Luminas Review (Update 2024): Is This Pain Relief Patch Worth It?

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Body pain is an inevitable part of our everyday life. But when it gets unbearable, we just can not let it slide. And consuming analgesics or other pain relief medicines has many side effects in the long run.

There are some situations where you can not take medicines such as if you feel nausea or unconscious. Also taking intravenous injections for pain relief is extremely painful and costly.

Take a breath, today we are going to introduce you to the best remedy for your sudden or chronic pain at any part of your body. That is none other than Luminas.

The pain relief patches relieve pain without using any medicine. Continue with this Luminas review to know more about Luminas.

What Exactly is Luminas?

Luminas is a transdermal pain relief patch. These patches are supposed to relieve your muscle pain or joints pain within minutes.Luminas Review

While other medicines like tablets or capsules take a long time to start working, pain relief patches work much quicker than them.

The Luminas patches contain all natural ingredients such as magnesium, ginger, turmeric etc. So, there is no need to worry about any adverse effects.

If you want a pain-free and relaxed life, get your Luminas now. And don’t forget to tell your friends and family members about this amazing product.

List of Ingredients

The manufacturers claim that they used more than two hundreds of natural components in Luminas pain relief patches. But they only revealed a few of them to the outer world.

Along with these magical organics, Luminas works by implying the theory of Quantum Physics. It is claimed that by using quantum physics, it aims at all the sources of pain.

I am mentioning some of the ingredients and their effects here-

List of Ingredients


It has many natural oils that are filled with medicinal properties. Among them Gingerol is the most significant one that has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.

Ginger helps in different kinds of joint pains such as Osteoarthritis and it is scientifically proven. It is also reported that ginger helps in menstrual pain and lets you get rid of infections in many cases.


This one contains Cucurmin which is also rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It suppresses the molecules that are responsible for pain and inflammation.

Cucurmin reduces the inflammation of joints, thus helps cure arthritis. It actually works better than some anti-inflammatory drugs.


It is a derivative of Black Pepper fruit. Bioperine minimizes the muscle damage that can happen after excessive exercise. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that help in improving the overall immune system.


Arnica is a well-known herbaceous plant that is traditionally used to relieve pains. It also has antibiotic properties. In Osteoarthritis, Arnica can reduce the joint-pain and stiffness.


It has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help in improving workout performance. Magnesium can prevent pains related to migraine and menstruation. It also improves the overall immune system.

Vitamin B and D

These vitamins are necessary for the normal functioning of our body. They also reduce bone related pains and keep our muscles healthy.

Features and Benefits of Luminas

Luminas pain relief patches offer so many useful features. Here I am stating the features attracted me the most.

Relief from Pain and Inflammation

The Luminas relief patches reduce pain from a scale of 7/10 to 4/10. It relieves pain in several minutes to one/two hours. And one patch can be kept all day long to feel at ease. Thus the effect remains active 24 hours all along.

Medicine Free Solution

As these pain relief patches are made from organic products, there is no presence of any medicine or chemical. More than 200 ingredients are used in trace amounts to produce Luminas. When absorbed into the system, these components trigger the pain relieving molecules.

Registered by FDA

The producers of Luminas have already registered their pain relief patches with the Food and Drug Administration of USA successfully. The FDA classifies Luminas as Class 1 Medical Device.

Doesn’t Produce Odor

Luminas works like magic and plus it doesn’t produce any kind of bad odors. No need to worry about a bad taste in the mouth as it is applied directly on the skin.

Doesn’t Show Any Side Effects

As all the components of the Luminas are organic and natural, there is no possibility of side effects. Any kind of nausea or even stomach irritation isn’t associated with this. There is also no record of skin rashes or allergies.

Recommended by Athletes

Many renowned athletes and doctors recommend these patches for instant pain reliefs. They really help during your exercises or any heavy work.

Reasonably Priced

The Luminas comes with 24 pieces of pain relief patches in a package. And one single patch can be used for 24 hours. So, the price is really cost-effective.

Handy and Easy to Use

The patches are easy to handle. You can carry them with you anywhere. And applying them is more than simple.

