Omni Datasafe Review: A Tiny Vault for Your Sensitive Files

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Can you imagine how nightmare-ish it is when someone gets their hands on your personal and confidential files without you knowing? I certainly can, ever since I accidentally left my thumb drive containing my tax return files in a busy New York subway.

Since then, I’ve been seeking something that protects my data, like a fortress. Thankfully, I found Omni Datasafe, a secure USB flash drive with a physical keyboard and uncrackable AES-256 military-grade encryption to keep your sensitive safe and secure.

Now, if you’re wondering how worthwhile an investment this would be, let my Omni Datasafe review clarify further. Here, I’ll explore its unique features, what benefits to expect, exclusive deals you can grab, and more.

What Is Omni Datasafe?

Put simply, Omni Datasafe is a one-of-a-kind, solidly built USB drive with a physical keyboard. You can store any data in it just like you would in any USB flash drive. But the only difference is that it keeps that data secure with infallible AES-256 encryption.

What Is Omni Datasafe

It’s specifically designed to safeguard your sensitive data, like property documents, tax information, legal documents, medical records, or private files like photos and videos. And with a generous 32GB storage space, it conveniently holds an enormous amount of files safely.

Once you set a password with its built-in software, Omni Drive ensures no one can access your stored files unless you put in the password with its physical keyboard.

How Does Omni Datasafe Work?

Storing your files in Omni Datasafe is as simple as in any other USB data storage. You simply plug it into your computer’s (Windows, Mac, or Linux) USB port, wait for the system to recognize it, and then use drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste your files into it.

How Does Omni Datasafe Work

But what sets the Omni Datasafe USB drive apart from others is its unique encryption process. Its built-in software will prompt you to set a password once you hook it up to your computer for the first use. And you’ll have to type it in with the physical keypad whenever you want to access it again.

How Does Omni Datasafe Work 01

The best part—Omni Datasafe automatically locks your files with AES-256 encryption the moment you unplug it. Meaning no one can get their hands on your files unless they know your password. Besides, they’re automatically erased after 10 consecutive failed PIN attempts.

How Does Omni Datasafe Work 02

What Is AES-256 Military-Grade Encryption Anyways?

The term AES-256 sounds a bit technical, doesn’t it? I felt the same way when I first heard of it. So what exactly it is?

Well Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES, is a sophisticated file encryption system that the US government uses to keep classified information secure. It uses a 256-bit key encryption version, which is believed to be one of the strongest kinds currently available.

What Is AES-256 Military-Grade Encryption Anyways

To understand the level of security, you may want to consider what it takes to decipher it. If someone wants to hack it for unauthorized access, they’ll need to bust its 256-bit time-stamping protocol and dynamic-coded encryption method.

In simple terms, they must use the world's fastest supercomputer and dedicate possibly a few billion years for physical tampering or brute-force attacks to guess the correct password. This practically makes AES-256 encryption uncrackable.

Why Does Omni Datasafe Have a Physical Keyboard?

If Omni Datasafe’s physical keyboard has got you curious, the reason is simple yet critical. After all, it’s often a bit easier for cyber attackers to carry out malicious attacks on your system without physical interactions.

This is because typing from your laptop keyboard or external keyboard always leaves the doors for keyloggers or spyware software to record your inputs without your knowledge

Why Does Omni Datasafe Have a Physical Keyboard

But with Omni Datasafe's physical keyboard, you secure an extra layer of protection against such virtual break-ins. Since it works independently of your operating system, there’s no way to record its keystrokes. And that’s how it keeps your password completely secret.

The Extraordinary Features and Key Benefits of Omni Datasafe Secure USB Flash Drive

As I got to know Omni Datasafe better, I discovered more of its remarkable features and how they would benefit users like me. Here, I share my top picks.

Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux

No matter what operating system your computer runs on, Omni Datasafe will work with it. Whether you’re a Windows user or prefer Mac or Linux, it’s going to work just the same for you.

This wide compatibility makes Omni Datasafe a go-to secure storage for all platform types. I tried it on my dad’s decades-old Windows XP desktop to test it out, and believe me, it didn’t disappoint me either.

32GB of Storage Capacity

Despite the top-notch security systems, Omni Datasafe saves little on storage space. Its 32GB storage is massive enough to store thousands of documents, photos, videos, music files, or any file type you can imagine. You needn’t worry about it getting filled up any time soon.

Auto File Organization

Do you also hate to sort your files manually like I do? Well, Omni Datasafe can save you the hassle like no other. The moment you transfer your files, its intelligent software detects their type (such as documents, pictures, or videos) and sorts them into separate folders accordingly.

