Video Doorbell Review In 2024 – Are They the Best?

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A burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the USA alone that sums up to over 4800 burglaries every day! Keeping my home safe from such unfortunate events has never been so important these days for me. I’ve been hearing a lot about the Video doorbell from my friends, and I decided to get it.

Hence, I got the device about 3 months ago and this video doorbell review is where I share my experience with it. In a nutshell, this device gave me the peace of mind I’ve been looking for when I’m out of my home. Let’s see what the Video Doorbell is and how it enhanced my lifestyle.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.8



Value for Money9.9


Why Should You Care About My Review?

It has been more than 15 years with technology as a tech reviewer for me. I use gadgets from the dusk till dawn at pretty much everything I do. I’ve been looking for a high-end gadget to secure my house from burglaries. Therefore, after getting the Video doorbell, I analyzed all its features, used and tested every one of them. After thorough inspections, I’m reviewing this gadget to help you understand whether you should get it or not.

Video Doorbell Review – My Honest Opinion

Since I've been using the Video doorbell for about 3 months, it’s enough time to know the device inside out. Here is the video doorbell review with all its ins and outs to help you with your decision:

What is it?

The video doorbell is a smarter, more reliable, and a better version of the typical two-way doorbells. It’ll connect to your phone, computer, tablet, or other devices via the home internet. You can get a live video feed with audio from your doorway and see who’s in front. Good thing is, it doesn’t only work in the house, but also when you’re away from home.

Video Doorbell Review

All you need is internet connection on both your device and your home. The Video doorbell will work like a guard at your doorway as it has a motion sensor to wake up. Whenever somebody walks by or comes close, it will alert you and give you the live feed. You can either open the door, or call the police depending on what the doorbell is showing you.

Setup and installation [Doorbell Review]

Setting up the Video doorbell is super simple and takes no more than 30 minutes to get it running. There are two parts in the process: the hardware section and the software part which I did first.

Setup and installation [Doorbell Review]

Getting the software part done

First, go to the App Store or Play Store to get the Video Doorbell app and install it on your phone. Then create a free account, and you’ll see a connection notice to the Video doorbell device. You can also create multiple accounts on multiple phones and connect them all to a single doorbell. This feature helped me connect all the phones of my family members to the doorbell. All of us now have access to the video doorbell and get the live alerts, no matter where we are.

Install the hardware

To install the Video doorbell device itself, you have to install the mounting plate first. There are 4 small hooks to first attach the plate into the wall. Then you’ll use the 2 under mounted barrel screws to firmly tighten the plate up. After that, you can attach the doorbell into the mounting plate with 3 batteries installed inside. The batteries last about 6-8 months from a single charge, and I never had to charge them in 3 months. There’s also a ringer that goes to an electric outlet.

Main Key Features of Video Doorbell

The video doorbell has really been a great help for me, keeping my home secure and under constant surveillance. Here are the key features of the Video Doorbell that made this device a revolutionary one:

Main Key Features of Video Doorbell

Push Wake Up

There’s a push button on the doorbell body that wakes up the machine and alerts you instantly. You can set multiple sounds inside the speaker that goes to a wall mount to alert you on the push. Besides, the push button is illuminated, so it’s a lot easier to navigate in the night as well.

Push Wake Up

PIR Motion Sensor

Not just the button wakes up the machine, but also there’s a PIR motion sensor feature to do that. It detects every movement that happens in front of the Doorbell and alerts me on the phone wherever I am. Besides, it can automatically record the scene if the sensor detects any suspicious movement.

Wireless Alert

Getting alerts from my doorsteps has never been so easy with the Video Doorbell as I get wireless alerts. It uses my home internet to connect me via phone to alert me whenever it detects motion or movement. I get alerts almost instantly to react really fast upon the alert.

Real Time Video

Another great feature of the Video Doorbell is its real time video capability. If you set the function as so, it’ll take short videos of everybody who comes in front of the door. The video is 166° wide angle and High definition at 720P for clear view. Plus, I get live feed to my phone.

Real Time Video

Two-Way Audio

Whenever I get notification from the video doorbell, I can interact with the person I’m looking at real time. I can talk to the delivery person and instruct him where to leave the parcel. Plus, this feature allows me to interact with any unknown person who wants to come inside.

Night Vision

Great thing about the Video doorbell is its night vision camera module that makes it the best home security gear. It detects the light condition around the device, and activates the monochrome night vision mode automatically. Now I have complete security 24/7 continuously.

Fast Push

Not only does the device give me an online video doorbell feature, but also it offers  push notification for phone numbers. It makes the process a lot easier to keep things in order, especially when you don’t have your phone connected to the internet.

Video Doorbell of Key Specifications

The key specifications of the Video doorbell made me get the device in the first place. Here are they:

Video Doorbell of Key Specifications

  • Doorbell connectivity: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Power consumption: Low (3 batteries last 6 months)
  • Camera feature: Day and night (auto)
  • Detection: Both button and PIR motion
  • Memory function: built-in 8 GB
  • Distance coverage: 30 feet
  • Video angle coverage: 166°
  • Video quality: 720P HD
  • Audio: Yes, two-way conversation
  • Alert options: Sound, phone alert
  • Mounting design: Secure double-stack

How Does the Video Doorbell Work?

