15 Affordable Self Improvement Products for Achieving Your New Year’s Goals

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I know how it feels to have an unorganized life where you constantly seed for a better life ahead. I’ve been there and recovered as well. I had to train my mind of course, but a few self improvement products also helped me along the way, big time.

Together, I could leave my old habits without going south.

If you want to set goals like fixing a broken sleep cycle, be more efficient, or just be healthier, these products will help you for sure.

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1. The Chill Pill: Sleep Better and Faster: $50

Falling asleep in the right time is rarely possible with all constant stress and anxiety. I was addicted to my cellphone and couldn't sleep before midnight, ever. But for me, the Chill Pill broke years of bad habit in the first day.

The Chill Pill

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And no, it's not a magic drug, or any sort of drug for that matter. Similar to a medical TENS unit, the Chill Pill shoots electric pulses through the palm, which redirects our focus to it.

In most cases, we start daydreaming at night, making our sleep cycle go belugas.

The Chill Pill is like counting sheep, but here, the device forces you to stop thinking about useless stuff. The device is non-invasive, non-addictive, portable, and lasts for hours in a single charge. Once I held the device, the gentle rhythm calmed me down.

I also tried the same experiment with my cellphone's vibration, but it didn't do me any good. Turns out, the Chill Pill truly works.

Plus, I bought 3 of them for roughly $130, gave two to my friends, and they had similar results. But hey, if it doesn’t work for you, there is a 60 days return guarantee.

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2. Hale Breathing: Breadth Through Stuffy or Swelled Nose: $40

If human, your nose will swell up. It's not a disease, but a reaction for the body against allergens, cold air, and everything in between. The swelling inside the nose increases when go to sleep or lay down, which restricts enough oxygen to the brain.

Hale Breathing

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I may just crack the code to the problem. Hale Breathing could open my enlarged inferior turbinate from the inside, letting me breadth properly. Now, I use it while going to the gym, running, and sleeping.

Though the website says that it works on nasal valve collapse, deviated septum, and nasal inflammation, it doesn't work on deviated septum. In other cases, I found it works wonders.

Now, I can sleep properly, go out, and even workout having to force air through my nose. The Hale Breathing kit includes 3 sizes, so I gave away the remaining two. I needed only one.

Best part is, the device is undetectable and sits right in between the columella of my nose. To wear it, you need to bend the rubber and shove it right in the nose cavity. You may feel some initial tingling, but in a minute or two, it will go away.

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3. Purifair: Breathe Fresh Air Indoors: $60

I spend most of my working hours indoors in the office. The thing is, air inside my office room becomes contaminated with dust, dead skin cells, and a lot more.


So, I took my co-worker’s advice and bought a Purifair for air purification. Suddenly, my chronic bronchitis doesn’t hit me that often. Now, I can breathe in fresh air without wear a mask all the time.

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I was always sensitive to dirty air. My allergies used to pop up every once in a while, and life without a mask was too difficult. Luckily, I found the wonderful Purifair. It's extremely powerful and effective against 99% micro dirt buildup in the air.

On the plus side, it has a range of 200 sq ft, which takes care of any indoor viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, and more.

My productive hours used to go down before I had this purifier. But now, I can inhale better and work all day long. The best part is, it's portable, scratch-resistant, it doubles as a mobile charger.

I bought another one for my home after finding it effective. Hope you will find it useful as well. And if you have constant sinus problems, pair purifair with a Hale Breathing.

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4. Aquapure: Stay Fit by Eating Healthier: $170

Bacteria, fertilizers, parasites, molds, and insecticides are everywhere. Modern food can't grow without it. But what if they end up in your fresh veggies? Terrifying, right? Earlier, I used to spray acids like vinegar to get them off.


However, with the Aquapure, I hardly need to do anything, except leaving it in water for five mins. I achieve my self-improvement goals, just by eating fresh veggies minus the pesticide.

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The device uses electrolysis for breaking down the harmful chemicals like pesticide, fertilizers, and even bacteria. In case of molds, I didn’t find a big change, but for pesticide, the Aquapure works wonders.

All I needed is add some NaCl or salt to induce the electrolysis reaction. The salt broke down into ions, which took care of fertilizer or pesticide residue.

