React Powered by ChargeHub Review: Your Car’s 7-in-1 Emergency Tool

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In our modern world, I believe being prepared for unexpected situations is more important than ever. Whether you're a traveler or simply someone who values safety, the React Emergency Multi-Tool by ChargeHub is a must-have companion.

This remarkable device combines seven essential tools into one compact package, ensuring you're ready for anything the road throws your way.

From emergency vehicle escape to everyday convenience, join me as I explore its features, benefits, and how it can make a difference in my daily life.

Overview of ChargeHub React

Manufacturer Limitless Innovation
Dimensions ‎5.04 x 2.4 x 1.89 inches
Input Voltage 12-24 V
Battery Capacity 2200 mAh
Charging Ports 1 lightning, 1 USB Type A
Weight 3.2 oz, 90 grams
Output Power 10W (plugged in),  7.5 W (battery)
LED 1W, 130 lumens

I've come across many car chargers, and they typically offer a single USB port for recharging mobile devices. However, their functionality often ends right there.


But, in my opinion, React really maximizes its form factor by incorporating several handy features for car owners. It's not just any tool; it's a 7-in-1 multi-tool that includes a phone charger, flashlight, seatbelt cutter, sharp window breaker, and an emergency signal system.

You may think all this comes with a hefty price tag. But no. When I got my unit, it cost me 50 dollars, including shipping. Now, that's a reasonable price for a product that essentially has seven qualities built into one.

What is React Powered by ChargeHub?

ChargeHub React is a car charger that is also your vehicle’s emergency multi-tool. It is primarily used to top off your phone using the car’s 12V port.


But most car chargers are of no use when you take them off. React has an added trick up its sleeve by integrating a 2200 mAh portable battery into its body.

That means even when your car’s battery is down, your mobile devices have access to a power source. I feel this is an excellent feature that you will definitely appreciate during emergency situations.

The good things do not end here. A sharp object is tucked inside safely, which can break the car window or release you from the seatbelt.

You may think this is unnecessary, but it is good thinking on ChargeHub’s behalf to include this as an emergency tool.


Finally, you get two safety items, too. One is a flashlight, and the other is a SOS alert system. Both will come in handy in a variety of emergency situations, when you get stuck in the car and need to call for help.

How does React Emergency Multi-Tool by ChargeHub work?

At the heart of React, there is a power bank with a small but useful battery built in. This is the power source that drives an emergency flashlight or SOS alarm and charges your phone or other peripherals using the USB port.


When plugged into the car’s 12V charging port, you have the option to charge two devices. There is one full-sized USB A and a lightning port to charge your phone.

So you can charge two devices while you are in the car. In the meantime, React’s internal battery charges itself to be ready for use during emergencies.


In the event of an unfortunate situation, the React’s tip can act as an emergency escape tool. It has a hardened tip that can break through any glass.

If you get stuck, you can use force, pointing at the front of the device, and that can shatter the glass. According to the manufacturer, you can break tempered glass but not laminated glass.

The React also houses a seat belt cutter. A plastic holder in the size houses a sharp blade underneath.

By pulling React through a seatbelt, you can tear it up and get yourself out if you get trapped. It is sharp enough to cut through most car’s seat belt fiber.


The emergency alert system flashes strobing lights periodically. This sends out a rescue signal to let people know that you are in distress.

There is a built-in safety siren, too. And during my testing, I found that the speaker can get quite loud, which is a great showing by React.

Main Key Features of ChargeHub Emergency Multi-Tool

ChargeHub React is a true multi-faceted device. Yes, it does look like a car charge, but there is much more to it. So, depending on your use case, it can act like the following:

A dual port car charger

When going on a trip, you will have more than one device at hand. And these will require a device to top them up.


What separates React from other car chargers currently available is that you have the option to charge two devices at a time. You can plug in your iPhone and iPad at the same time without needing any adapters.

And when you are outside the car, it continues to top up your phone using its built-in portable power bank. That is a key USP of Chargehub’s React, I guess.

Built-in flashlight

React has a bright LED light built into its body. Using it, you can maneuver in dark places. Its brightness is adequate to act as an emergency flashlight.


And because the built in battery has a moderate size, you will get a good backup from just using it as a torch.

Emergency SOS system

As a car charger primarily, you would not expect it to have a safety feature such as an alert system built into it. But React surprises everyone by including a light and sound-based SOS.

So you get the LEDs flash red light that sends a distress signal. And a built-in speaker can produce sounds that will let others know that you need help. This feature is really appreciated by those traveling to remote places.

How to Use ChargeHub Emergency Multi-Tool?

