Peppy Pet Ball Review (Update 2024): Does the Fun Puppy Toy Really Work?

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Are you a pet owner who loves their pets undeniably? Does your dog or cat get anxious when you are not around? Does your cat keep clawing at the sofa and other furniture?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. That’s because I am going to introduce you to the most amazing toy for your beloved pet.

The Peppy Pet Ball is the solution to all the worries regarding your pet’s safety and health. To keep your precious pet’s health on the line, proper exercise is a must for them.

For keeping them busy every now and then, this can be your best choice. Going through the Peppy Pet Ball Review can change your and your pet’s life. So, let’s dig in.

Quick Summary – Peppy Pet Ball Review

Peppy Pet Ball is the best toy for your pets. Why? Because it utilizes modern technologies at its best. The material is also food grade and tolerates the chewing better than any other toys.

The LED light and sound incorporated within attracts your pet to play. And the best benefit of this toy ball is that it doesn’t need your assistance.Quick Summary

Whenever your pet is ready to play, the ball is also ready to join them instantly. It doesn’t get stuck anywhere because it has a specialized sensor.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your buddy the best gift ever. And be tension-free while leaving for work.

What is the Peppy Pet Ball?

Peppy Pet Ball is a highly practical toy ball. It is not remote controlled or doesn’t even require any app to operate. It is activated every time your pet gets near it or touches it.

The ball automatically gets off when there’s no movement from the pet. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, which lasts 8 hours after charging for only 1 hour. Any standard USB cable can be used to charge it.

Why is it So Unique?

There is a risk of chewing off the regular toys by your pet more often. And other toys can be fatal to their health if swallowed. But the Peppy Pet Ball is an exceptional one.

What makes it so special? Well, I will say that this ball gives a lively vibe. As if it is not just a toy, it can feel your need and act accordingly. All thanks to the “Intelligent Reaction Technology”.

What more! If you are worried about whether your choosy cat friend will like it or not, don’t worry much. This one will certainly get your cat’s attention. The catmint flavor is a bonus for them to be fond of the ball.

Were you thinking about a present for your furry buddy? Then, Peppy Pet Ball can be the one. And do tell your family and friends who will love to gift this ball to their pets.

Features and Benefits

The fascinating Peppy Ball has so many amazing features and benefits to use. I am mentioning some of them as I have experienced .


Automatic Toy- The Peppy Ball is a completely hand-free toy. The integrated modern technology understands your pets' needs. It turns on and off depending on their mood.

Fit for both Cats & Dogs- This is the best toy for both the cats and dogs. Though cats don’t like balls as much as dogs, this ball is an exception. That’s because it has many features that will tempt your cat.

Hard-wearing Material- It is made of food-grade material for your pets safety. This one is also resistant to the constant chewing and their sharp teeth. You don’t have to worry about scratches on the toys anymore as it is scratch-resistant.

Waterproof Cover- The Peppy Pet Ball also offers this exquisite feature. So, rolling the ball in water or the saliva of your pets won’t harm this ball.

Rechargeable Battery- The ball has a strongly durable rechargeable battery. And the battery lasts straight 8 hours after a full charge of one hour.

Spinning Motion and LED Light- Peppy Pet Ball will keep moving from your pets, keeping them busy. That means, it can move on it’s own. And the LED light never fails to attract their attention, you will see.

Sound of Bird Twittering- It has a built-in sound system that plays the chirping sound of birds.

In-built Catmint Flavor- To attract the cats that are utterly lazy and don’t want to play, this catmint flavor works like magic.

Treat Pocket- After all these attractions, are the pets still not interested to play? Then, use this snack pocket to prompt your pet by placing their favorite treat in it.



  • The Peppy Ball doesn’t stick to any unreachable corner. Because it has a sensor to detect obstacles. This is undoubtedly one of the best features of this ball.
  • Playing with this ball will make your pet stop biting your valuable things. As they can chew this Peppy Ball as much as they want and it won’t wear off easily.
  • Your precious pet can play with it both inside and outside of the house. And don’t worry about them being exhausted by playing excessively. When the pets are tired, the ball stops moving and gives them time to rest.
  • This ball will keep your bored buddy busy and healthy. It will stimulate their hunting skills and curiosity.
  • The outer cover of the ball is changeable. You can change it when it is worn. You don’t have to think about that now, as it won’t wear out easily.

Pros and Cons

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages; it also depends on the preference of the user. I am describing the facts from my experience, for your convenience.

