Details

After getting all the information from your car, don't forget to save them in the app so that you can access them whenever you want. Trust me, once you start using FIXD in your car, you'll fall in love with this device!

Cheaper Than Other Car Diagnostic Tools

The FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Car Scanner is cheaper than most of its competitors. And for this reason, there are a lot of people who have started believing it after watching the helpful reviews on YouTube & other video review sites.

Can FIXD Read Codes?

Yes, FIXD can read engine code & send them to your smartphone or tablet. It can successfully read certain engine code like “Check Engine Light Codes” & “MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) Codes”. It can also read complicated codes like TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) codes and other additional vehicle-specific codes.

Can FIXD Read Codes

However, FIXD doesn't support Airbag lights. If your car has an issue with these components, this device won't be able to detect them yet.

Can FIXD Clear Codes?

Unfortunately, FIXD won't help you clear any error codes because it can't be connected to the engine of your car. All it does is provide live information about the current state & condition of your car's engine and get rid of guesswork while diagnosing issues.

However, if you are thinking of using FIXD to clear any error codes, then I strongly recommend that you don't do it. Because doing so can make your car's engine work harder than usual & result in other issues too.

Can FIXD Diagnose Transmission Problems?

Yes, FIXD can easily diagnose common transmission problems like “Transmission Fluid Leaks”, “Driveshaft & Axle Problems” and many more. It's even capable of telling you if your transmission fluid is clean or not. FIXD can also diagnose other transmission problems like fuel pressure, mass air flow, airbag transmission, RPM, etc.

But at the same time, FIXD can't help you repair your vehicle's transmission problems or any other issues with it. You'll have to rely on your nearby repair shop for those tasks.

What Cars Will FIXD Work On?

The FIXD car diagnostic tool is compatible with pretty much every car that uses an OBDII connection. If your vehicle has a built-in Bluetooth system, then it will work! Just make sure to install the proper hardware unit and connect it with your smartphone or tablet for easy access.

What Cars Will FIXD Work On

If your vehicle doesn't have an OBDII connection, then you can always install an OBDII Bluetooth dongle to make FIXD work for your car. It's easy to install & won't cost you much at all!

Another important thing about the FIXD car diagnostic tool is, it doesn't work on older models which are manufactured before 1996. Also, it doesn't work on any electric car (cars which are exclusively electric, not hybrid) or any car that is powered by diesel engines.

What Comes In The Box?

The FIXD OBDII Bluetooth Car Scanner & Code Reader Tool comes in a complete package which includes the following –

  • FIXD car diagnostic tool unit (Hardware unit).
  • OBD II cable for checking the emission system of the car.
  • USB cable for data transfer between your smartphone & computer.

Everything that you'll ever need to diagnose any problems with your vehicle's engine is included in this box! So if you're looking to save money on mechanics & costly repair service, then the FIXD is what you need!

Customer Reviews On FIXD

There are lots of positive reviews posted by real customers who have used this OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner and got amazing results after using it! People love this little gadget because it can help them save money and time on costly repairs. Just take a look at some of those reviews here:

Customer Reviews On FIXD Customer Reviews On FIXD 2 Customer Reviews On FIXD 3

Customer Reviews On FIXD 2

Where Can I Buy FIXD?

You can buy the FIXD OBD II Bluetooth Car Scanner & Code Reader Tool directly from their official website at a discount. It's available in all major colors including black, blue, green & red. So you get to pick your favorite color before buying! Here are some exclusive deals on FIXD OBDII Bluetooth Car Scanner & Code Reader Tool that we recommend you-

Where Can I Buy FIXDWhere Can I Buy FIXD 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Before trying out the product myself, my questions popped up in my head about this device. I’m sure you’re facing the same too. So here we are answering some common questions that people often ask about FIXD-

Does FIXD work on older vehicles?

FIXD works on any vehicle that has an OBD-II port but doesn't work on cars which are manufactured before 1996. If it doesn't have an OBDII port in your car, you can try installing an OBDII Bluetooth Dongle and connect the device through it.

Is FIXD compatible with other apps?

FIXD has its own Android & iOS app which has all the features it needs. It won't work with any other app made by other car diagnostic tool manufacturers.

Can I use the same FIXD on multiple cars?

You can use the device one vehicle at a time. If you have multiple cars, you can detach the hardware unit & plug it to another car

Will FIXD read ABS codes?

FIXD provides a clear & more accurate interpretation of ABS code. This helps you to take better action according to the code.

Does FIXD work on a car that doesn't run?

Since the hardware device gets its power from the ECU or Engine Communication Unit, it won't work if your car doesn't start. In order to keep the device running, your car should be on.

Why is my FIXD flashing?

The FIXD device flashes to indicate that it has power, or the connection is processing in the app. It may flash due to some sensor problems too, which you can easily fix with your app.

Who Manufactures This Product?

The FIXD OBDII Bluetooth Car Scanner & Code Reader is manufactured by FIXD and is available for purchase directly through their official website. This company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is continuously working towards providing better car diagnostic tools to their customers.

Support Team Contacts

FIXD has a 24/7 support team, you can directly contact them by opening a support ticket mentioning your problems. The process may take a few hours to a day, sometimes instant. I had to contact the support team to troubleshoot a minor problem & their super professional team solved it right away.

FIXD Review: Final Verdict

FIXD Automotive is an ultimate car diagnostic scanner that is easy to use & gives you the ultimate power of knowing your car's true health. It can help you save lots of money as well as time by detecting problems in the early stages itself!

It may not be as powerful as professional scanners but it sure has enough abilities to replace them. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet to make FIXD repair your vehicle. And it's really easy to use too!

So I highly recommend all car owners looking for a powerful OBD reader tool should get themselves a FIXD device right away. You'll be amazed at all the features that this tiny little scanner can offer you!

If you're interested in giving this product a try, check the official website for more information and to purchase it today!

Car diagnostic tools have indeed made our life easier, and I guess FIXD OBD Scanner is the tool that you need right now. The overall performance was so impressive that we didn't find anything much to complain about.

So that's the FIXD review for you! If you have any questions or comments, then feel free to leave them in the comment section below and we'll get back to you ASAP. Happy riding!


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