Hale Breathing Review: Healthy Breathing for a Better Sleep

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I’ve been a loud snorer for years, and honestly, it’s been pretty embarrassing. And because it's not just annoying but also health-risking, my wife has been urging me to take action real quick. But nothing ever seemed to work until I found Hale Breathing.

This tiny piece of breathing aid is no ordinary nasal strip. It's scientifically designed in a way to optimize airflow through your nostrils all night long. The principle is simple yet effective – by widening your nasal passages, it can help reduce or even eliminate snoring altogether.

Continuing with my Hale Breathing review, let’s explore how it stands out, what makes it work for you, its unique features, benefits, cost, exclusive offers, and more.

Hale Breathing Review: A Brief Overview

Hale Breathing is a small nasal aid that you can insert in your nostrils to help your breathing. From looks, people may only call it an anti-snore device, but its effectiveness just doesn’t stop there.

Hale Breathing Review

Yet, there’s no denying that the beauty of Hale lies in its simplicity. This medical-grade silicone-made aid sits inside your nostrils to open up your nasal passage to ensure efficient airflow. Not only does this reduce snoring as a result, but it also improves your overall sleep quality.

Hale Breathing Review overview

Its revolutionary design includes two soft, flexible hollow pods connected by a thin silicone band. While the pods work together to spread open your nasal valves, the connecting band maintains it stays put inside your nostrils without causing any discomfort or sleep disruptions.

Hale Breathing Review: Specifications

Before we go over the specifics, let’s see what comes packed in your Hale Breathing kit from the table below.

Number of items 1 per pack (two nose pieces connected by a hinge)
Size 3 sizes available – Small, Medium, and Large
Material Medical-grade silicone
Accessories Carry box, insertion and removal tool, microfiber cloth for cleaning

Hale Breathing Review Specifications

What Is Hale Breathing? How Does It Work?

Put simply, Hale is a nasal breathing kit that immediately helps you breathe through your nose. It’s intended to give you the results you would get at a clinic for nasal breathing problems, including even expensive reconstructive surgery.

What Is Hale Breathing

Much to my surprise, the way it works could never be any simpler. You just slide its two pods into your nostrils just before going to bed or whenever you like, and it gets to work instantly.

What Is Hale Breathing 2

The pods work in unison to dilate your nasal passageways, allowing air to flow freely through your nasal airways. This makes your breathing much easier without straining your respiratory system.

What Is Hale Breathing 3

What Makes Hale Breathing Different from Other Nasal Aids?

As some with lifelong snoring and breathing problems, I’ve got to try numerous nasal aid kits. But honestly, none have ever come close to what Hale Breathing has done for me.

But what’s so special about Hale? I’d begin with its science-backed design and materials.

What Makes Hale Breathing Different from Other Nasal Aids

While most of the devices I’ve used felt burdensome on my nose, I couldn’t even feel a thing when I wore Hale. It’s the medical-grade silicone that kept my nostrils from itching, something I initially dreaded.

From what I’ve seen, most nasal strips for snoring aids simply attempt to clear blockages to provide temporary relief. But with Hale, it’s not just about separating the nasal canals but also optimizing the curved flare.

What Makes Hale Breathing Different from Other Nasal Aids 2

And what I’ve found, this is the root cause of breathing issues in most people. Besides, because it’s virtually undetectable, you can wear it all the time if you have nasal issues, not just when you sleep.

What Makes Hale Breathing Different from Other Nasal Aids 4

Then there’s the unique adjustability feature, which differs greatly from other nasal devices. The moment you slide it in, you’ll know that it doesn’t have a generic fit. Instead, its bendable design incredibly keeps adapting to your nose structure throughout the night with your breathing pattern.

Key Features of Hale Breathing

Nasal strips, nose tubes, nasal sticker snore stoppers, or jaw adjusters, you may have come across various nose clips or devices of that sort. But in terms of features, I bet Hale Breathing would outshine them all. Have a look at its key features, and you’ll agree.

