OlumiRing Review: A Closer Look To The Best Portable Ring Light (2023)

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As an enthusiastic Tiktoker & Vlogger, I’m always looking for new and useful tools that can help me take better photos & videos, and a ring light ensures proper lighting to achieve the best results. But, large ring lights with long stands make it kind of difficult to carry them everywhere, so I was looking for a much more convenient solution without sacrificing the lighting quality.

That’s when I discovered OlumiRing review, a cool little gadget that fits in your pocket and can be connected to any smartphone! This ring light received numerous positive reviews on the internet, so I was pretty tempted to try it & bought it eventually.

I've been using this portable ring light for almost a month, and I think this is the best portable ring light ever. So in this article, I'm going to give all the ins & outs of this incredible ring light & the reason why I think it's the best-

OlumiRing Review: A Brief Overview

The OlumiRing Mini Ring Light is an extremely compact, lightweight & portable solution for all your photo and video needs. This incredible ring light is equipped with 36 SMD LED lights that are encircled in soft light. It produces natural, even lighting with no flickering or hot spots at all!

The ring’s design is sturdy and durable enough to be taken anywhere without worrying about it breaking after some time. So if you like taking selfies with friends or family members, filming tutorial videos on the go, vlogging outdoors without having to find yourself in front of troublesome lighting conditions, this should be the one to go for.

To check this product from Oluminate’s official website, please click on this link.

OlumiRing Mini Ring Light: A Closer Look

When it comes to manufacturing the best mini ring lights, I think OlumiRing deserves a perfect score! Although I was a little skeptical about the quality of this product when I first saw it, my opinion changed after trying it out. So without further ado, let's see what this incredible ring light offers:

What Is OlumiRing Mini Ring Light?

OlumiRing Mini Ring Light is a high-quality ring light designed for smartphones. It can be used with both iPhones & Android phones, and it doesn't even require any batteries to work! All you need is your phone’s charging cable to power this incredible little gadget up.

What Is OlumiRing Mini Ring Light

This light features 36 SMD LED lights that emit soft, even lighting around your face. The OlumiRing Mini Ring Light is lightweight and with a size of just about 90mm (which roughly equals the size of a quarter), it has plenty to fit into any pocket or purse!

Another aspect of this mini ring light is, it’s fully adjustable! You can rotate it up to 360 degrees, so you can direct the light exactly where you need it. The OlumiRing can also be used as a desk lamp or an emergency light in the event of any power outages.

What Is OlumiRing Mini Ring Light

This ring light is suitable for taking selfies and videos for your social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram & Facebook, etc. It's also great for makeup artists who want to get professional shots while working on their clients’ faces! The outcome is pretty similar to a full-size ring light, with the only difference being portability.

What Is OlumiRing Mini Ring Light Made Of?

The ring is made of aluminum alloy & ABS plastic which makes this ring highly durable and sturdy enough for outdoor usage as well. The soft lights are encircled in 36 SMD LED bulbs that emit natural even lighting around your face without any flickering or hot spots at all.

How Does OlumiRing Work?

This incredible mini ring light is made of 40 LED bulbs in which 20 bulbs are cool white bulbs & the other 20 are warm white lighting so that you can have a choice of lighting according to your preferences. It has three power-modes, a single click for the highest setting (Turning on all 40 bulbs), a double click for cool white & triple click for warm white.

How Does OlumiRing Work

This ring light has a rechargeable battery that can provide a backup for up to 1 hour, and you don't need any cable at all. It's completely wireless, and you can use it with your charging cable to power up.

How To Use OlumiRing?

Using this super portable ring light is extremely easy and simple. You don't need to connect the light to anything, just turn it on & clip it into your smartphone. You can use it for both front & rear cameras, just make sure that you clip in the light to the right position.

How To Use OlumiRing

To adjust the light modes, all you need is a single click on its power button which has an LED indicator next to it. A single click will turn on the light in the highest setting, turning on all of the lights. If you want to switch to cool white light, click once more or turn on the light with a double click & for warm white light, click the power button thrice.

Since this ring light has a rechargeable battery, you need to charge it when the light runs out of battery. It takes about 70 minutes of charging for a single hour of backup, which is pretty decent considering its small size & portability!

Who's This For?

This mini ring light would be a staple accessory for anyone who needs a lighting setup to get his job done. Here's a list of people who should get this product-

Content Creators

Content creators such as YouTubers, vloggers, and makeup artists will find this light a must-have accessory. This ring light will dramatically enhance the lighting profile of your videos, even if you have poor lighting in your studio. This ring light works equally well for outdoor & nighttime shooting too!