Auto File Organization

I love this feature a whole lot more since I often have too little time to fumble with my files or search them when needed.

Automatic Data Destruction

Besides the unbreakable encryption system, Omni Datasafe further ensures the safety of your files with its automatic data destruction feature. It protects your data even if it falls into the wrong hands by wiping it out entirely.

Say, if someone steals it from you, they might try to guess your password by typing random combinations. But as their attempts reach the count of 10, Omni Datasafe will automatically destroy the stored data. Meaning your data will never be misused, even if stolen.

No Cloud-Based Security Risks

Now, this is something I bet you’ll highly appreciate about Omni Datasafe. This is because cyber attacks on cloud-based systems have become a vicious threat in recent years, and there aren’t too many effective solutions against it.

No Cloud-Based Security

However, you needn’t worry about those hacking attempts when you have Omni Datasafe. After all, when you store your files in it, they all remain just there, with no chance of being accessed online. And the AES-256 encryption means unplugging the thumb drive won't leave a trace either.

Ultra-Fast File Transfer Speed

Given its robust security features, you might doubt Omni Datasafe's file transfer speed. I won’t lie; I thought the same way. But as things turned out, it’s barely the case since it uses a USB 3.0 system for ultra-fast read and write speed.

Ultra-Fast File Transfer Speed

I tested it myself multiple times with different file types, and the results impressed me every time. Even while handling heavy video files, Omni Datasafe lived up to its promise without compromising transfer speed at all.

Free USB-C Adapter Included

Have you got one of those latest ultra-slim laptops with only USB-C ports, and you’re worried about the potential compatibility issues? Well, you should stop worrying right away, as Omni Datasafe also comes with an additional USB-C adapter.

Free USB-C Adapter Included

With this adapter, you avoid the potential costs or the hassle of separately buying one if your device supports only USB-C type. Now, isn’t that neat?

Durability and Shock Resistance

Omni Datasafe doesn’t just enhance your security and convenience. It seriously impresses with its built quality, too. In fact, it has a sturdy metal casing with high-grade durability like no other USB storage I’ve used before.

Surprisingly, it refused to give in when I dropped it a few times intentionally to test how shock-resistant the metal build actually is. The non-slip, rubberized keys are also quite impressive. I had no trouble pressing them, nor did they get stuck.

The Drawbacks of Omni Datasafe

While the Omni Datasafe certainly packs a lot of impressive features, like any other product, it’s not without its issues. Here are two things I hope the manufacturers will improve in the future:

Only One Storage Option

For someone like me, who only stores sensitive documents, the 32GB storage capacity is really an overkill. However, this might not be the case for all.

For example, if you’re looking to store large numbers of HD images or hours of videos, you might find the storage space too limiting. Hence, it would be nice if the company released multiple storage options in the future.

The Metal Body Gets Hot

There is no doubt in my mind that Omni Datasafe's metal construction will last a lifetime. However, I cannot deny how hot it gets when continuously used or left out in the sun.

This can be uncomfortable if you carry it in your pocket or handle it immediately after use. I hope they address this issue by incorporating a heat-dissipation design or using heat-insulating materials.

How to Use Omni Datasafe USB Drive

No matter how sophisticated the safety systems it packs, I found using Omni Datasafe incredibly straightforward. Once you set it up for the first use, you won't have to waste any time on further configurations. Here’s how to get started.

  • Step 1: Plug it into your computer and wait for the operating system to recognize it.
  • Step 2: Once prompted by the intuitive software, type in a new password with Omni Datasafe’s physical keypad.
  • Step 3: Now, you can store your files by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting. Your data is automatically encrypted as you remove Datasafe.

That’s it! You no longer have to do anything other than just transfer your files. Just type in your password, and Omni Datasafe is ready to use. And if you need to change the password, simply launch the built-in software and follow the on-screen guidelines.

Omni Datasafe Review: What Are the Customers Saying About It?

In the same way you're doing it now, I always carry out my own research before ordering anything online, especially tech-related items.

So, when I first learned about Omni Datasafe, I scoured the internet for online reviews on various platforms. And from what I’ve seen, it does have an excellent reputation among users. Here, I share some clips of what most users had to say.

