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No one will deny that wired chargers may create an awkward situation in the house. Because when you need the charger most, it will never work. I faced that problem so many times. That is why I have been looking for an alternative solution. Then when I got to know about the wireless chargers. But, I was confused about which charger to buy. Thanks to some of my good friends as they recommended me the awesome Winergy.

Literally, it removed all of my tension about charging and made my life even more comfortable. In this Winergy review, I will share my experiences with this product. I hope it will help you to make your buying decision wisely. So, let's not delay anymore, start from here.

9.8out of 10

Ease of Use9.9



Value for Money9.8


Why Should You Care About My Review?

I have mentioned above that I am a customer of this exclusive product. It literally changed my life. In fact, I can’t think about a single day without using Winergy. Now, I don’t need to take any stress while charging my phones.

Winergy Review

The charging time is lighting fast and I can focus on my other works. I won’t deny that as a customer, I am pretty much satisfied. That is the reason I want to share my experiences with you all in this Winergy review. I think that justifies why you should care about my review.

Winergy Review – My Honest Opinion

There is no doubt that Winergy is a great product when it comes to wireless chargers. Below I will share my honest opinion about this product. Explore this review to know everything about it.

Winergy Review – What It Is?

Winergy is a wireless charger that is specially designed to give you a convenient fast charging experience. If you have any android, iOS, or even any Qi-compatible device, you can easily use this device. Because it is compatible with all of them. It will give you two times faster charging experience if you compare it with other wireless charger brands.

Winergy Review – What It Is

Often, a common problem everyone faces with wireless chargers is overcharging. Rest assured, if you have Winergy, you won’t face that ever. Besides, it will give you protection from short circuits and overload. So, you don't need to take any stress, if you charge your phone on this charger.

Not only that, it is built with foreign body recognition technology, so you will get the maximum level of safety from it. If you are already fed up with those inefficient wireless chargers, this is the right fit for you. No wonder, you will get the best user experience from this exclusive wireless charger.

Winergy Review – How It Works

When you talk about a wireless charger for your home, Winergy is the best possible option. Because it is built with modern technology. Using this device is pretty much straightforward. You just need to put your smartphone over Winergy and when they become connected, you need nothing to do. Your phone will be fully charged within less than three hours.

Winergy Review – How It Works

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you don’t need to sit idle at your home just because your phone is not completely charged up yet? I know the actual pain. But, trust me, when you have Winergy at your house, you can increase your productivity as well. Besides, it is a safe device to use.

The temperature of the Winergy will never reach over 35 degrees centigrade. This kind of overheat protection assures you to use this product. As it is compatible with android, iOS, or even every Qi-compatible device, it is one of the best wireless chargers available in the market these days.

How to Use Winergy Wireless Charger

Using Winergy is quite simple. You don't need to know rocket science to get the job done. It is specially designed such that you don't need to face any hassle to use it. It is easily portable and you can carry it into places. All you have to do is connecting the device with a power source using the USB port.

Now, when everything is set up you just need to simply put your smartphone over Winergy. Connect your phone with the charger using the wireless. I believe, now you are all set to go. Your phone will be automatically charged up and you don’t need to think about it. Using Winergy is as simple as that.

Features and Benefits of Winergy Charger

In this part of the Winergy review, I will discuss every key feature and benefit of this exclusive product. I hope, it will help you to get an in-depth insight into it.

Super-Fast Charging:

One of the amazing features of this device is it is a 10-watt charger. So, you will get a super-fast charging experience. There is no doubt that your phone will be charged faster than many of the chargers available in the market. 

Energy Efficient:

One of the common problems with most wireless chargers is they are not at that level of energy-efficient. So, they will increase your electricity bills. On the other hand, if you talk about Winergy, it is almost 84% energy efficient. So, it will not consume much energy when you use it. Besides, it comes with overcharge protection. That means, your phone won't get any more charge from the charger when it is 100% charged up.

Detachable and Portable:

Detachable and Portable

I like this feature the most. Because it allows me to take Winergy to wherever I want. As the cable is detachable, it shows a great level of portability. I just need to connect it to the power source using the USB port in my preferred place.

Great Lighting:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you have a great level of ambient lighting from your wireless charger? Thanks to Winergy, as it will light up the surrounding device covering 360°. It will create a great aesthetic beauty on the table and using it in the darkroom is also easy.


Another great feature of this device is it is easily compatible with so many devices. If your device performs in android, iOS or even It is Qi-supported, you can conveniently use this exclusive wireless charger.

Foreign Object Detector:

Another key feature of this device is it is built with foreign object detection technology. It means if any foreign objects except phones like keys, pens, or other things are placed on the charger, it will not start. Because it can detect them. Needless to say, when you put your smartphone on the charger, it will start to work smoothly.

Any Direction Charge:

Any Direction Charge

Another amazing feature of this product is you can charge your phone in any direction. It doesn't matter in which direction you put your phone on Winergy, it will still work perfectly. The auto-adaption system feature of this device for 5 or 10-watt phones, will ensure safe charging.

