SmartDot Review Radiation Protection Phone Sticker: Hoax Or Real?

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When I came to know about the harmful radiation that my mobile phone emits, I was horrified. I used to think that mobile phones are not harmful, but the more research I do about it, the more I realize that I was wrong.

There are many people who claim to have experienced negative health effects due to long-term exposure to cells. I was looking for an effective solution to stop the radiation from emitting out. Then I came across SmartDot review Radiation Protection Phone Sticker and decided to give it a shot.

Honestly, I don't know if this sticker really worked for me, but I have been using it for two weeks now and I can see that my headache is gone. I have no idea if this is a placebo effect or something else, but I definitely feel better. Surprised by the outcome, I decided to research more about this sticker & here's my review.

The SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker has received mixed reports from different researchers, some saying it works where others say it doesn’t. As for me, I noticed a relief from my late-night headache due to working with electronic devices for a long time. So, I’m almost on the side to say that it really works!

SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker Review: A Brief Overview

SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker is a sticker that you are supposed to stick on the back of your phone. It promises to block up to 99% of all harmful radiation, which will, in turn, reduce the risk associated with long-term exposure.

The company claims that this product has been tested by an FCC-certified lab & has proven results when it comes to blocking electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). SmartDot also says that they have taken every possible step so as not to release their technology into the wrong hands and make sure users' safety is prioritized over everything else.

As per my personal experience, I found the SmartDot sticker working to a certain extent. It has helped reduce my headache and I can feel that it is working, but I don't know what's causing this impact on my health. I think there's no harm in giving this accessory a try, so you should never miss out on the SmartDot Radiation Protection Sticker.

SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker Review: Hoax Or Real?

Before reaching any conclusion, I think it's only fair to check all the aspects of this sticker to find out if it's really legit. As I already said, I felt kind of fascinated by the outcome, so I decided to further research on this sticker. Below are the facts that I found-

SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker: What Is It?

SmartDot is a self-adhesive sticker that claims to block up to 99% of all the harmful radiation from your phone & further reduce EMF by 40%. This accessory can be used on any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

As per the company, this sticker is made of a special alloy that has been tested in an FCC-certified lab and has shown great results. According to SmartDot's website, these stickers reduce radiation by up to 99% which can lead to better health & well-being for all users.

What Is It

The CEO behind SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker is Dr Gary Johnson who claims that he developed this technology after years of research on how electromagnetic frequencies affect our brain cells. The idea was born when his son started getting headaches from using mobile phones & tablets too much time every day.

He wanted something that could protect people from being exposed to EMF radiations without making them feel uncomfortable or bulky around their necks. And after intense research & trials, the final product arrives.

SmartDot: How Does It Work?

According to the company, this sticker has been tested by an FCC-certified lab and the results are very promising. SmartDot's website claims that they have used a special alloy called MuMetal in manufacturing these stickers which is capable of blocking electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

How Does It Work

This metal reduces EMF up to 40% when you attach it to any wireless device like smartphones, tablets & laptops. The best part about using this product is that you can use your phone or tablet just as before without worrying about radiation exposure at all!

In my opinion, their mechanism seems pretty convincing but I don't know if they'll ever work. It could be possible that they are not as efficient as the company claims them to be.

Does SmartDot Really Work?

This question has been asked quite a number of times and I am sure you might have some doubts too, given how many scams are going around these days. With my experience in mind, I think it's safe to answer this query with a ‘yes', but you need not expect immediate results after applying this sticker on your device.

Does SmartDot Really Work

It takes time for the adhesive effect of this product to start working properly. You will get an idea of its authenticity only when you use this sticker for a few days. SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker is definitely not a scam and you should never miss out on this amazing accessory!

I have heard a lot about this product from my friends & relatives who use it every day, so I decided to take the risk too even though it's an unfamiliar brand in the market. My experience with this sticker has been nothing but great so far, but there are some drawbacks that still bother me-

Does SmartDot Really Work 2

The adhesive quality of these stickers isn't up to mark as they tend to fall off sometimes when your phone or tablet shakes violently while traveling or during running etc. You can also try using them at home by putting extra effort into sticking them properly onto the gadget you're going to use them with.

SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker: How To Use It?

You can use SmartDot in a number of ways and the simplest way is to attach it with your phone or tablet. You just need to peel off the adhesive foil on its back, place this sticker over any part of your electronic device where you want EMF radiations blocked & then press down for it to stick properly.

How To Use It

I usually prefer sticking these stickers at the top edge near my ear so that I don't have to worry about blocking radiation when making calls. But remember not put them too close as they might interfere with sound quality when talking on speaker mode!

SmartDot: Who Can Use It?

As per their website, anyone who owns a wireless gadget like smartphones, tablets, or can make great use out of Bluetooth devices can use SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker.

It's not only limited to people who own expensive equipment but also those using the cheapest mobile phones & tablets available in stores these days as it can be equally beneficial for them too!

