Primetracking Review (2024): Caring For Your Loved Ones (Children & Seniors)

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Do you have an Alzheimer’s patient at home? Are you the mother of a naughty kid? Do you constantly worry about your kid or elderly parents’ losing their way home?

Whenever your kid goes missing, even for minutes, you feel helpless. And this applies to everyone. Not only kids, but some of us also have family members who suffer from dementia. Even sometimes we feel the need to check our spouse’s whereabouts.

It is time to stop worrying and take action. So, this Primetracking review is for you. And I am going to reveal the most amazing device for this purpose.

Modern technology has given us the Prime Tracking device to end all our tension and suspicions. This device can track everything no matter where they are.

Quick Summary

Prime Tracking is a GPS tracking device that is very small in size. And it works super fast by using the 4G network. It also has a SOS button for emergencies.Quick Summary

Tracking your loved ones for their safety or for your suspicion to end, is now a reality. You can place this device in your toddler’s stroller, kid’s bag, or husband’s car, wherever you want.

And it is practically invisible to the eyes, so hiding it will not be a problem.

What exactly is Prime Tracking?

PrimeTracking is an ultra-modern portable, mini-sized tracking tool. It works by utilizing a Smart App, GPS, and high-speed 4G Network. It has a rechargeable battery and lasts around two weeks after charging.

What exactly is Prime Tracking

It doesn’t make any noise and is super convenient. You can track your car and it will alert you if any unwanted situation arises. This device tracks the location every 10 seconds. On the app, you can check 1-year’s location history.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your PrimeTracking now and don’t forget to tell others about it. Best of luck!

Features and Benefits of Primetracking

Prime Tracking offers a wide range of features and benefits. I like almost everything about this device. And I am stating some of the features here, for your convenience.

Features and Benefits of Primetracking

Tracking Anything

Yes, you can track everything now with PrimeTracking. Keep track of your loved ones. If you are absent-minded like me and often forget your belongings at other places, then put this device in your luggage. And thus, even if it’s lost, you can find it in no time.

History of Location

This device keeps all the location history stored in the smart app. You can get hold of the histories for over 1 year easily on your mobile or laptop. And it also tracks the location every ten seconds.

Track from Any Device

Though other GPS trackers are difficult to handle, this is not. You will be able to monitor the activity of tracking from your android phone or PC or laptop. Install the app recommended and operate through the app. It is really simple.

Sends Fast Alert

The device will send you a notification every time the location is changed. Or if it enters a new area, it will also give you notifications. In case of tracking your car, it sends alerts whenever there is any unusual activity or accelerated speed.

Undetectable and Portable

The size and shape of Primetracking are very small and cute. It comes with a classy black appearance. Thus, it can be placed in anything or anyone.

Work in Every Network Type

It can be misleading that this device only works with 4G networks. That is not the actual case. It works anywhere in North America where there is any cell service available. So, keeping track of something or someone, wherever they are, is actually possible.

Compatible with Smartphones

The Prime Tracking can be really easy and comfortable to use. Any tracking apps can be used to track the location of your desired belonging or person. Google map is also compatible with it, so the accuracy of the location is guaranteed.

SOS Button

This SOS option is really life-saving. If someone is in any kind of accident like a car accident or even being kidnapped, they can easily press the button and their loved ones will know.

Keep Track of Speed

If anyone is driving your car at a very high speed, it will send notification. It is the best feature to keep track of your teenage son or daughter’s driving. And it detects the speed of everything it is attached to. So don’t think that it only works in the case of cars.

Battery Life of 2 Weeks

Once you have charged the device fully, you don’t need to recharge it for at least in 2 weeks. And charging Prime Tracking is easy. It has a small USB port and you can charge it with the USB cable provided within.


With this device, you can select your safe areas or locations. And then, if you are out of these places, it will send alerts and notifications. So, if your kid or loved ones get out of the safe zone, it will alert you at that moment.

Friendly Subscription

Unlike other devices, it has a very friendly subscription service. It has a $25 monthly subscription fee and if you subscribe for 6 months, then it is $20 per month. They don’t cost you when you want to unsubscribe or re-subscribe.

Ups and Downs

Every device is different from each other and they have their own ups and downs. Though Prime Tracking is a really convenient and life-saving device, there may be some things that are unpleasant.

Here you can see the ups and downs from my experience.

  • Has a long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Offers 30-days Money-Back guarantee.
  • The size and shape are very small and handy.
  • Can track everything accurately.
  • Works anywhere throughout North America.
  • Have SOS button for emergencies.
  • The design is made to be water-resistant.
  • Only works in the US, Canada and Mexico

How Does Prime Tracking work?