Permanently Safe:

Another great thing about this charger is it is a pretty much safe device to use. While overheating is the main problem with most similar products, Winergy comes with overheat protection. The device temperature will never reach up to 35°C under any circumstances. So, you can remain stress-free while using this amazing charger.

Winergy Product Specifications

  • The capacity of Charging: 5-W to 10-W
  • Power Cable: Micro-USB
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Yes, after the phone being completely charged
  • RGB lighting: Yes
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS, Qi-compatible devices
  • Foreign Object Detection: Yes
  • Weight: 64 G
  • Material: ABS aluminum
  • Certification: Certified by CE, FCC
Pros of Winergy Wireless Charger
  • It will give you a fast-charging experience.
  • It will ensure you the maximum level of safety with different layers of protection.
  • It can detect foreign bodies except for the phone, so you will get great discharge protection.
  • It is detachable and easily portable.
  • It is easily compatible with android, iOS, or any other Qi-supported device.
  • It operates smoothly and super easy to use.
Cons of Winergy Wireless Charger
  • There is no offline option to buy this device. So, you have to rely on only online shopping.
  • You must put the device on a flat surface.

Who Is This for?

I hope, now you know almost every key feature, benefits and drawback of this product. Are you wondering for whom this product is most suitable? Everyone can use this wireless charger. Because there is no complexity in using it. As it is so simple to use, I think people from all age groups can use this charger conveniently.

Besides, it is easily portable, so if you love going on to tour very often, you can take it with you. You can also take it to your office with you. It won't take much space. But, your phone will never go dead due to low battery.

Winergy Review – Safety Is Paramount

There is absolutely no doubt that with Winergy, safety is paramount. Because it is built with maximum care keeping safety in mind. First of all, you will get overheat protection from it. Constructed with ABS aluminum, under any circumstances, the device temperature will remain below of 35°C. So, you don’t need to take a little bit of stress about it.

Winergy Review – Safety Is Paramount

Besides, it comes with overcharge protection. When your phone reaches 100% charge, the charger will not deliver any more charge to your phone. This automatic shut-off function of Winergy made it even more energy-efficient.

Furthermore, it comes with the ability to detect foreign bodies. So, you will get great discharge protection from this device. In a nutshell, if you think about using Winergy, stay stress-free. It is one of the safest chargers available in the market these days.

What Do Buyers of the Winergy Wireless Charger Think?

What Do Buyers of the Winergy Wireless Charger Think

Most of the buyers expressed a positive opinion about the product. They are so much happy with its service. Below I am attaching a compilation of buyer's opinions so that you can judge their view.

How to Buy the Winergy?

Now that you know everything about this exclusive product, most probably you want to buy it. If you want to purchase Winergy, you should go to their official website. However, if you want to avail of a 50% discount on the purchase price, here is an exclusive link for you. You can click the link to get exclusive offers.

How to Buy the Winergy

There you will find different packages specially designed for you. All you need to do is choosing the right package. Then make the payment quickly. After that no wonder, your favorite Winergy will be right at your doorstep soon.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is a wireless charger faster?

Answer: Of course, a wireless charger is comparatively faster than the wired one. Although there are some factors to consider, still wireless chargers are considered faster.

Does wireless charging stop when the battery is full?

Answer: It depends on the manufacturer and the product design. Some devices will stop charging, while some may not. But, when you talk about Winergy that I reviewed in this article, it will stop charging when the battery is full.

Do wireless chargers ruin your battery?

Answer: In a general sense, it will not damage your phone battery. Because the temperature a wireless charger produced is not that harmful to a phone. That said, to give you further assurance, I can confirm that the maximum temperature of Winergy is 35°C, so you can remain stress-free.

Are cheap wireless chargers bad?

Answer: Cheap is a relative word for me. In my opinion, if your wireless charger is certified by a well-known authority, but is still affordable, it is not bad. But, if you are talking about low-quality, fake chargers, no doubt they are 100% bad.

When can I expect my delivery?

Answer: If you order from this link, it will not take much time to deliver the product. If everything is okay, you will get the delivery soon.

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

Undoubtedly, Winergy is a great product when it comes to wireless charging. It is quite convenient and it is becoming more and more popular day by day. As far as I know, a Hong Kong-based supplier supplies the product all over the world. They have an active support team. If you have any queries you can easily communicate with them.

Support Team Contacts

If you want to contact the Winergy support team, here are the contact details.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
  • Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00 am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)
  • Email[email protected]
  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Winergy Review: Verdict

Since I bought this amazing wireless charger, my life is completely changed. Now, I don’t feel any tension with those wired chargers which don’t work when you need them most. On the other hand, Winergy is so much easy to use and easily portable. I can happily take this wherever I want.

In this exclusive Winergy review, I tried to share all of my experiences with this product. I hope, it has everything to satisfy your needs. If you are looking for a safe wireless charger, definitely you can give it a try. I wish you all the happy moments in your life.

9.8out of 10

Ease of Use9.9



Value for Money9.8



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