Unique Hinged Design

The unique spring-loaded hinged design is what makes Hale stand out. From my experience, most other devices, although hinged, stick to your nasal septum, which has been a big issue for me. After all, it led to itchiness, discomfort, and sometimes, nasal inflammation.

Unique Hinged Design

But unlike those, Hale’s intuitive silicone strip connector neither sticks to the outside nor jams inside. Instead, its highly adaptable hinge bends nicely to ensure the optimal fit of the pods inside. So you always get seamless, personalized breathing, so long as you wear it.

Medical-Grade Materials

Made with medical-grade silicone, Hale is designed to deliver both safety and comfort. Since it's also hypoallergenic and BPA-free, you can rest assured that it won’t cause any irritation or unusual reactions, even after prolonged use.

Medical-Grade Materials

Adaptable and Flexible Construction

If you didn’t know already, none of our breathing patterns stay the same throughout the night. And that means your nasal flare keeps changing its shape as you breathe, which leads to changes in the nostril passage size.

Adaptable and Flexible Construction

Amazingly, Hale accounts for that, too, with its incredibly flexible nature. No matter how often your breathing rhythm changes in intensity, it keeps adjusting to ensure your airways remain unobstructed, unlike other, mostly rigid devices. Meaning your breathing is ever so unruffled.

Personalized Fit for Everyone

Hale Breathing comes in three different sizes – small, medium, and large, so you get to choose one for your particular nose size.

And even if you’re unsure what size you’d need, they can help you determine that during the purchase process with clear directions.

Personalized Fit for Everyone

Natural, No-Drug, Ready-to-Use

Unlike some common nose aids, Hale Breathing doesn’t require any assembling before using it. It’s ready to use straight out of the box–no extra attachments, no fuss. Just insert the two pods in your nostrils one by one and adjust them according to your nose shape, and you’re good to go.

Natural, No-Drug, Ready-to-Use

And I bet you’ll love it all the more if you’re tired of using those kits that require you to spray nasal medicines. Since Hale is all mechanical, you won’t need further medication.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Did I mention you can wear Hale Breathing anytime, not just at bedtime? Yes, you can do that since the device is not just comfortable to wear, but it’s also virtually undetectable. Its unintrusive design aligns with whatever setting you’re in since it stays completely hidden under your nose.

Aesthetically Pleasing


Unlike disposable nasal strips, Hale Breathing is designed for longevity. It's easy to clean after each use; just rinse it with plain or soapy water, and there’ll be no bacterial growth on the next use. Hence, not only can you rest assured of your hygiene, but you can save money as well.

How to Use Hale Breathing?

As I’ve already mentioned, using Hale Breathing is simpler than any other nasal aid there ever could be. You can follow these three simple steps.

  1. Choose the appropriate size: Choose your Hale from the three available sizes. If unsure, you can view their official site for help.
  2. Insert the pods: Before going to bed or any of your relaxing time, insert the two pods of Hale in your two nostrils. You can also use the provided insertion tool if needed.
  3. Adjust as necessary: Push the pods a bit here and there to adjust. And the connecting hinge should take care of the rest to ensure a relaxed, healthy, soothing breathing experience.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Using Hale Breathing

The incredible way Hale tackles snoring and breathing problems comes down to its clever use of nasal breathing. Let’s explore the numerous benefits of using Hale, starting with why it's a revolutionary solution for mouth breathers like me.

Why Hale Is Such a Game-Changer for Mouth Breathers

A completely discreet device, Hale allows you to breathe through your nose all day long without feeling the least discomfort in inhaling. Now, if you’re wondering (like I did) why mouth breathing is bad, here’s the thing–

Mouth breathing tends to dry out the throat and blocks natural airflow to your respiratory system, causing a higher likelihood of snoring. Not only that, but it also leads to germ accumulation, leading to bad breath, or worse, frequent respiratory infections.