How you will use ChargeHub React depends on your use case. You can charge your phone with it or utilize it to aid you in emergency situations.

Using React as a charger

Plug React into your car's auxiliary power/cigarette lighter port. Then, use a lightning or a micro USB port to plug your phone into one of the two ports.

It will recharge your phone using the car as a power source. The charging speeds are not exactly fast, but it will get the job done.

Using React as a Power Bank

Even when React is not plugged into your car, it can recharge your phone. Just keep the phone plugged in and take off React.


You can see the charging continues. The same power bank is used for a flashlight and the emergency alert system.

Using React as an Emergency Light

React has a pretty good flashlight. Its LEDs can light up 160 lumens of brightness. This comes in handy if you are stuck somewhere in the night, and your car’s battery dies.


You can navigate safely using it. Just press the flashlight button present on React’s body on one side.

Using React as an Emergency alert device

On another side, you will find a SOS button. Pressing it will produce a red blinking flash of light. Use this to send out a distress signal.

The frequency of the blinking light will notify anyone seeing it from a long distance that you are in need of assistance.

Using React as an Emergency alert device

There is another button that produces an audio signal. It is pretty loud, so people near your vicinity will be able to hear it and come to your aid.

If that’s not enough, you can use the flashlight to signal for help. All three features are designed to call anyone for help, even if they are far away.

Using React to get out of your car

If you face an accident and cannot get out, React has some life-saving tools for that, too. The front part hides a sharp edge. If you push it downwards, you can reveal it.

Just use a large force to push the glass breaker into your car window. Then push it in with force, and that should shatter the window glass. The edge is sharp enough to break most glass windows of cars.


React can also get you out of seatbelts using its built-in seatbelt cutter. Just imagine if your car catches fire and you need to exit the car immediately. In that case, attach it to your seatbelt and run it down across. It will rip your seatbelt in half.

Benefits Of Using React Emergency Multi-Tool

By now you may already know the benefits of using React. In my short period of using it, I have found some advantages that hold this device in good regard.


Car Charger and Power Bank in one

React combines the goodness of two devices into one. You get a car charger and a power bank, too. It means even if you forget to carry a power bank with you on a trip, you are assured of getting an additional power source.

Ensures your safety

You can be assured that you can get out of your car easily, even if it gets toppled. A call for help is just a push of a button away. The strobing LEDs will send signals which can alert anyone who is nearby.

Ease of Carrying

Even though React can perform seven functions, it does not add any heft to its body. You will just feel as if you are carrying a small power bank with you.

Its portability and small size make it perfect to attach to your car or tuck it in the car’s cabinet without occupying too much space.

Emergency Light

A spare flashlight can come in handy in any situation, and React proves that by embedding it. It does not use too much power, so you can get by using it for longer.

React Emergency Multi-Tool Powered by ChargeHub Pros & Cons

By now, you already know how useful of a device React is. So, let's go through the advantages and disadvantages of React by ChargeHub.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • You get a bright flashlight.
  • Glass breaker and SOS alert included.
  • Can charge two devices at once.
  • Can act as a power bank.
  • Costs less when you purchase more at one time.
  • Costs more compared to regular car chargers.
  • Can get lost due to its compact size.

What problems does React Emergency Multi-Tool solve?

If you use React by ChargeHub, you will see that it acts as a multifunctional device.

Just think of this situation where you go on a small trip.  You may need a separate power bank, a flashlight, a car charger, an emergency SOS alert, and a small hammer for your safety.


React can literally do what these products can do individually. Think of all the space that your car would need to store it. You can essentially replace all these with an object that is barely the size of your car charger.

When we think of useful gadgets for our cars, React can be that perfect safety device. And due to its size, it can fit almost anywhere in your car.

So, if you forget to stuff your car with emergency supplies, React can be your savior for emergency situations.

Who should get React Emergency Multi-Tool Powered by ChargeHub?

If you have small kids and you travel with them frequently, you should definitely get this device. React has way too many benefits for a single device, which you need to consider seriously.


With so many features, you can be assured that even if you fall into an accident, you can get everyone out of the car securely. And with built-in SOS alerts, you can call for help in the most remote of places.

And not just for kids; React should be present in every consumer car. It is portable and very easy to use. And you would not even notice it on your car when in use.

React Emergency Multi-Tool Cost & Refund Policy

React by ChargeHub comes in packages of one, three, five, and ten. You get a bigger discount if you purchase it in bulk.

  • A single unit of React by ChargeHub costs 99 dollars.
  • You can buy two units and get one free for $99.99.
  • A five-pack bundle consisting of three units with two free costs 99 dollars.
  • A ten-pack gives you five units and five free for 250 dollars.