People Who Work From Home

Many remote workers have to attend meetings through video calls or Zoom meetings, which can be challenging if you have poor lighting at home. This ring light will help to boost the brightness of your screen & give a professional look to your video conference, all by just clipping it onto your smartphone or laptop!

Makeup Artists

A proper lighting setup is a must for doing flawless & picture-perfect makeup, and this mini ring light will provide that setup literally anywhere. Even if you're not at home, you can simply attach this ring light to your smartphone and get the perfect portrait lighting to have the perfect makeover!

Makeup Artists

Photographer and Videographers

Lighting setup plays a huge role in photography & video recording, and this ring light will help you get the perfect lighting. This ring light can assist you in outdoor as well as indoor shoots, which makes it a must-have for photographers & videographers.

Photographer and Videographers

People Who Love Selfies

Selfie lovers know the importance of good lighting when taking selfies, and this ring light will provide that perfect lighting profile to take your selfie game to new heights! Its small size means you can even carry it in your pocket to take selfies anywhere you want!

Benefits Of Using OlumiRing Over Other Ring Lights

There are a lot of other companies manufacturing the same type of mini ring light as OlumiRing, but OlumiRing is definitely better! Here are some reasons why you should choose OlumiRing over other mini ring lights-

Brighter Lights

The OlumiRing Mini Ring Light has 40 LEDs that provide brighter lights than other ring lights which usually have 20 to 30 bright bulbs. You can easily use this light in darker places & even outdoors without getting into any issues.

Ergonomic & Attractive Design

Many other brands offer ring lights with a bulky design, which makes them difficult to carry around and use for selfies on the go. OlumiRing has an attractive & ergonomically designed light that weighs only 50 grams, so you can easily clip it onto your phone & carry it around without any issues.

Ergonomic & Attractive Design

Easy To Use Controls

Since the OlumiRing Mini Ring Light has only one power button, you can easily switch between different lighting profiles without getting confused about which button to press. It has an LED indicator next to the power button, so you can easily see when the light is turned on.

360-degree Lighting

Other mini ring lights just offer a single-direction lighting profile, but the OlumiRing offers 360-degrees of lighting coverage! All you need is an adjustable smartphone stand or tripod to adjust the lighting profile according to your face!

Adjustable Lighting Modes

The OlumiRing Mini Ring Light offers three different adjustable lighting modes, cool white, warm white & mixed. This will help you get lighting profiles that are perfect for all kinds of makeup, skin tones & even portrait photography! Other ring lights only offer a single adjustable lighting mode, so this is another reason why OlumiRing is better!

Easy Portability

No other mini ring light offers the same level of portability as OlumiRing. You can easily carry this ring light with you anywhere, thanks to its small size & light weight. Other ring lights will require you to carry a bulky box around, so this makes OlumiRing better than its competitors!

More Durable

These mini ring lights are extremely fragile because of their plastic construction, but OlumiRing is made with aluminum alloy material which makes it more durable. It also comes with a silicone sleeve (included in purchase) that ensures extra protection for its exterior body & prevents any damage by slipping!

Incredible Battery Backup

Most mini ring lights have a battery life of about half-hour, but OlumiRing provides up to 2 hours of continuous use on one charge! This is perfect for taking selfies & portraits all day long without having to worry about the battery dying out.

Compatible With Any Device

You don't need any special smartphone or laptop models or brands in order to use OlumiRing, because it can be used with almost any smartphone or laptop brand & model! It is compatible with literally anything that you can clip the light into!

Compatible With Any Device

Pros & Cons Of Using OlumiRing

After using the light for almost a month, I have figured out both the positive & negative sides of this product. Have a look at the pros & cons of OlumiRIng-

  • Wireless clip-on function
  • Adjustable lighting setup
  • 360-degree lighting
  • Durable material
  • Compact & ergonomic design
  • Long battery backup
  • Can be used with any device
  • Lacks wireless charging feature
  • Makes the phone bulky when attached to it

What Comes With The Box?

The OlumiRing is available in 3 different colors, White, Jet Black & Pink Armor, it comes in a compact box which includes-

  1. An OlumiRing Mini Ring Light
  2. USB cable for charging & data transfer
  3. Silicone sleeve for extra protection
  4. Adjustable smartphone stand (in White & Pink Armor colors only)
  5. User manual guide.