Why Hale Is Such a Game-Changer for Mouth Breathers

But with Hale’s emphasis on nasal breathing, the risks significantly reduce. When your nasal valve intakes air without obstructions, you no longer breath through the mouth. And as a result, the air you inhale is naturally humidified, filtered, and warm.

This helps keep our throat moisturized and our sinuses clean, cutting out chances of complications like sleep apnea and affording us a more restful, snore-free sleep.

The Science of Nasal Breathing is the Key to Hale’s Effectiveness

It’s a physiological fact that our bodies are designed to breathe through the nose, which filters and humidifies the incoming air. And that’s why Hale’s ingenious design focuses on ensuring that our nostrils remain properly open, so nasal breathing is as effortless as it can be.

Among numerous nasal breathing benefits offered by Hale, there are:

Prevention of Dehydration or Dry Mouth

A dry mouth can lead to throat irritation and increased susceptibility to oral diseases. But nasal breathing moistens the air naturally, protecting sensitive tissues in the nose and preventing dehydration and dry mouth.

Normalization of Oxygen Intake

As the proper opening of the nostrils automatically improves your breathing, the same happens to your lungs’ oxygen absorption. An adequate oxygen supply normalizes your blood oxygen levels to aid the physiological processes during sleep to rejuvenate your body overnight.

Normalization of Oxygen Intake

Strengthening the Immune System

Like I’ve already said, the nose is our body’s natural filter, which traps airborne diseases-causing bacteria, allergens, viruses, and other contaminants. You may want to call it your body’s first line of defense against illnesses.

Better Body Temperature Regulation

Your nose helps to warm or cool the air you breathe into the ideal body temperature. This helps in maintaining good lung health and overall body temperature regulation.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Now that’s what Hale Breathing is all about, isn’t it? Besides just comprehensively fixing the mere snoring issue, Hale’s nasal breathing aid improves the quality of your sleep and overall health.

A Better Night’s Sleep

By gradually shifting to nasal breathing, you'll experience less interrupted sleep and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

Reduces Chances of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is often associated with heavy snoring and interrupted breathing during sleep. By promoting nasal breathing, Hale Breathing can minimize the chances of sleep apnea, leading to longer stretches of unbroken sleep each night.

Long-lasting, Efficient, and Cost-effective

Additionally, Hale's reusable design makes it much longer-lasting than most snore-reduction devices, further benefiting your wallet besides your wellness.

Long-lasting, Efficient, and Cost-effective

And let’s not forget the expensive surgeries (either invasive surgery or nasal surgery) and devices that you might have to consider for severe snoring conditions. With Hale Breathing, you steer clear of such hefty expenses altogether while experiencing similar, if not better, benefits.

The Potential Drawbacks of Hale Breathing

Well, after using Hale Breathing for over two months, the only thing I could identify as a drawback (which I have doubts over) is the adjustment phase that you have to go through when using it for the first time.

This applies particularly more to life-long mouth breathers, who might experience slight discomfort during the first week of use.

This, however, is a small trade-off when you consider the many benefits that follow. Just think about what happens when you first begin to use contact lenses.

However, there have also been a few reports of people with nasal polyps and sensitivity issues experiencing persistent discomfort when using Hale Breathing.

Who Is Hale Breathing Ideal for?

Hale Breathing is an ideal solution for anyone suffering from disturbed sleep due to snoring or other breathing-related issues. Here are some specific groups who would greatly benefit from this innovative product:

People Who Excessively Snore

Any individual who is dealing with heavy or disruptive snoring would find Hale tremendously beneficial. Whether it’s you who snores or if you have a partner who snores, Hale breathing may just be the solution you need.

Individuals with Sleep Apnea

As already highlighted, Hale promotes nasal breathing, which can reduce sleep apnea symptoms. This, in other words, means longer, more restful sleep.

Anyone Wanting an Improved Quality of Sleep

If you have difficulty sleeping due to breathing issues or sinus problems, or you simply want to feel more rested when you wake up, Hale can help you significantly, as it did to me.