Prime Tracking works just like the other tracking devices but with better efficiency. You can use it to locate your kid by placing the device in their bag or pocket.

How does Prime Tracking work

Place it in your car when you leave it in a parking lot to avoid theft. Or you can place it in your valuable assets to keep track of them. And placing it into the stroller of your baby is a very good idea.

I mainly use PrimeTracking to locate where my dad is as he is an Alzheimer’s patient. So, if you have an elderly family member who sometimes forgets to come back home, it’s a perfect solution for you.

It also can be used to get rid of your suspicion of anyone. Keep the device in their car or belongings and see whether they are going somewhere without telling you.

How Do You Use It?

Using Prime Tracking seems very simple. I am describing the steps below-

Step 1: Open the package and charge the device fully.

Step 2: Then go to their website and after entering your device’s information there, your Primetracking will be activated.

Step 3: Now, you need to select a tracking plan and buy that. You can select a monthly or half-yearly tracking plan there.

Step 4: Downloading the Prime Tracking Mobile App is the next step. To keep track of the location history, log in to your account in the app.

All done! Now keep tracking your valuables or beloved ones. Order your own PrimeTracking and start living your life with fewer uncertainties.

Is It Worth Buying?

That depends on your purpose of buying the Prime Tracking. Thousands of kids go missing every year in America only. By placing a PrimeTracking in your kid’s bag or pocket, that chance of going missing can be reduced to nearly zero.

It can be a great help in your business management. If you run a company and have to manage a wide range of drivers, then PrimeTracking is for you. Attach the device to all your cars and then monitor.

Is it worth buying

That’s because when you place it in your car, you will know what driver is following all your instructions or not. It will also ensure that no one is using the cars for personal purposes. And it will notify you if any driver speeds up or drives the car roughly.

Lastly, if you have to track your family members or children, it can be of great help. It is virtually undetectable and doesn’t make any noise. So, without bothering them, you can keep track and live tension-free.

Is It A Scam?

This is the right question to ask before buying anything online. There are thousands of gadgets available online claiming they are the best. So, before ordering, do your research.

I also hesitated at first. After reading some reviews and the specifications about the device, I was sure to buy it. I am attaching some of the reviews that helped me here.

Is it a scam

Is it a scam 02

Prime Tracking Specification

This device is very tiny. It is approximately 2.7⨯1.5⨯0.5 inches. The display shows three different colored lights indicating the GPS connection, Power, and Cell connection.

The charging port is a mini USB. The battery is rechargeable Lithium Polymer. It utilizes Android and iOS operating systems. The connection type is 4G LTE.

Where to get Prime Tracking?

The Prime Tracking is available online. Though there are many trackers like it in the market, they may be fake. Also, not every site is authentic. I got mine from this website, and they offer great customer service.

The price is $50 for the device and you have to pay monthly subscription fees. $25 per month, if you buy a 1 month subscription. $20 per month, if you pay half-yearly.

There are no additional costs for using PrimeTracking. Also, they will not make you pay any activation or cancellation fees. They are selling thousands of units per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are about to end of our PrimeTracking review. And in that stage, you may have some common question about this device. So, let’s get the answer.

Can multiple people access the location of the PrimeTracking device?

Yes, it is possible to access the location by using different smartphones or PCs. You just need to log in to the same account from different devices.

Can I track my vehicle with PrimeTracking?

This device will allow you to track the speed of your car or any vehicle when someone else is driving. Also, it will send you notifications when anything unusual happens to the car.

Will my data be secured and private?

The manufacturer assures that all your data will be 100% encrypted. They provide Military-Like protection. So, don’t worry about your privacy.

Why is it different from other devices?

Firstly, it is really compatible with smartphones. And it utilizes a super-fast 4G network to locate anything, anywhere.

Is Prime Tracking valid outside the United States?

PrimeTracking works best in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Is PrimeTracking waterproof?

PrimeTracking is highly water-resistant. So, it gives you the freedom of using it in the rainy season.

Will Insurance pay for this device?

For this information, you should consult with the nearby insurance office. And it is possible to get insurance for this device.

Final Verdict

Knowing the whereabouts of your family or little kids without bothering them is now possible. With Primetracking, you can now watch over everything and everyone in North America.

This extraordinary tracking device can keep your valuable assets safe. It helps you whenever you are in any kind of accident. You can improve your business by utilizing the device easily.

I hope this PrimeTracking review has assisted you in understanding the facts before buying.


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