ThePhotoStick Omni Review – Scam or Legit? (Update 2024)

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After losing almost all my life memories once, I needed a feasible solution, a backup device. I’m talking about a year back from now, when I didn’t get my hands on ThePhotoStick Omni. It’s been a buzz on the internet for this all in one backup device, I wanted to test it out.

I’m glad that I did, and go under the hood to forget the fear of losing memories ever again. In this ThePhotoStick Omni review, I’m going to share my thoughts on this clever little backup drive.

It didn’t only help me secure all my memories, but also save a ton of space on my phone. Let’s dive deep and see what it has to offer for you as well.

What is ThePhotoStick Omni?

ThePhotoStick Omni is a small pen drive that does more than a regular pen drive. It’s a backup USB device that keeps my photos, videos, and other files secure all automatically. All it needs me to do is plug it in, and hit the backup button that prompts on screen.

Although I’m a tech reviewer and savvy in the field, I’ve seen it to be overly simplified with an easy UI. If you’re not tech savvy and need a straightforward solution to back up your memories, ThePhotoStick Omni is the last resource you need.

Key Features and Specifications

ThePhotoStick Omni has a few impressive features that can make one’s life a lot more worry free and simpler. Let’s start the ThePhotoStick Omni review with the key features and benefits I’ve discovered so far in this amazing device:

ThePhotoStick Omni Review

Automated Backup

First thing is, the ThePhotoStick Omni is a USB backup device with a primary job to backup files. And the best part about it is, you can take it on the go, and use it without needing any prior knowledge. All I have to do to back my files up is plug it into my phone, PC, or iPad, and hit the backup button.

Fast Transfer protocol

Here's what caught my attention to a vast extent while using the ThePhotoStick Omni. When I hit the backup button for the first time, it backed up about a thousand photos within a minute! I got skeptical, and thought it didn't do the job, or just compressed my files. But, when I checked the backed up photos, they were all there with full resolution.

Universal adapter system

Now for the fun part about this USB backup device, and that's its universal adapter design. Once I received the package, I was relieved because it included an adapter to attach the USB to any device imaginable. Whether I need to backup my iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, or Android, it supports them all.

Universal adapter system

Safety without compromise

When it comes to backup files or photos, safety happens to be the most crucial thing to be worried about. Good news about ThePhotoStick Omni is, it takes safety with utmost importance. It doesn't only backup every file and photo securely backed up, but also keeps them easy to access with Password.

No internet or monthly fees

Most other backup services I had before were associating a monthly subscription alongside needing an internet connection. But ever since I got ThePhotoStick Omni, needing an internet connection became a thing of the past. It was keeping all my files, photos, and videos offline, secure, and, well you guessed it, no monthly subscriptions.

Supports every format

Good thing about ThePhotoStick Omni is, it supports every possible file format you may ever ask for. You can plug it into your phone or computer, and set the settings to backup a specific format or all you have. It will backup everything in those formats you've selected as your preference. I use it only to backup my photos and videos.

Super easy to use and transport

Carrying a gadget or device can be a big concert for some, and ThePhotoStick Omni has thought it out. It's so tiny that you can put it and the adapter inside a little pocket. Regardless of where you're going, how much weight you're trying to cut off, this thing won't bother you at all, with a few grams of weight.

Super easy to use and transport

How Does ThePhotoStick Omni Work?

The work process of ThePhotoStick Omni is a rather simple one, with an easy to understand user interface. It comes standalone, and does its job really well, with very sophisticated results. Here is how it works in the process of backing up your files, photos, or videos to keep your precious memories safe:

How Does ThePhotoStick Omni Work

Fitting into your device

The first step of working for ThePhotoStick Omni is fitting into any device you may use. It comes with its own universal adapter that will help you attach it to an Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC. After you insert the adapter using the right port and attach the phone to it, it starts working.

Detecting files and photos

Unlike many other backup devices, ThePhotoStick Omni takes all the hard jobs on its shoulders. It starts to work immediately after you insert it into your phone or computer. All you have to pay attention to is opening the app that it works with, and using the backup or restore as you desire.

Uses its own interface

After inserting the USB, ThePhotoStick Omni starts detecting your latest photos, videos, and files automatically. Now, you will open up the app it works with, and press the “Go” button to let the wizard do its job. Whether you’re connecting your PC, or your phone, it has a dedicated app for that.

Uses its own interface

Copy real fast and organize

Once you put the device on its job, it will start backing up your files at once. It will copy all the necessary files that you choose to backup and skip the ones that you don’t want. Since I use it only for photos and videos, it takes about a minute or so to backup a whole day of photographs.

Where Can I Use the ThePhotoStick Omni?

