iFlash Drive Vs PhotoStick – Which Is Better in 2023?

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iFlash drive and PhotoStick are both massively used to back up images, videos, files, and documents. Both of them offer colossal memory support to your devices. But there's a thin line between them. Which is better in 2022 in the battle of iFlash Drive vs. PhotoStick?

While iFlash supports both documents and multimedia files, the PhotoStick only backs up photographs and videos. PhotoStick sorts out your files, but iFlash doesn't. iFlash uses the I-Easy app to operate, whereas PhotoStick uses PhotoStick software. There's a lot of variety in PhotoSticks, but iFlash doesn't have many.

Both devices also have differences in their physical build. You'll need a proper guideline about their comparison if you really want to buy one of them to preserve your precious memories.

iFlash Drive Vs PhotoStick: Comparison Chart

There are many differences between iFlash drive and PhotoStick. Here are some of the important ones in a short list. But don't forget to read the PhotoStick Omni full reviews too.

Our Pick
iFlash Drive
iFlash Drive
Windows Vista/XP7/8/10 , MAC OS X 10.6 and on , iOS 9/10/11
Windows XP/7/8/10 , iOS 9/10/11 , MAC OS
Duplicate reduction
Duplicate reduction
LLC, Prairie IT
Helpline Response
Helpline Response
2-3 days
Supported Files
Supported Files
Document: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, HTML, PDF, Image: JPG, PNG, GIF , Audio: MP3, M4A, CAF, Video: MP4, MOV MKV, AVI
8 GB – For 3.500 photos & videos 64 GB – For 30.000 photos & videos 128 GB – For 60.000 photos & videos
Varies from 400 to 512 GB

iFlash Drive Vs PhotoStick: Difference?

You'll find a lot of differences in their appearance, software, duplicate checking, file types, and many more. Just observe them and find out the variations. Here are some of them to ease your work:

iFlash Drive Vs PhotoStick

iFlash Drive:

iFlash uses the ‘I-Easy' app to back up your files. It works only on Apple products. It'll back up your valuable data in an instant. A lightning jack makes it easier to use in any PC/MacBook. A disadvantage is that there's no Android version available of iFlash.


PhotoSticks are widely used in almost every operating system. A PhotoStick app runs the ‘Show' of file protection. It can backup up to 60000 images without degrading image quality. The device offers you a variety of drives. It's more affordable than an iFlash.

1. iFlash Drive: What/Works/Use/Storage/Pros & Cons

iFlash drive is applicable for Apple products. A lot of Apple-certified drives are present in the market. Here is a quick overview of an iFlash drive.

What Is An iFlash Drive?

iFlash is the fastest and effortless way to transfer files and free up your device storage. It's a storage device that protects your important information.
Unlike other micro-SD card readers, it has an in-built storage system. You can use it on any computer or Apple product just using a lightning jack wire.

iFlash Drive

How Does iFlash Drive Work?

An iFlash drive follows the same methods as other flash drives. Just plug it into a PC/MacBook. An iOS app called ‘I-Easy' makes the transfer even more manageable. Then it'll start to transfer files automatically.

It'll increase your device's storage. You can back up your files and free up memory at the same time.

How To Use The iFlash Drive?

It's pretty easy to use an iFlash. Both Mac and Windows are compatible with it. Follow these guidelines to use an iFlash drive.

For Macbook

  • Step 01: First, plug your drive into a USB port.
  • Step 02: MacBook won't allow it if it's been arranged using the NTFS filesystem. Format your drive in the FAT32 file system.
  • Step 03: Install the drive.
  • Step 04: A tab will appear before you. Click it.
  • Step 05: Browse the folders you want to move in your drive.
  • Step 06: Now copy and paste/drag files into the drive.
  • Step 07: Take out the drive after transferring your files.

For Windows

  • Step 01: Look for a USB port and connect the drive.
  • Step 02: Once you've inserted the drive, windows will start the installation.
  • Step 03: Contact the manufacturer or Windows helpline if your PC can't recognize the drive.
  • Step 04: You'll see a window on your screen. Click the ‘Browse File' option.
  • Step 05: If you don't see this option, click ‘My Computer/This PC' on the start menu. You'll see the connected device on your PC. Then click twice on your drive.
  • Step 06: Then, find the files on your PC to transfer to the drive. Just copy and paste them into the drive.
  • Step 07: Once the transfer process is complete, remove the drive carefully.

iFlash Drive Storage Capacity

A lot of manufacturers make iFlash drives. Not all of them are Apple certified. Here are some of the iFlash drives that are approved by Apple.

iDiskk 128 GB:

You can transfer photographs, videos, and even movies using this one. You can also use it to free up the space of your device. The fantastic durability comes from an aluminum cover.

iDiskk 128 GB

Once you've snapped a photo, you can transfer it to the drive using the I-easy app. It'll cost you $40 on Amazon.

iDiskk 256 GB:

This four-way flash drive is compatible with USB-A/C, micro-USB, and lightning. It's available in online and offline stores only for $61.

iDiskk 256 GB

  • It is elementary to use
  • An iFlash drive can handle various types of data
  • It backups files safely and doesn't make multiple copies of the same file
  • You can store tons of files in it
  • iFlash drive is compatible with different iPhone models
  • It's a light and small device. You can carry it in your pocket
  • iFlash drive offers maximum security. So, there's less chance of a virus attack.
  • There is no version available for android users.
  • You've to download an app if you want to use it on your iPhone
  • It's not compatible with older versions of iPads
  • The operating app consumes a lot of space on your device
  • iFlash drives get lost due to their small size.
  • It'll defect if heavily used
  • An iFlash drive works without the internet. You can't share files with multiple people at a time.

