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No one will deny that they love their smartphones. It becomes impossible to spend even an hour without scrolling the screen of your smartphone. No exception for me at all. I can't even spend few minutes without using it. Whether I am in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the bathroom, it doesn't matter. I need to use my smartphone under any circumstances.

It becomes a habit for me to listen to music during my shower time. But, this small habit cost me a huge amount of money. Because I damaged two of my expensive smartphones in the bathroom. Surprisingly, that couldn't stop me from taking it to the bathroom again. That's why I was looking for a device that can protect my phone.

Finally, I came to know about the amazing ShowerTime Max. No doubt, it changed my life entirely. Now, I know my phone will be secured in any circumstances. In this ShowerTime Max review, I will share all of my experiences with this product. So, without further ado, let's begin.

My Quick Overview Of ShowerTime Max (1 Min)

ShowerTime Max is a smartphone holder which is designed smartly to give the ultimate protection to your smartphone even in the bathroom. It is a cabinet where you can put your smartphone and that can be mounted on a wall conveniently.

ShowerTime Max Review

With the great touch screen feature of this smart cover, you can even scroll while your phone is already in the cabinet. Besides, it is highly waterproof. No doubt, it will protect your phone from almost all kinds of water-related damages.

ShowerTime Max Review – My Honest Opinion

As a customer of this product, I am pretty much satisfied with it. There is no doubt that it changed my entire life. Now, I can listen to my favorite music even during shower time. In the detailed review section below, I will share my honest opinion about this product.

What is ShowerTime Max?

ShowerTime Max is a smartphone holder to give you the ultimate recreation even in the bathroom. It is specially created just for the people who can’t spend even a few minutes without their smartphone.

What is ShowerTime Max

It is not uncommon for many people to break their phones on the floor of the bathroom. Thanks to ShowerTime Max as it will protect your phone from all kinds of water-related damage. This smartphone holder is fully waterproof and comes with a touch screen feature.

Besides, it can be easily mounted to the wall of your bathroom. So, you just need to keep your phone in it and mount the gadget on the wall. The phone will remain protected while you can continue enjoying your videos.

How Does ShowerTime Work?

If you want to know about the working mechanism of this product, let me tell you something about this. You don't need to know anything to use it. Because it comes in a work-ready condition. You just need to take it and remove the strong adhesive that you will find on the back of the cover.

How Does ShowerTime Work

Then keep your phone in the cabinet and mount the gadget on a wall. That's it. It comes with a 0.25 mm sensitive touch screen, so you will not face any issues to scroll it from the outside. The phone holder can hold almost any sized phones which are less than 6.8 inches in size.

That's awesome, right? You don't need to use it only in the bathroom, you can use it on any wall. It can be the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, wherever it is, you can get seamless risk-free entertainment from this gadget.

How to Use ShowerTime Max

There is no doubt that using this smartphone holder is quite simple. You just have to follow these steps to get the job done properly.

  • Take the ShowerTime Max and remove the strong adhesive from its backside
  • Mount it on the wall at your preferred spot
  • Keep your phone in the holder properly
  • Scroll it and watch your favorite videos.

That’s it. Using this product is as simple as that. Everyone can do that without any hassle.

ShowerTime Max Features


One of the amazing features of this product is it is completely waterproof. So, your phone will be safe and secured from water exposure in this holder. Besides, you will also get a crystal clear sound even if you keep your smartphone inside of this smart cover.

Anti-Fog Screen:

As the name of this device suggests, it is built for use during shower time. Now, it is so common that there might be fog in the bathroom during the shower. But, the amazing thing is the screen of this smartphone holder has the anti-fog feature. So, you will always get a clear screen even during shower time.

Anti-Fog Screen

Sensitive Touch Screen:

Another exciting benefit of this gadget is it comes with a 0.25mm sensitive touch screen. So, you can easily scroll your phone to adjust volumes or to change songs.

Universal Size:

I know smartphones come in several sizes these days. Keeping that in mind, this product is specially designed. So, it can easily hold any smartphone which size is under 6.8 inches.

No-Trace Hanging:

It is another amazing feature of this product. You can easily mount it to any wall. The attachment will be strong and stable. Besides, there will be no trace of this attachment.