Pros and Cons

After using the Luminas patches, I have experienced some of its bad sides along with many benefits. Below are the pros and cons of these pain relief patches according to my experience.

  • These patches do not have any odors.
  • No adverse effects are associated with it.
  • Start working after several minutes generally.
  • The healing effect lasts for a long period.
  • All the elements are natural and organic.
  • Difficult to apply to hairy body parts.
  • Pain relief effects vary individually.

How Does it Work?

Producers claim that Luminas works in a totally different way than other pain relief patches. It utilizes the quantum physics “energy medicine” strategy to mitigate pain.

Quantum physics depicts how tiny particles can act alone or act together as a wave to demonstrate any effect. For a better understanding, if we think about how our computers work, it will help.

How does it work

There are different codes for different functions and these codes can identify their designated functions as instructed. Like that, the natural ingredients also have codes specific to different actions.

And these Luminas patches apply this technique. More than 200 ingredients start finding the codes in our body to relieve pain. Then, when it reaches the system, our body chooses the specific codes.

Thus this patch lets you get rid from pain, thanks to the success of Modern Technology. Luminas patches can provide the exact amount of relief to your specific muscles as it can be applied to anywhere as your wish.

And as you can apply it to the exact part where the pain exists, it can directly work on the source of that pain. That’s why it works faster than oral medications or other pain relief agents.

How Can You Use It?

Using the Luminas patches is actually very simple. I am going to divide it into a few steps to make it more understandable.

Step 1: First of all, you have to identify the body part where the pain is. Then open the Luminas package and choose a strip from the small, medium, and large sizes.

Step 2: Open the protective cover from the strip and apply the sticky side to your body part.

Step 3: You should feel the decreasing sensation of pain after several minutes or half an hour. If not, then you can apply the large patch removing the small or medium one.

Step 4: Now, you can remove it once your pain is gone. Or keep it 24 hours to feel the relaxing effect, as you wish.

So, using these patches is really easy, right? Now, if you think you need these Luminas pain relief patches, order yours. And say goodbye to the agonizing pains to the muscles.

Is It a Scam?

If you are confused about the authenticity, you can check the reviews of customers who have used Luminas. As far as I can tell, they even tested the patches by Thermography.

Thermography is described as a procedure where the specific Infrared camera measures our body’s temperature and visualizes the physiological responses.

I have added the image of the test results above. Here, I have even attached some of the reviews regarding the effectiveness of Luminas.

Is it a scam

Is it a scam 02

Where to Get the Luminas?

You can order the patches from different websites online. But the problem is their authenticity. Also, you can miss out of the 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy Luminas from a random page.

I have got my Luminas pain relief patches from this website and they offer great customer service.

The pricing and packages available are below-

  • One box of Luminas (24 patches) costs $39.99
  • Two boxes of Luminas cost (48 patches) $33.99 per box
  • Three boxes of Luminas cost (72 patches) $29.99 per box.

You have to pay the shipping cost also, and it varies depending on which country you are ordering from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s have a look at some of the common questions that may ppe in you mind before picking one for you. The answers of those questions will surely help you throw out all of your confusion.

Can I cut the patches to size?

No, you shouldn’t cut the patches. It will disrupt the effectiveness. And there are already three different sizes available in one pack. So, you won’t need to cut them.

How long does it take to work?

Generally it starts working after several minutes of applying, though the time can differ individually.

How does the patch work?

The patch utilizes organic components to target the source of the pain. And thus activates the pain-relieving points in the body.

Are Luminas patches comfortable?

Yes, they are very comfortable to wear. And because of the natural ingredients, no odor or rashes appear.

How long do users need to wear these patches?

There is no designated time period to wear these patches. You can remove it as soon as the pain disappears. 


Luminas pain relief patches can be a lifesaver for many of us. These patches work using modern technology and natural components. So, we are free from the worries of side effects.

The patches are also very flexible; you can apply them at any part of your skin. This patch works instantly to relieve the pain. And it works best in case of muscle or joint pains along with menstrual cramp, shoulder pain and so on.

We hope this Luminas review has helped you to understand its mechanism and usefulness.


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