PhotoStick Vs Flash Drive: What’s A Better Option in 2023?

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PhotoStick and flash drives are well-known devices for memory device users. You can use these devices to save different types of media files. These simple devices can store a massive amount of information. But what's the best option in 2021 in the PhotoStick Vs. Flash Drive debate?

Flash Drives support every type of media file, but a PhotoStick backups images and media files. Only PC, Computers, and Mac support flash drives. But you can use a PhotoStick on computers and smartphones. It also has several ports, but a Flash Drive has only one. PhotoStick can scan duplicate files while the flash drive can't.

There's also a difference in their appearance. You'll need a proper guideline to recognize these devices, or you might fail to find the best one.

PhotoStick Vs. Flash Drive: Comparison Chart

PhotoStick and Flash Drive are completely different memory devices. Here's a short list of their differentiating factors. But don't forget to check the details later.

Our Pick
Flash Drive
Flash Drive
8 GB to 128 GB
4 GB to 5 TB
Not very Safe
Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10 MAC OS X 10.6 and on. iOS 9, 10, 11
PC, Computers, and Mac
Duplicate reduction
Duplicate reduction
USB Port
USB Port
The PhotoStick app
Built-in software
Refund Policy
Refund Policy
60-days money-back guarantee
No refund
Prairie IT
Official, Online, and computer accessories shops
Online and offline shops

PhotoStick Vs Flash Drive: How Are They Different?

Differences help you know the significance of a device among all the variations. PhotoStick and Flash drive are two different products. But what's the difference between them?

PhotoStick Vs Flash Drive


PhotoStick scans your photographs faster. Your image and video quality will stay the same even if you keep a massive amount. Its protection lasts longer than other protection systems.

Flash Drive

Flash drive not only stores images and videos but also other types of media. It's available in different designs and colors. Flash drives have only one USB port. You can connect one device. There's a risk of malware corruption.

1. What Is It?

You can't use a device wisely if you don't know what it is. So, let's understand what photo sticks and flash drives are thoroughly.


PhotoStick is best for any operating system. Android, Windows, iOS, and other operating systems are compatible with it. It'll do the sorting of your files. You'll find a variety of photo sticks according to your needs.


Flash Drive

A Flash drive is a storage drive. It takes seconds to back up your files. Flash drives offer a huge space. So, you can put all your files in one place.

Flash Drive

2. How to Use It?

It's elementary to use a PhotoStick and a Flash Drive. Once you've recognized the device, you can use it on your PC or smartphone.


You can use PhotoStick on multiple operating systems. Android, Windows, and iOS systems support PhotoStick. But they don't follow the same steps.

For Windows

  • Step 01: Connect the photo stick to your PC.
  • Step 02: Search on ‘This PC/My Computer' on the pop-up tab if you can't find it.
  • Step 03: Click ThePhotoStick.exe to install the app.
  • Step 04: Start the app to back up your files.

For Android

  • Step 01: Download the PhotoStick app and connect your photo stick to start the app.
  • Step 02: Now choose ‘Backup files now'.
  • Step 03: Then select your files, or you can auto choose files.
  • Step 04: Your photo stick is ready.

For iPhone

  • Step 01: Use the app store to download the app.
  • Step 02: Now Install it.
  • Step 03: Plugin the photo stick into the iPhone and allow notifications.
  • Step 04: Allow access to images and videos.
  • Step 05: Click ‘Select to Backup' to backup all your files.
  • Step 06: Safely disconnect the photo stick.

For MacBook

  • Step 01: Connect the PhotoStick, and you'll see a shortcut.
  • Step 02: If you don't see one, use the finder.
  • Step 03: Install the ‘ThePhotoStickMac' to run the program.

Flash Drive

It's not hard to use a flash drive on your computer. You can use it on your PC, Mac, and computer. Here are the simple steps to use a flash drive.

Step 01: Connect the Drive to Your PC

Use your PC's USB port to connect the flash drive. It'll work automatically once you've connected it.

Step 02: File Selection

A new tab will appear on your computer screen. Click on it to go to the drive folder. Open a new tab and choose the files you want to transfer.

