Bondic Vs Blufixx – What’s Your Best Option for 2024?

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Bondic vs Blufixx are the two main contenders. In a matter of seconds, they can bind, repair, or fill a variety of surfaces, thanks to their liquid welders. UV rays enable Bondic to combine materials in as little as three seconds.

Though the Blufixx system fixes a variety of materials in a matter of seconds, Bondic comes out on top in terms of adaptability and durability.

Bondic and Blufixx are polymer welding that operate quicker than any standard glue does on nearly any material. This makes them perfect for repairing small items or assembling things quickly. Additionally, they are eco-friendly because they do not require any special tools or materials to use.

Bondic Vs Blufixx: Comparison Chart

Our Pick
Heat Proof
Heat Proof
Aggressive Chemicals free
Aggressive Chemicals free
Dry Time
Dry Time
3 Seconds
Few second

Bondic Vs Blufixx: What Is the Difference?

Bondic and Blufixx are two popular types of welders used in the welding industry. What is the difference between them? Bondic welders have a finer wire mesh that creates a tighter weld, while Blufixx welders have a coarser wire mesh that creates a looser weld. They both work well, but some prefer Bondic because it creates a tighter joint. Let’s find out more!

Bondic Vs Blufixx

1. Bondic

Bondic is a kind of plastic often used in welding. When compared to standard superglue, Bondic is far kinder to your hands than superglue. Bondic not only fixes damaged items but also strengthens them by generating stronger ties between the particles in the original structure.

As it turns out, the Bondic plastic welder was established by a patient of a curious dentist. One of his patients asked if they might take some dental bonding materials and UV light home with them to repair the microchip wires of an old microscope.


Bondic, a plastics glue, is a great choice if you need to reattach shattered materials quickly. UV light may be used to solder iron on the Bondic. Bondic, on the other hand, never hardens or dries up as other plastic liquids do.

Bondic, unlike other glues, is clean and offers a long-term solution to this kind of issue. Your items may be repaired with Bondic UV light.

In addition to metal and PVC plastic, rubber and leather may be used with this instrument. This sticky tool may be used underwater, in the sun, in the cold, and even in a dishwasher.

Bondic, a plastic welder, was developed after three years of rigorous research. Allow me to walk you through the basics of using Bondic so you can have a better sense of its capabilities.

How to Use Bondic?

This UV liquid plastic is unique in that it comes with a custom-tailored ready-to-use kit. It includes:

  • The Bondic adhesive comes in a black container with a capacity of 80 drops. A pen-like tip makes it simple to use and apply.
  • Breaking material must be flat before you can work with it.
  • Apply the liquid plastic to the damaged area in such a way that UV light may penetrate it completely.
  • With UV light, a few seconds after pouring liquid plastic, you harden it by irradiating it. It may be essential to employ an extra layer of liquid polymers or more liquid.
  • If the plastic liquid is translucent, sanding or painting the shattered pieces will complete your project.
  • UV radiation from the sun hardens the liquid, so don't try to use it in direct sunshine.
  • Reduce the strain of an item, swap a damaged component and establish connections in regions where normal glue can't link two parts together, offer insulation to wires, and mend water leaks using Bondic.

Does Bondic Really Work?

Bondic plastic glue is a new type of adhesive that is said to be stronger and more durable than traditional adhesives. Some people are skeptical about the effectiveness of this glue, but if it can hold up to testing, it could be a big improvement over current adhesives. Bondic glue is currently available only in the USA, but if it becomes more widespread it could be a popular choice for repairing small items.

Does Bondic Really Work

Point of Benefits of Use This

Bondic plastic glue is a type of adhesive that is made from polymers and is used to attach two pieces of plastic. The glue has several features and benefits, including the following:

Safe and Non Toxic:

Bondic Plastic Glue is a safe and non-toxic adhesive that can be used in a variety of applications. This glue is made up of a blend of natural and synthetic substances, which makes it safer than traditional adhesives. Additionally, Bondic Plastic Glue is environmentally friendly since it does not require any harsh chemicals to be used in its production.

Water Resistance:

Bondic Plastic Glue is a water-resistant adhesive that is suitable for fixing leaking water pipes. This product can be used underwater because of its waterproof nature, making it an ideal adhesive for repairing water damage.

Heat Resistant:

Bonding plastics is a process that occurs when two dissimilar materials are combined. This can be done through various methods, but the most common way is by using plastic bonding agents. Bondic is one of the most popular types of plastic bonding agents because it is heat resistant. Consequently, stoves, cookers, and boilers may all be repaired using this product.

Easy to Use:

Bondic Plastic Glue is easy to use, making it perfect for projects such as fixing a broken toy or repairing a small tear in the fabric. The Bondic container is pointed at its mouth, thus making it easy to apply the glue. The glue can be used on almost any material and can be removed with soap and water.

Where to Buy Bondic?

Buying Bondic from the company's website is the safest and most reliable option. Aside from the proper pricing information, you'll also get a detailed description of the item. To buy Bondic online, you may choose from one of three options:

  • A single Bondic kit costs $19.99, which includes shipping and handling.
  • At $59.97, three Bondic kits are presently on sale for $39.98 with free delivery inside the United States, which is a significant saving.
  • It costs $99.95 to purchase all five of these Bondic sets.

2. Blufixx

UV light repairs diverse fractured materials to connect them using Blufixx, a UV light pen. Repair, patch, fill and rebuild any material with Blufixx. It uses a gel that rapidly hardens any substance using LEDs.

For the gel to solidify, it has to be exposed to UV radiation, which is completely safe. After just a few seconds, it begins to operate. Use it to fix the most prized possessions that you don't want to part with.


