GX Smartwatch Review 2024: Don’t Buy Before Reading It!

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The GX Smartwatch had the buzz for quite a while with many positive reviews from many of my friends. So I decided to get my hands on it and test if everything I heard is right about this watch. This GX Smartwatch Review is all about giving you a perspective on whether you should buy it or not. I’ll include all its pros and cons as well as the experiences I had from using it for the last 3 months. If you’re planning on getting a next generation smartwatch, hear me out!

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.6



Value for Money9.8


My Quick Overview of GX Smartwatch

In a nutshell, the GX Smartwatch is a combination of all the latest wearable technologies and a fine craftsmanship. It has all the latest features like blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitor, steps counter, even ECG scanner. The regular ones like alarm, watch faces, weather, remote control, calculator, etc. are all there. Not to mention, a huge battery life with IP68 waterproofing!

GX Smartwatch Review – My Honest Opinion

Now that you have a quick idea about the GX smartwatch, let’s see what it has to offer in detail. If you’re also planning to get it, this in-depth GX Smartwatch Review will definitely help you out:

GX Smartwatch Review

What Is the GX Smartwatch?

As I said earlier, the GX Smartwatch is a combo of both technology and modern design. You’ll get all the latest smart technologies in it, only by paying a fraction of the price of the most flagship smartwatches. Plus, the smartwatch design is utterly outstanding; that's what you'll say after getting your hands on it.


This amazing smartwatch has a classy yet sporty look to it as well as a ton of smart features. Its long-lasting battery life impressed me well with over a month of backup. I connect it with my mobile devices and control any smart device with notification functions and touch display screen.

Besides, it works as my personal healthcare companion with a heart rate monitor inside to warn me about irregular heart beats. The ECG feature is among its other health functions apart from sleep monitoring with detecting deep sleep patterns.

Main Features of GX Smartwatch?

This smartwatch provided me everything I needed from giving times with a classic watch design to cutting-edge tech like ECG. Here are the main features of the GX flagship smartwatch that make it stand out from any other expensive smartwatches:


Great Design:

This smartwatch design is utterly outstanding; that's what you'll say after getting your hands on it. It has a genuine leather strap that gives it a classic watch design. You can also get the stainless steel strap version of it. Besides, it has a 1.3″ touch display screen with multiple watch faces.

Durable body:

The amazing LED screen of this smartwatch doesn't need screen protectors as it's IP68 water resistant and dust resistant. Its durable stainless steel body tops its quality over watches with no better than its functions. I enjoy its robust build quality in outdoor activities. Seawater or hill trekking; the watch suits it all.

Fitness features:

One thing people use smartwatches for is its fitness features and this premium smartwatch gives it all, and more. It's a standalone heart rate monitor for measuring blood pressure and has a sleep tracking feature built in. Besides, its other notable healthy function will be its ECG option that can track your health functions well.

Versatile functions:

Not only this amazing device gives me tons of health functions, but it has more versatile smart functions with phone connectivity. Users can build a connection with any smartphone and record calorie, get notification function, alarm function, and more. I measure distance with it, learn about weather, etc.

Huge battery:

Battery life is one big flaw, even for the expensive Apple Watch. However, this watch gives me a huge backup time that I don't even bother bringing the charging cable with me, even if I'm out for weeks! Its hours of battery charging makes me safe for a long time; so that I can go on vacations without worrying.


Accessibilities go beyond the usual limits with this high-value smartwatch as it offers some pretty amazing options. You can use its pedometer and motion sensors for sleep monitoring, or use it as a remote camera controller! Receiving phone calls, getting notifications, controlling other phone applications are there as well.

GX Smartwatch of Technical Specifications?

As you can see, the GX smartwatch does a ton of things. Don’t go for its size, let me give you the technical specifications that make it all possible from a little form factor:


  • Dimension: 12.3 mm x 46 mm
  • Screen-size: 1.3” 240×240 LED touchscreen
  • CPU: Nordic-NRF52832
  • RAM: 64 KB
  • ROM: 512 KB
  • Weatherproofing: Yes, IP68 water & dust resistant
  • Battery: 300-MAH long-lasting capacity
  • Charging tech: Magnetic connector
  • Sensors: Motion sensor, Calorie, Pedometer, ECG
  • Connectivity: Phone with app control
  • Health function: heart rate sensor & Sleep monitor
  • Remote camera: Available
  • App Notification: Yes

Pros & Cons of GX Smartwatch

Getting any smartwatch means you have to take both its advantages and disadvantages into the account. The battle between them two will help you decide if you’re getting it on board or not. So, here I’m disclosing both its pros and cons that I’ve found from a real life use of 3 months:


Pros of GX Smartwatch
  • Robust and sleek design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Heart rate and sleep monitor
  • ECG and motion sensor
  • High nits LCD touchscreen
  • Water resistance and dust resistant
  • Both leather and chain strap options
Cons of Pros of GX Smartwatch
  • Not available at local shops
  • The manufacturer doesn't give discounts too often

Benefits of Using the GX Smartwatch

The GX Smartwatch is hands down one of the most impressive watches I’ve ever used. You can tell by seeing its features already that it’s a value for money smartwatch. Here are the real life benefits I’m getting from this smartwatch that might help you understand why I’m suggesting it:


Stand out from others:

Who doesn’t want to look exceptional from the others around with various smartwatches! Well, this smartwatch gives you just that. With its exceptionally well-thought build and eye-catching design, I make an exception among the buzz. You can too!

Go for long vacations:

Taking a few days off without having your smartwatch charger with you is now possible with the GX smartwatch. Not days, take weeks, actually. I got a month of backup from a single charge from this watch so far. If you need long battery life, get this watch.

