How to Use Photostick Mobile for Android Devices? (2023)

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Android devices have come a long way in camera quality, performance, longevity, and virtually limitless options for different applications. However, the devices also lack a few key aspects that manufacturers are removing with the immense advancement. One of such inconveniences is the removal of the external SD card. Hence, your android device now has limited memory, and you might want to expand it in one way or another.

The Photostick Mobile device, with its ability to store thousands of photos and videos, could be a great alternative in this regard. But for this, you should know how to use Photostick Mobile for android devices accurately and without hassles.

Once you learn the using technique of the Photostick Mobile for your android-based smartphone, the compact device opens limitless storage for you. You can quickly store all of your photos and videos and carry them anywhere you want.  Also, the device is highly secured and ensures your media files are safe without the reach of hackers. You will, therefore, love the compactness and longevity of the Photostick Mobile, along with its secured storage.

What is Photostick Mobile for Android?

The Photostick Mobile is a compact storage device like a regular USB flash drive. It is designed to work with Android devices without any additional software requirements. When you connect the device with your Android smartphone, it can store and backup your photos and videos almost instantly without any limitation.

Moreover, you can organize the images and videos on Android without any software or third-party apps. Hence, it promises to bring smartphone users the most convenient user interface. The manufacturer itself also develops the customized app of Photostick Mobile. So, it doesn't have any bugs, and you don't need to worry about someone secretly stealing your photos, videos, and necessary data from your Android smartphone.

What is Photostick Mobile for Android

On top of it, the device's app is easy to understand and use. It doesn't change depending on your mobile device and offers a worldwide user-friendly interface. On top of it, you will also love its quick application and data transferring ability. It only requires a couple of minutes to transfer thousands of photos from your smartphone to the device and vice-versa.

Next up, you will love how it organizes your files so that you can find them quickly and conveniently. You won't need to browse for hours anymore to find your desired photos. Its smart organization lets you choose and transfer your desired photo in seconds.

The device is organized to work with all Android-based smartphones regardless of the Android version it is currently running on. So, whether your smartphone runs in Android 12, 12, 10, or even lower, the user-friendly Photostick device is ready to work with your smartphone. Its compatibility truly makes it an unbeatable USB flash drive for your mobile device and backing up your fond memories.

The device comes with 128GB of storage space. It is more than enough to store almost all of your photos and videos, whether necessary or unnecessary. Thus, you won't have to worry about losing your fond memories anymore. Plus, the device is highly compact, and so it fits into your jeans pocket with ease and makes carrying the device superbly convenient.

Does Photostick Work on Android Phones?

Yes, Photostick Mobile works perfectly with your android phones. It doesn't need any high-end configuration of your smartphone to run properly. All your smartphone needs to work with the storage device is a USB port, and off it goes for the perfect storage application. Since it is an offline storage device, you also don't risk losing your photos in cloud storage. Plus, hackers can't access your files. Thus, the Photostick Mobile device truly brings a safer and better storage option for your Android phones.

Does Photostick Work on Android Phones

You can carry the device in your pocket and use it whenever needed. You don't need any additional software except its App on your smartphone. So, if you plan to take hundreds of photos or videos for a specific event or occasion, this USB flash drive can be a great benefit for you.

Long story short, any smartphone running over the Android 4.4 version is compatible with the Photostick Mobile device. It is quite an achievement since most smartphones, these days, run almost on Android 8 at least.

What is Required to Run a Photostick Drive on Android?

The usability of the Photostick portable drive on your Android smartphone is pretty convenient. However, you can buy your Photostick device and start using it with the Andriod devices. You will need an app for this purpose.

What is Required to Run a Photostick Drive on Android

You will need to install and run the TPS Mobile app to run the Android device with the Photostick Mobile device. The TPS mobile app allows you to connect both the storage device and smartphone to transfer your photos and videos quickly.

