Max Bubble Gun Review: Ultimate Guide to Bubble-Blowing Fun!

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Playing with bubbles is like reminiscing about the childhood days that adults often crave. Imagine a weekend getaway or a birthday party where you are playing with your children on a sunny afternoon with bubble guns. It's like a throwback to all those sparkling memories with bubbling invasion.

The Max Bubble Gun can offer the same feeling, a massive reason is its usage flexibility and compactness. In addition, its suitability to pool parties and decorations for photoshoots makes it a good purchase.

Stay with me during my thorough discussion on Max bubble guns. I'll cover some crucial aspects that'll help you understand better.

Max Bubble Gun Review: A Short Overview

A Max bubble gun is an excellent gift as a parent you can give to your kid. Let me take you through the basics of this bubble gun in the section below:

Max Bubble Gun Review A Short Overview

What Is a Max Bubble Gun?

Max bubble gun is a compact toy for your kid with modest features. As a toy, it aims to offer people of all ages a bubbly, fun experience.

This toy is lightweight and has a dimension of 21.3 x 22.3 cm. Such weight and size make it super portable, eventually letting you carry it anywhere.

The best part I found about this bubble gun is that it can release thousands of bubbles simultaneously. It's possible, thanks to 88 bubble holes in the gun.

Moreover, it’s entirely safe for your children as it contains no harmful elements that might be triggering.

How Does Max Bubble Gun Work?

The mechanism of max bubble gum is relatively straightforward. Its ability to shoot many bubbles at once makes it a standout.

How does Max Bubble Gun work

You must put the tray full of bubble-forming liquid and pull the trigger. But before that, you must ensure the gun is fully in charge.

After trying it out, I must tell you that this bubble gun has two modes. The first is burst mode, letting you shoot 12 shots/second. When I tried shooting, I didn't need compressed air recharging to have rapid bubble shots at a go.

The second mode is the laser mode, which has more longevity than the burst mode. Through this mode, you'll be able to create much larger bubbles than the burst mode.

Key Features of The Max Bubble Gun

Elements that will make you choose Max Bubble Gun are essential to know. Take a look at some prominent features that I mentioned below:

Bubble Formation

The primary feature you should know about is the bubble formation frequency of the Max bubble gun. The gun has 88 holes that play a huge part in forming hundreds of bubbles in a few seconds.

Build Material

The bubble gun is made up of high-quality ABS plastic. It ensures high sturdiness and durability to a great extent. Using such material perfectly balances heat, abrasion, and chemical resistance for the Bubble gun.

Battery Life

The Max Bubble Gun has a rechargeable battery with a USB cable. It has a 3.7-volt rechargeable battery and usually lasts 2 hours of constant operation.


You can be assured about the safety of the gun and its materials. There aren’t any abrasive stuff or chemicals. Primarily, there are ergonomic handles in the gun, which means your child’s small hands will be free from getting hurt.


The Max bubble guns are suitable for multiple types of events. You can keep it for the birthday party of your kids or a family get-together. It is suited for the fun activities of people of all ages.

How to Use a Max Bubble Gun?

I was overwhelmed using the Max Bubble due to its easygoing nature. Let me share with you the process of using the Max bubble gun in the steps below:

How to use a Max Bubble Gun

Step – 1: Check Battery

Before doing anything, you should check the battery condition of the Bubble gun. It’s crucial to have it fully charged.

Step – 2: Add Bubble Liquid

Add the bubble-forming liquid to the plastic tray after you see the battery is all alright.

 Step -3: Ground Levelling

Put your Max bubble gun on a level surface, preferably on a floor.

Step – 4: Pull The Trigger

Once the above steps are done, you point the bubble gun upwards and hold the trigger down, enabling millions of bubbles to fly around.

You can use this bubble gun at night and day for outdoor activities. The gun has built-in LEDs, which will create a sparkling effect. A fully charged battery is what you need all the time and installation of it on the rifle.

