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You know about 70% of our bodies are made up of water. Water is required for optimal organ function. As a result, in order to stay healthy, you must drink more water.

Every day, people should consume 2 to 3 liters of water. However, we often forget to drink water during the day as we go through our regular duties. Here, this gadget might be a good way to urge people to drink more water.

The gadget is a little, adorable Ulla that blinks every 30 to 40 minutes to remind you to drink water.

So stay tuned. In this Ulla review, you definitely find your remedy to maintain proper hydration.

What is Ulla?

Basically, Ulla is a little automated device that reminds you to intake water when it is attached with a glass, cup, bottle or anything you use to drink water.What is Ulla

Ulcer, renal failure, urinary infection, constipation, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, migraines, and other serious ailments might occur if you do not drink enough water. As a result, being hydrated throughout the day is essential. And Ulla might be able to assist you in this endeavor.

This gadget can monitor your water intake and remind you to drink more water every 30 to 40 minutes. When you need to drink water, it merely blinks. As a result, other people are not disturbed. It is portable and may be taken anywhere.

Main Features and Benefits

Ulla is blessed with many important features and benefits that you should know before purchasing this device. Let’s check out some of the amazing features and benefits.

Main Features and Benefits


The device is fully automated. It has an internal processor. So, it is not necessary to charge it. When it's time to drink water, the device can blink automatically.

Easily Adaptable

This little gadget is adaptable to any size bottle, mug, or glass. It firmly attaches to the device that is used to drink water. When you replace your water container, you can quickly disconnect the gadget and attach it to the new one.

Intelligent Alarming System

When you will be busy with your work and forget to drink water. Its smart alarm system will be able to remind you to drink water. After drinking, the alarm resets and blinks again 30 to 40 minutes later.

Smart Sensor System

It is equipped with a movement sensor. One is a proximity sensor and the other one is a 3 axis accelerometer. The sensors can detect whether you are close to it or far away. The gadget will stop flashing if you are not nearby. It also has a temperature, light and tilt sensor.

Healthy Lifestyle

If you do not drink enough water in a day, you may end up with a lot of problems such as acne, constipation, headaches, kidney failure and so on. So to be healthy, you have to stay hydrated. This device will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Environment Friendly

As you attach it with your regular water container or glass and use it for a long time, it reduces the use of single plastic bottles. Plastic has a negative impact on the environment. As a result, it contributes to the reduction of pollutants in the environment.

Specifications of Ulla

This gadget attracts attention from the crowd because of its technological characteristics. Take a peek at what they offer.

  • Brand: Ulla Labs
  • Weight and Size: 28 grams, 4L x 2.5W x 1H cm
  • Material: BPA free polypropylene, silicone band
  • Flexibility: Fits all types of bottles
  • Charging Requirement: No
  • Sensor: Light sensor, proximity sensor, 3 axis accelerometer, thermometer
  • Life of Battery: six months
  • Type of Battery: CR2032 coin cell
  • Working Temperature: 0 to 70 degree Celsius

These specifications have made this device unique. So why are you waiting? Give it a shot and check out yourself.

How Does It Perform?

Ulla has very simple circuitry. In this section of Ulla reviews, let’s have a look of its working mechanism.

  • It has a self-battery powered microcontroller. The battery has a six-month life span. As a result, there is no need to charge it.
  • Every 30 to 40 minutes, the LED light sensor blinks for roughly 1 minute to remind you to drink water. When you're done drinking, the tilt sensor immediately turns off the blinking.
  • The gadget features a three-axis accelerometer sensor that monitors bottle movement. When you take a drink from the bottle, it counts one sip and then automatically resets and blinks again after 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The proximity sensor detects whether you are close to or far away from the gadget. It only blinks when you are close to it. The temperature of the water can also be measured by the temperature sensor.
  • According to the manufacturer, this device even works when you use straw to drink water.

So, it's a gentle reminder system in which several sensors work together to remind you to drink enough water when you forget.

How Can You Use It?

The device is easy to use. You can attach it with your favorite water container and take it with you anywhere you want.

Here I will tell you the simple steps which you have to follow to use it properly.

Step 1: Attach it tightly with any water container you use for drinking. This device has a silicon band that fits with all types of bottles.

Step 2: When the device starts blinking, drink water. After you are done, the blinking will turn off automatically.