Unlike chemical cleaning methods, the Aquapure is completely safe, natural, plus saves you money in medical bills. I found no odor after the cleanup cycle, and the fresh taste was still intact.

The cleaning time was about five minutes for every cleaning cycle. You can do as many cycles as you want, no worries. I was skeptical whether the product worked, but once I saw improvements, I had to share it with you.

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5. Fit Track Dara Smart Scale: Track Fat, Muscle, Hydration: $190

Just going to the gym every day won’t do much for your fitness, as all body types are different. I personally didn’t knew what went wrong for me, while my friend got his six months before.

Fit Track Dara Smart Scale

So, I got the Fittrack Dara Smart Scale and measured my fat level, BPI, and muscle tone. Now, I could train my body and diet for the best results.

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The diagnosis device uses low and safe electrical signals through the feet, which passes through the various cells of the body. Afterward, the change in the return current gives you 97% accurate body parameter in real-time.

On the bright side, the device is FDA approved, so it's pretty safe in my guessing.

For other features, you will get subcutaneous fat, base metabolic rate, muscle rate, bone mass, protein rate, metabolic age, standard weight, weight control, fat mass, weight without fat, and protein mass.

I use its features to calculate my body fat and muscle rate and make gains more visible. The reason I couldn't get faster abs in the gym was because my internal fat was too high. Cutting the curbs afterward and increasing the low weight reps helped me a lot.

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6. Bleame Hair Eraser: Remove Nasty Body Hair without Shaving: $85

What if you could have a simple rub and scrub solution for those nasty ingrown or body hairs? We all have them for sure. On an average, women uses about 1000 units of shaving razors that aren't really good for the environment.

Bleame Hair Eraser

I on the other hand, need to get my chest hair out, which razors are the worst for. So, I use the Bleame crystal hair eraser. It's literally painless, non-toxic, eco-friendly and highly reliable.

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On the packaging, it says the product uses Nano-crystalline technology. For me though, I felt it's like hard microporous construction. Just a few rubs and the hair removing feature started to get visible on the go. For thicker body hairs,

I needed to use the hair eraser for a few days or a week max. To get started, I sprinkled some water on my chest and rubbed the eraser.

Benefits of using the Bleame hair eraser is, it's easy to use, portable, and hardly gets damaged. And eliminates the need for any razor, chemical hair remover, etc. If you don't like using it, the return button is just a few clicks away. You will get a 30 day return feature. It's that simple.

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7. Groomie Shaver: Shave Head in 2 Mins: $130

Getting a perfect shaved head every time can be quite difficult with a razor. If you are not careful, it can be risky as well. This is why I use the safer Groomie Head Shaver instead.

Groomie Shaver

It's user-friendly, and comes with tons of shaving options. Even a child can use it. Additionally, I can use it for beards as well, simply replacing the blade head. Other than this, I can use it for nose and ear trimming, massaging, clipping, and so on.

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In just 3 mins, all my scalp hair were done to minimal length. However, when my hairs were a bit longer, I needed to replace the shaver head with a trimmer blade. Turns out, the Groomie only shaves small hairs.

But hey, cleaning wasn't hard, low mess, and it works on both wet and dry scalp. The device has a travel lock, smart LED display, and RPM monitor for the user convenience.

After every session, I take the time to massage my scalp. It feels amazing, I promise. When you want a professional head shave with no chemicals or the least expensive way, the Baldie pro won't let you down.

You will also get precision clippers, which makes it great for scalp guidance. Though razors work, but do want something risky over something that's easy, effective, and lasts longer?

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8. Soul Insole: Avoid Arthritic or Foot Pain While Walking and Running: $35

Ever had a shooting pain from the palm of your foot? The constant walking and shoe wearing is to blame here. For this, I found the Soul Insole to be highly effective. Now, I can walk and run all day long without stressing my feet too much.

Soul Insole

I also bought one for my mom, as she had an arthritic foot problem. Simply insert the gel insole in the shoe and forget the pain for good.

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After using the product, I found that my foot could properly align with the shoe without needing to straighten my instep arch. People with flat foot and heel pain will be more benefited from it.

