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I am a photographer and I was looking for a way to backup my photos. When I came across ThePhotoStick, it seemed like the perfect solution! It's easy to use and affordable too! Tempted by its incredible features, I bought it to see how well the stick actually works.

After using it for a few months, I was impressed by how fast it is. The photos transfer quickly and I don't have to use any special software on my computer! As a photographer, it's important that the files are transferred correctly and that they're easy for me to find. So, I decided to help out all my Photographer fellow by sharing of ThePhotoStick review.

ThePhotoStick is indeed an incredible option for storing all your photos & videos without much hassle. Its built-in Wi-Fi will automatically transfer all the photos & work as a backup device even though your harddrive/ SD card crashes. This is a real go to option for those who like to take a lot of photos & videos.

My Quick Overview of The Photo Stick (30 sec.)

The Photo Stick is a small device that comes with 64 GBs, 128 GBs or 256 GBs of storage and can hold thousands upon thousands of photos! It's great for backing up your images quickly and it doesn't cost very much either.

One of the best features of this innovative device is, if you accidentally delete your images, then no problem! You can use the Photo Stick to recover all of them. Plus, it's even great if you lose the stick itself because ThePhotoStick has a tracking device on their website that allows photographers to track down their devices instantly!

Overall, I think ThePhotoStick makes a great addition to any photographer because it's affordable and easy to use! So photographers who are looking for a fast and affordable way to backup their images should definitely give ThePhotoStick a try.

ThePhotoStick Review – My Honest Opinion

As I was saying, ThePhotoStick is an amazing device that every photographer should have. I've been using it for a few months now and I'm very impressed with how well this thing works! Although, there are a few bumps along the road, as with all technology. I'm going to include all the positive & negative aspects here, so hold tight & read on-

What is ThePhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick is a small device that allows photographers to carry their images everywhere they go. It's incredibly easy to use and has enough storage space for thousands of photos!

What is ThePhotoStick

At first glance, it seems like just an ordinary Pendrive, but it isn't. ThePhotoStick comes with a lot of smart features that make it a great tool for photographers. For example, it can be used to back up your images and recover them if they're ever deleted. Plus, it even comes with a tracking device!

ThePhotoStick comes in 4 different storage options, 8 GBs, 64 GBs, 128 GBs & 256 GBs. All of them are affordable and can hold thousands of photos!

How Does ThePhotoStick Work?

The Photo Stick works by transferring the images directly onto their servers. This means that you always have access to your favorite shots, even if you're not near a computer or other storage device. All photographers need is an internet connection & they'll be able to see all their files anytime anywhere.

Additionally, since it's connected online, there's no need for any special software on your laptop/computer allowing anyone who wants to use this stick- so long as they have the ability to connect to the Internet.

How Does ThePhotoStick Work

This makes ThePhotoStick incredibly useful especially when traveling around because Photographers aren't limited by space or equipment anymore (provided that they at least have an internet connection).

How Does ThePhotoStick Work?

The Photo Stick is incredibly easy for anyone to use. The setup is extremely easy and takes less than 30 seconds. All you have to do is plug the stick into your computer via USB cable (included in the package) & download the Photo Stick App from their website onto your mobile devices.

After downloading this free app, all you need to do is pair it with the Photo Stick using Bluetooth technology- that's it! From there, you can easily transfer photos directly onto ThePhotoStick or save them on your smartphone for later use. It couldn't get any easier than that.

How Does ThePhotoStick Work

I like how simple it was to run ThePhotoStick, so anyone who isn't very technologically savvy will still be able to use it without any problems.

However, there is one more simple step that users must follow in order to make the most out of their product & that's connecting it to your smartphone's GPS location- this allows you to track down exactly where all your photos are stored! I'll talk about this feature later on in my review too.

How Many Photos Does ThePhotoStick Store?

I've found photo sticks with less storage space before but never anything like ThePhotoStick which has a whopping 256 GBs worth of memory! This means they can store thousands upon thousands of images at once, enough for everyone even if they're traveling around for months.

I've been using ThePhotoStick for the past few months and I'm very impressed with how much memory it has! In fact, it's so easy to transfer images onto this portable device that I can't even begin to imagine what life would be like without one anymore- It just makes things a lot easier when you're constantly on the go and forget all your other backup devices at home (like me).

How Many Photos Does ThePhotoStick Store

Not only is ThePhotoStick incredibly useful but also works great as well because 256 GBs is more than enough space for everyone & anyone who gets their hands on this product will enjoy its features immensely.