Next, add bubble liquid to the plastic bubble tray and level it with the floor. After a while, lift the gun horizontally and pull the trigger to check bubble formation.

Benefits of using Max Bubble Gun

After thoroughly testing and playing with bubbles, I came up with a conclusion that portrays the overall benefits of Max bubble guns. Let me take you through all those:

Benefits of using Max Bubble Gun

Easy Cleaning

The cleaning process for this bubble gun won’t be a hassle. When I washed the bubble, I noticed a detachable cap that made washing off the existing bubble solution easy.

Build Quality

The quality ABS plastic used in the Max bubble gun makes it have thickening materials. Such materials eventually make it heat, fall, and leak resistant.

Entertainment Value

Max bubble gun can be a unique addition to summer day parties, events, or weddings. The ability of this toy to create a vibrant atmosphere, in addition to the LED lighting with bubbles, adds a new flair to any occasion with hours of entertainment.

Social Interactions

The usage of Max bubble gun in activities can help in increasing the social interaction of children. Engaging family members in such gameplays is crucial for the children's bonding and cognitive development.

Boosting Creativity

This might be one of the most unexplored aspects, but playing with bubbles will help children boost their imaginative skills. The visual appearance of the incredible bubbles for hours gives them a sensory experience that prompts them to think.

Max Bubble Guns Pros and Cons

Having the Max bubble gun as a part of your entertainment is all good. But a few issues might go unnoticed. According to my experience, I have listed some good things and limitations of these bubble guns that you should know.

  • Easy to clean and comes with a cleaning brush
  • Good ergonomic design ensures the hand safety of kids
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for both day and nighttime fun activities
  • Reasonable for the price
  • Durable due to quality ABS plastic construction
  • Able to shoot thousands of bubbles in seconds
  • Rechargeable bubble gun with USB battery charger
  • The battery can last for more than 2 hours of continuous usage

  • Not available in convenience stores
  • Limited stock

Who Should Get the Max Bubble Gun?

Max bubble gun isn’t a product for a definite age group. It focuses on providing an unreal bubbly experience through the endless stream of bubbles. The magnificent bubble flair it provides adds a new dimension to any events or Photoshoots.

Who should get the Max Bubble Gun

After playing with this bubble gun for a while, I can tell you that this bubble gun is suitable for toddlers to older children. You can tweak settings or buy different versions of these incredible bubble guns for kids of different ages.

However, regardless of age, the max bubble gun is enjoyable at any afternoon or evening party. As a fun activity, adults and children have fun with bubbles and have a good time in their backyard.

Even entertainers like magicians or clowns can keep Max bubble guns in their toolbox. It can aid them in making their acts more engaging with the audience through bubbles.

Lastly, the event planners or decorators can keep this to add decorative flair. It will enable them to make any party or wedding have a more vibrant atmosphere.

Is Buying a Max Bubble Gun Worth The Money?

With the Max bubble gun, you can ensure that any boring party gets super fun within a few moments. The ability of this bubble gun to shoot numerous bubbles at a go is a top prospect.

Is Buying a Max Bubble Gun Worth The Money

Max bubble gun comes at a very affordable pricing segment with discount options. The price and discounts may vary depending on the color and quantity you buy.

That said, it wasn't hard to be decisive when I incorporated all the characteristics and benefits of Max bubble guns. These bubble guns may not be available in retail stores, but the pricing complemented with the offering makes it value for money.

Max Bubble Gun Cost And Refund Policy

Pricing of the Max bubble gun depends on how many you buy and availability. The only way you can buy them is through their dedicated website. That said, prices of the Max bubble gun are as follows:

  • 1x Max Bubble Gun for $24.99
  • 3x Max Bubble Gun for $63.72
  • 4x Max Bubble Gun for $79.97

All these prices fluctuate due to different discounts offered at other times. I suggest you keep track of their main website for their stock rather than at Amazon.

