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There is no denying that photography has earned a great level of popularity these days. Many 0f us are so much passionate about photography. It not only satisfies our passion but also captures our memories. Being a passionate person about photography, I always want to improve my skills.

To shape up my skills, I needed a selfie stick to assist me. I won’t deny, I searched a lot for a good product. But, I couldn’t find one that meets my expectation. Finally, some of my good friends recommended me SelfCam Pro. I was confused with it as well but somehow managed to convince myself to get this product.

No doubt, this product changed my life entirely. In this SelfCam Pro review, I will share all of my experiences with this product. So, stay with me throughout the article to get a deep insight into it.

Why Should You Care About My Review?

I am a photography enthusiast and love to do photography from my passion. In my opinion, a photograph has the perfect language to tell about a moment. As I want to improve my skills, I was looking for a selfie stick that can assist me in many ways.

SelfCam Pro Review

Thanks to the SelfCam Pro review as it comes with everything to meet my expectation. I have been using this product for almost one year now. In my journey with this product, I tested every key feature of it. As a result, I know every pros and con of it.

I know what advantages you will get from it. I also know about all of its limitations. So, I think you will be benefitted from my review. There should not be any harm if you care about this review. That's it, let's enjoy it!

SelfCam Pro Review – My Honest Opinion

SelfCam is not an ordinary selfies stick. It comes with many amazing features to take your photography experience to the next level. As a customer of this product, I am pretty much satisfied. In the review section below, I will express my honest opinion about it. I hope it will help you to make a wise buying decision.

What is SelfCam Pro?

SelfCam Pro is a portable selfie stick that will help you to take selfies conveniently. The most amazing factor of this product is you will get some amazing advantages other than a mere selfie stick from this product.

What is SelfCam Pro

You can easily convert it into a tripod to hold your smartphone. So, you can take outstanding selfies from a better distance with the help of this tripod. Amazingly, it can be connected to your smartphone. So, you can control it with your smartphone or even you can use a remote control to get the job done.

On top of all these, the SelfCam Pro will allow you to become even more innovative with the latest photographic techniques. For instance, you can go for time-lapse or even long-exposure features. However, your smartphone should come with those features. No doubt, it is a great gadget to capture your moments even more conveniently.

How To Use SelfCam Pro

I love the amazing user interface of SelfCam Pro. When you talk about how to use it, let me tell you it's super simple. Trust me, you don't need to be a gadget expert to do that. Because this gadget comes with a very interactive design so that you don't need to take any hassle to use it. Check the end of the stick and you will find a button there.

Long-press that button and this stick will get its real size. Now to connect your smartphone with the gadget, you can use the Bluetooth of your smartphone. After ensuring the connection, you need to hold the phone on the stick.

Now, you can take selfies easily with the stick. Mounting your phone on the stick is so easy. When you want to use the tripod, let me assure you that it is specially designed to hold your smartphone. In the tripod mode, you can use your smartphone or the remote control to take photos.

Main Features and Benefits Of SelfCam Pro

There is no doubt that you will find many exclusive features of this product. Below I am highlighting all of its key features and benefits so that you can judge it properly.

Stretchable Stick:

One of the major features of this product is it can easily turn into a selfie stick in no time. It is easily stretchable and the control is super easy. The selfie stick is 40 inches long. It is good enough to give you the best possible shot. Besides, it has a great level of gravity control as it can easily balance its center of weight.

Excellent Build Quality:

This amazing product is specially constructed with good-quality materials. So, it will not break easily. No doubt, you can easily handle it. It will give you a durable user experience.

Strong Clamp:

The clamp is quite important for any kind of selfie stick. It will help the phone to be mounted on the stick strongly. Unlike those low-quality products, it comes with a very good-quality clamp. It is easily compatible with any kind of smartphone.

Great Connectivity:

Another great benefit of this device is it comes with a great level of connectivity. You can easily connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This level of strong connectivity will help you to take selfies even more conveniently.

Great Connectivity


For any passionate photographer, it is a common thing to carry a handful of gadgets. That is why they always want compact gadgets so that they don't face any issues while carrying them. SelfCam Pro offers you great portability. So, you won't struggle a bit to take this selfie stick with you.

Wider View:

With an adjustable head, this selfie stick will give you a wider view. It can be adjusted to a 270-degrees angle so that you can capture your memories even smoothly.

Long Battery Life:

This excellent product comes with excellent batteries that have extended run time. Once you charge the batteries fully, you can expect a long runtime which will give you extra flexibility.

Tripod Stand:

Tripod Stand

Another amazing feature of this product is it can be turned into an innovative tripod stand. So, it can hold your smartphone without your assistance. No doubt, it was never being easier to capture photos in a remote position. This tripod stand will make your dream true.

