Purifair Review: Pocket-Sized Answer to Indoor Air Pollution?

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For most of my life, allergies and I have been inseparable partners. Outside, I usually do fine, but congested indoor air has always been a problem, especially since I moved to my coast-side apartment. I thought of getting an air purifier, but the bulk and sky-high cost always put me off.

Only then I came across Purifair—a compact, budget-friendly alternative that fits right in the palm of your hand. Instead of filters or any bulky mechanisms, this smart air purifier cleans the air around you using revolutionary air ionization technology.

Continuing with my Purifair review, let’s explore how this mini air purifier lives up to its claims, what good you can expect, its unique features, benefits, cost, exclusive offers, and more.

What Is Purifair?: A Brief Overview

Put simply, Purifair is a portable air purifier that uses air ionization to transform your indoor air quality by eliminating harmful airborne particles. Looking at it, you may mistake it for a soda can. So, you can imagine how easily you can carry it and set it up anywhere discreetly.Purifair Review

As you turn it on, the device spreads out millions of negative ions, which take out unwanted airborne particulate matter. From dust to pollen or mold spores to pet dander, they tackle most contaminants and allergens to make your surrounding air more breathable.

What Is Purifair 2

And what makes it more appealing is that its operation is much quieter than most of its larger counterparts. Besides, with no filters to replace, it cuts those annoying recurring costs as well.

How Does Purifair Work?

So, what’s the deal with this air ionization thing, the process which Purifair uses to fight airborne pollutants? In simple terms, it’s essentially an electrically charged process rather than conventional air filtration.

The device has built-in ion generators that negatively charge the air molecules around you. This enables them to attract those positively charged dust, pollen, bacteria, and other allergens flying around.

How Does Purifair Work

Then once attached, those particles get too heavy to float in the air or be inhaled. So instead, they fall onto the floor or other surfaces, essentially cleaning the surrounding air.

And just like that, Purifair takes out the harmful pollutants directly from your personal space, eliminating them without relying on any airflow or filtration system.

How Is Purifair Different from Conventional Air Purifiers?

If you’re familiar with traditional purifiers, you might know that they mainly rely on HEPA or activated carbon filters to control air contamination. These machines essentially drag air into their filters and trap the pollutants before circulating clean air back out.

The main downside of this method is that it dirties the filter pretty fast. Meaning you need to replace them so often, which is both annoying and expensive.

But on top of that, when you compare their effectiveness on microparticles, micro-organisms, and bio-contaminants, Purifair’s negative ion technology undoubtedly gets the upper hand. Here are a few reasons why.

Effectivity Against Viruses

Did you know that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission of the USA) has banned conventional filters like HEPA from claiming to be effective at preventing viruses or similar particulate levels?

This is because these devices have proved ineffective against microscopic particles. After all, they’re much tinier (0.3-micron particles) than even the smallest pores in those filters, easily allowing them to evade the filtering mechanism.

In contrast, with Purifair’s ionization technology, there’s nothing to do with filters, as it targets those microscopic invaders by neutralizing their charge. That’s why it can offer an added layer of protection against viruses, including those from airborne chemicals.

Handling Microparticles

The same can be said about microparticles or sub-micron particles that those physical filtration system struggles to cope with. For example, secondhand smoke levels or particulate pollution from vehicles, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, and such.

Handling Microparticles

These ultra-fine particles easily pass through most mesh filters before they can even react. But with ionization, no matter how small these particulates are, they have no chance to pass as they’re neutralized and dispersed before reaching your breathing passages.

Control of Biocontaminants

It's not just harmful particles; conventional purifiers are also significantly less efficient against bio-contaminants, like bacteria, molds, fungi, etc. This is because these pesky microorganisms thrive in suppressed environments and can grow and multiply quite easily.

However, Purifair doesn’t provide the environment these microbes need to thrive. The ionization process attacks and breaks their structure, reducing or preventing rapid growth.

Does Purifair Really Work? [My Personal Experience]

With the smoke from wildfires and dusty air a usual occurrence where I live and my pre-existing issue with indoor allergens, fresh air had become quite a luxury for me. Then I found Purifair, and honestly, I couldn’t trust it at first, mostly because of its tiny size. Yet I decided to give it a try.

Does Purifair Really Work

Then, after using it for two weeks, it struck me hard when I began to realize the telltale difference in air quality. First, it was the acute dusty smell that I noticed declining fast, and my persistent sneezing soon followed. My wife, who’s non-allergic, also noticed a difference in the air.

I also used it inside my car, and the impact was stunning. After all, I wasn’t coughing anymore while driving, something I got used to doing because of the pungent diesel smell.

Does Purifair Really Work 2

Like I said, I was looking for a budget-free solution, and this can-shaped thing truly delivered that since it’s got no filter to maintain. Besides, there’s no challenge in its use–just plug it in and tap the button. And did I say it works silently too? Yes, that’s yet another thing to fall in love with it.

Key Features of Purifair Air Purifier

The compact design of Purifair might not appeal to many, but once you explore its features, you will realize its uniqueness. Check out these unique features in more detail.