ShowerTime Max Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White, blue
  • Dimensions: 28 mm*190 mm*105 (in mm)
  • 1.10 *7.48 *4.13 (in inch)
Pros Of ShowerTime Max
  • It’s quite easy to mount to any wall
  • It comes with touch through technology for giving you a better touchscreen experience
  • It is fully waterproof
  • It comes in a universal size, almost all smartphones can fit in it easily
  • Anti-fog screen to give you a clear view
  • No trace of the attachment in the wall
Cons Of ShowerTime Max
  • Stock is limited
  • It can be only purchased online

Why Do You Need The ShowerTime Max?

If you love to use a smartphone, that should be done smoothly. It is frustrating if you break it on the bathroom floor. I can still remember when I broke my last smartphone just to watch my favorite videos while I was taking shower. That was a horrible time.

Why Do You Need The ShowerTime Max

But now, I put my trust in the amazing ShowerTime Max. Because I know it will take good care of my phone. It is built to serve that purpose.

If you are someone like me who thinks it is impossible to leave your smartphone unattended even during shower time, it is the right fit for you. You need this excellent gadget just to protect your phone when you are busy enjoying your favorite videos on your phone.

Reason Why Showertime Max Is The Best For You

ShowerTime Max is a great product that spoke my mind. I was searching for this kind of gadget to secure my phone in the bathroom. It has every exclusive feature you want to make your phone safe.

Reason Why Showertime Max Is The Best For You

It smartly holds your phone in it and you can continue enjoying your videos. You don't need to think a bit about your phone security. It will be handled smartly by ShowerTime Max. This exclusive phone holder can be attached to any wall smartly.

Besides, you can even scroll your phone while keeping it inside of the holder. I think now you understand the reasons why you should choose this excellent product.

Customers Reviews (ShowerTime Max Review)

Most of the customers of this product expressed a positive opinion about this product. Below I have attached a screenshot of some of the customer's opinions about ShowerTime Max.

Customers Reviews (ShowerTime Max Review)

Where Can I Purchase The ShowerTime Max?

If you want to buy this excellent product, you should go to their official website. You can easily order it from there. However, if you want to get a 50% discount, please click here. You will get some exclusive offers specially designed for you.

Where Can I Purchase The ShowerTime Max

Buying ShowerTime Max is quite easy. You just need to choose the preferred package and complete the checkout process. You will get your product soon at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Delivery Take?

If you order from this link, it will not take much time to deliver the product. However, due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, you should expect some more delivery time.

How Does It Protect Smartphones?

This amazing product will hold your smartphone in its cabinet. You can attach the gadget to the wall of your bathroom. As the gadget is fully waterproof and the attachment is stable and strong, your smartphone will remain protected inside the cage.

Can Steam From The Shower Ruin My Phone?

The phone will be kept secured in your phone holder. So, no steam will harm your phone screen. Because steam will not reach your phone. Fortunately, the phone is fog-resisted. Remain stress-free with your phone secure when you have this amazing gadget.

Does Steam Affect The Clearness Of The Screen?

As I mentioned earlier, the screen of this phone holder is fog-resistant. So, steam will not affect the clearness of the screen.

Is it a scam?

Answer: ShowerTime Max will offer you a lot of benefits. You can enjoy your favorite videos and music even during shower time. No doubt, it will protect your favorite smartphone from any kind of water-related damage. As a customer of this product, I am confirming that it is not a scam at all.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

This product is becoming more and more popular day by day. So, its overall demand is also increasing. A company based in Hong Kong is a supplier of this amazing product. They have a team of experts and professionals to maintain proper supply chain management.

Support Team Contacts

If you want to contact the support team here are their full details.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
  • Brazil: +552135003992
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

ShowerTime Max review – Final Thought

There is no denying that we love our smartphones so much. We want to protect it by any means. If so, ShowerTime Max is a great product that will protect your favorite phone even in the bathroom.

It has many exclusive features to give you the best user experience. In this ShowerTime Max review, I shared all of my experiences about this product. I hope it helped you to make a wise buying decision.


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