iOnic Spa Shower Reviews 2024: Is it Really Helpful?

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The iOnic spa shower had made a buzz for quite a while, so I decided to test it out. First I got it delivered to my home about eight months ago, and I’m using it till now.

Well, ever since I started using the shower head, it has introduced me to a new way of rejuvenation. Furthermore, I can now put myself under this shower head and rely on its technology to deep clean my body. On top of that, I’m getting a significant reduction in my water waste tracker.

Let me give you a iOnic spa shower review and share how it turned my ordinary shower into a smart one. I’ll also share some technical aspects of this technological advancement, and describe how it works.

Why Should You Care About My Review?

I’m going to be technical about the iOnic spa shower, so you should know why you’d care about my review. As a savvy technology enthusiast, I’ve been reviewing different gadgets for a long time. I love to explore new technologically advanced devices and gadgets every time I see one pop up in the market.

However, not every gadget I test makes it to the table and gets to be reviewed on this site. As a technology professional, I use the gadget for a while and explore its ins and outs before reviewing. The iOnic spa shower is such a gadget that can bring a huge advancement in the way you shower every day.

So, today I’m sharing my thoughts on it and deciding if it’s a good investment for you as well.

iOnic Spa Shower Review – My Honest Opinion

I’ll start by sharing my opinion, and what I’ve found from hours of research I did before buying the iOnic spa shower. You’ll get a complete idea about what this device is in the first place and how it works.

What is the iOnic Spa Shower?

What is the iOnic Spa Shower Review

Unlike any other shower head, the iOnic spa shower comes with a bunch of extra features to stand out. You can get better quality water, the purity of it as well as a significant decrease in water waste. In fact, this device can help you save on your water bills by a whopping 30%, which is great. Not just that, this shower head offers separate different sections through which the water comes out. Each section treats the water differently, of which 2 purifies the water and treats it with negative ions.

What Does The iOnic Spa Shower Do?

Okay, now that you know what this iOnic spa shower, let’s understand how it works, the science behind it. First off, it’s a detachable shower head that you can easily take off your regular shower or attach.

What Does The iOnic Spa Shower Do

Once you attach the head, the water starts to come out through the first stage containing infrared natural mineral balls. These balls purify the water, and it passes to the second stage containing negative ion balls. The water will have another treatment now which is ionizing them to manipulate the water thanks to modern technology.

You’re making the water lighter and treating it with a superior pH balance, making it more skin friendly. Essentially, these are bio-active stones that help the water make your skin fine and smoother to touch. Doesn’t it just help your skin, but also strengthen your hair, make them smoother, and shinier to look at!

And that’s why it’s called a spa shower head as the name goes, it rejuvenates your body.

Pros and Cons of iOnic Spa Shower

Ever since I started researching this captivating device, till date I’m using it, including the buying experience, I’ve noticed all its pros and cons.

Best things about the iOnic Spa shower:

  • It’s a great thing for ending or starting a day with total rejuvenation.
  • Using it has a super simple and straightforward way and steps.
  • The see-through pipe-like design makes it really stunning as it works.
  • The custom water flow feels really great when it lands on the body.
  • It’s available to buy from the manufacturer at an obvious lower price.

The bad part of the iOnic spa shower would be

Well, the certain one that was always there about the iOnic spa shower is the availability. Since the manufacturer itself both makes it and sells it, availability is uncertain. Don’t forget to check the current availability of this amazing device. As of the time I’m writing this review, they even have this device on sale at a staggering 50% discount.

What Makes Ionic Spa Shower So Revolutionary?

The iOnic spa shower has every reason to be called a revolutionary shower head by its nature. Here are its iconic features that make it stand out from any other shower head and why it’s revolutionary:

High-Tech Water Filters

High-Tech Water Filters

This smart shower head comes with two different purification levels, one with bioactive minerals, another to ionize the water. Both make the water a lot lighter and smoother that matches the anatomy of the human skin. Thus, you’re going to smoothen your dry skin alongside helping hair follicles after taking a shower with it.

Easy Replaceable Filtration

Easy Replaceable Filtration

Both the filters I talked about are all replaceable, making the setup a perfect investment for the long run. Once the mineral balls lose their efficiency and go obsolete, you can just replace them with new bioactive stones. Getting the new balls isn’t a difficult job either as you can get them delivered to your doorsteps from the same manufacturer.