Step 03: Transfer Files to Flash Drive

After selecting them, copy & paste or drag the files to the flash drive folder. You can search for your files in the flash drive folder for further confirmation.

3. Benefits and Features

You wouldn't use any gadget if it didn't have any cool features and perplexing benefits. Both devices, photo stick and flash drive, have different features and benefits.

Features of PhotoStick

PhotoStick has extraordinary features. These features help you to protect your data from any danger.

Features of PhotoStick

  • Scanning: You don't have to select a file manually. PhotoStick even scans the hidden files and regular files and sorts them automatically.
  • Adaptability: This device can adapt to any operating system. You can use it on your PC, MacBook, Android, and iOS. Follow different strategies to use it properly.
  • Original Copy: Only the original file is saved on this device. PhotoSticks don't make copies of files and stop the transfer of duplicate files. So, you'll always have the original file.
  • Faster File Transfer: You'll need just a few moments to backup all your files using a PhotoStick. Plug it into your computer to see some wonders. You can transfer files and use the computer at the same time.
  • Variety: There is a massive collection of PhotoStick drives ranging from 8 GB to 512 GB. The price changes depending on the storage. You can use any of it for personal and official purposes.
  • Different Media: PhotoStick only supports media files. Image files like JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, PDD, and video files like MOV, AVI, and WMV are stored in a photo stick. You can even retrieve files from old memory drives.

Benefits of PhotoStick

The features of a product determine the benefits the product can provide. Here are the benefits of using a PhotoStick

  • Automatic scanning system
  • It Transfers your files faster than other drives
  • Preferred for any type of operating system
  • Backup your files every week
  • Backup only the original file. So, there's no chance of file manipulation
  • More organized folders in the PhotoStick
  • Doesn't take up much space in your room.
  • Back up any type of media using a PhotoStick
  • Cheaper than other storage devices
  • The PhotoStick app provides more security and faster file transfer.

Features of Flash Drive

Flash drives have some versatile features. This is why the device is elementary to use. Here is an overview of a few of these features.

Features of Flash Drive

  • Storage Limit: Flash drive offers a variation in storage. You can choose any version from 4 GB to 5 TB. It's best to keep one for personal use and one for your office.
  • Durable: High-quality plastics and metals are used to make most of the flash drives. Sometimes plastic covers are used to protect them from water.
  • Design: Flash drives have different colors. Your flash drive will look different if you use accessories. Custom-made flash drives are more expensive than ordinary ones.
  • Supported Media Files: Flash drive supports every type of file. Images, videos, pdf, doc files, and bootable files are just a few. You can rewrite your flash drive anytime you want.
  • Security: Many flash drives have built-in password protection features. Some use a hardware protection system. Maximum flash drives use software encryption protection.
  • Affordable: Flash drives are the cheapest drives in the market. 5 GB is cheaper than most of the drives at present. The price varies based on storage capacity.
  • Transfer Speed: Generally, the transfer speed ranges from 5 Mbps to 60 Mbps. It depends on the quality of your flash drive. Flash Drives work faster if the PC is less corrupted.

Benefits of Flash Drive

You'll receive these benefits once you use a flash drive. Let's look at some of the fantastic benefits a flash drive offers.

  • Install the driver software only once, and your PC will automatically load the programs of the drive without further installation.
  • More durable than other drives.
  • Scratches, dust, and even magnetic fields can't damage the device
  • A lightweight and small device
  • Suitable to use on your PC, laptop, and other USB-supported devices.
  • A flash drive offers up to 2TB of storage space. You don't have to worry about purchasing several drives for different file sizes.

3. Appearance

You can recognize a photo stick & a flash drive just by their look. Both of these devices look entirely different. Follow these guidelines to identify them.

  • PhotoStick: PhotoStick uses a memory drive to save files. It has several ports. Three ports are generally seen in a PhotoStick – a USB port for PC or laptop and the other two for Android or iOS operated devices.