You can download the TPS mobile app from Google Play for free. You also don't need to worry about its authenticity since the app comes directly from Photostick Mobile device manufacturers. In fact, the name TPS itself stands for ‘The Photostick.' So, you don't need to worry about the app's reliability. Also, it is safe to use to transfer your photos and videos without any tension about your photos and videos getting stolen by a third-party app manufacturer. The app and the device both are highly secured and promise the fastest and safest photo transferring and storage facility.

How to Use Photostick Mobile for Android Devices?

Using the Photostick Mobile app is easy with your smartphone. You will need the Photostick device and the TPS mobile app. The best part about the Photostick Mobile device is that it comes with both the standard Micro-USB point and the modern USB-C port. So, you can connect it with any Android device without any hassles.

How to Use Photostick Mobile for Android Devices

Since it has two different points with different usability, you can store your photos and videos from your smartphone and then watch them on any Android TV or desktop. Thus, the storage device truly uplifts your content-watching experience. Plus, it frees up the memory of your Android device and lets you use the saved memory for different functions.

The steps to use the Photostick Mobile for Android device include the following ones:

  • First, buy your Photostick Mobile device from the official website. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from 32GB, 65GB, and 128 GB options.
  • Next up, download the TPS mobile app from Google Play. It is free to use. Once the app downloads, run it on your smartphone.
  • Now, connect one end of the Photostick device with your smartphone's charging port. For this, look carefully at the charging port structure of the device. If it is a Type-C charging port, you need to connect the Photostick Mobile device using its Type-C port. If your smartphone has the standard Micro-USB port, connect it accordingly. If you find it difficult to connect the two devices directly, you may choose an OTG-cable for it. The OTG-cable will let you connect the device and the smartphone securely.
  • Once the connection is secure, you need to open the TPS mobile app on your smartphone. Wait until the app launches successfully.
  • Then browse the app on the main screen and find the Backup option from there. Please tap on the Backup option to select it.
  • When the Backup option is enabled, it will automatically transfer the photos and videos from your smartphone to the Photostick device. We recommend you stay on the app's screen when the photo transfer process continues.
  • Once the photo transfer is over, turn off the TPS mobile app. After that, disconnect the storage device and the smartphone carefully.

Now, you should realize how easy it is to use the Photostick Mobile device. You don't need to be a tech-savvy person to use the device to store your images. A few taps on your mobile screen are enough.

More About PhotoStick Mobile for Android

Photostick Mobile is an excellent device to store your memories and save space for your Android phone to utilize better applications. Once you get the USB flash drive, you will love how it makes your life easy and comfortable, letting you store all of your favorite captures, including images and videos.

More About PhotoStick Mobile for Android

Some key aspects of the device are:

PhotoStick Mobile is Compact

One of the best benefits of the Photostick device is its compactness. The device is merely a couple of inches long. Thus, it fits in your palm with ease. It means you can carry the device anywhere in your pockets or bag for convenience.

Technical Information

The USB flash drive is easy to use, and its technical specifications aren't complicated either. You can get the device in three versions that include 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Thus, you don't need to worry about its alternatives to meet your requirements.

On top of it, its two ends are designed to support both USB-C and Micro-USC ports. So, you can connect it directly with your smartphone. Plus, the manufacturer has 60 days money-back guarantee, which should bring peace of mind for you.

File Format Supported By The Photostick Mobile

The Photostick Mobile device is undoubtedly a great way to store your photos and videos. But, even such an excellent device has its limits since it is a standard USB flash drive. And like every USB flash drive, this storage device also supports a few formats for images. You need to be aware of it to successfully transfer and store the photos in this great storage device.

The compatible file formats with the Photostick Mobile device include the following ones:

  • jpg
  • pct
  • raw
  • gif
  • ico
  • more
  • png
  • BMP
  • WMV
  • tiff
  • avi, and

The wide compatibility means that the Photostick device is ready to successfully store nearly all types of photos and videos. Also, it won't get auto-formatted, which is a common cause with ordinary USB flash drives. Thus, your memories will be secure in this smart storage device.