Step 3: Feel hydrated and energetic. Go back to your work, the gadget will blink again automatically after 30 to 40 minutes.

Use this device every day. I can assure you that if you use this device, it will help to prompt your water consumption habit. You definitely drink more water than the previous.

What I love?
  • Sensor system with intelligence.
  • Reminds you to drink plenty of water.
  • It keeps track of how much water you drink.
  • There's no need to charge it.
  • The Device is completely automated.
  • Encourages a healthy way of living.
  • Increase your water consumption.
  • Highly adaptable and easy to use.
  • It does not disturb others.
What I don’t love?
  • May get damaged unless attached tightly.
  • It does not work properly when you walk with it.

Though it has some negative aspects, you can use it without any doubt because of these some great advantages.

Is This Device Adequate To Maintain Hydration?

Actually, it helps to remind you to drink water. But if you do not follow this device and do not drink water when it blinks, it may not be enough for you.

Is This Device Adequate To Maintain Hydration

But if you drink when the device blinks, it is more than enough to maintain hydration. This device blinks every 30 to 40 minutes. As a result, if you drink every 30 to 40 minutes, you won’t suffer from dehydration anymore.

And there are also other items such as green vegetables, fruits to keep your optimal hydration. So drink more and more water along with green vegetables and fruits to stay hydrated.

Is It Worth The Purchase?

Yes, it is worthwhile to invest in. I've also experienced dehydration as a result of forgetting to drink enough water during the day. Then one of my friends informed me about this gadget. My water consumption habit has increased dramatically after a few days of utilizing it. Now I consume approximately 3 liters of water in a day. It has been ingrained in my everyday routine.

According to the official website, over 280,000 Ulla have been shipped to over 160 countries. Therefore, you can’t ignore the popularity of this device.

So you don't have to take my word anymore; you can look up internet reviews and see for yourself. This gadget has received a lot of excellent feedback.

I've included some reviews from their official websites below. Let's have a look at them.

Is it worth the purchase

Where Can I Get Ulla?

Ulla is a budget-friendly option for everyone. This gadget is available for purchase on the company's official website. If you place an order online, you may pay using PayPal, a Visa card, and a variety of other options. They also provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

There are three pricing options:

  • 1 unit costs for $30 + shipping charge
  • 2 unit costs for $51 + No shipping charge
  • 4 unit costs for $84 + No shipping charge

So, before you place an order, ask your family and friends whether they are dehydrated and require this gadget right now. You can save a lot of money if you place more orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, you maybe still a little bit confused. And to remove your confusion, we’ve come with this FAQ section.

Is It Sound Proof?

Yes it is totally soundproof. This gadget does not produce any annoying sounds or beeps; instead, it just blinks to remind you to drink water.

Is Ulla Able To Work While Walking?

No, it's not. The bottle may move continually when you walk. That's why it might not function properly when you place the bottle on a table or anywhere else. The gadget will accurately calculate the time and distance, as well as remind you to drink every 30 to 40 minutes.

Does It Truly Work If I Drink Through A Straw?

Yes, of course. It operates the same when you drink water with a straw as it did previously. If you tilt the bottle once while drinking via a straw, the device's tilt sensor will count it as one sip.

Is It Just A Flashing Light?

No, this isn't simply a flashing light, though. It offers a lot of features. The gadget is equipped with a proximity sensor that can track how much water you consume. It also has a temperature sensor that detects the temperature of the water you consume. Furthermore, the 3 axis accelerometer and simple hardware made this extraordinary.

Is It Still Working If I Am Not In Close Proximity To It?

No. When you are not close to it, it automatically turns off the reminder system. A proximity sensor on the gadget detects your presence. When you are far away from it, it will not operate and will not cause others to be disturbed by flashing.

Final Thought

Do you have any concerns or questions about this device? I genuinely hope not. By carefully reading this Ulla review, you now know everything about this device.

Ulla is a smart device that reminds you to drink water when you are under a lot of stress at work and forget to do so. As a result, you won't have the energy to do your jobs correctly.

You know dehydration has made you feel stressed and restless. Hydration is critical for your body. Because all of the organs in the human body cannot function without water, you must drink more water to allow the organs to function properly.

This gadget is incredibly simple to operate. To get rid of dehydration, use this gadget.

Always maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take care.


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