Appearance PhotoStick

  • Flash Drive: Flash drives have only one port. Unlike photo sticks, it can't be used on several computers at once. You've to buy multiple flash drives to use on multiple computers.

Appearance Flash Drive

4. Software

The software makes a device more efficient. It helps the device to work smoothly. Find out what software a PhotoStick and a Flash Drive use.

  • PhotoStick: PhotoStick uses the “PhotoStick app” to operate. This app scans all the files and filters duplicate files. It'll sort out your files orderly. So, you won't have any duplicate files but more organized folders.
  • Flash Drive: Some flash drives have built-in software to store files. But it's not safe. This software can't handle virus attacks that result in data manipulation.

5. Applied Device

It's cost-effective if you can use any device on several operating systems. Let's see which devices can handle PhotoSticks and Flash Drives.

  • PhotoStick: PC, smartphones, MacBooks, and other Apple products are compatible with PhotoSticks. Follow different strategies to use it on different devices.
  • Flash Drive: Though Flash Drive has enormous memory space, you can't use it on every device. Use an OTG cable to use it on your smartphone. But computers and MacBooks are compatible with this device.

6. Functionality

Both of these devices have elementary functionality. They just do one job – store your files. But the processes are different.

  • PhotoStick: PhotoStick will take a few minutes to transfer the files. The auto-scanning function filters the junk files. It doesn't need any manual installation. Just connect your photo stick to your device to free up some space.
  • Flash Drive: Flash Drive is a backup device for Mac or Windows. The drive uses an EEPROM layout to save data. This layout uses an electrically erasable data program to read the memory. It doesn't require any internet to operate.

7. Pros & Cons

Every device has some bright sides and some downsides. Flash drives and PhotoStick are no exception. Let's find out the pros and cons of these fantastic devices.

Pros Of Flash Drive
  • It is elementary to use
  • The process takes moments to transfer your files
  • You can store every type of data
  • Drives have versatile security systems
  • The price is pretty low
  • Device offers different designs
Cons Of Flash Drive
  • You'll need an OTG to connect a flash drive to your smartphone
  • Flash drives have only one port
  • Files are easily corrupted by virus
  • You've to buy a new one after 100000 reads and write cycles
  • Most flash drives have a weak encryption system
  • Its quality isn't up to the mark
  • The USB port gets frequently damaged
Pros Of PhotoStick
  • It's a cheap drive
  • You'll have more organized file folders
  • It can adapt to the proprietary software
  • Doesn't store duplicate files
  • Supports various formats of images and videos
  • There's no chance of malfunction
  • The manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The PhotoStick app protects, backs up, and organizes your files
Cons Of PhotoStick
  • You've to use a PhotoStick mobile for your smartphone, and a regular PhotoStick for your PC
  • Viruses attack if there's software interference
  • You've to buy them from PC accessories stores or online shops

Where To Buy?

Most of the online shops sell PhotoStick and Flash Drive. Here's a quick overview of where you'll find these devices. Don't forget to check out how to get the PhotoStick USB stick.


PhotoStick is available on its official website. They'll refund in 60 days for a damaged product. You'll even find it in computer accessories shops.

Flash Drive:

You'll find flash drives of different brands in the market. Amazon, Alixpress, Walmart, and thousands of online shops sell flash drives. You'll even find them in your local computer accessories shop. Buy a flash drive that has a warranty.

Conclusion: Photo Stick Vs. Flash Drive-Which Is Better?

Between PhotoStick and Flash Drive, PhotoStick is the best option. It'll provide you with more security, filter duplicates, and provide ultimate protection against virus attacks. You can use a photo stick on different computers with multiple ports. So, it's the winner.

After reading the discussion on PhotoStick Vs. FlashDrive, you have learned more about their benefits and features. This will help you to find the best memory drive in your budget. Save your memorable moments in the best memory drive!



Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 9
Ease of use 10
Flexible 10
  • It is elementary to use
  • The process takes moments to transfer your files
  • You can store every type of data
  • Drives have versatile security systems
  • You’ll need an OTG to connect a flash drive to your smartphone
  • Flash drives have only one port
  • Files are easily corrupted by virus

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