  • The Peppy Ball offers three different colors- blue, green and pink.
  • It is very easy and hassle-free to keep it clean and sanitized.
  • The independent features make the ball look alive and playful.
  • Any standard USB cable is fit to recharge this peppy ball.
  • The unpredictable movements from the ball make your pet smart.
  • The movement can be hampered if the floor has a heavy carpet.
  • The Peppy Pet Ball can only be found at online shops.
  • It doesn’t guarantee that it will improve your pet’s health.

Do You Really Need The Peppy Ball?

If you are a pet owner like me and working at the office, then you should consider getting this amazing toy. As this ball also helps your pet to exercise adequately, their health gets better.

Do you really need the Peppy Ball

Some pets show anxiety or destructive behavior when left alone. They destroy shoes, sofas and other necessary things. To prevent this destructive behavior, the Peppy Ball can be a good way out.

How Does Peppy Ball Works?

The mechanism behind this incredible pet toy is quite simple. The motion sensing technology is at its best in this ball. The “Smart Programming Chip” plays the main role.

It initiates activities like rolling, bouncing, and stopping on its own. The LED light turns on whenever your pet touches or gets near the Peppy ball.

How Peppy Ball Works

The ball also stops on its own, after several minutes of no movement from the pet. Thus, the battery lasts long. It plays the chirping sound of birds sometimes.

The catmint flavor attracts your cat's attention without fail. And storing a favorite treat in the snack pocket can be another idea to get them curious.

How to Use it?

I think you already know that using the Peppy Pet Ball isn’t that hard. I am describing it into steps below-

How to Use it

Step 1: After opening the package, first you will need to open the ball and recharge it for at least one hour.

Step 2: Then press the power button on the ball. It will start rolling or bouncing.

Step 3: Give it to your beloved pet and see their reaction. The ball will also emit light and play sound occasionally.

Step 4: About stopping this ball, you don’t have to worry though. It will stop itself if your dog or cat wants to stop playing.

Now, it’s your chance to make your buddy happy with this Peppy Pet Ball’s amazing features. And don’t forget to inform others about this pet friendly toy ball. 

Is It Safe For Your Pet?

I already have one of these Peppy balls and my cat absolutely loves this one. The materials used for the making of these balls are non-toxic and obviously food-grade.

Is it safe for your pet

It automatically turns off when the charging port is exposed, so no tension in that case. The outer shell is soft yet durable and hard to tear.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Polycarbonate Plastic are used to manufacture this ball. It doesn’t absorb any dust or even liquid waste. And size is perfect as it won’t get swallowed. And after all, it can be said that this pet ball is absolutely safe to use.

Is It a Scam?

This is the biggest concern while buying something online. I also had a lot of confusion at first. But in this modern era, these kinds of problems can be solved in minutes.

I checked the general opinion from the users. You can find more than a thousand positive reviews online regarding the Peppy Pet Ball. Sometimes, the price can be a turn off. Other than that, there’s no problem.

I am attaching some  of the reviews that helped me get rid of my suspicion, here.

Is it a scam

Is it a scam 02

Where To Get The Peppy Pet Ball?

Many websites can be found where you can order the Peppy ball. But are all those sites authentic? Nope, not all these are safe to order from. I got mine from this site, and they offer the best service.

There are several packages available at this time.

  • Get 1 Peppy Ball at $43
  • Get 2 Peppy Ball at $36.99 each
  • Get 3 Peppy Ball at $34.99 each
  • Get 4 Peppy Ball at $31.99 each

They will also offer you the 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the quality or anything else, you can easily send it back.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this stage of the Peppy Pet Ball review, you should have some questions. And here are the answers.

Is Peppy ball legit?

The Peppy ball is 100% legit, no need to worry about it being a scam.

Does it really work as it says?

It does in most cases. It doesn’t guarantee improving your pet’s health. It is just a toy, after all.

What causes the destructive behavior of pets?

Boredom from being alone for a long time, mostly. Separation anxiety also can be another reason.

Is it safe for the dog’s teeth?

The Peppy Pet Ball is absolutely safe for your pet’s teeth.

What distinguishes Peppy Pet Ball from other toy balls?

The Peppy ball has automatic features and promotes the hunting skills of your pets. Also, it keeps them busy even if you are not at home.

What is the purpose of keeping your pet entertained?

To prevent them from being destructive and bored. Also to keep their mental and physical health stimulated.


Who doesn’t love their pet? Yeah, everyone does. But in our busy lives, we don’t  have the leisure to play with them all day. So, they get bored easily.

Eventually some of them develop separation anxiety or even show aggressiveness. Clawing the sofas or chewing the shoes, they make a mess.

So, to keep them busy and healthy as well, a good companion is a must. The Peppy Pet Ball can be that trusted companion.

Hopefully our Peppy Pet Ball review has helped you decide whether you should have it or not. Now it is your turn.

Best of luck.


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