“I didn’t care much about cybersecurity until a co-worker lost important work files in a data breach. That’s when I started taking security seriously and switched over to Omni Datasafe. I must say, I’m mightily pleased with its sturdy build and seamless encryption system!” – Michael Rosenbaum, Illinois

 “Seriously, Omni Datasafe is an out-and-out lifesaver. I regularly travel for business and often worry about losing sensitive data or getting hacked. Not even once did I feel uneasy about security while using Datasafe. Highly recommend it!” – Riley Jacobs, Texas

 “Well, this is the kind of thing you must keep handy when you’ve got nosy office colleagues. Why didn’t I think of using Omni Datasafe sooner? Apart from its security features, what impresses me most is how efficiently the device reads and writes files. Plus, the added USB-C adapter is a boon for my MacBook Pro.” – Natalie Armstrong, Florida

 “I had prior experience with similar products, but they were slow, clumsy, and most importantly, memory was scarce. However, Omni Datasafe is like a dream! Want to talk about speed and storage space? Omni covers it flawlessly!” – Sam Jones, New Jersey

Omni Datasafe Pricing and Return Policy

Remember the exclusive deals I mentioned at the beginning of this review? I should add that the company also offers a robust return policy to back them up. But first, take a look at the massive discounts that are up for grabs.

  • A single unit of Omni Datasafe will cost you $89, which is $20 less than the regular retail price.
  • And if you buy two, you get the third one for free. That’s three Datasafes at just $218, saving you $109.
  • Likewise, buying three gets you two more for free. This means five Datasafes come for just $327, saving you a whopping $218.

Each package is shipped for free throughout the entire United States. And if you aren’t fully satisfied, you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee for a full refund. That's pretty neat, isn't it? You can learn more about the offer from the company’s official offer page.

Where Can I Buy My Omni Datasafe from?

You can buy your Omni Datasafe from any offline or online retail shop, including famous ones like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. Yet, I’ll recommend buying yours only from the official site or, more specifically, from the company’s exclusive offer page.

Omni Datasafe Review

That’s because you get those limited-time deals, the 30-day money-back guarantee, and the free shipping are only available for purchases made on the official site. Besides, it ensures you get a genuine product, not a cheap knock-off.

Who Are the Providers of Omni Datasafe?

Omni Datasafe is a product of Prairie IT, an American company based in Colorado. It was founded by Mark Oman, a Silicon Valley veteran of 45 years.

Mark says he grew increasingly aware of how vital it is to keep our personal and valuable information secure in today's digital world. So, he saw the need for a device that could keep one's data secure and encrypted seamlessly. And that’s where the idea for Omni Datasafe was born.

Does Omni Datasafe Have a Customer Support Team?

Sure, it does, and a good one. From my experience, I can honestly say the customer service is exceptional. I asked them a few quirky questions in the first few days of using the encrypted USB drive, and they had just the right answer prepared beforehand.

Omni Datasafe Review 01

Besides, I was so glad to receive their response to my email in less than an hour. It's what you'd expect from an elite company to have customer service like this. So, if you, too, want to get in touch, just shoot an email at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got further queries regarding Omni Datasafe? Here, I’ve answered a few common questions people frequently ask over the internet that might help you.

How does Omni Datasafe protect my files if I lose the device?

As I’ve said, Omni Datasafe encrypts your files the moment you remove it from your computer, and no one can access them unless they know the password. And if someone steals the drive and tries to put in the code, Omni Datasafe will delete everything after 10 consecutive failed attempts.

Will Omni Datasafe work on my Macbook?

Sure, it will. Omni Datasafe is compatible with many operating systems, not just Windows. So you can use it on virtually any macOS device. This includes all MacBook Pro and Air models. The packaged USB-C adapter also comes in handy for newer laptops with only USB-C ports.

What type of files does the encryption work on?

Omni Datasafe works with all kinds of files – text documents, images, videos, music, and anything you can think about. In fact, the encryption process does not depend on the file type. When you transfer a file to the Omni Datasafe drive, it gets encrypted. You don’t even have to do anything.

Conclusion: Is Omni Datasafe Worth the Money?

Well, judging from my experience and the testimonials from thousands of satisfied users, my answer would be a massive ‘Yes.’ The encrypted USB drive indeed gives your files foolproof security and provides seamless, easy-to-use file management, all at a reasonable price.

From what I’ve seen, Omni Datasafe stands above the competition for its ability to provide high-level data protection without requiring any technical knowledge. Be it for saving your home videos, securing confidential documents, or students guarding their project files.

And if you consider the 30-day money-back guarantee, the deal becomes entirely risk-free. So, what’s stopping you from giving it a try right away?


Omni Datasafe Review

Buy Now
Features Rate 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 10
Safety 10
  • AES-256 military-grade encryption
  • Physical keyboard for added security
  • 32GB storage capacity
  • Compatible with multiple OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Automatic data destruction feature
  • Limited to one storage option (32GB)
  • Metal body can get hot during use

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