Ionization Technology

Undoubtedly, ionization technology has to be at the heart of Purifair’s smart mechanism. And if you didn’t know already, modern hospitals use the same technology to keep the air free of dust, pollen, pet dander, and even VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and ultrafine bio-contaminants.

200 Square Feet Coverage

One of the things that pushed me hard to turn to Purifair than anything else was its vast 200 square feet coverage, despite the portability. After all, this equals any sizeable room and office workspace setting.

200 Square Feet Coverage

No-Filter Air Purification

Remember the hassles with traditional air purifiers we discussed before? Yes, it's a huge problem when you neither have the money nor the time to replace the air filters in your purifier or clean them.

No-Filter Air Purification

With Purifair, though, it’s barely a concern since the ion-based cleaning cuts those affairs entirely. Just wiping down the device once in two-three days will do for you.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

At less than 27 dB, Purifair's operation could not be quieter. You may liken it to whispers or the faint humming of a laptop at most. This is definitely a plus for those looking to work in silence without compromising the air quality.

USB Powered

As with effectiveness, Purifair is also practical, which is why it is powered by USB. Meaning you can power it with a laptop, power bank, car cigarette lighter port, or any device with a USB outlet. And that’s why it’s not just portable but also adaptable to different situations.

USB Powered

One-Button Operation

Who doesn’t like simplicity? Everyone does, and Purifair agrees. That’s why it comes with just one button on its top, which you can press to toggle the ionization process on or off. No fuss with settings, no time wasting.

One-Button Operation

How to Use Purifair Air Purifier

After what I’ve just said, you must already have figured out how to use this device. Yet, here I present the three-step method just to confirm it.

  1. Plug it in: Get the USB cord provided with the package and hook it up with Purifair. Then just plug the other end into a USB-compatible device. It can be your phone’s charging adapter, power bank, computer, etc.
  2. Press the Button: There’s no good reason not to find the only button Purifair has on its top. Just press it once to start the ionization process.
  3. Breathe in Fresh Air: As the ionization begins, you can now sit back and relax while enjoying the clean, fresh air purified by Purifair. Then when not using it, just press that button again to turn it off.

Why Should You Use it?: The Extraordinary Benefits of Purifair

The uniqueness of Purifair’s features should be enough to convince anyone gasping for fresher breathing. But what makes it more desirable are the extraordinary benefits that tag along. Here’s an overview of what you should expect.

Fresh, Sterilized Air Everywhere

With innovative air purification coupled with compactness, Purifair promises to deliver cleaner, fresher air wherever you set it up. There’s no way to overlook its mobility.

Fresh, Sterilized Air Everywhere

Like I said, I tried it at home, in my office, and even in my car, and the air was nothing short of rejuvenating on the back of my allergic condition. And with the broad area coverage, you can literally turn any space into germ-free, allergen-free zones.

Boost in Calmness and Health

If you’re allergic like me, you know how relieving being in a trigger-free space feels. But that doesn't explain everything. So many studies have shown how breathing in fresh air can induce calm, decrease stress, improve sleep quality, and inspire productivity and overall well-being.

Boost in Calmness and Health

One-Time Purchase, Saves Time and Effort

Traditional air purifiers may give you clean air, but not everyone has the money to replace those filters or the time and effort to maintain them.

Isn’t it nicer to get the same level (or more, I should say) of purification without paying recurring fees or spending your time on it? Yes, that's Purifair; simple to use with one button and zero filters, saving you money, time, and effort.

Quiet, Convenient, Comfortable Use

For me, Purifair’s straightforward and silent operation has been synonymous with convenience and comfort. More so when it’s the pathway to a peaceful night’s sleep or maintaining a calm, breezy work environment. The one-button functionality only sweetens things further.

Quiet, Convenient, Comfortable Use

Small, Portable, Yet Durable

As small as this device may be, its aluminum alloy build adds to its surprising durability. Since my purchase, I’ve taken it everywhere I went across different circumstances, but it’s yet to show any signs of wear and tear or even visible scratches.

Whether you throw it in your backpack or small purse, or use it in your jampacked workspace or your vehicle, this thing just keeps doing its job without complaining.

Power Efficiency (With a Bonus)

Now, a USB-powered air purifier is not just practical because you can easily power it up, but it also saves you power. The huge chunks of electricity those bulky filters consume may go unnoticed, but the USB cable shows just how little power Purifair consumes.

And here’s another thing I discovered unknowingly–you can also use Purifair to charge your phone when it isn’t purifying the air. That's a nice surprise since it's not mentioned in their product description.

The Drawbacks

Like any electronic gadget, Purifier isn’t 100% perfect. Although minor, it does have some shortcomings that you should know. Here, I point two notable ones.

Limited Controls

Purifair’s simplicity may set it apart from its peers, but it’s also what some people may find issues with. It only has one button to toggle the ionization process on and off, which works fine for me.

Yet, a few adjustment settings, like tweaking the flow rate or scheduling features, would’ve been nice for those needing them.