People with Dehydration, Throat, or Bad Breath Issues

If you regularly wake up with a parched throat, bad breath, or suffer from frequent dehydration, Hale can be of great help. You'll have fresh breath and less dehydration with the natural humidification that your nose will provide.

Individuals Seeking a Natural, Cost-Effective Solution

Hale's breath aid can be the right solution for individuals interested in using a natural, non-invasive, and cost-effective solution for their breathing issues. This is because it draws on the body's natural breathing system rather than relying on external assistance.

Individuals Seeking a Natural, Cost-Effective Solution

Hale Breathing Review: What Are Customers Saying?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Hale Breathing’s incredible results. Most of Hale’s customers spoke highly of its effectiveness against snoring, comfort, and the noticeable improvement in their sleep patterns. Here, I’ve gathered a few clips from satisfied users.

“Never in my life have I realized that my mouth-breathing habit had been the reason behind my snoring so heavily. And now that I’m using Hale, I’m finally sleeping more soundly, waking up feeling rested and refreshed.”

Sandra Brolin, New York

“My dad used to snore so very loudly, even our neighbors complained about it on multiple occasions. So, I gifted him this Hale Breathing aid. And guess what? I never thought it’d work so beautifully. He’s just used it for a week, and we’ve had peaceful nights ever since.”

Mark Swettenham, Delaware

“I was exasperated with my husband’s snoring. He tried several nasal kits and jaw positioners, but nothing worked. But then came along Hale, like a blessing! It took him some time to adjust, but it worked out even better than we expected. The nights are a lot lot quieter now”

Rosalin Munroe, Brooklyn

“Waking up with dry mouth and chapped lips was my everyday routine. But not since I started using this tiny little nose wear called Hale. Not only did it cure my dry mouth problem, but it dramatically improved my sleep and overall health. I feel more energized throughout the day than ever.”

Jermaine Beckford, Boston

“Having used several anti-snoring devices previously, I must admit Hale stands out! Not only has it drastically simplified my nightly routine, but it has also significantly reduced my snoring. Moreover, the soft silicone mold adapts perfectly to my nose for a comforting fit all night. It's a definite winner!”

Nancy Washbourn, Florida

Hale Breathing Cost and Refund Policy

Hale Breathing comes in three different Packages, each having its own price tag and limited-time discounted offers. Take a look.

  • A single pack of Hale costs $29.99.
  • You can buy a pack of two at $56.99.
  • Or, you can buy three for just $75.98.

And apart from the discounted price, all three options come with a no-ask, no-fuss 30-day money back guarantee and nationwide free shipment.

You can learn more about these offers from Hale’s official offer page. And for further questions regarding their refund policy, you can mail them at [email protected]. The return address is as follows:

Hale Returns, GiddyUp Fulfillment, 20206 87th Ave S, Kent, WA 980312

Where Can I Buy Hale Breathing?

For purchasing the Hale Breathing, you have plenty of options, such as the company's official website, Amazon, and similar retail stores.

While you can get your Hale Nose aid from any of these options, I’d recommend buying it from the official site. This is the wisest thing to do, as it’s the only place to get the best deal possible and also only where you can take advantage of the no-asking 30-day money back guarantee.

Besides, when you purchase from an official website, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the original, high-quality product, not a cheap knockoff.

Who Are the Providers of Hale Breathing?

Hale Breathing is a product of Hale Inc., an American startup based in San Francisco, California. Dr. Patrick Byrne, Professor at Johns Hopkins, is the brain behind this trailblazing nasal aid device.

Encountering countless patients suffering from breathing disorders and sleep disruptions in his practice inspired Dr. Byrne to team up with a crew of gifted engineers to develop the Hale breathing device.

In one interview, the Doctor expressed that the struggle of his patients, both physically and economically, ignited his passion to come up with this unique solution.