The working method of the video doorbell is fairly straightforward, although the internal process is really complex. It starts the process by detecting a movement in front of the door or whenever someone pushes the on-board button. After that, the machine activates the camera and alerts you about the event, both at the same time.

How does the Video Doorbell work

It also starts taking a short video at HD quality and the process is automated. You get an 8 GB storage to keep the footage and audios from conversions. It gives you two-way audio with it to talk to the person in front of your door if you need so.

Is the Video Doorbell Worth It?

If you ask me to evaluate the value for money of the Video doorbell costs, it’s a great bargain. It doesn’t only make my home safer and gives a lot more effective surveillance. So, Is the Video Doorbell worth it? Absolutely, yes, it is worth every penny.

Is the Video Doorbell worth it

With all the cutting edge features of the video doorbell, it comes in with a fraction of the price of flagship ones. If you’re also facing issues keeping burglars out of your home or need extra convenience, get this awesome tool.

Video Doorbell User Experience

In terms of hands-on user experience, the video doorbell made the best impression among quite a lot of other gadgets. I’m using it for a while now, and I can tell that this machine changes lives. It makes things a lot easier and hassle-free as you can keep an eye on your doorway, literally from anywhere in the world.

Video Doorbell User Experience

The 6-months long battery life, great video quality with wide coverage, good alert system, and others made it a hot cake. Installing the device was fairly simple, and it took about 25 minutes for me to get it installed completely. It started wording instantly and gives live feed to 4 phones and a tablet, all the same time.

Should I buy the Video Doorbell?

So, should you buy the video doorbell or not? My suggestion would be going for it without any hesitation, especially if you need extra security. It’s going to take your home security to a whole new level and get you complete relief. Besides, when you have a package to receive while you’re out, it gives you two-way conversion!

Should I buy the Video Doorbell

When you have a suspicious movement in front, you have HD video evidence to show the police! Not to mention, your every family member will get access to the live feed to the doorbell if you want. I couldn’t ask anything more from such an affordable doorbell. It’s a great value for money for sure because of its features and perks.

How Can You Buy Video Doorbell?

Buying the Video doorbell is simple and easy as the manufacturer sells it themselves online. They currently have the video doorbell on sale with a staggering 50% off from the regular price that I paid. I’m including the official site with the 50% off code applied already for you. If you want to get the Video doorbell, here’s the link to the official website of its manufacturer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having more queries about the Video doorbell and its features or user experience? Here are some frequent question that people asked before:

What Is The Best Video Doorbell To Buy?

There are plenty of video doorbell options in the market and the best one is this one, with all the cutting-edge features. With video, audio, motion sensor, capture, wireless alert, all these features cost you way less than others.

Are Video Doorbells Worth It?

Video doorbells are the most effective and modern solutions for home surveillance. They help you keep an eye on everything that happens in front of your home within the coverage.

Is There A Monthly Fee For Video Doorbell?

No, the Video Doorbell is a standalone device that doesn’t need any monthly fee or subscriptions. All you’re going to do is, buy the device, and set it once, and let the machine do the rest.

Do You Need An Electrician To Install Video Doorbell?

No, you can insurveillance machine offers many distinct features including wifi.

stall the video doorbell by yourself just fine with minimal tools. You’ll need a little time, know the process, and attach the machine with confidence.

Do All Doorbell Cameras Need Wifi?

Not every doorbell camera offers live video surveillance, let alone wifi connectivity. This Video Do Doorbell Cameras Record All The Time?

You can set the video camera to record all the time, but it doesn’t necessarily has to be that way. It wakes up whenever it detects a motion or movement. Hence, you can save on more time and money this way.

Does Video Doorbell Work If Power Goes Out?

The batteries inside the Video Doorbell are rechargeable and last for more than 6 months from a single charge. Therefore, you won’t need to think about any backup issues with the video doorbell.

Does video doorbell use a lot of WIFI?

No, the video doorbell doesn’t need a lot of wifi since it doesn’t even stay awake all the time. However, when it’s recording, live feeding, and using two-way audio, all the same time, the wifi usage may get higher.

Who is the supplier of the product?

A well-known tech brand, Hyper SLS LTD makes the Video doorbell device and they do the selling themselves worldwide. They have an online gateway to ship it to any country, and they’re currently offering the Doorbell at 50% flat discount. This brand is also popular for making other revolutionary products, known as the Novads OU in Europe. Hyper SLS also operates in Estonia and is based in Hong Kong with their manufacturing facility.

Their head office address is:

  • Hyper SLS Ltd
  • 7/F, The Grande Building
  • 398–402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Support Team Contacts

The manufacturer has a support team to assist their customers worldwide. Therefore, they have two different teams based in Brazil, South America, with another in their headquarter, Hong kong. Here are both their international and local numbers alongside email support line:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone (International): +44 20 3808 9234 (available 24/7)
  • Telephone (Brazil): +552135003992 (9:00am – 14:00pm, GMT-5, Monday – Friday)

Video Doorbell Review: Verdict

Simply put, you don’t take tech advice from a non-tech guy. Period. I’m a tech enthusiast and have been using the video doorbell for  a while now. I use both the physical speaker feature inside my house and the wireless alert function and both are doing really well.

I hope that the Video Doorbell Review helped you decide why you should get it. It changed the way I used to manage my home surveillance, and I’m sure it will do the same for you, too. If it does, or if you need further experts’ view, let me know how you’ve deployed the machine.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.8



Value for Money9.9



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