Is the Photostick Mobile Worth It? An In-Depth Discussion In 2023

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Smartphone cameras have gone a long way to capturing stunning photos and videos. You can now even record 4k and 8K videos with the flagship smartphone cameras. Also, the resolution increase of the cameras means each photo takes more space than previously it would.

This has brought the smartphone users in a constant struggle to utilize the smartphone memory space fixed to 256GB to 512GB mostly. Hence, people opt for different storage options, and Photostick Mobile is one of them.

It is a handy USB flash drive device that allows you to store and manage your photos and videos with a few easy clicks only. But is the Photostick Mobile worth it?

Well, the small device allows you to store thousands of photos and videos within a tiny flash drive device that easily fits into your jeans pocket. Also, it is pretty easy to use, which speaks of its worthiness. But we will go deep to find its worthiness with its investment. Also, we will throw light on the recent scam reports of the device that has surged the internet.

So, this is a must-read for those who are thinking of getting a new Photostick Mobile to store their valuable memories safely.

Is the Photostick Mobile Worth It?

Photostick Mobile is definitely a worthy investment if you look to store your photos and videos from your smartphone safely and without hassles.

The device comes in three different storage options that include 28GB, 64GB, and 128GB versions. So, you can quickly choose your right storage option and that too in a pretty affordable budget. Thus, you will truly find the device a worthy investment budget-wise.

Is the Photostick Mobile Worth It

But, this device is not about pocket-friendly budgeting only; it's more than this. Unlike the ordinary USB flash drives used for storage, it has a smart arrangement system. So, you can not only store the photos and images you want but also arrange them just as you wish. So, finding the required images and videos is a brisk task.

Plus, the device is super-easy to use with the free Photostick App. You can get the storage device for iOS and Android devices, which is another cherry on the cake. Its versatile usability with different devices further talks about its worthiness.

Additionally, more than 90% of reviews about the device were positive. People praised its speedy transfer and easy arrangement. It is a great thing since the best way to know about the value of your investment is to know the client's review of the product. The Photostick Mobile device truly excels in this regard.

Last but not least, the Photostick Mobile device only needs on-time purchase. The app is entirely free, and you don't need to pay for any subscription at all. Smart storage is of great worthiness since most cloud storage will need subscription fees, and you need to renew it annually. It adds up to the cost of saving your memories which Photostick Mobile doesn't need. Thus, it further boosts the worth of this incredible storage option for your mobile.

In short, Photostick Mobile is more than a worthy investment both budget-wise and the incredible user-friendly benefits it brings. Talking about benefits, the following section will highlight the best advantages of Photostick Mobile broadly.

Benefits of Using Photostick Mobile

Undoubtedly, Photostick Mobile has freed people from the constant struggle of managing their storage space in the smartphone. Also, it is relatively easy to use and promises lifelong service. But is that all?

Benefits of Using Photostick Mobile

No, we found some unique advantages of the Photostick Mobile, and we will describe them in the following points.

Customized app:

While many USB flash storage drives use 3rd party apps for file transfer, Photostick has built a custom app for their device. Thus, it ensures the maximum safety of your photos and images. Also, it is exceedingly easy to use.  The app will make your file transfer and backup super easy and fast while ensuring premium security without any 3rd party interference.

Versatile usability:

One of the key benefits of the Photostick Mobile is that it offers excellent versatility. You can use the device for Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. Hence, it allows you to nearly arrange the storage space of every device you have in your hand. It equips USB-C and Micro-USC ports to connect it quickly and use the app to transfer the files quickly. There's no hassle in using the storage device with any smartphone brand. You can also plug it with the USB port of your computer and use it if need be.

You don’t need to buy anything:

Inside the package, you will get an adapter. It ensures compatibility with the USB-C and Micro-USB ports. On top of it, the device also works brilliantly with the lighting port of Apple's devices. Therefore, you don't need to buy an OTG cable additionally.

It will run with all Android phones running on Android 4.4 or over. Hence, you will find Photostick Mobile compatible with all major handsets in the market.

Plug and play option:

Another great benefit of the Photostick Mobile is its instant application. You need to plug the device into your smartphone and launch the app to start transferring and organizing all the photos and videos. It will just need a few minutes to safely transfer all of your memories.

You won't need any internet or WiFi connection for it. So, you will love the plug-and-play option, a super convenient feature in daily life.

Secure storage:

Since the Photostick Mobile doesn’t need any internet connection to transfer and organize your images, it is highly secured too. You won’t have to worry about your photos getting hacked and used by unauthorized people. Furthermore, it relieves you from the burden of using online cloud storage. It is a great relief since many people fear the storage provider accessing their private photos and images without consent.

Also, the device is truly long-lasting, and so you won’t need to worry about the stored memories getting lost either. The device is designed to survive in water splashes and shallow water for a few minutes. So, it brings peace of mind for you, knowing that your valuable memories are safe and secure.

Auto-search option:

When you connect the Photostick Mobile device and run the app on your smartphone, it will automatically start searching all of your images and backup them.  Thus, you don't need to search the images and videos manually, and it also relieves you from the anguish of missing any favorite memory you want to backup safely.

Continuous backups:

When you run the app and access your smartphone memory, it will check the mobile memory weekly. If it finds new images and videos, it will automatically backup them. Therefore, you won't lose any memories, and also, continuous backup means you don't need to perform it manually anymore.

Is Photostick Mobile a Scam?

