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One of the most used things in our house is a LED light bulb. But, is it capable of giving us 100% convenience? I was convinced that a LED light is illuminating our house and that's it. Nothing else to get from a light bulb. It didn't take much time to correct my mistake.

I was astonished and said wow when I saw SmartLight in one of my friend's houses. Trust me, after experiencing it physically I couldn't wait for more. I instantly ordered it and guess what? It changed my entire life.

Now, I know a smart light can give you the ultimate level of convenience and happiness. In this SmartLight review, I will share all of my experiences with this product. I hope it will help you to take a good decision.

Why Should You Care About My Review?

SmartLight is a great gadget that is not only a simple light at all. It is a full package of convenience and an improved lifestyle. As a customer of this product, I am quite satisfied. I know every pros and con of this product.

SmartLight Review

It is important to know all about its features before making a review. And the good news is I have been using this smart light for a couple of months now. It changed my entire lifestyle. I think you will be benefitted from my review.

SmartLight Review – My Honest Opinion

There is no doubt that SmartLight comes with so many features to make your life even pleasant. With a smartphone app, you will have a handful of options to control it. In the detailed review section below, I will share all of my honest opinion about this product. I hope it will help you in your decision-making process.

What is SmartLight Bulb?

A SmartLight bulb is a LED light, but you can control it by using a mobile app. Amazingly, you can even control a light bulb. There are so many features in this smart gadget that will give you different types of benefits and convenience.

What is SmartLight Bulb

If you connect it with your app, you will have the option to do a couple of things with your SmartLight. Most importantly, you can switch on or off by giving voice commands or using the app. So, you don't need to go to the switch to get the job done.

No doubt, it will help you to light up your room even before entering your room. Truly, this amazing gadget has changed many homes and makes them more convenient and comfortable.

How Does It Work?

This smart light bulb will make your room beautiful with 16 million shades of different colors. Without any doubt, it is not a normal LED light. It works very smartly. Well, with the help of your smartphone you can control everything in this light in a smart way.

If you are someone like me who loves to take control of the situation, SmartLight should be your first choice. Because you can command it through voice control or the smartphone app. First of all, you need to install it in your house. Installing this light bulb is super simple. It uses the WiFi connection of your home during the time of initial installation.

Then you need to download an interactive mobile app. After installing the app on your smartphone, you can connect the light to your phone using Bluetooth. Once the connection is made, you will get a handful of options. You can easily control every feature of this light remotely with the help of that app.

SmartLight Features

Wide Range of Colors:

One of the amazing matters about this LED bulb is it comes in a wide range of colors. Wouldn't it be awesome if you can get up to 16 million unique colors in a light bulb? And the fun part is you can light up this excellent bulb in one single touch in your app.

Music Sync Mode:

Another great feature of this light is it will sync with the music as well. So, when it syncs with the beat of the music you are playing, you will get an interactive light show along with that music beat. Not to mention, SmartLight is super perfect to make your party time even more enjoyable.

Party Mode:

It comes with a party mode as well. You will get 20 different pre-programmed modes. On top of that, the strobe function of this light will make sweet memories at your party.

Party Mode

Smart Group Modes:

It is a mind-blowing feature of this product. You can turn multiple individual SmartLights into a group. Once you make that, you can control that bulb group in a single touch.


No doubt, this bulb is so energy-efficient. It comes with the ability to give you 20000 hours of light. It's awesome. But there is something even more amazing in this light. It works with only 4.5W. No doubt, it is one of the most energy-efficient bulbs in the world.

Highly Durable:

Another key benefit of this product is it is highly durable. I mentioned earlier that it will provide you with 20000 hours of light. So, if you use the SmartLight for 4 hours in a single day, you will be able to use it for 14 years. You can expect a durable user experience from it.