Water Saving & Eco Friendly

If I talk about the best part of the ionic handheld shower, that’d be the eco friendliness with water savings. Unlike an ordinary showerhead, you can save gallons of water with this shower head by over 30% compared to any traditional shower head. Furthermore, with its smart spraying function, you can get a huge 200% of higher water pressure for a better experience.

Compact & Beautiful Design

Compact & Beautiful Design

Despite having some seriously impressive features, this shower head offers a compact and beautiful design. Its see-through design will make your shower an enjoyable time alongside giving you a healthy bathing time. Not just that, you can see at what stage the mineral balls inside the filter are to be replaced.

Customizable Shower

Customizable Shower

You know it offers a 200% increase in the water pressure, well, this thing does it with style. It sprays the water in 3 different styles: the rainfall mode, the massage, and a combo of both rain and massage with Jetting. I use all of them frequently, depending on when I’m taking the shower, and how amusing a shower time I want.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Installing the shower head for faucet water is a breeze as it comes with almost a plug and play construction. All it takes into the process is assembling the filters, which is self-explanatory, and attaching it to the thread. You’ll not only enjoy taking showers with it, but also find it easier to assemble and start using it.

Mindfulness & Skin Freshness

Now for the big reveal, the benefit you won’t expect from any ordinary shower head, and that’s the health benefits. You can use the iOnic spa shower as the ultimate standalone device that helps you rejuvenate yourself. Its negative ionized shower water will help your skin stay fresh for long and feel less irritation altogether.

How To Use The iOnic Spa Shower?

How To Use The iOnic Spa Shower

Using the iOnic spa shower has the easiest steps to follow compared to most modern shower heads on the market. At least, it was super simple for me once I got it delivered to my doorsteps. Here is how you’ll use this device from preparing it, assembling, and using it for the shower:

Assemble the parts

Assemble the parts

The first step will be assembling the parts of the head as it comes separated in the box. Start by  putting the filters into the chamber, then put the ionic balls followed by the mineral balls. After that, put the filter gland onto the included hose connector, and tighten it up, aligned to the thread.

Attach the Hose

If you have tightened the head up, you should have a complete shower head with a hose on your hand. Now take a piece of teflon thread tape, apply it to the end of the thread of the hose. After that, align it with your water service line and tighten the hose properly. Now you should have a working shower head and ready to bathe.

Using the shower

Using the iOnic shower head is pretty straightforward, especially once you understand the mechanism. You will have a lever to customize the pressure of water coming out of this shower head. Depending on which style you need, you can use the rain mode, or massage mode, or a combo of both.

What Results Can I Expect from an iOnic Spa Shower?

What Results Can I Expect from an iOnic spa shower

The iOnic shower head can have some significantly positive results on your body, mind, and overall health. Firstly, you’re rejuvenating your body fast if you’re coming from a hard day at work. Secondly, since it’s purifying the water into a finer one, your skin takes it positively and absorbs faster.

It also ionizes the water so that you can get a healthier life without any sort of dizziness. The negative ion calms your mind, which helps to achieve the goal of taking a shower in the first place. On top of that, you’re getting a major amount of decrease in water waste. And that contributes to saving on bills a vast amount at the end of the year.

Who Could Benefit From Using the iOnic Spa Shower?

Who Could Benefit From Using the iOnic Spa Shower

Getting this shower head isn’t any good unless you’re the right person who needs such a device. Although you can understand yourself why it’s good for you, I’ll mention some types of people who might need it:

  • All day job holders who want a much needed rejuvenation after a long working day.
  • Teachers and politicians who talk all day, make important decisions, need a relaxing shower.
  • People with skin problems who want to shower without the fear of getting skin issues.
  • Beauty freaks when maintaining and developing fine skin tone becomes the target.
  • People with allergies when they must take their everyday shower with no fear of reactions.
  • Who loves to live healthy and want to acquire the best version of their skin and hair.

Is the iOnic Spa Shower Worth Purchasing?

Simply put, the iOnic spa shower is a solid purchase if you need a shower head that keeps you healthy. It doesn’t only give your body and mind a quick refreshment after a hectic day at work, but also saves you money.

You’re saving water while having a better shower experience with 3 different shower modes: rain, massage, and combo. Not to mention, it offers a 35% higher speed water flow despite the water savings, setting it apart from other ionic showerheads.