Let me tell you one thing here: When it comes to use case limitations, only the sky is the limit for ThePhotoStick Omni. I carry it almost anywhere I go, and use it every time if I’m not sleeping. Here are a few places where ThePhotoStick Omni is usable with great backup results:

Where Can I Use the ThePhotoStick Omni

If you travel a lot

If you’re traveling a lot lately, getting your phone or computer stolen, or just losing it is a common thing. However, if you carry ThePhotoStick Omni with you, you’re safe, even if you unfortunately get your devices stolen, all your memories and important files are in your pocket!

On a family vacation

Going on a vacation, worried about getting your phone storage full before the vacation ends? No worries, ThePhotoStick Omni can have your back here by not only keeping the files secure, but also saving space. There’s no need anymore to carry a bulky drive and a PC for backup.

In your office

Getting an important office document destroyed because of a failed disk issue can bring a catastrophic failure in the company. Having an intelligent backup solution like ThePhotoStick Omni can offer a big opportunity to keep you safe in this situation. It’ll keep your data safe.

For casual personal files

We all have a side that needs some privacy and a secret zone where we can keep things safe. With regular backup services or drives, it’s not really a thing that can give you peace of mind. However, ThePhotoStick Omni can help you just fine with its intelligent backup functionality.

Why is it Different from Other PhotoSticks?

ThePhotStick Omni isn’t the first of its kind, but it’s surely the most advanced in the line. It’s now  5X faster USB drive speed than its older version with USB port 3.0 for modern computers. For storage capacities, this USB stick offers a vast array of storage space for thousands of photos.

Why is it Different from Other PhotoSticks

The biggest storage capacity is over 256 GB, which doesn’t need any complicated setup or 3rd party file inventory. Plus, it supports an array of file types, including video files with any typical file size of HD or SD photos and videos.

Who Can Use It?

See how my father is doing when I gifted him ThePhotoStick Omni? Yes, it was spectacular to see him doing this video for the sake of this blog.

More than 100 thousand drives crash in the US alone, and an average drive recovery costs over $7200. Using ThePhotoStick Omni solves that without even needing any kind of external commands, user interactions, or even any dongle. That makes it super easy to use and compatible with almost anyone.

Hence, here are some people groups who can get the most benefit out of ThePhotoStick Omni:

Loved family members

Regular people who live a happy life with their family members and make memories, need ThePhotoStick Omni. This backup device can help them keep the memories intact without losing them forever because of a sudden drive crash. That way, my father has become out of the non-back up 35% Americans with ThePhotoStick Omni.

Photo & videographers

Photographers and Videographers are often in the fear of losing their precious footage in case of a crash. If you’re also in the game and want a feasible solution to get rid of the fear of losing everything, get ThePhotoStick Omni. It will keep your files safe, away from all kinds of catastrophic damage on the go.

Teachers & Students

Both teachers and students find it difficult to keep up with their studies and teaching when they have to struggle with files. If you need a good drive to carry your research files securely, ThePhotoStick Omni can be your trusted companion. It will keep you worry free as the files and documents are in secure storage.

Sophisticated Professionals

If you’re in a sophisticated profession like me, a sophisticated backup device like ThePhotoStick Omni is necessary. I collaborate with my co-workers a lot, and a simple malfunction in my files can cause a big problem in the company. Therefore, I use ThePhotoStick Omni to keep my part clean, safe, and efficient to stay out of fear.

How Can I Use ThePhotoStick Omni on My Phone?

With 82% of old Americans never backing up their phone, it’s important to have ThePhotoStick. You can absolutely use ThePhotoStick Omni on your phone and backup your precious memories in no time!

How can I use ThePhotoStick Omni on my phone

If you often run out of storage, have a fear of losing photos, or need regular backup, this thing helps. Here is how I use ThePhotoStick Omni and how you’re going to use it as well:

  • First, get ThePhotoStick Omni from the official portal of the manufacturer and get it out of the box.
  • Go to Google Android Play store (app store for iOS) and install ThePhotoStick Omni app on your phone.
  • After clicking some photos or shooting some videos, it’s time to back things up by connecting the USB.
  • Connect the right adapter to your phone and ThePhotoStick Omni to your phone using the adapter.
  • Launch ThePhotoStick Omni app, and it will give you an easy interface with a green button in front of you.
  • Click on the “GO” button, and ThePhotoStick Omni will start importing the photos and videos from your phone to ThePhotoStick Omni.

How to Use ThePhotoStick Omni On a computer (Step by Step guide)

Using ThePhotoStick Omni on a computer is easier than copying a file from one drive to another. Here is how you can use ThePhotoStick Omni on your computer and make the best use of it to backup your precious files and memories:

How to Use ThePhotoStick Omni On a computer

Step 1: Connecting: First off, you’ll connect ThePhotoStick Omni to your computer. If it’s a PC, you don’t need the adapter, and for a Mac, you’ll need to use the type C port.

Step 2: Preferences: Set your backup preferences depending on what type of files you want to backup into ThePhotoStick Omni, like photos, videos, etc.