If anything doesn’t go wrong with the products you bought from their site, you’ll get a 30-day time frame to return the product. Within these 30 days, you’ll get customer support to assist you in returning the product. This process will involve requesting an RMA, which must be approved.

After the customer support team approves the RMA, you’ll get an automatic notification about the order tracking on its way to the warehouse. Once the product has reached the warehouse, it would take 7-14 business days to ensure you refund the original payment.

What Does Customer Say About Max Bubble Gun?

Before I tried the Max bubble gun myself, I went through a few reliable customer reviews on different forums. Let me take you through some of those that impacted my buying decision.

“ Rechargeable battery with bubbles tray and bubbles! If you prefer a bubble party toy, this is it! It offers everything in the box. Kids and adults both loved it.”-Megan

‘“ My granddaughter had a blast with all the colorful bubbles. This toy was put out, and it was easy for her to do it all herself. “-Stephanie Sole-Weaver

“ My niece loved it. It kept her entertained all the time. “-Rutthan Kero

“ I can’t believe the quality of this bubble machine.The bubbles produced were dreamy and perfect for my wedding photoshoot.”-John A.

“ I love bubbles and was presented this bubble gun as a graduation gift by my grandparents. It was an absolute banger; thanks, Pops and Nana. “-Kimmy

Where Can I Buy It?

The most reliable medium to buy this bubble gun toy is from its official website. You can navigate to the site and explore discounts. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can explore the options.

Max Bubble Gun Review

However, you won’t find this bubble gun in retail stores. At best, third-party sites or marketplaces can be good alternatives to look for them, but reliability is always a question there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning to buy Max bubble guns may invoke a lot of queries in your mind. I answered some of those based on my experience. Have a look at those below:

Do bubbles have chemicals?

The primary ingredient of bubbles is soap solution, which includes ample amounts of water and glycerin. It contains various surfactants that have both ionic and nonionic elements. In that sense, bubbles do have chemical components.
How long can a bubble gun last?

When handled with utmost care, a bubble gun will have a lifespan of around 2-3 years. Since the Max bubble gun has a quality ABS plastic build, it can last that long if you don't use it roughly.

What is the age range for kids using Max Bubble Gun?

Kids with age over 3 years are suitable for exposure to Max bubble guns. But before gifting your kid with a bubble gun, you must identify the interests and the likings. Your toddler outdoors must have a delightful experience.

How many LED lights does the Max Bubble Gun offer?

There are 4 LED color light options that you’ll get with the Max Bubble Gun. Each light exhibits a vibrant spectrum, enabling a colorful bubble show.

Who Is The Provider Of The Product?

The manufacturer of the Max Bubble gun is based in New Hampshire. Their warehouse is in Salem, NH, USA, and every product is shipped worldwide.

Support Team

Before buying, I had simply contacted them through the information on their website. They are responsive, and you can quickly get them with the number provided or even the mail regarding any query. The same thing is applicable in the case of returning the product you bought.

Max Bubble Gun Review 01

Summary: Max Bubble Gun Review

Caring about your kids' entertainment is essential; that is where Max Bubble Gun plays a big part. It is an ideal gift that will make your kids overjoyed.

As an adult, you can even get immersed in the bubbling experience with your kids. These bubble guns suit all photoshoots, events, birthday parties, weekend getaways, or weddings.

Lastly, I would say there is nothing to worry about. These bubble guns have been curated to ensure your and your children's safety. I recommend you buy them because of their better brand reputation than options in local stores.


Max Bubble Gun Review

Buy Now
Features Rate 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 10
Safety 10
  • Easy to clean and comes with a cleaning brush
  • Good ergonomic design ensures the hand safety of kids
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for both day and nighttime fun activities
  • Reasonable for the price
  • Durable due to quality ABS plastic construction
  • Able to shoot thousands of bubbles in seconds
  • Rechargeable bubble gun with USB battery charger
  • The battery can last for more than 2 hours of continuous usage
  • Not available in convenience stores
  • Limited stock

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