Many people think that Photostick Mobile is a scam and it doesn’t deliver the performance it advertises. But it’s not true at all.

Is Photostick Mobile a Scam

We found the Photostick Mobile a pretty reliable and high-performing portable storage space during our review. Also, it has great reviews from its users, which speaks about its quality and reliability to store images and photos. Thus, it is not a scam, and you can confidently use it.

Most people are concerned that when they use Photostick Mobile, their smartphone is at the risk of hacking or virus attacks from the USB flash storage device. But that's not right; the Photostick Mobile device is highly secured and is 100% risk-free from virus attacks. It is because the device doesn’t need any Wi-Fi or internet connection. Also, the manufacturer has developed an app to use the device with your smartphone. So, it also relieves you from the risk of using a 3rd party app that may access your photos and images without informing you.

Moreover, the Photostick Mobile device is truly a high-performing storage device. It will scan your entire phone memory to quickly backup and transfer the images. The best thing about the Photostick device is that it only needs a few minutes to transfer all the images and videos. It is, in fact, almost 2X faster than regular USB flash drives. Hence, you don’t need to wait to see the photos and videos transferred to the device.

Another complaint that people usually make about Photostick Mobile devices is their pricing. We found its performance to pricing ratio pretty pocket-friendly. Thus, there’s no question about scamming the users either. Also, you can choose from 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB versions which allow you to pick the right option.

However, we sincerely hope that Photostick brings a 254GB version in the future for extreme uses. It will further uplift the usability of the device.

Long story short, the Photostick Mobile device isn't a scam at all, and you can depend on its promised performance, reliability, and longevity along with 100% safety.

What Is the Difference Between Photostick and Photostick Mobile?

The Photostick is another high-end device from the manufacturer, much like the Photostick Mobile developed for smartphones. Undoubtedly, both devices work brilliantly to store your images and videos, but from different devices. Hence, these two incredible storage options have distinctive features too.

What Is the Difference Between Photostick and Photostick Mobile

Photostick vs. Photostick Mobile:

The Photostick is designed to work with your computer and laptops. It will store and backup all images, videos, and all types of documents. Furthermore, you don’t need to go through the old-fashioned copy and paste process either. Once you connect the Photostick device with your desktop’s USB port, it will work automatically.

The Photostick Mobile device, on the contrary, works with smartphones and tablets. It works both with Android and iOS-based devices.

App and software requirement:

Photostick device doesn't need any software to run on your computer. It is a simple plug-and-play USB device that works automatically once you connect it with the computer. It doesn't need any extra effort on your part. You just need to run the pre-installed “photostickwindows.exe” on your computer by clicking on it. The storage device will automatically start backing up the desktop's documents, images, and files.

However, you will need to download and install the TPS Mobile app on your smartphone to run the Photostick Mobile device. The app is gettable in both Apple and Google Play stores for free.

Easiness in use:

Both Photostick and Photostick Mobile devices are incredibly well-optimized. Thus, both devices are made to work effortlessly and as easily as possible. Neither of the devices asks you to be a tech-savvy person to use the devices. Both devices support plug-and-play options.

Thus, your preference will decide which device you should get. You can use both devices if need be.


The pricing of both devices is pretty similar. Hence, there're not many differences in this category either. Both devices have competitive pricing, and also, they are pocket-friendly. The moral of the story is that both devices are high-performing yet affordable.

The following table will help you better know about the differences between Photostick and Photostick Mobile devices.

Comparison Point Photostick Photostick Mobile
Compatibility Computers Android and iOS devices
App requirement It needs only the photostickwindows.exe to run on the computer You will need to download and install the TPS app on your smartphone
File compatibility It supports all kinds of files, including documents such as word and PDF Photostick Mobile supports all types of videos and images but isn’t optimized to backup documents
Speed Photostick needs only a few minutes to back up everything on your computer It is also pretty fast and similar to the Photostick device
Backup It doesn't back up your files weekly Its app on your smartphone backups your files weekly
Payment You only need to buy the device; it doesn’t need any annual subscription You get the device, and the app is free to use without subscription fees

The above table shows that both Photostick and Photostick Mobile are pretty similar. However, there is another device that you should know about; it’s the Photostick Omni.

Photo Stick Omni:

Photostick Omni is another practical storage device you can buy to store your files. It, too, comes with some incredible benefits.

Photo Stick Omni

Firstly, you will get the device in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB versions which are one step up from the Photostick and Photostick Mobile devices. Secondly, it comes with a special adapter. So, it is compatible instantly with all types of devices, including Android, iOS, laptops, and desktops. Photostick manufacturers design their file backup app. So, the custom app works securely and speedily to transfer and store all of your images, videos, files, and documents.

Where to Buy Photo Stick Mobile?

Photostick Mobile is an incredibly portable and fast SUB storage drive. You can quickly carry it in your pockets and instantly backup files from your devices. You don't need to carry the bigger portable hard disk anymore.

You can get the original Mobile Photo Stick from their website. You will get a 60-days money-back guarantee which is a great benefit. If you aren't satisfied with the device's performance, you can return it to claim your money.

Final Words

So, is the Photostick Mobile worth it?

Well, Photostick Mobile is not only worth the investment, but it is better than you imagine. It is safe, fast, and easy to use. You don't need to be a tech-savvy person to use the USB storage device to store and organize your photos and videos from your smartphone. So, don't wait to see your phone storage failing to hold all of your memories, but the Photostick Mobile and enjoy peace of mind.


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