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The T-watch, or the Tact Watch, was driving me nuts with so many features, seemingly too good to be true. I decided to test this watch out and bought it 7 months back (as of the time I’m posting this).

Soon after I got it in my collection, I realized that I had been missing a massive thing for a long time. Nevertheless, I got it, and I’m going to share my experience with it in this T-watch review. I’ll talk about how it changed the way I used to keep track of my fitness goals, do outdoor activities apart from keeping time.

Sounds like a lot? Well, let’s not forget that this watch is capable of doing much more than any other regular watch of its kind.

My Quick Overview of T-Watch

The T watch has become my daily wearable soon after I got it delivered, for some legit reasons. Some of the most impressive features of this watch are 33 months of battery backup and an incredibly strong build. Its 4th gen gorilla glass front makes it scratch proof alongside the dust and waterproof metal housing.

My Quick Overview of T-Watch

For the housing, the manufacturer used military grade stainless steel to make it virtually indestructible. And there are 25 unparalleled features that make the T watch not only a daily wearable, but also a specialized gear for enthusiasts.

T-Watch Review – My Honest Opinion

No wonder, T watch is by far the most intensively feature packed smartwatch I’ve ever used. In this T-watch review, I’ll share all my insider thoughts on the watch. I’m sharing the reasons that made me buy it, and of course, make it my daily driver.

What Is the T-Watch?

The T Watch is an advanced timepiece that does way more than just keeping time as its primary job. As a smartwatch, it comes with all the smart fitness tracking features while featuring a full-on digital screen.

Besides, the watch has a waterproof housing to ensure the internals are fully sealed. Regardless of whether you’re sweating in the gym or swimming in the ocean, this watch withstands all. There are two colors available, and the black design is the best for my test.

How Does This T-Watch Do Under pressure?

Simply put, the T watch is a tough little gadget that stands still under high pressure. Its rugged alloy frame design makes it virtually indestructible, and the gorilla front dial glass keeps it from scratches.

How Does This T-Watch Do Under pressure

Whether you’re an athlete, a tactical person, or a regular person, this watch will have your back. It’s going to last a really long time without even getting under pressure on the body.  Its silicon rubber bands won’t sweat your hand, so that you can keep it on for hours.

T Watch Key Features

It’s a smartwatch that overpowers other traditional ones with a whole pack of smart features as such:

T Watch Key Features

  • This watch offers waterproofing with 5 ATM resistance (cold shower, swim).
  • It has 128 MB RAM and a FSTN appealing screen with a luminous dial.
  • You’re getting Bluetooth connectivity with it (for 8 meter distance connectivity)
  • It counts steps, tracks calories burned, and a walking distance tracker.
  • There's a ceramic buzzing sound with an alarm feature in it.
  • It also offers regular features like stopwatch, calendar, and call alert.
  • You can get app message notifications and do data analysis with this watch
  • The watch can be used as a camera remote controller to capture photos.
  • A completely customizable clock dial interface option
  • There's a smart sleep monitoring feature in it
  • You’ll get a social sharing feature for better connectivity
  • It offers a pedometer to track physical activities more precisely

How Does the T-Watch Do?

The T watch comes with a ton of high-end features that enable you to lead a healthier and active life. Although the primary job of a watch is keeping time, it does more than that. Here are the roundup overviews of its most important features:

How Does the T-Watch Do

Smart time keeping

Let’s state the obvious first, this watch has a smart time keeping option to keep you on track. You can keep time using it with or without synchronizing to your phone. Plus, there’s the alarm function, where you can set an alarm, and it will vibrate on your wrist to alert you.

Customizable luminous dial

You can get the time on both the classic dial and the digital screen using this smart watch. On top of that, it allows you to customize the digital screen if you want to match it up with the metal body. Besides, it doesn’t fall short when it comes to second and minute dials for a classic vibe.

Customizable luminous dial

Fitness tracking

This watch keeps track of calories you’re burning, how long you’ve been walking for, and gives you notifications. Since it has a pedometer inside, you’ll get the most accurate results possible off of it. It will record your fitness, how long you’ve slept, and how far you are from your goals.

Fitness tracking

Waterproof rugged usage

Since the watch is waterproof, you can work out, take a shower, or even swim while wearing it. You’re getting an IP67 dust and 5 ATM waterproofing certification with it. When it comes to tactical usage, this smartwatch performs well over all the competition, considering the average price.

Waterproof rugged usage

Phone app connectivity

If you want to get the most out of a smartwatch, it has to have a connectivity option, which the T watch has. You can connect your phone to this watch, keep a record of your fitness, and archive as well. Plus, the watch will show calls, alarms, and other app notifications from your phone.

Phone app connectivity

Use as a camera shutter

This feature of this smartwatch is a cool one, especially as your companion for off grid life. It offers a function to use it as a remote camera control for your phone when you have them connected. When you’re taking hands free pictures, no more hiring people, use tact watch for remote shutter.

Huge battery life

You’re also getting insane battery life from this watch which you cannot even expect from the big-name brands. It runs for months on a single charge if you run all the functions in it. Even if you do everyday tasks to lead a healthy lifestyle, this watch gives you 33 months of standby backup time.

Who Could Benefit from the T-Watch?

Getting the T watch can be highly beneficial for many groups, from regular ones to specialized people. Here are some of the common users of this watch who can find it highly useful:

Who Could Benefit from the T-Watch

People Who’re Into Tactical Life

If you’re a tactical person such as a military person, or even a special operator, this watch can bring life to your job. Its rugged construction, high-end tactical features, and an aggressive outlook will make you feel what you are.