Why Chose SelfCam Pro Wireless Selfie Stick

If you love to take selfies oftentimes, or you love to capture your moments so often, a selfie stick can be a great assistance for you. SelfCam Pro is a great gadget that comes with many exclusive features to meet your expectation.

Why Chose SelfCam Pro Wireless Selfie Stick

It will offer you a great level of durability and portability. So, you will be able to use it for a long time. The portability it offers will help you to carry it to wherever you want. Its ability to turn into a tripod stand is amazing, you can easily take selfies without holding them.

Because it can be easily mounted on the ground when it turns into the tripod stand. On top of all these benefits, it is pretty much affordable. No doubt, the SelfCam Pro selfie stick will never let you down.

Pros Of Selfcam Pro
  • You can easily install it without any hassle
  • It has a great build quality to offer you much durability
  • It is compact, lightweight, and easily portable
  • The selfie-shooting will be stable
  • It can be turned into a tripod
  • It can be easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • It will give you a wider angle of view
Cons Of Selfcam Pro
  • It has limited stock
  • It can be purchase only online, you can't buy it from your local stores.

Technical specification of SelfCam Pro

  • Body: Aluminum
  • Expandable: Yes
  • Rustproof: Yes
  • Grip: Firm and comfortable
  • Connectivity: Strong via Bluetooth
  • Specialty: Can be converted into a tripod stand
  • Clamp: Strong

How Is Selfcam Pro Built And Designed?

I hope you already get the basic idea that SelfCam Pro is a great product. It has some amazing key features that make it outstanding. Unlike other poor-quality selfie sticks, it has a great design. There is no doubt that this excellent product has a very strong build quality. It is built with aluminum to offer you a great level of durability.

When it comes to its design, it is perfect done to offer you many exclusive benefits. For instance, it will offer you a strong clamp and firm grip. As a result, every captures will be outstanding.

On top of that, wouldn’t it be awesome if you get a selfie stick and tripod combined in a single product? Of course, that would be awesome. Amazingly, this device can be converted into a tripod stand to offer you a great level of flexibility.

How To Connect With The Stick?

When it comes to connecting this amazing selfie stick to your smartphone, trust me, it is super easy. It comes with a great level of connectivity. Without any doubt, the connection will be wireless. You just need to use Bluetooth to make the connection. Needless to say, every smartphone comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You just need to use that to get the job done.

Customers Reviews on SelfCam Pro

If you talk about customer's feedback, I am amazed. No doubt, you will be surprised by knowing that as well. Most of the customers expressed a positive opinion about this product. Some customers mentioned that this selfie stick helps them to get a wider angle of view.

Customers reviews on SelfCam Pro

Some customers even stated that it changed their life. However, some of the customers expressed frustration about the product’s supply chain. They stated that the stock of the product is always limited which was frustrating for them.

Where To Buy SelfCam Pro?

SelfCam Pro is a great gadget to help you in shaping up your photography skill. If you want to buy it, you can easily do it from their official website. No doubt, that’s the most authentic source of this product. This link will take you there so that you can make the purchase.

There you will get exclusive discounts and offers especially designed for you. The checkout process is also pretty much simple there. You won't face any hassle getting the product to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Effective?

Answer: Of course, the product is quite effective. It comes with many exclusive features to help you in your photography. There is no doubt that it will never let you down.

How Can You Connect The Selfie Stick?

Answer: Connecting the selfie stick to your smartphone is quite simple. You can easily do it by using Bluetooth.

How And Where Can I Buy It?

Answer: If you want to buy this product, you should go to their official website. However, if you order from this exclusive link, you may get at least a 50% discount on the sales price. You just need to choose your package and complete the checkout process to buy this product.

What If I Want To Return?

Before purchasing any product, you must read every terms and condition associated with it. If this product has any money-back guarantee or warranty in their terms, you can return it. In that case, you may get a refund as per their policy.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

SelfCam Pro is a selfie stick that is specially designed to give you the maximum level of flexibility while taking selfies. This product has high demand all over the world. A company based in Hong Kong is currently supplying it all over the world. They have an expert and professional team for effective supply chain management of SelfCam Pro.

Support Team Contacts

If you want to contact the support team of this product here are their full details.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
  • Brazil: +552135003992
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

SelfCam Pro Review: Verdict

I believe you have got a great idea about this amazing product by now. It is a revolutionary product for selfie lovers. It also helps you to improve your photography skills. The amazing tripod settings of this product will allow you to take selfies more flexibly.

In this SelfCam Pro review article, I tried to share all of my experiences with this product. I hope it has helped you in choosing the best option.


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