Not Suitable for Larger Pollutants

This tiny device may work phenomenally well ousting microparticles like airborne bacteria and allergens, but it’s not meant for larger particles. Purifair isn’t for you if you’re dealing with pet hair, large dust flakes, paint chips, or similar heavier contaminants of that sort.

Who Is Purifair Air Purifier Ideal for?

No doubt, Purifair’s compact design and practical design should work for anyone in most circumstances. Yet, it can be an out-and-out hit with certain groups of people. Such as:

  • Allergic people or those with respiratory issues
  • Indoor workers and freelancers
  • Night owls or insomniacs looking for a sound sleep
  • Frequent travelers, campers, RV-ers
  • Parents or schools concerned about kids’ breathing environment
  • Dwellers in tight quarters with congested air
  • Anyone planning on a healthier lifestyle

Purifair Costs and Refund Policy

Purifair comes in three different Packages, each having its own price tag and limited-time discounted offers. Take a look.

  • A single unit of Purifair costs $49.99.
  • Alternatively, you can buy two to get one free at $119.98.
  • Or, you can buy three to get two free for just $179.97.

And apart from the discounted price, all three options come with a no-ask, no-fuss 30-day money-back guarantee, and nationwide free shipment.

You can learn more about these offers from Purifair’s official offer page. And for further questions regarding their refund policy, you can mail them at [email protected].

Where Can I Buy Purifair Air Purifier?

Currently, the only option available for buying Purifair is the company’s official website. While it would be nice to get yours from your nearest retail shop, let’s not forget about the exclusive discounts the company offers online.

Buying from the official website also ensures you get the original product, not a cheap rip-off. Besides, the full refund is only valid for purchases made from that website.

How Good Is Purifair’s Support Team?

From my experience, Purifair seemed to be taking care of its consumers quite well. I contacted their support team several times with various queries, and they didn’t take long to reply. The personnel I was hooked up with also sounded very polite and professional in their approach.

If you, too, want to contact them, you can email them at [email protected]. Typically, they take 1-2 business days to reply. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can also chat with their representative directly on their website if someone’s available.

Purifair Reviews: What Customers Are Saying About It?

Before I decided to try Purifair, I browsed through plenty of consumer reviews online to get all the facts. And honestly, I was amazed by all the positive feedback the product received. Here, I’ve picked a few to give you an idea.

“Oh, never in my life did I think I’d find an air purifier as quiet and convenient as Purifair. It’s perfect for my camper – portable, silent, energy-saving, yet really effective!”

– Lucy K, California

“Best purchase I've made recently. My bedroom has limited space, and Purifair fits perfectly and works flawlessly. No more allergies and interrupted nights!”

– Claire B, Texas

“I was a bit nervous before I decided to buy this air purifying can for my mom, who suffers from asthma. I'm glad to say that since we started using Purifair, the air has definitely improved, and her symptoms have decreased noticeably.”

– Thomas G., New Jersey

“Tried it out first in my home and was so impressed that I bought another one for my office. I like that it runs quietly and doesn't consume a lot of power. Having less dust and fresher air in the morning has been a pleasant surprise.”

– Olivia P., Washington D.C.

“I'm loving my Purifair! The one-button functionality makes it extremely user-friendly. Plus, it’s so small; I can take it anywhere. Absolutely worth it!”

– Amanda H, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got further queries regarding the Purifair Air Purifier? Here, I’ve answered a few commonly asked questions that may help.

Who manufactures Purifair air purifiers?

From what I’ve found on their official website, Purifair is an American company. However, I couldn't find much information about the actual location they’re based or where they manufacture from. But the positive feedback from customers indicates that they're legitimate.

Does Purifair produce ozone?

Yes, the company website says that Purifair disperses a negligible amount of ozone, below 0.003mg/m3, which is even far less below than what’s required by the FDA. It’s actually a part of the air purification process to fight odors and germs, and it doesn’t harm human or animal respiratory.

Can I keep it on for prolonged hours?

Yes, you can. There’s no harm in it. In fact, the company claims that they’ve designed Purifair to work efficiently 24/7. Since you can power it with USB, it won’t significantly impact your electricity bill either. I’ve run it for over ten hours at a stretch without noticeable heat buildup.

Is Purifair safe around children and pets?

Of course, it is. It doesn’t use any chemical for operating and neither does it produce them. The device does disperse some ozone, but it’s nothing harmful to your children's health. Besides, unlike some portable air purifiers, Purifair doesn’t use any UV rays.

Conclusion: Is Purifair Worth Your Money?

Why not? Based on what I’ve experienced so far and insights gathered from different customer reviews, it certainly feels like every dime you spend on Purifair is well worth it.

Its key features, like the unique ionization technology, low noise, affordability, ease of use, and portability, make it an effective solution for a number of applications. Also, the impressively wide coverage and energy efficiency are well-suited for small to medium-sized spaces.

And don't forget the 30-day money-back guarantee they offer. Just in case it doesn't meet your expectations, you can request a refund. So, what's holding you back from trying?


Purifair Review

Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 10
Safety 9
  • Compact and portable
  • High-efficiency filtration
  • Quiet, so it’s perfect for bedrooms
  • Effective range is quite small

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