Where Can You Use it?

ThePhotoStick is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere because it's so small. I've found that using this product is incredibly easy because all you have to do is plug ThePhotoStick into your computer or laptop & the images will start transferring immediately onto their servers via WiFi- no cables are necessary anymore which gives everyone a lot more freedom.

Where Can You Use it

Since ThePhotoStick only needs an internet connection, anyone who gets their hands on one of these devices can use them from any part of the world without having to worry about limited space or equipment! This device lets you save thousands upon thousands of photos with ease.

Imagine how much storage space would be taken up by those types of files otherwise? I know for a fact there are lots of people out there who are constantly on the go & ThePhotoStick is perfect for them because photographers can upload their images anywhere they want without needing to be home.

Who's This For?

Obviously, the primary user of this device would be professional photographers & cinematographers. But there are a lot of other people who can use this innovative USB device. Here are a list of people who would find this device useful-


ThePhotoStick is appropriate for any type of photographer whether they're amateurs or professionals. It's very easy to use and saves people a lot of time in the long run because you can upload all your photos with ease without having to be home at any point.


Professional photographers like wedding photographers or fashion photographers will find this device particularly useful because it's a great tool to have during their shoots.


ThePhotoStick is not only about photos, it can store video files too! This is perfect for anyone who's in the film industry and needs a quick way to store their footage. It doesn't take long at all to transfer video files onto ThePhotoStick because they're stored directly on WiFi after you've plugged it into your laptop or PC with ease!


ThePhotoStick is perfect for the traditional traveler or modern day tourist because it can store thousands of photos without taking up a lot of space. If you're someone who likes to capture every single moment as it happens, then this device is ideal for you.

Travelers Tourists

Bloggers & Vloggers

For bloggers and vloggers who need a quick way to store lots of photos, ThePhotoStick works wonders! Blogging can be tough without having enough storage space because it's easy to fill up the hard drive on your computer while trying to take beautiful pictures or video footage.

Pros & Cons of ThePhotoStick

I've been using my Photo Stick Omni almost every single day since I got it and have never had any problems with it, everything's gone smoothly thus far! However, this product does come with a few pros & cons which you might find useful when making your decision about whether or not to buy one yourself:

  • Instantly share photos whenever wherever with anyone via WiFi connection in just seconds
  • Incredibly easy setup process that even beginners will know how to use immediately
  • Super fast transfer speeds due to Bluetooth technology being used
  • Photo quality is amazing & you can easily transfer images onto this device regardless of the file type (including RAW files). Can store thousands upon thousands of photos without running out of space anytime soon!
  • You can always retrieve your photos in case you accidentally delete those, a backup is always stored at all times.
  • Somewhat pricey compared to other similar products on the market
  • Only works on Android, iOS, and Macs (no Windows support)
  • Third-party apps are required for ThePhotoStick Omni to work properly with Windows devices

What Files Can ThePhotoStick Find?

ThePhotoStick can find pretty much any kind of file, so long as you have the right app to go along with it! There's a range of different apps on ThePhotoStick website that you can download for free in order to get started. Here are just some examples:

Documents & Spreadsheets

ThePhotoStick is compatible with almost every type of document, thanks to Google Drive, Microsoft Word & Excel, Dropbox, Adobe Reader and more! This makes it easy for people to save all their files on ThePhotoStick without having to worry about it running out of storage space anytime soon.


You can easily import any type of photo onto this device with ease because the photos are stored directly in their original format. ThePhotoStick Omni can store JPEG, PNG & RAW files without any problems and even has a built-in photo viewer so you can look at your photos on the go!



You won't have to worry about running out of storage space when trying to upload videos onto this device because it's compatible with most video formats. It's compatible with video formats like MPE, MPEG-X Player, VLC Media player, and more!

Does ThePhotoStick Work Quickly?

As long as you have a super fast Wi-Fi connection, ThePhotoStick should work just as quickly as your phone would. The only thing that you might need to do is download the correct app before transferring any files onto this device, but after that, it should be smooth sailing!

Does ThePhotoStick Work Quickly

Though the transfer speed of ThePhotoStick seems super fine to me, some users have reported that it can take up to a minute for the transfer process to finish. However, none of my photos have ever taken more than a few seconds to get transferred onto this device – so I'm not too sure if their issues were with ThePhotoStick or perhaps their own Wi-Fi connection?