Highly Durable

Benefits of SmartLight Bulb

  • It is pretty much energy efficient to save you money
  • You can expect a durable user experience from it
  • The smart group modes will allow you to control multiple lights in one single touch
  • It comes with an innovative party mode
  • 20 pre-programmed modes
  • It comes with music sync mode to give you a better user experience.
  • It comes with a wide range of colors in a light
  • Easy to control and you can use the voice control feature as well
  • Can be handled by using an interactive mobile app
  • It comes with a timer mode

SmartLight Bulb Specifications

  • WiFi-enabled
  • 16 million colors
  • Voltage 100-264V
  • Timer setting
  • Last mode memory
  • Music scenarios
  • 20 Pre-programmed modes
  • Multi-light control
  • Works with Alexa
  • Controllable via app

Who Is The SmartLight For?

If you are someone who knows the value of time, this light is a perfect fit for you. No doubt, it will save you a lot of time. You can control it by using your smartphone. You don't need to go to the switchboard to turn on or off the light.

Who Is The SmartLight For

You can conveniently do it by voice or app control. Besides, if you love to improve your lifestyle and want to make it more convenient, you can for this exclusive SmartLight. No doubt, it will bring the ultimate convenience to your life.

Is The Smartlight As Good As It Sounds?

There is no denying that this SmartLight will make your life easier. As human beings, most of us want more convenience and an improved lifestyle. That's what this exclusive product was designed. It is specially built to bring the ultimate convenience to your life.

Could you imaging before that light can be controlled by an app? Honestly, I couldn't even think about it. But, it is the reality right now. I am using this exclusive light bulb in my house. Needless to say, it turns my home into a better and comfortable living place smartly. Without any doubt, I am confirming that it is truly good.

Why Do I Need The Smartlight Bulbs?

You need this bulb to make your life easier. It will give you a lot of benefits which will change your life. You can set the light as per your mode. For instance, if you need to dim this light, you can easily do it by using the smartphone app. The app comes with many exclusive features which will offer you many benefits.

Besides, with 20 pre-programmed modes, you can enjoy your life with more convenience and comfort. It will offer you a wide range of colors. The music sync and party mode will help you to make your moments more enjoyable.

What Are Users Saying About This Smart Light Bulb Review?

What Are Users Saying About This Smart Light Bulb Review

Most of the customers of SmartLight gave positive reviews about this product. They are so much excited as it changed their life. There is no doubt that this SmartLight comes with so many exclusive features to meet your expectation.

That is why customers are so much positive about it. Some customers stated that this beautiful smart light gives a lot more convenience in their life. It makes their homes a better place to live.

Where to Buy Smart Light and Pricing?

If you want to buy this product, you can go to their official website. There you will get options to order it. However, as I always try to think about my readers. I have managed a link for you. If you order SmartLight from this link, you will get a 50% discount. However, you need to hurry as I don’t know how long this link will exist.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Who makes the best smart lighting?

Answer: A revolution is going on in the entire lighting industry. Nowadays many companies are working in this sector to contribute to the whole smart light industry. In my opinion, the manufacturer 0f SmartLight brand is making the best product these days.

Which smart bulb is best?

Answer: No doubt, you will find smart bulbs available in the market. But, not every smart bulb comes with exclusive features to meet your expectation. Without any doubt, SmartLIght is the best smart bulb for me. Because it fulfills all of my demands smartly.

Do smart bulbs work without WiFi?

Answer: I won't deny that most of the smart bulbs work smoothly with a WiFi connection. However, if there is no WiFi signal, you can connect a smart bulb to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. In that case, you need to be careful about the range.

Are SmartLight bulbs worth the money?

Answer: SmartLight has so many exclusive features. It will make your life even more comfortable and convenient. As a satisfied customer of SmartLight, I can confirm that it is worth the money.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

SmartLight is a great device that comes with many amazing features. No doubt, its overall demand is increasing day by day. As per my knowledge, currently, a company based in Hong Kong is working as the supplier of the company. Their expert team has the expertise to maintain the huge supply chain of this amazing product.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product

Support Team Contacts

If you want to contact the support team here are their full details.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
  • Brazil: +552135003992
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

SmartLight Review: Final Verdict

With technological advancement, nowadays the lighting industry has been improved a lot. One of the major achievements in this industry is the invention of smart bulbs. SmartLight comes with completely everything we may need from a smart bulb. IN this exclusive SmartLight review, I shared my opinions on this product. I hope now you can make a wise buying decision.


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