Furthermore, the next level thing about this shower head is the ionic rock filtration to smoothen your skin and hair. You’ll start to feel the difference just by using it for a few days, as I did from the first few uses.

Special Benefits and Key Features of Ionic Spa Shower

So, you know at this point how the iOnic spa shower head works and why it’s so popular. Now, let’s point out what are the key benefits of using the iOnic spa shower as your regular shower companion:Special Benefits and Key Features of Ionic Spa Shower

  • It rejuvenates your body almost instantly
  • You can strengthen your hair and shine them
  • There will be 30% less water waste with it
  • A great device to purify the water you bathe in
  • It ionizes the water before delivering with ion balls
  • There are 3 different spray settings to use.
  • Make the skin smoother and shinier to touch
  • Has an esthetic look with a see-through body
  • Detachable without needing any external tools
  • You get a stainless steel body to last really long

Customer Testimonials

Before I bought the iOnic shower head, I had to go through some real life user experience for sure. I did that and every one of them impressed me well, and that’s why I’m sharing some of those here:

  • I’ve never felt so fresh after a shower as the iOnic shower head had me experience after every working day. It's been a great journey with it for me and my family members, who love it so much. -Jacob
  • I’m a beautician myself and every time I see a natural, standalone beautification process, I have to test it. Therefore, I tested the iOnic shower head, and it impressed me. I was just taking a shower, I didn't care or expect smoother skin, but it did give me a smoother surface! -Charlotte
  • Ever since I got the iOnic shower head for my bathroom and replaced the old system, it started saving me on bills! Although I was getting a better spray this time, it was even more impressive with the reduction in water usage! -Nick

How Can I Acquire the Ionic Health Facility Shower?

Getting the iconic iOnic spa shower head is super easy as the manufacturer sells it online themselves. You can get this device from their official website by yourself and get a delivery of the best shower head at your doorsteps. Besides, they have rolled out a hefty 50% discount on this little tool, which is impressive. However, with a huge demand in prior, the ongoing offer has made it a hot cake. So, before you expect to get one, be sure to check if they have it available now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more queries about the iOnic spa shower head that might be necessary for you? Here are some, with answers:

Are Ionic Shower Heads Any Good?

The iOnic shower heads are the best of any other shower head I’ve ever used with some impressive features.

Which Is the Best Shower Head?

If you’re planning to get a new shower head, go for the iOnic spa head, hands down. It’s the best of its kind.

Do Ionic Shower Heads Increase Water Pressure?

Yes, the iOnic shower head can increase the water pressure by over 200% which is really a massive improvement, especially with a 30% decrease in water waste.

How Long Do Ionic Shower Heads Last?

The iOnic shower heads are highly durable and have a good lifespan expectancy for sure. Since you can replace the alkaline ceramic balls, you can keep using the head for years.

How Can I Increase Shower Pressure?

You can use the iOnic shower head and put it on massage mode to increase the water pressure from the shower.

Do Shower Heads Make a Difference?

Yes, depending on which shower head you’re using, it will have a different experience. You can get a higher water waste reduction as well as a higher water pressure from it.

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

If you’re wondering which manufacturer has made this impressive device that does this much, here’s your answer: Hyper Sls Ltd, a Hong Kong based international tech gadget product supplier has manufactured this shower head. Since they do both the manufacturing and the distribution, you’re getting the right product and getting it for cheap. So, check if it’s available currently.

Support Team Contacts

Hyper Sls Ltd, is reachable for contact and customer service from around the globe with their global customer care service. You can contact them regarding any info about the iOnic spa shower head. Here is where you have to contact them, from both overseas and China:

  • customer support number: +852 8197 7604
  • Email: [email protected]
  • International Office:
    • Hyper Sls Ltd
    • 7/F, The Grande Building
    • 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, HongKong.
  • Europe Office:
    • Novads OU
    • Narva mnt 7, 5th Floor, room 556
    • Tallinn, Estonia, 10117

iOnic Spa Shower Review: Verdict

To wrap things up, I must say that the iOnic spa shower is a legit piece of tech. It has revolutionized the way I used to take a shower in my daily life. In this ionic spa shower review, I tried to be as detailed as possible since getting the right device is highly important. After spending a few months, I didn’t have to replace the filtration balls yet, and it has a highly durable design as well. Enough of a surprise, this shower head has helped me stay fresh and up for long hours of work. If you’re also planning to get a shower head in general, I’d suggest you give the iOnic spa shower a chance.


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