Athletes and Sportsmen

Athletes and sportsmen, including swimmers, runners, or other fields, need the T watch the most because of its extraordinary offerings. This watch can help you achieve your goals a lot easier and faster, thanks to its fitness tracking features.

Regular Enthusiast People

If you’re a regular person with a passion for bodybuilding, wearing fancy watches, or love perfection in everything, this watch will satisfy you. Its appealing outlook, impressive features like waterproofing, wireless control, and connectivity will surely enhance your daily life.

The Pros and Cons of the T Watch

The T watch comes with a ton of things to talk about, of which there are good things, and bad things. Let’s discuss them all.

The Pros and Cons of the T Watch

Advantage of the T watch

  • An aggressive and outstanding modern look to it.
  • A rugged design and build, which helps it last for years.
  • Scratch proof dial glass that gives clean time without distortion.
  • A huge battery life to last it for months
  • Waterproof design for regular water activities
  • High end smartphone connectivity and tracking

Disadvantage of the T watch

  • The biggest concern I've seen is availability, as it’s often sold out completely. In fact, there’s a sale with a 50% discount on it right now, which means, it’s about time!

Alternatives to the T-Watch

When it comes to suggesting an alternative product to another product, there are a few golden rules. To me, the affordable price to feature ratio would be the first of them. And to me, the T watch doesn't seem to have a robust competition in that regard.

Not just that, this watch surpasses pretty much every single smartwatch in this price range I’ve ever tested. On top of that, it’s on sale at half its regular price, which makes it impossible to beat.

Is the T-Watch Worth Buying?

If you ask me to name one gadget or watch that is worth beyond what it offers, that’d be the T watch. It doesn’t only offer the most impressive features, but also has a ton of extra to offer.

Is the T-Watch Worth Buying

Apart from a rugged construction, this watch actually offers good smartphone integration with both Android and iPhone. Besides, I use it regularly for my fitness tracking, and it has changed my life in that area. Now I can keep myself on the track to achieve my fitness goals with more precision.

What the Users Have to Say?

Before I got the T watch on board, I had to check up on some real users’ opinions on it. You know, just to be sure, and I was blown by the user reviews of this watch. Have a look:

I’ve been using smartwatches for over 6 years, and had to settle down with the T watch because of its cunning features. It literally has me backed up in every step I take to my fitness goals. -Jamie

Purchasing the T watch was the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of buying gadgets. It’s a stylish design watch that offers way more than what I get from other generic watches. I love the classic dial design with all the modern features. -David

Tracking my daily tasks, including sleeping, walking, working out, has become a lot easier with the T watch. I highly recommend this watch, especially for its solid construction and soft rubber bands. They don’t sweat. -Aeron

Where Can I Purchase the T-Watch?

Purchasing the T watch isn’t a hassle because the manufacturer itself sells the watch online. You can order your piece on their portal and get a home delivery within a few days.

However, since there are shortages of supply because of high demand, you must not hesitate to place the order if you see it available.

The ongoing current discounted price also has a lot to do with the high demand, I reckon. Have a look at their official website to see if it’s currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about the T watch in mind or have a confusion to clear up beforehand? Here are the most common ones from different sources with the answers to help you out:

Is the T Watch Good?

If you list the best smartwatches on the current market in this budget range, the T watch should be the most futuristic watch I’ve ever seen. It’s a solid buy, especially if you get it at the ongoing discounted price.

Which Smartwatches Are the Best?

Certainly there are many high end watches from expensive brands like the Apple watch which are insanely priced. However, if you want the best value for money, getting the T watch would be your best bet.

Are Cheap Smart Watches Safe?

Cheap smart watches use cheaper internal parts, which make them vulnerable and prone to break on you after a few days. Getting a high-end watch on a budget like the T watch can give you a way out of this.

Do Smart Watches Cause Cancer?

If you use an ideal smartwatch that doesn't use cheap internal parts and low quality build material, there’s no harm in it. For example, the T watch has an alloy made shockproof body that doesn’t put any threat on the human body.

Can I Use The T Watch Under Water?

Yes, you can use the T watch under water because it’s waterproof with a certification of IP67 waterproofing with 5 ATM tested. So, rain, shower, swim, and other water activities should be fun while wearing the T watch.

Is The T Watch Capable Of Tracking Sleep Time?

Yes, the T watch will keep track of how long you’ve been asleep for, and give you complete data on the connected phone. You can also set alarms to wake up with vibration on your wrist wearing the watch.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

The manufacturer that makes this amazing product is Hyper Sls Ltd,  which is an international tech gadget product manufacturer and supplier based in Hong Kong. They manufacture this watch with unmatched durability and do the distribution themselves, as well.

Since the maker of this watch delivers it to your doorsteps, you’re getting the cheapest price possible. But be sure to check if the watch is still available after they have announced the limited-time offer of 50% off.

Support Team Contacts

If you have questions or need technical support or info regarding this ideal product, Hyper Sls Ltd, has its customer service available internationally. Contact them, and ask anything about the T watch if you want assistance. I’m including all their contact information below so that you don’t have to do the searching:

International Office:

  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 7/F, The Grande Building
  • 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, HongKong.

Europe Office:

  • Novads OU
  • Narva mnt 7, 5th Floor, room 556
  • Tallinn, Estonia, 10117

T-Watch Review – Final Words

There you go, I hope this T-watch review has been a help for you to understand how this watch does. Now that you know how it works, what it offers, and at what price point, you can say why it’s so popular. I’ve seen it from up close, and I can tell you about this little beast.

This is by far the most aggressive, yet the most sophisticated watch I’ve ever worn. If you’re also in search of a heavy duty tactical watch, this one won’t let you down along the way. Get this bad boy at half the price of the regular amount it costs, and thank me later.


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