Control your phone:

This smartwatch helps you control your phone with its remote control feature. You can connect the GX smartwatch with your Android or iPhone using Bluetooth connectivity and control the phone with it. You can receive calls with it, or make one, get notifications, etc.

Get fitness data:

You can now take your exercise experience to a whole new level with this smartwatch. It tracks you with health tracker features in real time, monitor your sleep, and you’re getting an ECG feature with it as well. Plus, the calorie meter gets all your data on screen.


Proper use of time:

Setting your course of action for every time can be real smooth with the GX smartwatch. It allows you to set alarms without needing your phone and keeps you on track. Not to mention, the super smooth screen will give you exceptional control experience.

What Should You Look for in a Good Smartwatch?

Getting a new smartwatch can be overwhelming, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. Here are a few things you must look for if you’re planning to get your next smartwatch:


Good battery life:

A good smartwatch will surely have a good battery life to give you a hassle-free usage for days. Take the GX smartwatch for example, it offers over a month of backup which is exceptionally good.


You’re wearing the watch as a daily driver, so you must be able to put it on every moment. Make sure the watch is weatherproof with recognized certifications. An IP rating of IP67 is minimum and IP68 rating is better.

Robust design:

Not only the smartwatch has to be weatherproof, it also has to have  robust build quality to withstand a harsh situation. Make sure the smartwatch has a scratch-proof screen as well as a stainless steel body.


The smartwatch must have good connectivity options like Bluetooth compatibility for connecting your phone with it. It connects to your phone and control apps with the touch screen. You can set alarms with it and get phone notifications.

Fitness functions:

Fitness tracking is now a breeze with good smartwatches, so make sure your watch comes with it. Look at the specifications if it offers good fitness options such as heart rate monitoring, sleep cycle monitoring. The GX smartwatch gives you more; it has ECG.

What Do Buyers of the GX Smartwatch Think?

Before getting the smartwatch, I did some research on it and found some good reviews for it on the internet. Some of them are:


  1. This watch literally changed the way I lead my life with so many exceptional features. The live heart rate monitoring feature helped me outstandingly. It keeps me on the move.
  2. Getting the GX smartwatch was the best decision I have ever made. It tracks my heart and sleep cycle, gives me notifications, and I control music with it. Great watch.
  3. I travel a lot and forgetting chargers is a common thing for me. However, the GX smartwatch gave me relief when I noticed that after spending a 10-day vacation, the battery was still on 50%! Outstanding!

For What Reason Is the GX Smartwatch So Popular?


I love to have the latest technologies in my gadgets and smartwatches, and the same goes for the GX smartwatch. The things that are helping it go on the sale so quick are:

  • Its huge battery life
  • Well-build, robust build
  • Bright and clear touch screen
  • Both classic and modern look
  • Good fitness tracking options

How Can You Buy GX Smartwatch?


Buying the GX smartwatch isn’t hard if you’re planning to get it for yourself. The manufacturer is even offering a 50% discount on it currently! I wish I had this offer back then. Nonetheless, you can go to their official website and purchase it right now. Besides, the company's 30-day money back guarantee policy will surely get you the satisfaction guarantee. I’m including the buying link with the discount coupon applied in it. Hope that helps you get the watch easily.

Frequently Asked Questions Of GX SmartWatch [FAQs]

Here are some GX smartwatch FAQs I’ve found on the internet as people are looking for answers to:

Is the GX smartwatch any good?

I've been using the GX smartwatch for about 3 months now and as a tech enthusiast, I can say this: The GX Smartwatch is a great value for money device.

Is it safe to wear a smartwatch all the time?

Yes, you can wear the GX smartwatch all the time as it has a comfortable strap on it. Plus, it’s IP68 waterproof and dust resistant to help you wear it while in the swimming pool, or hiking.

Is it worth having a smartwatch?

Yes, having a smartwatch can help you lead a healthy life as it tracks your health stats on the go and keeps you on the move. Plus, you can operate your android phone with it for better convenience.

Are smartwatches a health risk?

If you’re using a good watch like the GX smartwatch, the health risks are close to none. It’s because they used high quality material in this device that has no leaching or itching.

Can the GX Smartwatch work under bad weather?

Yes, the GX smartwatch does pretty well under bad weather conditions as it has IP68 weather resistant certification. You can go sail with it without having to worry about damaging it.

Is the GX SmartWatch Affordable?

Yes, the GX smartwatch is rather cheaper than most other flagship smartwatches while the others have much less of this watch. On top of that, the manufacturer is currently offering a 50% discount on this watch for even better affordability.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

Hyper SLS LTD, which you may know as Novads OU if you’re from Europe which is located in Estonia makes the GX SmartWatch. However, the manufacturer company is based in Hong Kong with some other branches around the globe. They also retail this watch online themselves as a supplier which helped them cut down the price a little I believe.

International Office:

  • Hyper SlS Ltd
  • 7/F, The Grande Building
  • 398–402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Support Team Contacts

If you need any technical support or customer queries for the GX SmartWatch, the support team is very prompt at responding to its customers. I’m including their support team contact details for you to get in touch with them:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone (International): +44 20 3808 9234 (available 24/7)
  • Telephone (Brazil): +552135003992 (9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday, GMT-5)

Final Verdict: Should I Get GX SmartWatch?

Now for the verdict, I’ll give you an honest opinion, whether you should get this stylish smartwatch or not. You should get this watch only if you love technology to help you live a better life, hands down. With so many health features, well-built, Innovative design, exceptional battery life, and a classy look with luxurious vibe, this smartwatch is a must-buy gadget for each tech enthusiast. I hope this GX Smartwatch Review has been successful to help you understand why this smartwatch is getting so popular. I’m using it with 100% satisfaction, I hope you’ll also be satisfied with its features. Thank you.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.6



Value for Money9.8



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