The memory gel provides shock absorption, and boosts my confidence while walking for hours. Now, I could do cardio running without thinking a second time.

The best part is, I could interchange between shoes, and it works in all of them. As it's made from an odorless non-porous material, I did have a bit of sweating. However, with the right socks, it doesn't bother me too much.

The only problem I had was, I bought a bigger one without thinking too much. Luckily, There as a return option, so I returned the old one and got a smaller one.

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9. Peeps by Carbon Klean: Don’t Scratch Your Glasses While Cleaning: $25

Scratches aren’t new in glasses. As most lenses are made from plastic, stretching them while cleaning is always a problem. That was a big hit for me. I needed to change my reading glasses every two months due to it.

Peeps by Carbon Klean

Thank goodness I found the Peeps by Carbon. Klean. Whether it be reading glasses, sunglasses, or lazy glasses, this device can make anything spotless.

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Let's face it. Looking at dirty or smudged lenses aren't that pretty. Constant wiping can also induce scratches or yet, permanent damage. Having an aerospace carbon technology, the Peeps repels dirt without needing regular replacement.

Turns out, it's a 100% safe and effective on any lenses types. You can expect them to last 500 perfect clean cycles and more.

I take these glass cleaner everywhere I go, especially while working and reading. It's eco-friendly and all natural. I bought three and got extra two for free. Ain't that something?

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10. ZQuiet: No More Snoring While Sleeping: $55

Before I had this self improvement device, my snoring didn’t let anyone else sleep. I used to wake up tired and didn’t know what really happened. I didn't have any swollen sinuses, which led me to worry.


However, with the ZQuiet, my snoring stopped for good. I found results the same night I got it. All I had to do was place the rubber mouthpiece in my jaw, which placed my jaw in the right position. Now, I rarely snore anymore.

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Do you wake up tired or suddenly wake up in the middle of the night? The symptoms may also include loud or mild snoring, sometimes occasional. Similar to a dentist-fitted device, the Zquiet helps bring your jaw to the right place, eliminating any mouth to epiglottis air restriction.

The best part is, you don't need to visit the doctor, easy to bite in, plus you can talk with it. Before, I used teeth-restrictors, which didn't allow proper air flow to my lungs. Now, I don't need to worry at all.

The mouth device is comfortable, BPA and Latex free, medical grade, and allergy safe material. I reuse it every day for 6 to 7 months. You will actually get better night's sleep that will boost productivity in later hours.

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11. Foot Peel Mask: Pedicure for Feet for Dirt Cheap Price: $30

Every time Mr. Frost hits, my feet heels start cracking up. No matter what I try, I just couldn't fix them. Then I got the foot peel mask that was recommended by a friend.

Foot Peel Mask

After just sixty minutes, my old foot skin and calluses started to peel off. 1 week later, all my cracks disappeared as well. I was left with clean, healthy feet skin, which was baby soft.

Read a detailed review | Purchase It.

Won't it be great to find a foot pedicure for half the price? Well, you are in luck. Recommended by podiatrists, the foot peel mask from feel naturally takes care of any ugly calluses, painful cracks, and dead skin cells.

Additionally, rough patches in the feet will also disappear, but in a few days. Unlike most chemical feet peels, the one from FEETS is completely natural and user-friendly. People with allergies will be more benefited from this, as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

The whole process is DIY, and it's pain free and relaxing. If you have chronically cracked feet or risk infection, this foot peel product is just what you need. One size fits all, easy to use, and is gender-neutral. So, everybody can use them without worry.

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12. My Happy Feet: ReliEve Foot Stress and Anxiety at Home: $35

Our feet should be evenly spread out to reduce any foot pain. However, as we wear shoes for hours straight, our toes can misalign. As a result, foot pain kicks in. Regular socks can't deal with this suffocating pain. Rrather, they worsen with time.

My Happy Feet

The Happy Feet Socks on the other hand are totally different. They are great at reducing foot pain, especially in the toes and in between them. This self improvement socks are completely natural and eliminates the need for surgery.

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Generally speaking, the foot pain we have is a direct cause of swelling and inflammation of joints, nerves, or tendons. Though proper blood circulation can fix this, our modern shoes are the least useful for it.

