Forever Pen Review: Inkless Pen On-the-Go for Endless Writing

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Have you ever felt the need to jot down some quick notes or ideas, only to find that you have no pen handy? Like when you’re on a bus or in a quick meeting and miss the chance to capture some important or exciting stuff.

Yes, smartphones sure help, but there’s nothing quite like the feel and instant mobility of writing with a good old-fashioned pen. However, pens do run out of ink or often aren’t readily available. And that’s exactly why the Forever Pen comes into play.

This tiny metal pen uses the ancient Silverpoint technology instead of ink, giving you endless writing possibilities anywhere. But is it actually any good? Let’s find out through my Forever Pen Review.

What Is Forever Pen? – A Brief Overview

The Forever Pen is an innovative writing tool that claims to never run out of ink. At less than 1 inch in size, it’s probably the world’s tiniest pen ever, built to slide on your keychain or fit in your wallet.

Yes, it’s hard to believe that such a tiny pen can let you write unlimited words. But the thing is, it doesn’t even use ink like your regular pen. Instead, it has a silver alloy tip and uses the centuries-old technique known as Silverpoint drawing.

What Is Forever Pen - A Brief Overview

It writes not just on paper but just about any type of hard surface. You just twirl the alloy tip wherever you like, and it leaves behind traces of silver as you go. This scratching of the surface leaves a clear and visible marking like a regular pen.

How Does the Forever Pen Work?

The Forever Pen works in an elegantly simple way. As I said already, this solid metallic alloy pen has no ink or lead; it only writes with its unique Silverpoint tip.

When you bring that tip onto any writing surface (which doesn’t necessarily have to be paper) and move around, it just leaves an incomparable trace of metallic markings. The etching isn’t as dark as your standard ink or graphite, but it gets the job done and doesn’t fade away.

How Does the Forever Pen Work

Essentially, the Forever pen uses the same technique used centuries ago in traditional Renaissance drawings, long before graphite pencils became the norm. The company just enhanced the build mechanics for a handy, on-the-go writing solution.

The pen is always ready to write, no matter what condition you throw at it. It practically works under wet and oily situations just fine. And I had to believe it when I tried writing underwater with it; it worked like magic.

How Does the Forever Pen Work 01

Also, unlike standard pens, it has no expiration date. The tip decays extremely slowly, giving it an “eternal” life. The thing can be used loads of times. In fact, the company claims it's equivalent to over 500 standard pens. Now, that’s too big an amount of pens to use in a lifetime, right?

Key Features of the Forever Pen

No matter how tiny it may be, don’t let the size of Forever Pen fool you. It boasts an impressive list of key features that make it more than just an emergency writing tool. Let me share my experience with those features as we take a closer look.

Super Strong Grade 5 Titanium Build

While the silver tip does the writing job, the primary material used in the Forever Pen’s making is grade 5 titanium. Hence, you can guess how strong and rugged this tiny writing instrument is.

The special metal alloy is actually made of 4% vanadium, 6% aluminum, 0.20% oxygen, 0.25% iron, and roughly 89% titanium. Even with the roughest of usage, this composition barely gives in to wear and tear.

Super Strong Grade 5 Titanium Build

I actually tested my first one by throwing it onto the concrete pavement and even trampling it with a motorcycle. And guess what? The little pen was literally unfazed and showed no dents or signs of damage at all.

Inkless Silverpoint Technology

The Forever Pen writes inklessly, and it’s all because of the ancient writing technique it uses through Silverpoint markings. As the pen ‘draws,’ it leaves behind specks of silver smithereens on your writing surface, scribing as you go.

From what I’ve seen, this inkless writing doesn’t produce the same deep, dark lines as your regular pen or pencil graphite, but the light markings are still clear and easily visible. It feels a little scratchy as it moves across a hard surface, but with time, the novelty and traditional feel grow on you.

Smudge-Free Writing

Have you ever found yourself smudging your writing here and there because of ink overflow? As a left-hander, it happens to me all the time, even when writing with a pencil, as my hands get sweaty easily.

But that’s not an issue when I’m using the Forever Pen. Since it only uses metallic traces and no ink, there’s nothing to worry about smearing the text you’ve written. And this applies even if you run your hands immediately after writing.

Elegant, Ergonomic Design

Throughout my use, I found this small metal pen to be more comfortable to use than I imagined at first. Given its sleek, tiny build, you might think it doesn't offer that much grip, but I could hold it between my fingers effortlessly.

Elegant, Ergonomic Design

The pen offers a decent amount of control and precision, showing how thoughtfully they designed it. Besides, since you can attach it to your keyring or neckband, not only can you carry it anywhere, but you're also less likely to lose it.

Why Use the Forever Pen? – The Extraordinary Benefits

The true potential of the Forever Pen extends far beyond its ultra-compact, unobtrusive size. Here, I list some of the prime reasons you might want to consider using this wonder pen.

