How Long Does a Car Diagnostic Test Take? (Right Ans)

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As technology has advanced, more and more cars have become computerized. The computerization of the cars means the vehicle is more optimized for better performance and driving smoothness. The computerization of the car further means that you can now actually thoroughly check your car to help it continue its consistent performance.

However, diagnosing a car isn't straightforward. It needs time and money. Thus, we often come across two common questions, “How long does a car diagnostic test take? Also, how often should I diagnose my car, and what's the average cost of diagnosing a car?

Usually, diagnosing a car will take around 2 to 4 hours. It will allow you to check the possible problems better for a safe driving experience. 

Well, we will also step-by-step breakdown the other answers here so that you can finally check your car for any malfunctions and repair it before it causes further problems. We will also talk about Fixd, a premium car diagnosing device to help you find the problems in the car engine, ignition system, transmission oils, tires, wheels, etc.

How Often Do You Have To Do A Car Diagnostic Test?

Before we head to find the time required to diagnose your car, let’s be clear about one thing, “How often should you diagnose your car?”

How Often Do You Have To Do A Car Diagnostic Test

It is a burning question since checking a car for any problem isn't cheaper and needs substantial time to complete. Automobile experts and mechanics suggest that you should diagnose your car at least twice a week. It will help you know about the possible problems with your car so that you can quickly fix them before further problems.

Also, you should diagnose your car if you plan to go on a long trip, such as a country trip or during vacations from one state to another. It will ensure that you don't face any problems on the road.

Nonetheless, the best practice for a smooth and safe driving experience is to diagnose your car once every 3 to 4 months. It ensures excellent performance and saves you from costly repair and replacement of the different parts of the car.

How Long Does A Car Diagnostic Test Take?

Now, it’s time to answer the main question. How long will it take to properly and completely check your car? So, here goes the answer:

How Long Does A Car Diagnostic Test Take

Usually, a full car diagnosing will take around 2 to 4 hours, depending on the car model. Mechanics will use diagnostic software and a scanner to complete the diagnostic process. The time breakdown of the diagnosing process follows as:

Initial examination with the scanner:

When you take your car to a mechanic for diagnosing it, the mechanic will use a scanner to initiate the diagnosing process. He will check the light code for the ‘check engine.” The car engine light code is linked with the computerization system of the car. If there’s any problem, it will generate the error codes indicating the issue and where it has taken place.

Carrying out the test:

After finishing off the check engine light code, the mechanic will continue the diagnosing process to find further problems, if there are any. The mechanic will use a diagnostic scanner and software to scan the whole car and find all the possible error codes.

Mechanics use software and their experience to transform the error codes into practical readings to begin the fixing process. When they transform the error codes into actionable information, mechanics can truly fix them.

Checking the car’s technical information:

Next up, the mechanic must check the technical information of our car. It is crucial since the error code may convey different meanings for different car brands and models. For instance, the error code for the VLOM system of GM vehicles will have no meaning unless you check the right information and user manual of the car.

When your mechanic finds the true meaning of the error code and links it with the technical information of your car, solving the problem will be only a few minutes away.

Narrowing down the diagnosing process:

Once the car mechanic has scanned the whole car with the scanner, he will narrow down the problems according to the error codes he found. It helps them thoroughly check a particular part of the car to find the exact problem.

For instance, when the scanner shows a problem with the engine, the mechanic will promptly transfer the check engine light code. It suggests that the problem is somewhere in the car's exhaust, and so, the mechanic will check the automobile's exhaust system.

Repairing the problems and repeating the diagnosing:

When your car mechanic has found all the possible problems with your car, he will brief you about it. Once you agree, he can repair and fix the problems to keep your car in optimal condition. The repairing process of the car problem will take some time, and also, it might be costly. So, be aware of it before permitting your automobile mechanic to start fixing the problem.

Nonetheless, the car mechanic will again diagnose the car after finishing the fixation process. It will be, however, much faster than the previous diagnosing process.

The real diagnosis may take around 4 hours. The repairing time will depend on the car's actual condition and which parts need to be repaired or replaced properly.

How Much Does An Engine Diagnostic Test Cost?

The diagnosing cost of your car depends on different factors. It includes the brand and model of your car and the level of damage your car has faced during the time being. Also, the possible issues will further add up to the cost of the diagnosing process.

How Much Does An Engine Diagnostic Test Cost

The basic diagnosing process of your car is pretty affordable, starting at $40. If you go for a more in-depth diagnosis, you should be ready to pay higher, and it may even touch $100. Furthermore, the cost can rise 2X or 3X more if you need to repair any problem with the car.

We suggest you check the printed agreement before you sign it. Mechanics and auto repair centers sometimes include a hidden charge that you agree to pay unknowingly.

What Is The Benefit Of Having A Diagnostic Test?

The diagnostic test of your favorite car is valuable to help it maintain its performance and safety on the roads. Some key benefits of diagnosing your car timely include:

  • You will know the possible errors of your car. Thus, you can tackle them before it becomes catastrophic for your car and you. It also saves you from costly replacement.
  • It is a life-saving investment when you diagnose the possible errors and fix them timely. The diagnosis ensures that your car remains in good condition and saves you from unwanted moments while driving.
  • When you diagnose your car timely and fix the problems, it superbly boosts the vehicle's performance. So, your car will get an extended lifespan with better performance.

Does Fixd Car Diagnostic Work?

Fixd is an advanced diagnostic device for automobiles. It promises real-time information and also, is connectable with your smartphone. Thus, you can optimize all the possible data and error codes in a single place and apply them to fix the problems better and quicker.

Does Fixd Car Diagnostic Work

You need to connect the Fixd device with the OBD 2 port. You should find it underneath your car's dashboard, right along the steering wheel column of your car.

The device generates accurate information for proper diagnosis of the possible problems of the car, including its heating issues. So, you are ready to fix them promptly.

How Do You Use A Fixd Diagnostic?

The best part of the Fixd device is that it is super easy to use. You don't need to be a tech-savvy person to use it. However, you must download and install the Fixd app on your smartphone to start using the device and testing your car for problems.

  • After installing the Fixd app, register it using your valid email.
  • After successful email registration, connect the Fixd app with the device using the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone.
  • Select the modes and reminders you prefer diagnosing on the Fixd app.
  • Tap on the option called, “I have a Fixd sensor.”
  • At the backside of the Fixd device, there will be a code. You have to insert it in the app when it asks you to insert the code.
  • After that, find the OBD 2 port in your car and connect the Fixd sensor with the port.
  • Now, start your car. It keeps it running for a few minutes. You will start getting the reports on your Fixd app.

Where Can I Buy Fixd Devices?

The Fixd car diagnosing sensor is an excellent device. You can quickly perform a complete diagnose of your favorite car with the Fixd car diagnostic device. The device is simple to use and allows you to store the data in the app fur future application.

Where Can I Buy Fixd Devices

You may get the device directly from the manufacturer’s website.


Running a diagnostic test of your car is useful to repair and maintain your car accurately. If you are unsure how long a car diagnostic test takes, you should be ready to invest 2 to 4 hours for it. The basic diagnosis will cost you around $40. Nonetheless, you can buy a Fixd diagnostic device to check your car's problems and repair them timely for improved and consistent car performance. You will love the easy and smart use of the Fixd device to maintain your car for sure.


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