End-user light-curing systems innovator Blufixx is a household name. This item is a German-made product that was designed in Germany. Allows for quick and efficient repair and filling of various materials. Molding is also a simple process thanks to Blufixx. Using the LED, the repair gel hardens instantly.

Until the LED light touches the Blufixx gel, the gel is normally liquid. This promotes the user's safety. After curing, however, the gel becomes very hard, making it impossible to grind, drill or polish it.

In addition to the Blufixx repair pen, there is a Blufixx repair kit. This implies that the LED and glue are all housed in a pen-like device. On the pen, there is an LED on one end and a repair gel on the other end,

In addition to the LED, the pen carries batteries.

If you have anything that needs repairing, you may use Blufixx to mend it. You can use it to fix jewelry, charge cords, chess components, remote controls, earphones, ceramic tiles, enamel tiles, wood floors, etc.

How to Use Blufixx?

To begin, you must thoroughly clean the area to eliminate any traces of filth.

  • Apply the glue liquid to the material's damaged surface now. Light brown is the color of the glue.
  • Remove the pen's safety ring by turning it around.
  • Click the LED button to begin using the device.
  • The UV light must then be shone for another few seconds over the fluid glue.
  • Eventually, the gel will harden into a firm fix.
  • You may now polish and color the fluid to your heart's content.

Does Blufixx Really Work?

Definitely. When the following procedures are performed, Blufixx works flawlessly:

Remove any debris or grease from the surface first. Adhere the tape to the specified area. It has a brownish hue. Remove the pen's safety ring. Turn on the LED by pressing on it. By lighting the LED on the gel for a few seconds, the gel will begin to harden.

It won't take long for the gel to solidify completely. Drill, polish or paint the cured gel to your heart's content.

Point of Benefits of Use This

Blufixx is a new type of plastic glue that has many features and benefits that make it an attractive choice for a variety of applications. These include the fact that Blufixx is stronger than other types of plastic glues, its low viscosity makes it easy to apply, and it can be used in a variety of temperatures.

Let’s find out more!

Excellent Bond:

Blufixx Plastic Glue fixes material with a rock-solid bond that can hold even the most stubborn pieces of plastic together. The glue is easy to use and comes in a variety of colors that make it easy to match the surrounding materials.


Blufixx is a new type of plastic glue that is solvent-free. This means that it doesn't require any type of solvent to work, which is great news for those who are environmentally conscious. Additionally, Blufixx is non-toxic and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, so it's perfect for use in children's toys and other products.

Heat resistant:

Blufixx Plastic Glue is heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures. This makes it a great choice for use in crafts, repairs, and other projects. Additionally, Blufixx has a long-lasting adhesive ability, making it the perfect choice for attaching fabric, paper, and other materials.


Blufixx is a plastic glue that is made to work on different materials. This glue is perfect for those who are looking for a fast and easy way to fix things. The glue is also environmentally friendly, which is great for those who care about the planet.

UV light in a pen:

UV glue has been used in a wide range of industries as a perfect placement of UV light in a pen. Blufixx Plastic Glue is made up of a UV curing adhesive and a special light-emitting diode that emits UV radiation. The adhesive cures when exposed to UV radiation, which then creates a strong bond between the objects.

Where to Buy Blufixx?

Looking to avoid buying the counterfeit product? Check out Blufixx Plastic Glue from their Amazon official store. Made with a high-quality formula, this adhesive will help keep your projects together. Be sure to get a tube of this glue so you can keep your projects intact!

What Are Some Differences Between Bondic and Bluffix?

Bondic and Blufixx are two types of plastic glue that are better than ordinary glues at repairing things.

Bondic is a clear adhesive that dries quickly and is strong yet flexible, while Blufixx is a black adhesive that dries more slowly but is more rigid. These two adhesives are ideal for use on items such as plastic toys, jewelry, and other small objects that can easily be damaged.

Both the tool Bondic and Blufixx plastic glue are amazing that help us to make our work easier. These tools do not create a mess during repair materials like standard glues.

They come in a variety of colors and have a variety of uses so that you can find the right one for your project. Whether you are repairing shoes, fixing a toy, or attaching plastic fabric to a table, these tools will make the job much easier.

Yet, Bondic is the winner here when comparing these two amazing tools. Bonding plastic glue is a repairing tool that has many unique qualities. First and foremost, it is a waterproof adhesive that can support a variety of materials.

Additionally, Bondic is very fast-working, making it an ideal choice for quick repairs. Finally, this adhesive also features a chemical-free formulation, making it safe for use around sensitive surfaces.

Blufixx polymer adhesive, on the other hand, is a restoration product that does an incredible job of connecting damaged materials together. This adhesive can quickly and easily bind broken pieces of plastic together and usually lasts longer than other adhesives. Additionally, this product is easy to use and doesn't require any special skills or tools.

Some of the Blufixx plastic glue solutions, on the other hand, offer some wonderful qualities that are superior to common adhesives but less responsive. For example, Bondic is known for its quick-drying time and high-quality adhesion. On the other hand, Blufixx offers a longer-lasting bond with low odor and no fumes.

Final Words

Bondic vs Blufixx is both more efficient than traditional glues. They can bond objects together more securely and faster, without the mess that is often associated with using glue. If you are looking for a strong, fast, and clean adhesive solution, then Bondic or Blufixx may be right for you.

In conclusion, Bondic is a better glue than Blufixx because it is stronger, more durable, and easier to use. If you need to glue something together, Bondic is the best option. This will make gluing things a lot more convenient that you would have ever thought.


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