Write on the Go

Whether you’re on a train, riding a bus, hiking up the mountains, or running around in the rain, the forever pen is always with you.

After all, nothing affects its writing ability, be it dampness, high temperature, or altitude. In particular, if you hang it around your neck, it doesn’t matter where you are; you can jot down anything anywhere.

Write on Any Surface

Admit it, you can’t note every piece of information on paper. Sometimes, situations ask you to write on unconventional surfaces, like wood, metal, or plastic. But that’s barely an issue with the Forever Pen. Unless it’s a soft surface, you can write practically everywhere with its silver tip.

Write on Any Surface

Like I mentioned before, I was surprised that it could write underwater . It strangely feels liberating when you realize that you’re not bound by paper anymore. And in specific scenarios, it can be an absolute lifesaver. No worries about finding a notepad in urgent situations.

No Fear of Running Out

Do your pens also run out of ink at the least convenient times, like mine? Well, that’s something bound to occur with regular pens but not with the Forever Pen. With it, you literally have zero risk of running out of juice. Not in the next few months, years, decades, or apparently, ever.

You can just go on writing for years without ever worrying about refills. The company claims it won’t run out even before 500 standard pens do. While I haven’t fully tested this claim yet, for now, it certainly only shows signs of long-lasting performance.

Multi-Purpose Tool

Did I tell you that the Forever Pen does more than just write? Well, it does! Whether you need to cut open boxes, pop off bottle caps, or punch holes, you can certainly do them all with its sturdy, pointed tip. It can even stand up as your sneaky self-defense tool if need be.

Multi-Purpose Tool

Moreover, its small size also comes in handy when you want to work on small yet detailed tasks, like opening tiny compartments in sophisticated machinery. For example, it helped me a lot when fixing my spectacles. It’s pretty much like a multi-purpose tool cleverly disguised as a pen.

Reduces Plastic Waste

With the rising global concerns over plastic pollution, it's crucial to make choices that reduce our carbon footprint. And this is where the Forever Pen becomes a great ecological alternative.

Reduces Plastic Waste

As you might know, most conventional pens typically end up in trash after use, adding to the landfill plastic waste. However, we can avoid this by increasing the use of the Forever Pen, as it's designed to last a lifetime without ever needing to be thrown away.

Limitations of the Forever Pen

Well, the Forever Pen might be the ultimate writing instrument when it comes to durability, longevity, versatility, and appearance. But like everything in this world, it’s not quite the perfect tool for everyone.

Limited Ergonomics for Bigger Hands

If you have quite large hands or fingers, you might find the small, compact design of the Forever Pen quite difficult to deal with. My dad found this out when I gifted him one of these pens.

He complained that it was too small and uncomfortable for his bigger hands due to its lack of grip. He also said it’s not a great fit for longer writing sessions. However, attaching it to his keyring was a nice workaround for him.

Light Markings Aren’t for Every Situation

As I mentioned earlier, the Forever Pen’s silverpoint tip only creates light marks with metallic traces. These have a unique silver-gray hue and might not be dark enough to suit everyone, especially those with short vision.

To be honest, I’ve had a hard time making out my own writing in low-light conditions, despite having no issues whatsoever in regular lighting.

Who Can Use the Forever Pen?

Due to its size and versatility, the Forever Pen sure appeals to any minimalist or gadget lover. So, there’s basically no limit to who it can prove helpful for. Yet, there are certain groups of people who could find it particularly useful.

  • Students who always need a writing tool by their side for note-taking
  • Writers who are constantly jotting down ideas, lyrics, or memorable quotes
  • Outdoor enthusiasts for marking trails, notes, or emergency signaling
  • Engineers and technicians who need to precisely mark measurements or scribble on rough surfaces
  • Artists who want a unique, durable drawing tool with a one-of-a-kind stroke
  • Eco-conscious individuals aiming to reduce plastic waste
  • Frequent travelers for its compact, lightweight, and fail-safe design

How to Use the Forever Pen?

Now, I definitely don’t need to tell you how to write with a pen, do I? But I can say using the Forever Pen is just as simple as that. You don’t have to shake, twist, click, or even open a cap before writing with it. Yet, there’s one thing I’d like to tell you.How to Use the Forever Pen

Since the pen is made of metal, pressing it too hard on paper can scratch or tear it. This could happen if you see the light marks and think more pressure will darken them. But that’ll barely happen, so you’ll always want to keep the pressure light.

From what I’ve seen, what works best is maintaining a certain slant when writing. Just keep experimenting with different angles until you find your sweet spot, and then stick with it.

Forever Pen Reviews: What Are the Customers Saying About It?

Before ordering my first Forever Pen, I did something I always do before purchasing something online – carrying out my own extensive research. So, while researching the Forever Pen, I came across countless customer reviews that excited me to try the product myself.

After all, most of the users were talking so highly about the pen, which I had to agree with later on. Here, I share a glimpse of what most customers had to say.