Should You Buy ThePhotoStick?

I think you've already got the answer, ThePhotoStick can be a total lifesaver when it comes to having enough storage space for all your photo files and any video file types. This device is unique in the fact that not only can you store lots of files on this product, but also use its built-in Wi-Fi connection whenever necessary!

In my opinion, the price range is a little high for this product. However, if you're the type of person that likes to take lots and lots of photos on your phone (or DSLR for instance), then ThePhotoStick Omni might be perfect for you.

Should You Buy ThePhotoStick

I personally think ThePhotoStick can be a really useful tool when it comes to making sure your memories are kept safe! Just make sure you download the right apps before transferring anything onto this device because otherwise, things could end up taking far too long – or even get lost all together!!

ThePhotoStick Customers Reviews

Just like me, many photographers & cinematographers tend to like this device very much. It received so many positive reviews on different platforms, with users saying amazing things like-

ThePhotoStick Customers Reviews ThePhotoStick Customers Reviews 2 ThePhotoStick Customers Reviews 3

Where to Buy ThePhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick can be purchased directly through its official website, where you'll get the best price with special sales discounts! You might even find some rare promotional codes on their Facebook page in order to save yourself a little bit extra. Here are some exciting deals on their official website in case you wanted to check it out-

Where to Buy ThePhotoStick 2 Where to Buy ThePhotoStick 3 Where to Buy ThePhotoStick

Frequently Asked Questions

I know there are lots of questions you might have about ThePhotoStick. Here's a few quick answers just in case-

Does the PhotoStick really work?

ThePhotoStick works as a conventional USB stick, but with the added benefit of having Wi-Fi. It is compatible with most smartphones and computers without any hassles.

What is the difference between ThePhotoStick and a flash drive?

A flash drive only works with one type of device at a time, whereas ThePhotoStick can be used for transferring photos to and from multiple devices simultaneously. Also, ThePhotoStick has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which makes sharing files between different devices a breeze.

What company makes ThePhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick is a product of PrairieIT LLC which produces a wide range of digital storage devices. Other than ThePhotoStick, they also make ThePhotoStick Omni, a similar product with twice the storage space and integrated memory card readers.

Does ThePhotoStick delete photos from the computer?

No, ThePhotoStick will not delete any of the photos from your computer. However, you will have to remember to manually select which files you would like ThePhotoStick to transfer between devices before initiating a file transfer process.

Which is better Picture Keeper or ThePhotoStick?

Picture Keeper and ThePhotoStick are both high-quality digital storage devices that allow you to store a large amount of data. However, they do have their differences. Picture Keeper is more focused on helping with the backup process while ThePhotoStick does not offer any kind of automatic transfer function between files, it requires users to select which files need to be transferred between devices before initiating a file transfer process.

What is the best way to backup photos?

Personally, I think that ThePhotoStick is a great way to transfer photos from your phone or computer onto a storage device. However, you can also use other backup methods such as uploading them online to services like iCloud and Dropbox.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

ThePhotoStick is a product of PrairieIT LLC. which produces a wide range of digital storage devices, including ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStick Omni. They are extremely popular among professional photographers and cinematographers.

Support Team Contacts

If you have any questions or concerns about ThePhotoStick, feel free to contact their support team via email at. Their customer service seems to be pretty excellent, as they reply to all queries within 24 hours. Though I didn't have to contact them myself, I'm sure they'd be happy to help!

ThePhotoStick Review: Final Verdict

ThePhotoStick is an excellent product that I would recommend to anyone who wants a fast and convenient way to transfer data between devices. Its affordable price tag makes it accessible for almost everyone looking for this type of functionality.

However, they need to work on the compatibility with Windows devices, because it does not work with computers without installing a third party app. ThePhotoStick has been designed to be used on both iOS and Android devices, but it's still an excellent product even if you're using Windows or Mac Operating Systems because of its portability benefits.

Overall, I think ThePhotoStick is a great investment for anyone looking to store and transfer data with ease. So don't hesitate to give it a try if you need a reliable way to store your files. Happy clicking!


Our ThePhotoStick Review

Buy Now
Features 9
Value for money 10
Ease of use 10
  • Instant plug and play
  • 128GB big storage capacity
  • Quick backup
  • Store all files safe
  • Weekly auto backup
  • Works without any software
  • Keep original files
  • Sometimes it freezes
  • The 32GB version is missing

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