Rather, they restrict natural blood flow to the feet, making the symptoms worsen day by day. Using the socks daily can reduce the chances of tendonitis, stress fractures, and even shin splints. How great is that?

In my case, my mom bought them for me, after seeing me struggle with foot pain. My bunions were improving as well. If you have new shoes, try using the Soul Insole with these socks. I use them and now, my feet are smiling almost every day.

Buy it: Buy 3, Get 2 FREE

13. UV Brite: Drink Fresh Water Every Time: $40

Storing water in a bottle can induce bacteria, viruses, or even fungi buildup. In most cases, we drink stored water on the go, without knowing what’s inside the bottle. Well, not anymore. With the UV Brite self-cleaning water bottle, your water will stay clean with zero effort from your part.

UV Brite

The bottle with it's UV-C light takes down 99.99% of organic contaminates from any source you have. It's safe and can be used on any water type there is. I personally use it for tap water, but you can use river, pond, or lake water.

Read a detailed review | Purchase It.

Water filters aren't really portable. I need clean water 24/7 as my gym diet requires me to stay hydrated all day long. This is why, I got the UV Brite UV-C water purifier. Having a lightweight design, you can carry it anywhere you want.

Additionally, it cleans nearly all the contaminants in just 180 seconds. As it's fast and effective, I don't have to worry about where the water I drink comes from.

Even if you keep clean water in bottles, there is no guarantee that the water will stay clean. Like, bacteria multiplies in them as if it's a feast. As the water bottle is self-cleaning, you don't need to worry about anything nasty.

You will always be ready to purify water and the water stays cool no matter the temperature. I've been using it for a year now, and it's still working great. I guess, its a lifetime deal, if you don’t break it that is.

Buy it: Buy 3, Get 2 FREE

14. Airphysio: Clear out Your Throat without The Inhaler: $65

Certain patterns of breathing can clear out lungs. It's kinda like yoga without having a guru around. The Air Physio helped me and thousands of people with Asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and even chronic bronchitis.


If you suffered your entire life with shortness of breadth, then this device will charm you for sure. The best part is, you don't have to use inhalers or other drugs to keep your trachea cleared out.

Read a detailed review | Purchase It.

Since I was a kid, I was full of allergies and the chronic bronchitis just didn't leave me. Every year, in fall and winter, life was too damn difficult. Then the Air Physio came to my life. First, I thought that it was an inhaler, but no.

To use the device, you need to breathe in a certain way so that the bearing doesn't fall from the device. You will notice gentle pulses of positive pressure are forcing your lungs open. These pulses help clear out the lungs by generating small coughing sessions.

For the Air Physio to work, I had to use it for a month. The regular exercises helped me clear out my lungs naturally and without any surgery.

Though this device seems a bit expensive for just a piece of plastic and a bearing, it works like magic. It's compact and portable, so you can take it while going hiking as well.

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15. Kailo: Relieve Muscle Pain Easily: $110

Muscle pain can be annoying, especially when you work your age. After a few days of working out in the gym, my muscles felt extremely sore.


So, I bought the Kailo microtech patch. In just a few minutes I felt relief and could do my regular stuff without too much pain sensitivity. The Kailo works by patching a muscle skin, so that the pain receptors doesn't fire up every time we move.

I don't expect that it will for everyone though, and that's why there is a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Read a detailed review | Purchase It.

When you work out, lift heavy objects, or just go out of your regular ways to do something, the muscles may get damaged.

Ever had a head neck, or shoulder pain?

The reason is micro tears in the muscles, and the pain aggravates when you move around. The Kailo pain relief patch helps minimize any muscle movement, reducing the pain in the process.

The device is IRB-approved and people who use kailo for 30 days showed lower level of pain severity. If you crave for a better quality of life, improved function, the Kailo Pain patch won't be half bad.

You really don't have anything to lose here. Doesn't work. Just return it!

Buy it: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE


There is no harm in trying to fix your day and invest in yourself. Some self improvement products from above along with some motivation inside, turned my life around. I’m sure that you can get the same.

I have covered the products that benefited me, and also had a return button intact. I hope they work the same way they did for me and improve you for good.

If one doesn’t fit your palm, simply give it back. Who’s charging you, right? This is all for today. Have a good day.


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