Lumenology Review: Easy-to-Carry Motion Sensor LED Light

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Imagine hosting an outdoor event during the night. You need to cover the entire space with adequate lighting. If there are not enough power sockets nearby, you will really struggle to power up all the lights.

To solve this problem, take a look at Lumenology. It is a portable light that is powered by a battery, has a motion sensor built-in, and has a really easy way to set up on almost any surface. That means you do not need to worry about power strips or any messy cables anymore.

Today, I will review Lumenology and put its strengths to the test. So, follow along and find out if this is the one portable lighting solution for all your needs.

Lumenology Review: Brief overview

Manufacturer Limitless Innovation
Dimensions 3.5 by 3.75 by 4.25 inches
Light Temperature 5700K, White
Battery 2 AA Alkaline
Water Resistance IP43 Certified
Brightness 148 Lumens
Battery Backup Up to 7 Hours
Motion Sensor Passive InfraRed
Motion Detection 100 ft, 100 degrees
Adjustable Head 180 degrees
Beam Distance 62 ft
Attachment Method Magnetic, Flexible Tripod

On first look, Lumenology looks like an IP Camera. But actually, it is a portable light that comes with a motion sensor.


As a power source, it needs small removable AA batteries, which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

When I got it, it was going for 38 dollars, which may look expensive. But factor in a motion sensor and portability, and that price will start to look competitive.

What is Lumenology?

Lumenology is a portable light source that comes with two great features. Firstly, it has motion sensing ability, which means you can set it as a light for storage and warehouses without requiring any switch.

Secondly, it runs on battery power. That means no power adapters or cables are required to connect it.


Also, you can install this light with just two simple methods. A magnet-based holder which can be drilled into trees or walls. Or a tripod that can be attached to any pole. That means camping and bonfires will be more fun as you do not have to worry about installing the lights.

The ease of installation means you don’t have to hire an expert and do it all yourself. In fact, it is so easy that your second-grader kid can set it up effortlessly.

How does Lumenology work?

For starters, Lumenology is a simple LED light. It has a rotatable head, which gives it the flexibility to adjust the light in any direction. You can set up the lights in any direction from 0 to 180 degrees.

There is a motion sensor built in. That means Lumenology is perfect for places where the light does not need to be on all the time, such as your closet.

When it detects any movement using its infrared sensor, the light switches on automatically. But if you prefer to control the light  using a switch manually, you can do that too.


Now let’s come to the best thing about it, that is it is powered by a portable power source. You insert a battery, and it powers on automatically.

That means it eliminates the need for a power adapter. For situations where you use its motion sensor, it can even last for a few months.

How does Lumenology work 01

Lumenology has magnets on the back. That means it can snap automatically on metallic surfaces. In addition, you get an installation plate that holds it in place when set up against a wall or a tree.

You also get a tripod for installing it. It is flexible and gives a 360-degree angle for adjusting the light.

Key Features of Lumenology

You may now ask that there are many motion sensing lights that are very similar to Lumenology. So, what sets it apart?

Actually, it's the robust features that you get in Lumenology that make it stand out from i

Portable and Easy to Carry

Lumenology has a lightweight design and is extremely compact. You can easily hold one in your hand.

And a backpack can easily fit a couple of them. So, when going on a camping trip, it is easy to pack when you have multiple units at a time.

Portable and Easy to Carry

It is designed to install within seconds. Just wrap its flexible tripod base against a camping tent or set it up against a tree. It stays secure and provides solid lightning without needing your attention.

And there’s also the magnetic plate. You can attach it on any surface, and Lumenology just snaps into place. The magnet is pretty strong so that the light does not fall off.

Provides Bright Light Coverage

A single LED is in charge of providing light where you install it. You get up to 148 lumens of brightness all the time.

And if you need to adjust the device to change the light direction, you can do that too. The light has a decent coverage of 62 ft. That is enough to cover an outdoor barbecue of 4 people.

Provides Bright Light Coverage

Built-in Motion Sensor

The ability to use the motion sensors means it is a perfect choice for closets and warehouses. The lights remain off until it detects motion.

It can sense motion up to 13 feet with a 140-degree field of view. The light remains on for 30s and then turns off, which saves the battery.

Built-in Motion Sensor

If you do not need the motion sensor, you can always turn it off. Then, the light stays on permanently until it is switched off.

Powered by AAA Batteries

Lumenology is powered by batteries, so you will never run out of light. It runs on an AA battery, which is readily available.

The portable power means it is great for use outdoors. And do not let it fool you because it has a stay-on mode for almost 7 hours on a set of batteries.