2. PhotoStick: What/Works/Use/Storage/Pros & Cons

PhotoSticks are a blessing when it comes to freeing up space or saving your loved moments. But do you know what a PhotoStick is? Find the relevant answers to your questions here.

What Is A PhotoStick?

A PhotoStick is a memory drive that protects photos and videos. Once you've plugged the device into your PC/MacBook/smartphone, it'll scan all your files and save them. PhotoStick sorts out the files and also detects the hidden files.


Two types of PhotoSticks are common in the market. The first one is ‘PhotoStick mobile' for your smartphone, and the other one is ‘PhotoStick' for your PC/Macbook.

How Does a PhotoStick Work?

You don't have to be the ‘Tech-Guy' to understand how a PhotoStick works. The process is straightforward.

What Is A PhotoStick

Once you've connected the drive to your PC/Macbook, it'll use software to scan all the files and create a backup. PhotoStick also ensures that no duplicate file is saved in the drive.

How To Use the PhotoStick?

Typically, the PhotoStick is compatible with Apple products. The process differs depending on the product. Here are some of the steps to use PhotoStick in different products.

For iPhones

  • Step 01: Download the IOS app called ‘I-easy' from the Apple store.
  • Step 02: Install it on your iPhone.
  • Step 03: Now click the ‘Open' icon to start the app.
  • Step 04: Allow notifications from the app.
  • Step 05: Allow the app to access your files
  • Step 06: You'll see a ‘Select to backup' window.
  • Step 07: ‘Backup' will start once you've clicked it.
  • Step 08: Now, your files are secured in the drive.

For Macbooks

  • Step 01: Plug the PhotoStick into the MacBook. Connect the PhotoStick with your MacBook.
  • Step 02: A shortcut will appear on your screen.
  • Step 03: If you can't find the shortcut use the ‘Finder' option.
  • Step 04: Open the shortcut to install the ThePhotoStickMac app on your MacBook.
  • Step 05: Now run the program.

For iPads

The procedure for iPads is almost the same as that for iPhones. But there are two types of iPads available. One that can use mobile data/wi-fi and the other one that can't.

Here are the steps to install PhotoStick if you can use mobile data/wi-fi on your iPad.

  • Step 01: First, download the PhotoStick app ‘I-easy' from the Apple store.
  • Step 02: Install it on your iPad.
  • Step 03: Click on the ‘Open' icon.
  • Step 04: Enable notifications from the app.
  • Step 05: Give the app access to your files.
  • Step 06: A window will pop up on your screen. Here you'll find the ‘Select to backup' option
  • Step 07: ‘Backup' will start once you've clicked it.
  • Step 08: Now you've secured your files in your PhotoStick

PhotoStick Storage Capacity

PhotoSticks have some variations when it comes to storage capacity. Depending on your budget, you can choose from 8 GB to 256 GB.

PhotoStick Omni:

Both iPhone and iPad are compatible with PhotoStick Omni. It has a USB and lightning port compatible with PC/MacBooks. You can use it to charge your iPhone. You have to pay $80 for a 128 GB PhotoStick Omni.

PhotoStick Omni


PhotoSticks offer some unique pros over other memory storage devices. You'll have tons of advantages when you use it on different devices. Some of the pros of using a PhotoStick:

  • You can save a huge bunch of photos in a jiff
  • It's a very light device that you can use anywhere
  • More organized and better visualization of your photographs
  • It scans faster
  • It is compatible with different models of iPad and iPhones
  • Backups file without duplication
  • It is adaptable to smartphones
  • It can adapt various formats of files
  • It's a budget-friendly device
  • PhotoStick keeps only one copy of a photograph. So, you won't face any file manipulation
  • A variety of PhotoSticks are available in the market, depending on storage. This means you've got a lot of options
  • You'll receive a refund if you're not satisfied with the service
  • PhotoStick uses robust software to locate and sort files. That'll save your precious time


Everything that has some pros also has some cons. PhotoStick comes with some drawbacks as well. These problems are rare, but you should be aware of them.

  • Not all PhotoSticks work on both PCs and smartphones. PhotoStick mobile works well on smartphones and iPhones. For Windows and Mac, you've to use PhotoStick. Check them thoroughly when you're buying one.
  • Sometimes, the PhotoStick doesn't work when there's software interference. Virus attacks are also responsible for delayed responses.
  • You can't buy it from a supermarket. You've to order it online or buy it from a gadget store.

How Do iFlash Drives Compare to PhotoSticks? – Final Verdict

If you're going to buy a storage drive, we recommend purchasing a PhotoStick. It will offer you a lot more advantages than an iFlash drive.

PhotoSticks also offers a lot of options. They are available from the official website with a very stunning rating. But iFlash drives are pretty rare in the market.

If you've multiple Apple products, you have to buy several iFlashes. But you can do everything just using one PhotoStick. So, the winner for us is the PhotoStick.


iFlash drive and PhotoStick both will offer you fantastic services. But a PhotoStick comes with more incredible options if you're on a tight budget. It'll also help in sorting files where iFlash can't.

So, in the showdown of iFlash Drive Vs. PhotoStick, which is better in 2022? Hopefully, we have given you a better view of which drive you should purchase. A PhotoStick offers more durability, safety, and ease of use. Do some research before buying one!



Buy Now
Features 10
Value for money 9
Ease of use 10
Flexible 10
  • It is elementary to use
  • The process takes moments to transfer your files
  • You can store every type of data
  • Drives have versatile security systems
  • You’ll need an OTG to connect a flash drive to your smartphone
  • Flash drives have only one port
  • Files are easily corrupted by virus

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