Who Can Use It

So, I believe this sticker works perfectly fine with every electronic device having a wireless connection and there is nothing exceptional about owning an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series phone now!

If you think that this product will give you immediate results after applying just like other products do then your thoughts are wrong because it does take some time before one start feeling its full effect on their gadget. You should definitely test out its authenticity within a week of usage if you don't want to miss out on such amazing technology!

Benefits Of Using SmartDot Over Other Radiation Protection Sticker Brands

You might have heard a lot about other brands that claim to offer the same level of protection as this product does, but you'll understand SmartDot's value only after using it for few days. It allows you to use your phone or tablet just like before without making any changes whatsoever in sound quality & radiation levels! Here are some aspects that I feel makes this product superior than others-

Strong Adhesive Power

The first thing I noticed when started using these stickers is its strong adhesive power which made me stick them perfectly even on my tiled floor at home till date (it hasn't fallen off yet!).

Strong Adhesive Power

Anti-Dust Coating

This sticker comes with an anti-dust coating so it can be easily cleaned whenever needed and there are no chances of peeling it out either because they don't leave stains behind once removed!

Compatibility With Latest Technology

As I mentioned before, this sticker is compatible with every wireless gadget available in the market today and there are no limitations of using it. Even a layman can use these easily without paying a visit to any technology expert!

Compatibility With Latest Technology

Pros & Cons Of SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker

I know it's too soon to decide about this product's effectiveness given that I've used it for just a few days, but here are some points that might help you to understand its value in a better way.

  • It comes with a strong adhesive power which doesn't let the sticker come off easily from any surface.
  • The anti-dust coating makes it easy to clean and also provides resistance against stains.
  • There are no limitations like only working with expensive gadgets or not being compatible with the latest technology! You can use this on any device you want without worrying about its make & model!
  • Didn't notice any changes in sound quality when using this sticker.
  • There are no limitations to using it whether you're a layman or an expert in this field.
  • It takes some time to show its full potential which might not be liked by everyone who wants immediate results.

Customer Reviews On SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker

There are thousands of people who've used this sticker and they all have something good to say about it. I found many people claiming it to be a hoax after going through some online forums, but I'm sure they didn't use the product at all before making such claims. Here are some of the reviews that will help you understand its effectiveness better-

Customer Reviews On SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker 2 Customer Reviews On SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker 3 Customer Reviews On SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker

SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker: Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy this product from their official website by following the link mentioned below. They are offering some exciting deals right now which are available only on their official website. Here are some amazing deals that I recommend for you-

Where Can I Buy It 2 Where Can I Buy It 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Being kind of a controversial product, I'm sure people will have a lot of questions in mind and you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions here-

How SmartDot works?

When you place this sticker on your phone, it emits natural frequencies which interact with the electromagnetic radiation and neutralize its effect. The protective layer created by these stickers is strong enough to resist up till 70% of negative effects caused due to EMF radiations!

What kind of technology does SmartDot use to emit such a powerful frequency?

It uses something called piezoelectricity that's present in all living things around us. This makes them uniquely different from other products available right now because they're 100% organic & safe for usage!

How to use this sticker?

You can simply stick it on the back of any device you're using. Make sure no one is touching your phone while doing so because even their tiny body temperature will cause some negative effects later! Once done, make sure you don't touch your device for more than an hour. This allows the sticker to emit its frequency properly and get ready for action!

How long should I wait before experiencing results?

It usually takes around two weeks time (a month at maximum) to show full potential but there are some users who've reported changes in just a week or less due to certain factors like how much they used their phones on daily basis etc. So, try not to rush things by expecting overnight results!

How to use SmartDot on laptops and computers?

You can place this sticker behind your device's screen or anywhere near the battery. This will work just fine!

Do I need a new sticker after using it for a certain period of time?

No, you don't have to do that because these stickers are made from special material which is reusable as well as durable enough to last for years without losing its effectiveness. Just make sure no one tries removing them by force otherwise they'll become totally useless within seconds!

Who Manufactures SmartDot?

SmartDot is a product by energy DOTS which is a company that's been in this business for the last decade! They're well-known as one of the most reliable companies around and their products have helped millions improve their lives.

Support Team Contacts

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to contact them via email at [email protected]. You can also give me a call if you prefer talking instead of writing an email!

SmartDot Radiation Protection Phone Sticker: Final Thoughts

I've been using this sticker for more than a month now and I'm totally satisfied with its performance. This is by far the most effective product that's helped me deal with radiation issues without costing too much!

As per the verdict, I can easily say that this product is a must-have for everyone who spends most of their day on the phone! I haven't seen any other product with such performance and quality in a very cheap price range. If you want to have one, just buy it from their official website by following the link mentioned below.

So that's the end of this post, I hope this article has helped you learn more about SmartDot and its amazing features! Happy browsing!


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