Will Clipping OlumiRing To My Phone Or Screen Damage My Device?

No, the OlumiRing doesn't damage your phone or laptop screens in any way. It is perfectly safe to use on both devices! This ring uses a silicone sleeve which means it has shock-absorbing properties, this way your devices are perfectly safe even when the OlumiRing is clipped onto them!

Will Clipping OlumiRing To My Phone Or Screen Damage My Device

Is OlumiRing Good For Stop Motion Animation?

Proper lighting is a fundamental part of stop motion animation, so you need to get the right equipment to make it happen. OlumiRing is one of those products that can help you in this regard. Because it offers adjustable lighting options & 360-degree lighting. This way you can set up the perfect light profiles for your stop motion animation videos!

Does OlumiRing Block Face ID Or The Front/Rear Camera?

Since we clip a clip-on ring light to the smartphone or laptop, there is a huge chance that it might block the camera or other sensors of that device. This is a major advantage of OlumiRing, because you will still be able to use the front/rear camera & Face ID while using this ring light!

Does OlumiRing Block Face ID Or The Front Rear Camera

Customer Reviews On OlumiRing Mini Ring Light

This product has received a lot of positive feedback from its customers, because it is extremely easy to use & portable. Plus the adjustable lighting makes up for an ideal selfie ring light! You can check out some customer reviews on OlumiRing-

Customer Reviews On OlumiRing Mini Ring Light 3 Customer Reviews On OlumiRing Mini Ring Light 4 Customer Reviews On OlumiRing Mini Ring Light Customer Reviews On OlumiRing Mini Ring Light

Where Can I Buy OlumiRing?

You can buy OlumiRing Mini Ring Light right from Oluminate's official store which is offering an exciting offer right now. Their customer service is excellent & there is a 30 days money-back guarantee on this product. Also, they offer free shipping worldwide which is really cost-effective & makes the deal worth it.

Here is our favorite deal on this product-Where Can I Buy OlumiRing

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to its amazing features & super saver price, I know you have a lot of questions about this ring. Well, I have got the answers to most of your questions right here-

Does OlumiRing Support Wireless Charging?

OlumiRing doesn't support any type of wireless charging, instead, a USB cable is provided for charging & data transfer.

How Long Is The Battery Backup?

The battery backup of OlumiRing is around 1 hour after a full charge, which is fairly decent.

How Can I Attach OlumiRing To My Phone Or Device?

Yes, you can definitely attach OlumiRing to your phone or device. All you need is a silicone sleeve & an adjustable smartphone stand!

Can I Use OlumiRing With My Laptop?

Yes, OlumiRing is compatible with any laptop for video calling or video streaming. All you need is to clip the light around the camera.

Can I Use OlumiRing With My DSLR?

Yes, you can attach OlumiRing to your DSLR for photography or videography, only if your camera has a flipping screen.

Who Manufactures OlumiRing Mini Ring Light?

OlumiRing is manufactured by Oluminate Inc. a company that specializes in light accessories for your smartphone or laptop! This company is based in New Jersey, USA, but they have vendor partners all over the world including Canada, China, etc. Oluminate manufactures other products like OlumiRing Max, OlumiSphere, etc.

Support Team Contact For OlumiRing

For more information on OlumiRing & to contact the support team, you can visit their official website or check out their Facebook page. You can also email them at [email protected] or directly send a message through the contact us section of their page.

OlumiRing Mini Ring Light: Final Verdict

As you can see, OlumiRing Mini Ring Light is a very versatile product that has been designed with portability in mind. This ring light offers adjustable brightness levels & 360-degree lighting which makes it better than most of the bulky selfie lights available in this price range!

I personally love using OlumiRing while doing my morning skincare routine because I need a lot of brightening products to make me look healthy and radiant. With OlumiRing's crisp white lightning, my skin looks brighter & natural even when there are no filters involved.

So if you want an affordable ring light for your social media posts or just feel like adding some extra beauty to your face then do check out Oluminate's official store for more information on OlumiRing Mini Ring Light.

Hope this post on OlumiRing review was informative, thank you so much for reading! Happy vlogging!


Our OlumiRing Review

Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 9
Ease of use 9
  • Wireless clip-on function
  • Adjustable lighting setup
  • 360-degree lighting
  • Durable material
  • Lacks wireless charging feature
  • Makes the phone bulky when attached to it

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