Features of Photostick Mobile for Android

The Photostick Mobile device is loaded with practical features for Android devices that you will love. The device is designed to make your storage task simpler and safer. Some of its key features include:

  • The device is a true workhorse. Once you install the app and connect the device, it automatically checks your entire memory. So, it won’t miss any photos and videos.
  • Its plug-and-play option, along with the free TPS app, makes storage and organization of the images and videos convenient. You don't need to do anything at all.
  • The backup process of the device is incredibly fast. It just needs a few minutes to successfully back up your images and photos. Also, it organizes them quickly so that you find the stored images with ease.
  • The device backs up the file weekly. Plus, it is water-resistant. So, you won’t need to worry about losing your photos due to water damages and cloud malfunctions anymore.
  • The app is free and easy to install. Thus, even a non-tech-savvy person can handle it with ease. Also, it is secure, and you don't need to worry about hacking or fishing either with the app.

Video Demonstrations of Installing and Using the “TPS Mobile” App

The TPS app is super-easy to use. You can download and install it from the Google Play store within minutes. Yet, we will show you its installation process for the popular smartphones in the below list.

Video Demonstrations of Installing and Using the “TPS Mobile” App

How to Install Photostick App On Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung S9 is a brilliant device and is one of the best smartphones to capture images and videos with great details. You can use the Photostick device to store these stunning photographs with ease. Thankfully, the installation process of the Photostick App on your Samsung S9 is fairly easy as well.

  1. Download the app from your Google Play store.
  2. Wait until it downloads completely. After that, it will install automatically.
  3. You can now connect the Photostick device with your smartphone and launch the app.
  4. Choose the videos and images you want to transfer to the USB flash drive.
  5. Once you select the images, tap on the Backup option and wait until complete transfer.

How to Install Photostick App on Motorola Moto g6

Motorola Moto g6 is another great device with stunning cameras within an affordable budget. Thus, you may want to store its images and videos safely. The Photostick device, along with the TPS app, enables you to do it precisely.

  • Download and install the TPS free app from the Google Play store. It should be easy and fast without any inconveniences.
  • Next up, launch the app on your smartphone. Allow its permission to access your photos and videos from the phone gallery.
  • Now, connect the flash drive and tap on the “Backup Files Now” option to initiate your file transferring process. You can choose to transfer all the images or only the one you want.
  • Once the file transfer is over, you can view files on the Photostick Mobile device by tapping separately on the view file options for images and videos.

Installing the TPS Mobile app on a Samsung J7 running Android OS 6

TPS app runs on all android smartphones running over Android 4.4 versions. Thus, it supports almost every smartphone available in the market, including the Samsung J7. The smartphone comes with only 16GB of internal storage. Thus, backing up your photos and videos in the Photostick Mobile device using the TPS app for this smartphone is a brilliant idea.

You can follow a few simple steps to install and run the app. First, download and launch it from the Google Play store. Then, run the app and allow it to access your phone gallery for file transferring. After that, connect the flash drive and start transferring the images.

Where to Buy Photostick Mobile?

Photostick Mobile is undoubtedly one of the best storage options that you may buy for backing up your images and videos. You can purchase the “Photostick Omni backup devicefrom its official website or Amazon.

You will get a 60-days money-back guarantee with every purchase. So, if you don't find it satisfying to use, you may return it to claim your money.


This guideline on how to use Photostick Mobile for Android devices is similar for all smartphones that run on Android 4.4 or over. The download and installation process remains the same for all devices. Thus, you shouldn't find it inconvenient at all. It doesn't require you to be a tech-savvy person to run the app and use the device. It is a simple plug-and-play device that lets you safely back up your images and videos in almost all available formats. Plus, the device is highly secured, and you can therefore depend on its performance for years.


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