Step 3: Backup: Now, it’s time to back up your files and memories that matter. You’ll see a “Go” button, press on it and ThePhotoStick Omni will start importing the files in no time!

Step 4: Restore: You have your files backed up, but what about restoring them in case? No worries, all you have to do is, connect ThePhotoStick Omni, and click on restore.

Which ThePhotoStick Omni Size should I get?

ThePhotoStick Omni comes in a variety of memory capacities to help different people with different needs. You must select ThePhotoStick Omni that meets all your storage needs. If you have a ton of files, photos, and videos that you need to keep safe, get the 256 GB version.

Which ThePhotoStick Omni Size should I get

I’ve got 256 GB since I have a ton of photos and HD videos to store. I also got another 64 GB version that I use only for official purposes to reduce the cloud backup costs. We used to pay a hefty amount of money before I knew about ThePhotoStick Omni which helped us cut costs.

How Many Photos Can You Save on ThePhotoStick Omni?

Since there are a few variations on the size of ThePhotoStick Omni, the amount of the photos, videos, or files. It also depends on how large a photo you have on average, given that DSLRs and phones produce different sizes.

How Many Photos Can You Save on ThePhotoStick Omni

However, on an average estimation, ThePhotoStick Omni can hold over 15000 HD photos in its 32 GB version. The 64 GB version would store more than 30 thousands of files, photos, and video memories (considering an average photo file size of 2 MB).

For the 256 GB version, I can store over 120 thousand photos and videos in ThePhotoStick Omni. Well, I had to do a stress test to know its capacity, and I found this. That means, you’re getting a lifetime backup if you get the 256 GB, or at least the 128 GB version.

Where Can I Buy ThePhotoStick Omni?

Buying ThePhotoStick Omni is super easy as the manufacturer itself has it on sale on their official online portal. If you’re planning on buying ThePhotoStick Omni, let me give you another good news: ThePhotoStick Omni is now on sale at a staggering 50% discount!

If you really need a device that keeps your memories alive for a lifetime, don’t miss out on this. Since it’s on sale now, I cannot guarantee its availability by the time you’re reading this. Be sure to check the current availability from the official store of ThePhotoStick Omni:

Frequently Asked Questions about ClearView

Do you have more questions or queries about ThePhotoStick Omni? Although you can contact ThePhotoStick Omni customer service globally 24/7, let me get some common questions answered real quick:

Is ThePhotoStick Omni any good?

If you ask me as a gadget enthusiast and a tech reviewer, I’d say, ThePhotoStick Omni is by far the best of its kind. It’s been a great experience using it for about a year, and I’m happy with it.

Does ThePhotoStick Omni work for any device?

Yes, ThePhotoStick Omni comes with a universal device adapter that will help you attach it to any device. You can connect it to an Android, an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or PC, you name it.

Does ThePhotoStick Omni is an ongoing Backup Solution?

You can use ThePhotoStick Omni as an ongoing backup solution for your mobile device or computer. Plus, it’s compatible with any computer, notebook, or tablet with a USB slots adapter.

What’s the best offline backup device I can get?

When it comes to backing up files without internet connection, ThePhotoStick Omni would be the most comprehensive solution. It needs no monthly fees or hefty setups to do its job well.

How does ThePhotoStick Omni backup my photos?

When you connect ThePhotoStick Omni to your phone, PC, or Mac, it will detect all the photos automatically. After that, it will back up the photos and videos on its own, with only one click.

Can ThePhotoStick Omni organize automatically?

Yes, ThePhotoStick Omni comes with its own UI and app where it detects and organizes all your files. All you have to do is hit the “GO” button to get them all in place together at once.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The originator of the first version of the PhotoStick, Prairie IT's first technology innovation, is the supplier of ThePhotoStick Omni. They’re the inventors of a bunch of highly innovative solutions to a range of problems that needed simpler solutions.

The founder of the manufacturer, Mark Oman shared his opinion before, that he wanted to keep it simple. Therefore, they sell ThePhotoStick Omni on the official site only, so that the price stays minimal.

Not just that! He also put a 60-day money-back guarantee on this device with a 50% discount, currently in effect to satisfy users.

Support Team Contacts

Prairie IT's first technology innovation has a 24/7 technical support service through live chat to help its customers. And they’re really prompt as per my experience with them when I called them for a test purpose.

If you need any product support, or need any technical help with their operating systems, contact them. They’re helpful.

ClearView review – Final Thought

Getting my precious memories lost in vain was the wake-up moment for me when I got ThePhotoStick Omni. Ever since I got this little device in my hand, it has saved me big multiple times. I hope this ThePhotoStick Omni review has been a help for you as well, with all its special features.

Keeping your photos, videos, and other important files can be a breeze with this USB device, just like it does for me. Save your memories, cut the recurring subscription costs, without needing an internet connection with ThePhotoStick Omni. Leave a comment below if you need more of my thoughts on it.


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