“The Forever Pen entered my life like a superhero. As a travel writer, I'd often find myself grounded in a situation where my store-bought pens would run out of ink or just wouldn't work ‘because of the climate. Not with this pen, it not only writes smoothly but doubles as a multi-purpose tool too; truly a lifesaver.” – James Peterson, Seattle

“I love fun gadgets, and the Forever Pen caught my immediate attention. What I initially bought out of curiosity has turned out to be one of my favorite lifestyle utilities. Highly recommend it to all gadget lovers and nature savers.” – Lyla Moreno, New Jersey

“It’s minimalist, versatile, and durable – all the attributes I look for in a travel accessory. Marking routes, taking quick notes, and even opening bottles have been made easy with the Forever Pen. Not to forget, it’s built to last, meaning I won't be adding to the pile of plastic waste with disposable pens anymore.” – Ashton Kennedy, Denver

The Forever Pen: Cost and Refund Policy

Feeling intrigued to try out the Forever Pen? Well, why wouldn't you be? Whether you just want to give it a try or you’re looking to buy in packs to gift to your friends or family, you can find it in various price ranges. Take a look at these exclusive discounts before buying from retailers.

  • If you want a single unit of Forever Pen, it’ll cost you $24.99 and not $39.99, which is the retail price.
  • And if you buy two, you’ll get the third one for free. That’s three Forever Pens for just $59.97, saving you $60.
  • And if you want to go big and buy three, you’ll get two for free at just $79.95, saving you a whopping $120.

What’s more? Each package is delivered across the country without any shipping cost. Besides, the company says if you aren’t satisfied with the Forever Pen, you can return it within 30 days and ask for a full refund. You can learn more from here.

Where Can I Buy My Forever Pen from?

The Forever pen is available in every major city across the United States at most stationary shops and retail stores. Yet, I’d recommend buying yours from the official page only or, more specifically, from their exclusive offer page.

Forever Pen Review

That’s because it’s the only place to avail of those marked-down prices, the 30-day money-back guarantee, and the free shipping. Besides, buying from the official site means you’re getting the actual product and not some cheap knock-offs. It can give you that much-needed peace of mind.

Who Are the Providers of the Forever Pen?

Forever Pen is a product of World’s Tiniest, a UK company known for its range of small yet practical products designed to make life simpler. Launched in 2020, the company is quite new but has already gained popularity for its innovative products, especially the Forever Pen.

With a passion for sustainability and cutting-edge design, they aim to redefine everyday objects through functionality and style. All their products are marked by uncompromising quality, durability, and uniqueness, a testament to their excellent craftsmanship.

Does the Forever Pen Have a Support Team?

Sure it does. World’s Tiniest, the parent company of Forever Pen, has a friendly support team on hand to answer any questions you may have. From queries regarding product use to refund issues, they're just an e-mail away.

Forever Pen Review 01

You can reach out to them on weekdays during working hours. From my experience, I have found them to be both efficient and helpful. So, if you have any concerns, just email them at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got further queries regarding Forever Pen? Here, I’ve answered a few common questions people frequently ask over the internet that might help you.

How small is the Forever Pen?

It’s just about an inch in length. It’s literally smaller than your thumb and fits perfectly on your keychain or other keyring accessories. And if you’re wondering if it's easy to grip from personal use, I can say it pretty much is. But you may need some time to adapt, especially if you have big hands.

Why does it have a hole in it?

The hole is there to let you attach it to your keyring or any other accessories, so you'll always have it on hand. I personally like to attach it to my neckband, so it’s always readily available. This way, you won’t ever have to worry about losing or forgetting it.

Do the markings fade out over time?

No chance. Since it leaves strong metal traces, the markings made from the Forever Pen don't fade with time. The traces may seem too light from the look, but once etched on the writing surface, there’s no way to erase them.

Is the Forever Pen TSA safe?

Yes, indeed. You can travel with the Forever Pen just fine since it’s considered a pen and it has no blade attached to it. My dad once traveled with it and faced no legal issues. And the company says carrying it on flights is just as legal as carrying house keys.

How do you sharpen the Forever Pen?

Why would you want to? It barely gets dull because of its tough titanium build. Still, you can sharpen the pen using a common knife sharpener when needed. But rest assured, the tip will likely retain its shape and efficiency over time no matter how frequently you use it.

Conclusion: Is the Forever Pen Worth the Money?

Well, from what I can gather from my personal experience, the Forever Pen is unquestionably worth the money. The compact and discreet pen is just the right thing for quick notes, sketches, and various emergencies.

For me, it paid for itself within a month of daily usage, and I was so impressed that I gifted it to some of my friends, too. If you fancy owning a literally immortal, eco-friendly, and practically small pen, the Forever Pen should certainly be on your radar.


Forever Pen Review

Buy Now
Features Rate 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 10
Safety 10
  • Never runs out of ink
  • Compact and portable
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Durable titanium build
  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Limited ergonomics for larger hands
  • Light markings may be insufficient

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