Water Resistant

It is water resistant too. Lumenology is tested and certified to be IP43 water-resistant against water sprays. That means splashes of water or rain will do it no harm.

You can easily hang it outdoors and forget about it. It will keep providing you light even in the harshest of weather.

How to Use Lumenology?

Lumenology is very easy to use. If I were to summarize its setup process, I would say: insert the batteries, set it up against a surface, and turn it on. So, let’s go ahead and see its installation procedure step-by-step.

Step 1: Install the batteries

  • Use a gentle force and pull the dent on the back of Lumenology. The back plastic should come off automatically.

Step 1 Install the batteries

  • Insert three AA-sized batteries and close its back cover.
  • Decide where you would mount Lumenology. For a flat surface, install the magnetic mount. But if you are installing it on a pole or a tree, use the included tripod.

Step 2: Install Lumenology

First, choose where you would set up Lumenology. Depending on the surface, go with the magnetic plates or the tripod.

 Using the Magnetic Mount

  •  Place the metal plate against a flat surface and secure it using the included screws.

Using the Magnetic Mount

  • Bring the magnetic base of Lumenology close to the metal plate. The magnets should snap it in place.
  • Rotate the head and adjust the angle of the lights.

Using the Tripod

  • Attach the Tripod legs to the base of Lumenology.
  • Use the tripod's legs to attach it securely against a tree, camping tent, or a pole.

Using the Tripod

  • Rotate the Tripod and set the angle of the lights. This can basically rotate 360 degrees, giving you an endless option to set up Lumenology.

Step 2: Power it on

To use it, there are three user modes to choose from.

  • To use it as a motion-sensing light, slide the switch to Auto. Try moving near it to see if the motion sensor detects your movement and turns on the light.


  • For using it as a traditional light, slide the switch to On.
  • Turn it off by sliding the switch to off. This will help save the battery when you do not need any lights.

Benefits Of Using Lumenology

When you are trying to decide whether or not to get a light source such as Lumenology, it helps when you can quickly look at its key benefits. And I will tell you this, surely this product has lots of benefits.

You get both traditional and motion-sensing light

Lumenology can work like a normal light source that is constantly used or as a motion-sensing light for your garage or closed space.

It is extremely versatile in both situations, requiring only a flip of a switch to change its operating mode.

Great for Outdoors

The fact that it uses a battery for operation makes it an ideal candidate to be used outdoors. You can easily get a battery life of 5-6 hours without requiring any battery change.

And since it is waterproof, it can withstand rain. So, your outdoor party can go on without any interruption.

Great for Outdoors

Install anywhere

The tripods that come with Lumenology are really adaptable. They are super flexible giving them the ability to attach to almost any surface.

The flexible material means you have endless adjustment options that are not present in similar competing products.

What are the Pros & Cons of Lumenology

We have discussed a lot about Lumenology by now. So, it is fair to look at its pros and cons in this section.

  • Very compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Adjustable head.
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries.
  • Has Infrared motion-sensing capabilities.
  • IP43 Certified Water Resistant.

  • It's pricey when you buy a single unit.
  • Discount only available from the manufacturer's website.
  • Needs to replace batteries when used continuously.

What Problems Does Lumenology Solve?

I often hear my friends complain about outdoor lights. Either they are too expensive for the features they provide, or they have one or two functions missing.

Luminology is quite affordable when compared to some other options. Plus, when you buy it in multiple packs, you get a good price cut.

What problems does Lumenology solve

Its ability to repel water comes in real handy when used outdoors. Also, pack in some extra batteries, and you are almost set for days, which makes it ideal for campers.

Another key problem that it solves is that you don’t need any electrician or contractor to set it up. You can install it yourself, thus saving money in the long run.

Who Should Get Lumenology?

Lumenology is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its portability, convenient power source, and ease of installation make it perfect for use in both conditions.

It can survive rain and dust when you use it outdoors. That means it is ideal for people who:

  • Go out camping/fishing frequently.
  • Entertains guests regularly in their backyard.
  • Hosts barbecues and picnics.

It will also work perfectly for lighting up dark spaces such as closets, garages, and attics.

As these places are used sparingly, it makes sense to use Lumenology’s motion sensor. It will only light up when you are there; otherwise, it remains off. That way, the batteries will run for a long time.

You can also use it as your desk lamp. Set it next to your computer or workstation. As it is highly adjustable, it can function as a dedicated table lamp.

Its compact size means it can also work as an emergency light. You can take it almost anywhere in the house and use it.

Lumenology Cost & Refund Policy

I got a single unit of Lumenology from the manufacturer’s site at 38 dollars, excluding shipping costs. During that time, I saw you can get some good discounts when purchasing multiple units at a time.