So, if you are willing to buy it for families and friends, go for the five or ten-pack. You will be making savings of almost 25 dollars per unit. Go check out their webpage to learn more about the current deals.

ChargeHub gives you a one-month free refund if your unit has a defect or you simply do not want to use it. But you need to cover the shipping cost for it.

As for replacements, you get a 1-year warranty for React. If you experience a problem with the device during this time, ChargeHub will replace it for free.

But remember the product and its packaging need to be free from any damage while you claim RMA from ChargeHub.

For any questions and warranty claims, call (855) 843-4828 or mail them to [email protected].

What Does the Customer Say About the React Emergency Multi-Tool?

So far, the customer reviews on ChargeHub’s website and Amazon were mostly positive. I went through these before I made a purchasing decision. Here are some reviews for your convenience.

“The compact size makes it easy to hold in your hand; when I walk in the park during the evening, I carry it with me. So if needed, I have a flashlight, or in case of an emergency and I want to draw attention to myself, I can turn on the red flashing light and audible alarm.-Rcansawgal, Arkansas

“I have been looking for something like this for a while to put in my 16-year-old's car just in case he needs it. This is very small and compact and has every feature you can imagine needing in an emergency situation. I especially like that you can use it to charge a cell phone enough to make an emergency call. ”-Memphis, Tennessee

“I keep this in my car and use it as my phone charger daily, but what I love about it most is I can take it with me if I need a backup power bank when I am out for the day.”-Kay, Pennsylvania

Where Can I Buy a React Emergency Multi-Tool?

You can buy React by ChargeHub from their official website. The manufacturer Limitless Innovations has partnered up with GiddyUp, an e-commerce platform, to sell these.

React Powered by ChargeHub Review

While the same product is available on Amazon, you don’t get the same discounts when you buy units in bulk.

There is another benefit, which is warranty claims. If you buy the same product from their website, the return process will go on much more smoothly.

How is React by ChargeHub’s Support Team?

React Powered by ChargeHub Review 01


My experience was mostly positive with the support team. Before purchasing the product, I contacted them and asked them some questions. I got my queries after one working day.

Innovation Technologies, the guys behind React, says you should expect the support team to reach you within two days of contacting them.

The customer reviews about the support team are good, too. So far, I haven’t seen anyone facing trouble when returning a product or claiming a replacement device.

Is Buying React Emergency Multi-Tool Worth The Money?

In my time using React, I felt this device was totally worth it. You get a single device for your charging solution plus some emergency features built in.

If you factor in the cost of all the devices separately that React functions as one, you will see that you are getting a bargain of a deal.

Sure, as a dedicated car charger, it is costly. But if you buy multiple units together, you get a nice savings per unit.

The best thing about React is that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like it, you can resend it and get back your money. That option alone makes it an ideal product to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, you may have additional questions regarding React by ChargeHub. This section aims to answer that for you.

How do I charge React by ChargeHub?

To charge React, just connect it to your car’s lighter port. It will charge its internal battery along with providing power to charge your phone from the two ports.

Is ChargeHub React a scam?

React by ChargeHub is not a scam. You can verify this by going to the manufacturer's website or its Amazon page and reading the product reviews posted by users who have purchased the device. There are videos on YouTube that show that the device performs similarly to what it advertises.

How do I turn on the emergency alarm on ChargeHub React?

React has three separate buttons for the emergency functions. The emergency alarm has a SOS button labeled on it. Just press it, and you will hear the alarm blaring from its built-in speakers.

How to use the window breaker on ChargeHub React.?

The window breaker on React is a hardened steel tip hidden below its front metallic part. If you push it, you will see the steel tip. To break your car window, just use a large force to push the tip into the glass. That should do enough to break the glass.

Summary: React Powered by ChargeHub Review

React by ChargeHub is one of the most useful car gadgets that I have come across of late. This is a must-buy device for those who spend a lot of time traveling.

We normally do not account for all the accidents that can happen while on the road. Since it is difficult to anticipate looming trouble, why not prepare yourself beforehand and keep yourself and your loved ones safe?

React may be a small device, but it does not compromise on its list of features. So, give it a try, and you will not be disappointed for sure.


React Powered by ChargeHub Review

Buy Now
Features Rate 10
Value for money 10
Ease of use 9
Flexible 10
Safety 10
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • You get a bright flashlight.
  • Glass breaker and SOS alert included.
  • Can charge two devices at once.
  • Can act as a power bank.
  • Costs less when you purchase more at one time.
  • Costs more compared to regular car chargers.
  • Can get lost due to its compact size.

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