Dr. Byrne also said he drew on his years of clinical experience and scientific research on breathing-related issues to create Hale, a consumer-friendly, efficient device that delivers on its promises.

Hale Breathing Support Team

Hale Breathing provides customers with dedicated support to address any concerns or questions they may have. Whether you need help placing an order, have questions about the product, or need assistance with a return, the support team is always there to help.

I was a bit unsure about what size would fit my nose, so I called them once. And the team member I was hooked up with was very friendly with me. He professionally answered my queries to help me make an informed decision.

So, if you, too, have any questions, you can reach them at [email protected] or call (989) 915-0858.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have further queries regarding Hale Breathing kits? Below I have answered a few commonly asked questions and answers that might help.

Is Hale Breathing Safe?

Absolutely. Hale is completely safe to use, either chemically or mechanically. It’s made of medical-grade silicone and free of toxic elements, such as BPA, phthalates, or latex. And since it’s perforated, you won’t have to worry about blockage issues.

Can the Hale Breathing kit get stuck inside my nose?

It’s highly unlikely. The kit is designed so masterfully that it adapts to your nose shape as you breathe, unlike most of its counterparts. And besides the perforated structure, the connecting hinge bends accordingly to keep it snugly in place.

Do I need a prescription to use Hale Breathing?

No, you won’t need a prescription to start using Hale. Since it falls under OTC (over-the-counter) medical devices, you can buy it without any doctor’s approval. However, I’d still recommend consulting your doctor if you have any specific nasal disorder to be on the safe side.

How soon can I experience results?

The manufacturers say Hale can give you instant results from the very first night of use. And from my experience, I can tell you that it actually does. Also, users like me have consistently reported noticeable results within the first week of use.

Can Hale Breathing be used alongside other treatments?

As per the manufacturer—yes, Hale Breathing can very well complement other forms of treatments you might be following for your sleep-related concerns. Yet, like always, I’d recommend consulting your healthcare provider if you’re unsure.

Will Hale Breathing help with a deviated septum?

I’ve come across several reports saying the device provided relief in mild cases of deviated septums. Specifically, cases with nasal obstruction and snoring. However, remember that the device is no treatment by itself. So, seeing an ENT specialist beforehand is your best bet.

Can children use Hale Breathing?

I wouldn’t recommend it. According to the company, this product is designed and marketed for adults. So, it’s unlikely it would fit tiny noses as small as children's. When there’s a breathing issue in children, it’s always advisable to consult a pediatrician.

Will Hale Breathing help my Nasal Valve collapse?

Yes, indeed—that is, in fact, one of the key intentions of the product. Hale Breathing may relieve nasal valve collapse symptoms such as difficulty breathing through the nose and snoring. However, it's worth noting that the device itself doesn't treat the underlying anatomical problem.

Verdict: Is Buying Hale Breathing Worth The Money?

Now that’s the question that we've all been waiting for, and from my personal experience and extensive research, I'd say the answer is an emphatic ‘Yes!'

The product boasts remarkable ease in handling, and high-end durability alongside comfort, backed with proven scientific grounding. Trading sleep disruptions for something as handy and beneficial as Hale Breathing would surely translate into money well spent!

But again, everybody's needs and responses vary, and such is the case with Hale. So, if you, too, are finding yourself battling nasal discomfort during your sleeping hours, I'd encourage you to try it. Considering the 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s even less of a risk to try.


Hale Breathing Review

Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 9
Safety 10
  • Supplies more oxygen to the lungs with improved breathing
  • Decreases nasal obstruction and reduces snoring
  • Leads to better sleep and athletic performance
  • Registered by the FDA for safe and effective use
  • Invisible, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear
  • Includes a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Only available for purchase online
  • Not for children under five
  • Cannot be used for sleep apnea as a remedy
  • Uncomfortable for people with thinner nasal passages and frequent nosebleeds
  • Hard to learn how to insert it correctly
  • Sometimes falls out during sleep

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