If you do the math, the price of a single unit drops to 25 dollars when you buy it in bulk. So, go for multiple units if you want to use Lumenology for the entire house. That way, you will end up saving some cash.

Lumenology offers a full refund within 30 days of purchase. The return process warrants that there is no physical damage to the product and its packaging.

You get a 1-year limited warranty, covering full product replacements in the event of a damaged product.

The customer support team can be contacted at (855) 843-4828 or mail [email protected] to get in touch with them in matters relating to a refund or warranty.

What Does the Customer Say About Lumenology?

Lumenology includes some reviews from customers who have used it in the past. I read them, and they were mostly positive. Here, I have included some feedback for your convenience.

“I now have two of these lights that illuminate my back door area for when I take my dog out at night. The illumination is great, and the batteries last over a year.”-Daisy, Maine

“Since my original purchase, I have bought two more of these lights. They are easy to install and work well. I used the bendable legs/wires on the first two. I plan to mount the last one using the magnetic attachment. They detect motion well and are fairly bright, but I wouldn't mind if they were a little brighter.”-Kacey, Utah

“I own several of these lights. They're great! I use them on my RV- they can be put almost anywhere using either the flexible arms (wrapped around my RV ladder or awning) or the magnet base. They make an excellent security motion light. I take them down when traveling and put them up when I get to camp.”-Rachel, NY

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy Lumenology from the website of Limitless Innovation, the guys behind the product. While the same product is available on Amazon, you won’t get discounts when purchasing multiple units from there.

Lumenology Review

I reached out to Limitless, and they told me there was some issue relating to warranty claims by some guys who brought it from Amazon. Apparently, the product was a counterfeit and was ineligible for a warranty claim.

So, I feel it is better if you purchase Lumenology right from the manufacturer website. You are guaranteed of a genuine product, and you can be sure that there won't be any issues when opting for a refund or product replacement.

How is Lumenology’s Support Team?

Going through the customer reviews revealed another good thing. The customer support team behind Lumenology is quick to respond to customer queries. I did not get any complaints relating to the after-sales support.

Lumenology Review 01

You should hear back from the support team between 1-2 days after contacting them. I got their reply before 24 hours was over. So, this can be assuring that the support team is there to hear any issues from you with utmost importance.

Is Buying Lumenology Worth The Money?

I feel Lumenology is a good product, considering its multifaceted use case. It is going to appeal to a wide range of audiences who are likely to use it in different scenarios.

So, let's say, you are buying it as a desk light. During a power cut, the same light can function as an emergency light.

Also, on outdoor events, you can take it with you, and it will continually provide lights. You are covered for different situations without making any additional purchases.

This flexibility is what made me go for Lumenology. And that’s what makes it totally worth every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though I have covered almost everything related to Lumenology, you may have some additional questions. And that’s what I will answer in this section.

Is Lumenology resistant to water?

Lumenology is resistant to splashes of water and has an IP43-certified rating. That means you can use it outdoors, even if there is a slight drizzle.

How long does Lumenology last?

Lumenology will last a long time if you only use it for motion sensing, such as in garages or closets. If you use motion sensing only, it can run for 1000 activations before needing a battery change. For continual use, it will last for 7 hours.

Is Lumenology better than Solar powered light?

Solar-powered lights cannot be charged when there is rainfall or snow. Lumenology may not have a solar charger, but you can replace its batteries and keep on using it irrespective of any weather.

Can Lumenology replace my traditional lights?

Lumenology can coexist with the traditional light in your house. While the traditional lights require some wiring, Lumenology is free of it. You can even move them to places where you need them. Unfortunately, that is something regular lights cannot do.

Can I use Lumenology on my car?

Yes, Lumenology works perfectly as an emergency light source for your car. As it runs on batteries, it will easily last you a single trip of 5-7 hours. Plus, you can extend this runtime by carrying some spare batteries with you.

Summary: Lumenology Review

Lumenology is like a Swiss army knife. It lights up like a traditional light, is battery-powered, has motion-sensing abilities, and can be set up in multiple orientations. That means the same product will come in handy for all your different needs.

Its ease of installation and different modes of use will please the DIY mindset of most home users. So, I give this high recommendation to those who need a top-notch LED light that can provide bright lights in any situation.


Lumenology Review

Buy Now
Features Rate 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 10
Safety 10
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable head
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries
  • Has Infrared motion-sensing capabilities
  • IP43 Certified Water Resistant
  • It's pricey when you buy a single unit
  • Discount only available from the manufacturer's website
  • Needs to replace batteries when used continuously

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